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It is Surprising that all cleaners have a feeling that freshly washed floor it is impossible to walk. " I just washed my floors!" it would Seem. Well, you washed the floors. For what? In order to remove the dirt of the past. Let's say I left on the freshly scrubbed floor of their tracks. Than they differ from what I go through exactly this floor in a minute after the moisture evaporates? Well, no. That is, the requirement for cleaners - it's like please do not lie just with the sheet (on which I will sleep and I will crush all night). Or as please do not poke a fork into the salad (which everyone will poke with a fork all night and eventually the stupid will eat the morning).

The Main engine of the economy - size portions. If you come to the USA or Croatia (I believe that it will ever be possible again), and ordering in a restaurant salad, we get instead of the usual servings bucket for three. Why? Because a large portion of - the engine of progress. The more lettuce, more tomato, more shrimp for sale - the more they need to produce. And the more they must produce, the more people involved in their production. And the more people involved in the production, the more jobs created and more taxes paid. And so about everything else in the economy.

When I was in first and second grade, we proezd Shokal'skogo near the bus stop "grocery store" once a week came the bottles. the Other glass could pass in the grocery store. Today's primary school pupils do not know what a "mayonnaise jar", and do not understand how with an one-litre jar you could go for sour cream. And before that was a brand "Mozhaisk milk", which was not like no ordinary milk "Ostankino plant". And we at the balcony have accumulated a lot of bottles of it. And the bottle was like beer, only transparent. And each gave 12 cents. And I decided these bottles to pass. But in youngsters glassware do not take what the examiner and told me. Then I stepped aside, pulled out a notebook sheet, wrote on it: "Please take my son's glass in the amount...

Kotani, all biblical skepticism! How many creatures were transported Noah? Life 6:19: thou Bring into the ark of all the animals and all flesh on the pair, that they stayed alive with thee; male and female they shall be. Genesis 7:1-3: And the Lord said [...] of every clean beast take sevens, male and female, and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and female So a pair or a seven? Hint: when Noah swam, he made a sacrifice to God of each animal. If animals had a pair, then the sacrifice would be genetically unproductive.

* * * Advertising in the cosy Gigaset * Text provided by the client * Publication generously paid * * * the Annual VK Fest this year takes place online and seven days, from 15 to 21 may. the Free broadcasts are available daily from 16:00 at the community festival In the first and second day of the festival looked at 13 and 15 million unique users. The festival is attended by over one hundred musicians, bloggers, speakers, stenderu. As usual, a lot of different formats. In addition to music, there are interviews with the stars, Humor from TNT, contests. Many artists, will present their new tracks, trailers, TV shows and movies. Here are just a few names. Basta, Tree, Claudia Coca, Max Barsky, Mumiy Troll, Hands Up!, Tim Belarusian, Feduk...

Wonder how many people stuck with the quarantine and with difficulty accepting the fact that ever it should end. More interestingly, a significant number of people are really isolated themselves and locked down all social contacts. Type such - we do not expect guests. it is Always interesting to learn from them (without offending, of course) - you do not expect guests to date, which he called the mayor of your city or have any more convincing guideline? Friends, the quarantine, we were only required to survive the peak load on healthcare system. If Cho, now in hospitals full of empty beds, free Ivly, the peak of infection is passed. Ail the health, still all mankind must have had!

There is a category of people who do not want to have just water, they need water was some really weird. for Example, to boil water only once (why???). , Or that the water was oxygen (in the water molecule, and so it is the oxygen atom, the second will not). And then there are structured water. What it is - no one can explain. Obviously, water in the form of a snowflake has a different shape, but with the melting of any semblance of a structure disappears completely. When passing through the esophagus, exactly. the water is Water. It is delicious, and sometimes tasteless. It all depends on the minerals and hardness. Morshynska and Evian tasty, and Bon-Aqua and from the toilet - no.

No matter How hard the parents to send their children funny memasuki in the cart, nothing happens. - I have this accordion a year ago, did not keep to himself - that will answer a normal child his parents were sent in a funny picture. What remains to us, the ancestors? Subscribe to the soup, forcan and overheard Zhulebino and repost from there lulz to other ancestors. The children there have all read in the morning, they are no surprise. izy the Harsh truth is that parents can not appeal to children in the language of children. That is why as soon as the old master buzzwords, these words become unfashionable. Because they have mastered the Oldies fucking! Each subculture your code and lexicon. Should not meddle with the snout in Kalashny number. the meaning...

