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How to get a life of your dreams.

How to get a life of your dreams. -

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Best geography learning in the real world. That never would never remember where the Bering Strait until after it failed. the same applies to the location of countries, cities, seas, mountains, etc. Flew to be of Khibiny - remember where they are. Sailed on the Yenisei river from Yeniseisk to Dudinka - smarter from the point of view of geograficky. Travel often, my friends!

I Have a phone and a phone number. On the phone (email, program, cases), and number no. I mean, technically I can call, but in practice, this happens incredibly rarely. the fact that I hate talking on the phone. Why is nobody calling me back. A couple times a week heard calls from numbers that are not in the notebook. With a probability of 99% is journalists who want to comment about anything. All of them get rejected because I do not communicate with journalists. the Facts: - I Have one bilaynovsky number that has not changed for nearly 18 years. - Very handy to filter those who want to contact me by phone Studio - the link is just not available. I can't call the Studio, so the girls at the reception safely send all. Can I write a letter in the mail (I...

In the night from 30 to 31 October, I wore a mask in the form of a steampunk-skull and passed a face-control Halloween party in new York vaudeville club "Box." In the club kinda pricing. The table costs $ 1,200. But just buy a ticket not need to take alcohol. In the menu of the cheapest champagne at $ 500 a bottle. There is vodka on the $ 5,000 (in words: five thousand dollars for a single bottle). Of course, all take the two most simple bottle of something to cover the entrance fee, and then drink red democratic glasses for $15. Handed out masks of rabbits, elephants and alcoholics, so the whole room was filled with elegant, but unrecognizable people. Was the man in the suit circuit breaker (who had turned the switch in the "on" position), was leeloo from...

The Best, the oldest and most high-quality cultural website "Anecdotes from Russia" ( has announced a competition for best promotional video. And here are the results of the popular vote. 1st place (25 thousand rubles). 2nd place (15 thousand rubles). 3rd place (10 thousand rubles). regarding the prizes, please contact Dima Verner ( about daily jokes, stories, cartoons, poems, aphorisms, etc., please contact

Any American who knows what a Rolodex. It's a circular filing Cabinet. turn the handle, the cards are turned over. We called it a notebook. The Rolodex was convenient because the store could give a card format rolodexes card that you can plug in your Rolodex for the appropriate letter. the PC Market, of course, a little impaired a little business, but Rolodex still sold in any American stationery.

Advise a good fit promotional code for something. Example: store in cool clothes TEMA10 promo code to get 10% discount. Or to get a free (up to 400 rubles) taxi ride Uber, you need to click on You have the floor.

Every time anywhere in the world you see among the list of networks, a network "free wifi", you know it's broken shit. To him, you can't connect, it doesn't work, it makes no sense. this is Why there is everywhere a mystery. Wifi should be free everywhere. But not only in those places where there are to get free Wi-Fi.

The Best, the oldest and most high-quality cultural website "Anecdotes from Russia" ( has announced a competition for best promotional video. The results are available on the page Present to your attention a short list (in order received). Under him the vote. Who is worthy to enter the top five? From it the jury in the face of me and Dima Werner will choose Troika. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. And now the vote! View Poll: #2056901 we Remind that the prize Fund: 1st place - 25 thousand rubles. 2nd place - 15 thousand rubles. 3rd place - 10 thousand rubles.

In this post everyone looking for music, movies, books, etc. the Principle of the application is simple: in the kament need to specify that you are looking for. Other readers have the opportunity to respond to you, because someone always knows and remembers. Example: casefilm Soviet, where the dudes took a taxi in front of the station, and their hotel was just opposite, although they took five rubles. , etc. Seek and find.

For more than a year ago I stopped using in Moscow his car. And began to walk. I ride the subway, walk a lot, cause as you need a taxi, in all unclear situations, use the app "Yandex. transport" - and still alive! When I want to ride behind the wheel, I'm moving to another city, to another country, food for a weekend into the woods, rent a car, etc., In the year, I drive under different circumstances 20 000 km, so the vitamin drive I have is completely filled. In new York and London, no one is surprised that I ride the subway. And in Moscow need not be surprised at.

Day off, and yesterday was Friday. Obviously, a good celebrated in my favorite newspaper "Kommersant". Apparently, freewheeling even proofreaders (although kammersolisten texts usually check the spelling), so I left a note under vague and ignorant name "Oblectlve conclusion". on the other hand, the criminal revision has not prevented to hang out, so this article is already too long and detailed - Rarely in the same note, you meet so many details and ways of killing. And then just a riot of the imagination. "the Banker stole from the Naval streets of Moscow and brought outside the Boat, where the rebels had their own base. There is one of them, current employees operatively-search Department of the Metropolitan police...

In our country, no industrial design, because all the fags. No designers that anything was realized in production. No companies who would a little rubbed his eyes and looked at the year on the calendar. factory Directors tridtsatnik click on new case for your meter, and they spend a hundred on a new Lexus. In our country there is no industrial design, because in our country there is no competition. No one reaps. You can do shit, and everyone will be happy. In the world, our Studio know how prodesigner company. Look at Google "art. lebedev studio". Or, so far, our April fools chain: Defendius. an Example of our design (it is already flying, by the way): Our other work in the field of industrial design: the Royal College of Art...

Read here at your leisure to Einstein's biography written by Isaacson. My attention was drawn to unknown historical and technical fact - in America it was possible to send a telegram, by paying in advance the answer. There was a Rabbi sent Einstein a telegram: "Do you believe in God? Stop. Answer paid 50 words." ("Do you believe in God? The end of the message. Answer in 50 words paid for.") I never thought about such a nice vozmogli, something tells me that the USSR could not pay for the answer. In the old days, when someone wanted to answer, but not to strain on the money invested in your envelope other envelope with pasted label saying, you are only to strike a few lines, and not have to pay. But it was an informal option. At the level of the post system...

Keyboard with variable images on the buttons, "Optimus Maximus" (concept 2005,, release 2007, Keyboard with variable images on the buttons, "It's Goodbye QWERTY, Hello Emojis as Apple Rethinks the Keyboard", Wall Street Journal,, (2016): all-glass multi-touch surface, "Optimus Tactus" (2008, all-glass multi-touch surface, the IPad (2010): the Keyboard additional status screen above the main block of buttons, "Optimus Popularis" (2011, Keyboard with additional status screen above the...

Want in a relatively small living room to deliver the sound. Five speakers around the TV - not an option, I have not been and will not be the TV. I'm sitting on the couch, on the windowsill. And I want the sound everywhere was normal. I listen to online radio, MP3, Google music, etc. for this purpose, suitable? the Sound bar? Sound-bar? Monoclone with a separate subwoofer? Need advice. Jam listen muzlo with an open laptop.