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Over the past two weeks I have received a passport stamp 24. While Australia and the US exit stamps do not put for a long time - just go out of the country, just want. And more recently Australia and the United States ceased to put and entry stamps. Moreover, in Australia I got me a stamp to put (it is available for those who wish), and in the United States simply no. Passport scanned - Wellcome. at this rate, the stamps in the passport will become an anachronism and will disappear in our lifetime. Will be only for fans, like in Japan, there is a print in any of more or less public place (railway station, Museum, shopping centre), to collectors of prints decorated their notebooks. and then a paper passport will disappear. It now makes no sense.

With the emergence of different transport people born names to walk away. said "on foot", contrasting himself to any equestrian or other transport. With the advent of public transportation, the horse-drawn trams, the omnibuses, trams, said: "I am at the eleventh room came" (showing the movement of the fingers of those who didn't understand). At my school have already said "I came to pescarese" (a cross between a Hungarian Ikarus bus and walk). what about now you say? "I am for a healthy lifestyle"? "My goal every day ten thousand steps to walk"?

I am very close to the heart perceive the problem of underrepresentation on "Oscar" of women, blacks, the disabled, minorities, the LGBT community, vegetarians, people with psoriasis, low blood pressure, patients with cancer of the left egg and cystic fibrosis, etc. I Think that the problem should be solved radically, as did the leaders of the Olympic movement. you Need to make a Couple of Oscar! Yoo-hoo! Asexual statuette of black gold with one leg, a thick belly, Boobs, eye patch, hearing AIDS, in a wheelchair will be presented to everyone left behind chauvinist of the jury, traditionally collected from white men, who are simply not able to understand any problems in life but restricted their own. With a Couple-Oscar, finally, justice will triumph. As...

Ladies and gentlemen! May I present your attention incredible travel logo and not less beautiful slogan of Transnistria. Transnistria is a small country located between Ukraine and Moldova. There is a stunningly beautiful nature blooming fields, green forests and lakes, the famous river Dniester. In Transnistria many attractions: vineyards, ancient villages and fortresses, temples and monasteries. the rumor is that the new logo was not liked by the leadership of the Republic. And it is wonderful! Because the Republican leadership has nothing to do with what attracts tourists, in which management is interested. Paradox!

My schedule for next week: February 6 - Antarctica, station Novolazarevskaya 7 Feb morning - Cape town 7 Feb evening - Mauritius* 8 Feb morning - Jakarta* Feb 9 day - Perth 9 February - Colombo* 10 - February- Dubai February 11 - Madrid 11 Feb Tenerife* February 12 - Fortaleza February 12 - Miami* February 13 - new York * refill. In all cities without asterisks I will have time for a two hour walk with those who wish (as in Moscow). Address for communication - Unable to respond to the letter with some delay.

There's nothing nicer than the feeling of well earned money. This feeling is much more important than the amount. Sometimes ten thousand warm the soul warmer million. That is, the process is crucial. That's why Eastern people love to bargain. Bargaining is communication, to communicate should be able to, who communicate well, he gets more joy in the process. And the seller is happy knocks down the price because he gets the pleasure of bargaining. And if you don't haggle - it's like insult. In our culture - it's like throwing money on the table. we Have also process is very important, it's just that he has other forms. This can be a bargain, and maybe just the customer that knows what he wants, so its requirements and suffering do not strain, and to remember...

I remember the days when camera in mobile was a typical example of Chinese ingenuity - type plates with the taped glasses (otherwise the fourchette is not convenient to press your hand - because both are busy) or caps with taped beer cans (that itself was flowing in his mouth). But the years passed and the camera has become more important than the function call and the actual voice communication. And now camera phones have become steeper than the camera down. Because they don't bother to true color representation or the optics, and build the coolest photoshop, which only can come up with. today the phones off night, on the move, they themselves blur the background and do everything that camera down and have not yet started to do. But at some point, the SLR...

