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How to get a life of your dreams.

How to get a life of your dreams. -

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Synopsis: - the best is*. As you know, the best blog - Cozy Rajasika. But not just the best but also the most visited. Moreover, readers in Watney Gigaset - best, smart and wealthy. Not, of course, a couple of assholes here too rife, but the overall level of the audience here is extremely high. it is Therefore obvious that the best and effective advertising here. Called Nanoparticle. Right on the main page. Accommodation in the day download banner. Payment is instant and easy. Readers are waiting for good advertising. Promote your products and services, achievements and proposals, discounts and markups. will Buy advertising in the today. Now the is here from 16 cents per 1000 impressions! Two...

What could be worse than an espresso? Only espresso to go. by the Way, I'm absolutely not offended by people who say "expresso". In the end, espresso is fast coffee, the word "Express". So, I'm not offended by those who say "grapefruit". But those assholes who ask for espresso to go - that's a real asshole. Friends! Espresso is coffee with a volume of 25 to 60 milliliters. You can't take it with you. It is necessary to drink at the counter and move on. you can take With you drinks 100 ml.

We often hear about the fact that the investigators, cops, KGB, the secret services, reketirov raided the office of "DOE", all put on the floor, confiscated all computers, they took hard, stole the laptops, mobile phones, etc. And completely turned a viable company in a pathetic shit, because people can't work until there pimply nerds in the police station will select a password and podrochit on all the porn. the Question is, what prevents to install all the servers, hard drives, storage data on some physically different areas (say, "Krutikhin")? For example, in the same building, but under the jurisdiction of another company? Let the cops arrest the wire prior to its entrance in the wall, behind that wall is another company. It is impossible to arrest...

In this post everyone looking for music, movies, books, etc. the Principle of the application is simple: in the kament need to specify that you are looking for. Other readers have the opportunity to respond to you, because someone always knows and remembers. Example: casefilm (Soviet), where the American spy arrived in the Russian city, and the first thing helped the local guy to solve the crossword puzzle. , etc. Seek and find.

"A little over a decade ago, a Russian design studio unveiled a concept keyboard that, as much as any gadget ever can, rocked the tech blogging world. It was called the Optimus, and it was the most interesting keyboard you'd ever seen: a standard QWERTY design, but with a screen on every key that could change in an instant, giving each app its own perfect layout." Dalshe:

One of the most undeservedly revered artists and photographers of the 1920-ies - Rodchenko. is secondary, pathetic epigone character. Did nothing new, just pussy from Western artists and to be administered nkvdshnikov. the Value Rodchenko inflated heirs and auctioneers. Oh, your rose-colored glasses flew off in the corner? Sorry, I didn't want so much to fuck with you on the innocent blisse.

Had accidentally found an absolutely wonderful website Elena Torinoi - the Girl (well, woman) writes beautiful lyrics about advertising, marketing, business, promotion, etc. Pussy beautiful. But still funny. just About all articles on her site are lovely.

New York. capital of the world, best city, not the United States, the Bastion of democracy. the glass flasks show the new MacBooks (which have the strip above the keys as, but touch is not allowed. sewer on Fifth Avenue allow couples without stopping. here somewhere in the area Fashion district (or rather: the house at 358 7th Avenue corner 30th street) is located the mansion. This is the mansion our home, which we love in Moscow since 1998. Pancakes, soup, salad, cereal. Here make great pancakes with different fillings, as well as kvass. Brew real - from the suburbs. And then sell our products! You can buy them in Attics, going for blincoe, but you can not fly them to new York and to go to the website...

The Internet has no most of the knowledge that experts have in their heads. For them this post. In this post experts declare, what makes sense to them contact (for example: "Tell about" or "Ask any questions"). non-experts ask questions, the answers to which cannot move to find in search engines, expecting to get a response from specialists (for example: "Why?" or "Why?"). Experts, scholars, professionals, doctors, engineers, musicians, photographers, designers, architects, scientists, chemists, physicists, geologists, philologists, philosophers, Theosophists - all guests wander interest groups. It is a buffet.

I noticed that many of my friends, who spread the evening and the sun/sophitia pictures, I don't know about that smartphone lens needs some attention. They have pictures of the work are: you just phone lens wipe clean with a t-shirt or any non-slip cloth (cotton suit, silk). Then the result will be much more sabatham: the fact is that if you are alive, your hands secrete oil. And the phone in the hand, so the lens is polluted with oil from hands. And on the shirt usually fat no, she is wiping the lens. If no shirt, carry Microfibrous (for example -

Thanks to the initiative of the traffic.the Internet in Russia is now officially launched in waffle iron, layout, where you cannot stop - it's time. And the word waffle comes from this post - And it is stuck -

More than anything I love the enclaves (and exclaves aren). In culture, in language, in geography, the enclaves are always a source of interesting. as I can't miss abroad Russian restaurant, I did not miss a single historical Russian monument. During the expedition in the Vologda region, I met with the new formation history. It turns out that Vologda merchants for some strange reason, suddenly decided to outfit expeditions to America. And half of Alaska and the Pacific coast of America was opened in the Vologda merchant mafia. did you Know that Dezhnev was from Great Ustyug? And that's it. The head of Alaska, Baranov was out of the question. And his Deputy Pieces - of Totma. And in the case of sheep sent Kuskov to California to set up a fortress to grow...

Best geography learning in the real world. That never would never remember where the Bering Strait until after it failed. the same applies to the location of countries, cities, seas, mountains, etc. Flew to be of Khibiny - remember where they are. Sailed on the Yenisei river from Yeniseisk to Dudinka - smarter from the point of view of geograficky. Travel often, my friends!

I Have a phone and a phone number. On the phone (email, program, cases), and number no. I mean, technically I can call, but in practice, this happens incredibly rarely. the fact that I hate talking on the phone. Why is nobody calling me back. A couple times a week heard calls from numbers that are not in the notebook. With a probability of 99% is journalists who want to comment about anything. All of them get rejected because I do not communicate with journalists. the Facts: - I Have one bilaynovsky number that has not changed for nearly 18 years. - Very handy to filter those who want to contact me by phone Studio - the link is just not available. I can't call the Studio, so the girls at the reception safely send all. Can I write a letter in the mail (I...

In the night from 30 to 31 October, I wore a mask in the form of a steampunk-skull and passed a face-control Halloween party in new York vaudeville club "Box." In the club kinda pricing. The table costs $ 1,200. But just buy a ticket not need to take alcohol. In the menu of the cheapest champagne at $ 500 a bottle. There is vodka on the $ 5,000 (in words: five thousand dollars for a single bottle). Of course, all take the two most simple bottle of something to cover the entrance fee, and then drink red democratic glasses for $15. Handed out masks of rabbits, elephants and alcoholics, so the whole room was filled with elegant, but unrecognizable people. Was the man in the suit circuit breaker (who had turned the switch in the "on" position), was leeloo from...