Social distancing is the absolute asshole of the term, because it is twice as long as the simple phrase "keep your distance". But in any case, the distance between people is the new norm of humanity for the next year, and then for a few years. Marking distances on the floor, tagging in public areas, elevators and transport will be another ten years to haunt us. While it is unclear what to do with the hours of peak and crush, without which there is no life. the Most interesting thing our liberals in the protection of mass gatherings? Because today in the very light, free and rukopozhatnyh countries, the cops dispersed the people who are close to each other the more the two at a distance less than five feet. How to be in a situation when the oldest Western...

I can't shake the feeling that now is the 1937 year. it was fine, but there was an enemy of the people - coronavirus. And therefore it is necessary to suffer some inconveniences. All for the greater good. it all Starts with light bans, then they become complicated, then they change and mutate, then introduced checkpoints between the regions, then passes to the subway, then the system becomes more sophisticated and goes crazy. Everyone has to introduce some constraint and try to implement it, on the road ebya for violations. In 1937, it ended with executions of the innocent. In 1936 it seemed unreal.

The Best prevention of most infectious diseases - a walk in the fresh air. I sat down on a motor yacht and sailed from Yaroslavl to St. Petersburg. Fresh air and less contact is difficult to imagine. Every day I'm in a new city and enjoy the loneliness and beauty. In Cherepovets, most people wear masks. I met a few companies who drank the beer. In Moscow, nobody on the street drinking Beers, so it caught my eye. Here is a great Cherepovets family, where you shit in the brain propaganda. Milf in a mask. Child mask (earns emphysema). And dad with the mask, which launched on the chin, because he drinks Beers. family problems will not be only dad. Because beer on the street does not cause radical harm, and the mask - causes. Never, under any circumstances, wear...

Once upon a time my taciturn cousin picked up the phone and said the historic words: - Yes... schA... Bah! That is, he shook hands, agreed to call grandma on the phone and called her. Since then, my cousin spent time in prison, changed her name, converted to Islam and died, but that has nothing to do with the incredible short that he was able many years ago. I continue to really enjoy making words with a maximum of two letters, which in Russian language can Express quite a large supply. For example: - And? - Well, no, that's not it. - And, well, OK.

The more Bank cards in the pocket becomes, the harder it is to remember them pincode. Even if little cards, they change frequently - you will lose, you will fuck up, it will twist some. And we need to make new ones. There is a very easy way to come up with and remember the pincode from credit cards. The main thing - to come up with some principle. all cards have 16 digits, which consist of 4 sets of 4 digits. It is sufficient to choose the method of remembering numbers. For example: take every first digit of each block. Or every last. or four digits from the middle. Or the last four. Or the first first, second second, etc. And then there is no need to remember pins because they will always be what you need and always different. The main thing - not to tell...

It Turns out that there is an intermediate state between the simple observation of someone you love and fucking. Called disgusting with the word "cadl". However the translation into Russian - a hug - not much better. There are whole cuddl parties, where people are lapped each other, touch palms, heels, backs, put each other on your knees, lay down like spoons and so forth. There is even a label type, you can't kiss me, matzo Tits, to climb in the pants, etc. Although I did not understand why there should be obstacles in the event of absence of claims to the petting or penetratin. in Short, I think there's an intermediate state that can not but rejoice. And before society is forced to become a perfectionist.

Today, all the guys were blown up to observe a variety of rules to be good. Not all of these rules make sense. So here is a brief list of what is the meaning of. Moreover, not only today, but always about the end of life. so: - makes No sense to wash your hands for a minute or even 30 seconds. Enough to wash your hands for 10 seconds. - the water Temperature is not important for hand-washing. It is important the presence of soap. - Ordinary soap copes with its task. There is no reason to buy the "antibacterial soap" because ordinary soap helps to wash away almost all germs and viruses. - better Hot water washes away fat, it is more for anything not needed. - to Wear a mask outdoors is not necessary or even harmful. To wear a mask in any enclosed space at...