The more you live, the more you feel how leftist ideas are stupid, how right and moderately conservative ideas are balanced and reasonable. And the main folly of leftist ideas are not even the ideas themselves (there are a lot of good), but in a completely shameless categoricalness, narcissism and confidence in their own utter moral superiority of their authors. any interlocutor ability to constructively support the conversation, to listen and not just shout about the problem, but also suggest a realistic solution. Sorry left this quality is extremely rare. , More left-wing appointed all scoundrels, who have a different opinion, and have to repost all the sentimental appeals. And yet the left constantly samosovershenstvovaniya themselves potpisivanjem...

Thus, an important topic today. Is there a good immunologist? What vaccinations are really necessary and important to do, and what you can score? I've antireligioznik in a coffin seen, but they can not be straight, one hundred percent wrong. There must be a vaccine that can and can not do. at what age to vaccinate? From what? How to stop paranoia about complications? Where is the truth? What to say to those who say "my child will never be in a closed room with the consumptive, what I'm going to chop this shit?"

Krasnoyarsk TV channel "prima" now broadcasts on Sundays at 20:00 of my video reports about travel. read More: unlike my political information, VIDOS about the trip you can watch with infants and elders. For those who are not looking in Krasnoyarsk me on Sundays, there's good old YouTube, where all videos in category "travel" carefully collected next:

By the Way, I want to capture a new feeling. Returned two weeks ago from Antarctica with a fully proplachennymi iPhone. Before after a trip to the Antarctic on the AppStore icon was burning the number "67". So many programs would need to update after a month of travel. now, the ship has free, albeit slow, wifi. And all updates quietly by themselves during the trip I downloaded. But a couple years ago for a very modest text traffic on Antarctica I paid tysse bucks a week. Our children will be funny to read it, of course.

Every time a client tells the designer that the proposed logo is not enough reveals the essence and company's business, desiner can offer the customer to think about how to reveal the essence and meaning of business logo of Mercedes, McDonald's or the Christian cross. whether for the Mercedes star of the car? Driver comfort? The diversity of the lineup? Cars, buses and garbage trucks? The legendary loyalty of all the dictators of the world? does macdonell M a hamburger? The Yam fries? Happy meal toys in it? Eco-friendliness? Salads, sliced carrots, ice cream, summer terrace, Mac-auto? Can the cross be seen the main religion of the world? The Suffering Of Christ? Church decoration? Paradise? Hell? The sacrament? The Bible? Crusades? The Pope? Humility...

The Appointment of Michael mishustina Prime Minister is a good indicator. I have always said that the Moscow government is much stronger than Federal. Mishustin is the first step in the direction that the country's leadership was at least not weaker than the leadership of the capital. the State should not be afraid that its citizens will be rich and be enveloped in comfort. Mishustin is at least in theory, understand. The role of the chief tax collector that he is not much helped, but he never asked. But it was very effective. So now the fun begins. will the man who helped everyone to strangle, to help everyone earn?

Published winter jobs in the Studio: Creators design websites - 30 Copywriter-6 the Architect of the urban environment - 2 Architect-5 Techies Web developer on "1C-Bitrix" - 4 mobile app Developer Agios 2 Managers Supermenedzher-20 the Head of projects of public importance Manager architectural projects Office Manager - 5 PR Manager Account Manager for matters of national importance the Strategist-5 Supermenedzher in the Department of industrial design - 2 Specialist tenders Manager for overseas sales and marketing

The Words "autorka", "bloggery", "produsere" etc. come up with exclusively madacki and dolboebi. the Invention of special punctuation for gendergap too painful, which has a right to exist, but shall remain exclusively within the borders of the affected population. all Sorts of people without gender identity do not have the right from anyone to demand anything. Don't like our language, go learn Hungarian, it is the words not the delivery. Paradise for transgender people! by the Way, did you know that Ukrainians was not enough demand from healthy native Russian speakers to speak "in Ukraine" instead of careful "on Ukraine"? They now require that all English people spoke exclusively to Ukraine and the norm of the Ukraine declared invalid. Generally, any...