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Once I started to itch. Itched, itched, itched, itched, itched, itched, itched, until exhausted and did not go to a dermatologist. the Doctor bent down to my hand and insulting quickly diagnosed: "you Have scabies". - Uh, well, I like so and came to the reception. Why is scabies I have? - And because the naked eye can see the moves of scabies mites under the skin. - WTF???? Coraci, the bad news is that scabies is called subcutaneous mites, and they are actively under the skin fuck. The good news is that you have to buy a tool called "Spregal" once they popstats to go to sleep and in the morning rinse. And yet, the itch will pass. I Hope you will never use.

All girls once grow. Be the girls begin their independent adult life. There are two topics that parents and relatives never have to lift the girls: a) when you have kids? b) when are you getting married? When necessary, and then marry. When necessary, and then give birth. Maybe in thirty. Maybe forty. And maybe never. It is absolutely her business, that's not what the girl needs to be accountable, to justify, to explain or worry. your Four daughters I provide joy for the lack of questions on these topics. Two already can appreciate it, two more will appreciate in the near future.

We good, they bad. we Have faces, they have faces. We are liberals, they are thieves and gangsters. Opposition blogger may not be a pedophile, a Deputy from United Russia - maybe. If the Russian design Studio did the logo for the Russian city, then precisely cut, nepotism, and gray scheme. If the American design Studio did the logo for the American city, then see how to work, learn! Our Governor can't take bribes for packages, and all the rest of them carry the cache of cars, it is even not necessary to prove. we Have a noble pedigree, they are Finns and Mordvinians around the family tree.

Incidentally, in civil aircraft low blood pressure, so passengers blunted taste, smell and all other senses. Approximately one-third. Therefore, the main goal of any chef is responsible for food on Board, to make such a taste that at least someone will feel. That is, a third more intense than on earth. that's why all the passengers drink tomato juice in airplanes, but in the coffin seen him on the ground. When was the last time someone drank tomato juice in a cafe or restaurant? On the street or on the way to work? No way, everyone hates tomato juice. A plane all love it. Because all the other juices on the plane tastes like shit.

Latin America is so named in honor of the romance (Roman) languages, which includes Spanish, Portuguese and French. English is a representative of the German group, therefore, is not considered a romance (though it is more than half Latin). the French in South America (French Guiana) are not considered Latinos. And the people of Belize, Anguilla or Montserrat especially, because I speak English. More interestingly, the country of Romania comes from the word Roma, but in Russian is called Rumania. If we were in school Romance or the Romanian Empire, the world would be different. by the Way, the Latin alphabet already does for other reasons.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with some regret to say aloud what many know but are embarrassed to admit: fiction died. I try to remember when was the last time you read fiction - and I find it difficult. It was ten years ago. I'm just not interested. I read non-fiction, reading, stories, blogs - and it completely makes up for all the vitamins. All that once gave fiction today is fully guaranteed movie, VIDOS, TV shows, memes, posts, etc. moreover, all the great writers who have had the opportunity to write plays for theatres, this opportunity did not disdain. Read scripts plays - wild torment in school but somehow pass these misunderstandings. But the performances - it's just an attempt to go beyond the literary text. the more, the more great writer is not...

Russia in the Antarctic station "Novolazarevskaya". In early February I landed a couple of kilometres from the station by plane within the mad round "7 continents in 7 days". In this regard, I have a request: if anyone of my readers has the opportunity to help me (and another one or two when possible) to get a tour of Novolazarevskaya, then I would be incredibly grateful. will Need to pick me up (+1, +2) runway near the station of the 6th of February, to show the station to take the hour back. If you can help it, please contact me at thanks in Advance.

I love criticism. Nothing inspires like comments. Nothing ruins a day more than generous praise. Please: write all the comments, which only you can remember everything that is relevant to the work of our Studio. All the comments about our stores. All comments about our products. All comments to our staff. Nabludenie time, rude language, inattention to simple needs, cold coffee, broken promises - it's important to me that it happened to happen less in the future. If for some reason you think a comment is inappropriate to post here in the comments, send it please to my personal address: All comments will be considered and studied by me and my colleagues. Waiting for comments, critics, complaints and claims. Thank you.

