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How to get a life of your dreams.

How to get a life of your dreams. -

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Without the slightest attention from the educated public in Moscow, at the Bolshoi Kozikhinskiy lane demolished two beautiful homes, which are associated with my memories and a little bit of fate. In the house number 13 where was the romantic arch, on the last floor lived the family of my friends. The story of their family - ready script for the film, to recount the course is not worth it. In the last class of school, I ran to visit them. There I first tried canned corn from the jar (it is now in every shop sold, and in 1992 it was rare). Exactly opposite the house at the time, once a week came a barrel of milk, which is sold in cans grandmother from the queue. the number is 15, beautiful and little-known specimen of constructivism, I lived for two years on...

We completely redesigned the section with our font Studio website. Muddied the most luxurious new design, test drives, viewing each symbol in each font, in short, a complete delight. students now license free! pretty precious!

What goods and services you declined in the last two years? What importozameschenie? have Started to buy Russian wine? Moved whether on Russian cheese? How about Russian yogurt, sausages, ham, steaks, pasta? Hanging you have in the wardrobe of Russian brands of clothes? Jackets? Pants? Underpants? Socks? Shirt? Mikey? Dresses? Is there Russian shoes, not afraid of the word? What importozameschenie turned out to be not so shit? Is there any pleasant discoveries? (Light bulbs are Russian, maybe?) if There's anything that the last money you will only be buying imported?

Believe that the main problem with car sharing is that I offer PizzaHut 20 minutes to the nearest car. It is very cute, I love to walk, but if I decided to take the car for an hour, then with fairly high probability I zapadlo to go to the car - I need it now. Why not make the delivery carsharing the car to me? I'm willing to pay for such a service 200-300 rubles, the cost of a taxi in the district. Let the assistant to the guy who delivers the gasoline in the cars, they bring me a car at the address.

In each language, long words are shortened over time. it is interesting that in different languages the same word can grow quite differently. for example, in Russian University shortened to uni. But in the English university shortened to varsity. Imagine if we said, "I went to a University"?

On 23 December this year we will hold a traditional Christmas party for all current and former employees of the Studio. Such party can easily 500 people. We have to entertain, feed, drink and entertain again. this year, we invite those wishing to entertain us, to feed and water in exchange for eternal respect. If you: - Offer rental photo booth big - Bring air hockey - Give the hookah to five hours - are Able to organize giant soap bubbles - Organize test Oculus - Massively satelite you Know how to entertain office plankton (dudes like me) - Have an extra table with blackjack - Have a Topless-nalbaldian tequila - Paint a tricolor on my cheeks - Distribute some redbull at parties - Want to give us 50 bottles of wine - etc. Offer you to offer their...

15 Years ago, when the fly sat on the monitor, I tried to brush it away with the cursor. Five years ago, I was trying to get to the entrance of the house, leaning a magnetic card from working. Today the screen iPhone of the village of snowflake, and I tried to save the image, making screeshot. it's Scary to think what will happen in ten years, and, most importantly, how to explain it living today.

In this post everyone looking for music, movies, books, etc. the Principle of the application is simple: in the kament need to specify that you are looking for. Other readers have the opportunity to respond to you, because someone always knows and remembers. Example: casefilm where in the forest something strange is happening - all labeled in red? , etc. Seek and find.

Meet beautiful search all aviakassa in all directions - Search the secret of the best prices for flights is to first spend 15 minutes looking. And then you can go to the website of the cheapest airline ticket office and buy there. - refutes the myth number one in the search area cheap tickets that if you look for it, the price will be higher. Look through any browser, any computer, any mobile - prices are equally as low. - then compare prices with other search engines, make sure in the best prices and buy through Soon the New year, prices will rise nepadetstski, so hurry!

My Friends, the only correct way to pronounce the word "marketing" - with the accent on the "e". Marketing. In any case it is impossible to say "marketing". Not for me to explain that in Russian the emphasis seeks to balance the word. And if the word has five vowels, the accent on the first syllable, well, no, fuck, can't get, though you burst. this is Especially true with the increase in the number of vowels in the word. Take any relatively long Russian word and put the accent on the first syllable. You only listen to the suffering of assholes, which religion obliges us to say "marketing" instead of the normal "marketing".

* * * Advertising in the cosy Gigaset * Text provided by the client * Publication generously paid * * * prior To December 1 (Thursday) extended the submissions for the Prize Tagline — the highest Russian award for achievements in digital area (websites, mobile apps, advertising campaigns, social media and more), the winners will be announced on 8 December in Moscow. to Submit their best work for the Prize are as Agency and prodakshn and the company independently developing their Internet projects and communication channels. the Winners will be awarded at the Ceremony ( to buy tickets ), which will be held on 8 December in Moscow and will gather 300+ owners and top managers of Russian digital and SMM agencies, design studios, mobile application developers...

For some reason, many guys don't know that GPS and GLONASS operate in the phone and no cellular connection. More than anything, I love open maps in the plane at an altitude of 10 kilometers. Top speed is specified. the Main thing - to download the maps offline. And then the location will always be determined without regard. The satellite is always running, the signal from it is always, always the phone will accept it. Here is my route from St. Petersburg to Moscow on the evening of 26 November. We made a small circle for 45 minutes because in Sheremetyevo there was a queue for boarding. Few people in Dmitrov might think that the two aircraft which flew over the city - it is one and the same plane, which is waiting for its landing in Moscow. here we landed...

Ukraine will receive a visa-free regime with Europe! Count to three! One... Two... Two-and-a-quarter... Two and a half... Two-and-thread... Two needle... the Thread breaks, needle breaks. And I will get next year their legitimate ten bottles of red that I bet different people.

The day before Yesterday I wrote a post about the espresso. Among other things, I said that the word comes from the word "Express" "fast". here, in the comments pinned to the readers of Wikipedia, which began to give a version that the word "espresso" comes from the Latin "ex-presso", meaning "from the press" (similar to "ex machina" - "from the machine"). Friends, not everything written in Wikipedia is true. Espresso - the word fast. It's a quick coffee. No other versions do not have the right to exist. Slow coffee in Turku, you have five minutes to wait. And again: the Toilet is not a universal basin (a Latin word unitas, "unity"). the Station is not vocal room (and distorted the word of Vauxhall, the name of the Park near London). the canvas upper is not...

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to your attention a stunning, fascinating, educational, visual and fantastic project - land Area. This project invented and created by the designer Bob Oak, which is famous for being able to do very well one project during the year. "Land" is just such a project. I highly recommend reading all six processes where step by step details on what was spent a year. On the page clearly it is possible to compare any two countries or territory of two large Islands. And to know that India is actually one and a half times the size of Greenland. normal map: For our scheme (in real proportions): now anyone free available online the comparison mechanism, and for 999 rubles...