From a motorized vessel flag looks backwards because the motor is dragging the ship forward with great speed. The sailing vessel, the flag looks forward (or any side), because in it the wind blows. The ship can go against the wind, but still at an angle, so that the flag is ago can only look at the case when the vehicle is standing. a Flag that hangs on the stern of a sailing ship, can look back, because what lies in the shadow of the sails, and flying is the speed. But the flag on the mast is subject only to wind. Thus we can always compute illiterate illustrators, this should always remember the art Director.

People in America when they hear about Russia, they just say, "it's cold?" the People in Russia when they hear about Antarctica, people usually ask: "it's cold?" No, fuck, all depends on the location and time of year. In Yakutia permafrost, but in the summer +30. And in Antarctica, I just sailed about a week and the temperature never dropped below zero. When I was a couple of years ago at the South Pole, it was -15, and the guy with the American stations came out to meet us wearing crocs on bare feet. And sometimes in the winter in Oymyakon is -50, and -80 Vostok station. So, Yes, it can be cold. And sometimes hot.

Interestingly, disuse left the word "Bayan". Bayan meant the joke that everyone already heard a million times, so when heard a million for the first time, be sure to say: "Banessa!" the word Originally came to us from bearded (so to called Bayan bayans) joke: "Buried the mother - in-law broke two accordion". If morning memes someone repost in the afternoon, he slept 15 comments "Bayan". And I noticed that already six months, though the word hardly occurs. What happened? I do not look there? The people ceased to post bayans? There is a new word?

What is the difference between the pilots we have out there? lacks simple humanity. Quite a few times to fly on any American airlines, to understand how a completely different way to talk with passengers. the American pilot: "Good morning, this is your captain speaking Johnson. Just managers gave us the go-ahead to start the engines, then it will be necessary to undergo de-icing treatment, it will take 15 minutes, and then we're fifth in line for takeoff on runway 24 left, three minutes after takeoff, the expected small Boltanski, at an altitude of 200 meters we turn on the autopilot, and then our lovely flight attendants will begin to carry flavored coffee." Russian pilot: "Dobrott Bur-Bur-Bur the members of the Alliance cattle Bur-Bur-Bur".

"Tverskaya X" - a luxury house which will open in the heart of Moscow in 2024. It is located in a beautiful building, the facade of which has historical and architectural value. The house will be hotel rooms: some rooms will be turned into a Deluxe apartment. The project is implemented by the developer of "Luxury properties". After the restoration the building will retain its unique appearance, but will be completed. Spectacular felstead developed in the Studio, closes the house at the time of construction works and gives Muscovites the Christmas mood. Follow the development of the plot!

Work Lebedev Studio presented the exhibition "World! Friendship! Design! The history of the Russian industrial design" in the Tretyakov gallery. the Exhibition is dedicated to the development of industrial design in Russia. The exhibition includes more than three hundred important objects of the Russian industrial design, including four amazing works of art Lebedev Studio: helicopter Scout, an unmanned tractor "Gronovius", the exoskeleton in "Actually" and the radio "Constellation". the Exhibition is organized by the Tretyakov gallery and the Moscow Museum of design. It runs from December 25, 2019 February 29, 2020. Address: the New Tretyakov gallery, West wing, 2nd floor Street the Crimean Shaft, 10

In the early 20th century humanity was more advanced than it is now. this is evidenced by the catalogue of the trading house "Muir and merilis", now known under the brand Central Department store (thanks to our constant reader Michael for the exhibit). Before the revolution in our country, the Scots quietly offered to customers, male and female urinals. We can only guess why women Pissouri did not come into use. Not logged in? Didn't like it? It was sussano? Had legs lean? It was unusual? Can a modern woman to kick things off and start to use a female urinal?