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Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to announce the most incredible and coolest collabo this year, which was attended by three major brands: the Japanese company of asiks, the Moscow metro and the Studio of Artemiy Lebedev. of asiks - world famous manufacturer of sports clothes and shoes. Moscow metro - the largest urban transport system in Europe and just remarkable effectiveness of the enterprise. Lebedev Studio is a team of designers, engineers, analysts and managers, ahead of its time in the interests of customers for twenty-four years in a row. of asiks releases limited edition sneakers inspired by the Moscow metro. Only 1000 pairs, of which 300 will be available in special packs with unique thumb "Troika" and the icon. I acted as the designer of this...

* * * Advertising in the cosy Gigaset * Text provided by the client * Publication generously paid * * * in our country all understand the design. Any student in a jiffy flamed logo, criticize the interface will tell you what to fix in the font to improve the illustration. And merge at the request of the portfolio. Because it understands that their own hands to do something normal — no comments wrote. the Question is — where the novice designer to take a portfolio with works that look like an adequate design? This is not even all students of the relevant faculties, because the standard education it is difficult to keep up with fast trends. As students it is difficult to keep up with prices advanced and widely acclaimed design schools. That we tend to the...

On 4 October this year, the Studio will celebrate our 24th birthday. Party for all present and former employees of the Studio and guests. Usually our party is visited by 500-700 people. Now the PD is our main party. And it's not just a party, and the most important exhibition of achievements in the field of entertainment and technology. Our guests are the most important and influential people in the field of design, advertising and PR. As well as our clients, which needs no introduction. We have to entertain, feed, drink and entertain again. this October we traditionally invite those wishing to entertain us in exchange for eternal respect. If you: - You are creating a new technology or a new product, which already it is possible to show - You know how to...

Don't understand what is preventing in our country to configure wifi on the plane. the Audience is ready, the technology is known, the demand is there. Why in bloody America have wifi in every plane? Why even Turkish airlines when flying across the Atlantic, you YouTube to download? Why not make at least on the route Moscow - Peter the available wifi? I'm sure it can be set even with the ground, not necessarily satellites to use. To the plane of earth is 10 km away, while honeycomb has 30. Guide one base station is upstairs and Internet all passengers there.

In a year we promise a complete face recognition in Moscow including for fare payment in public transport. This means that technology has reached incredible heights. If I was head of the secret service, I would be the first thing ordered to supply the car with a camera in front of every secret Agency of another country, to stupid a week to photograph all incoming and outgoing. And then of these individuals would have amounted to a database which would be relevant about always, because former employees do not exist. something tells me that other countries with such a camera at our institution ten years ago stood for, so all ebley long record.

I have long thought, consulted with smart people, and as a result rated all of the country and the city (well, cities are not all there is to 500 pieces dosourceroute). the base score is based on the following criteria: - nothing interesting (0) - worth a look, and since I was there (2) - is to fly an hour to watch (5) - is to fly halfway around the world to see (10) cities is increasing the odds: - interesting architecture - beautiful water/river/sea - the presence of mountains/hills - just a nice place - the old/historical buildings the result is two lists, built on my subjective (i.e., most objective) evaluation. But in General, it is obvious that Poland is pigge Jamaica and Lhasa abovee Rio Cuarto. it is Clear...

The other day at dusk a drunk man on a boat with no lights knocked down a wakeboarder on the Moscow river. it would Seem - well, sometimes, an accident, a coincidence. But in fact the situation is predictable, the system error, all expected and natural. it all Started with the fact that in Russia for some dick ruined the service inspectors GIMS (State inspection on small size vessels). Inspectors devalued and lowered their salaries. They resigned EN masse. And now the water started in Russia anarchy. You can do anything, no control no more. You can ski without a life jacket, you drunk, you can be partisan without lights, control no. Be careful on the water, to keep order until there is no one. And here is a real ass.

To the West of a large company build its own campus outside the city and you come up with the name of their street. At Epple address - Infinite Loop (Infinite Loop; it's a pun, because the street is circular). the Microsoft address Microsoft Way (Microsoft Way). Have a Facebook address Hacker Way (Hacker Way). In Russia, I never met the private road. And here comes the good news: in Vladimir new data center of Yandex is now officially located on the street Search. Russia already has three Search street. Yandex finds them. And yet no finds :-) Consider that everyone should have the opportunity to standstill in the village called the bounds of decency in their own way.

A lot of guys won't like my criterion of success, but to hide it I will not. the Best and only criterion of success in everything is a commercial demand. If what you're doing, someone wants to buy for money - this is success. If what you're doing, nobody buys, then you're not successful. You can try to sell the sauce "art hauskasti", "conceptual" or other poeboy, but who are you kidding? Views and likes is the same money. It is a success. If your work looked at by one person, if your job was like a disabled person, if your job paid one ruble, it means that you failed. (Yet.) Just need to always remember that people always vote with their pocketbooks. And who believes the vote ruble shameful - and he is the main loser.

I often hear taxi drivers in Moscow complain about the cheap rates. Especially if you drive a few miles, and sit in the car four, the driver is required to resent that his transportation is cheaper than on the bus to go. the Taxi driver just can't bear the thought that he might at least someone something to take for 150 rubles. It's just a stomp on his dignity. If I were a cabbie, I would have downloaded an app with weather forecast and went in advance in an area where rain is expected. When it starts to rain, especially strong, everyone starts to order a taxi. Fares and fly into space. You can get an order for 800 rubles, where on a Sunny day will receive a maximum of satanic.

The Most important thing about education is that the most valuable knowledge in the learning process is always transmitted orally. you Can be a doctor, to read one hundred textbooks to learn all of them, but don't know what to do in a particular challenging case. Because this knowledge is transmitted only in conversation with the Professor during practice. Curiously, this simple observation is not mentioned in any manuals. Because it is also always transmitted orally. And what I wrote about it here, does not change the situation. All the real professional knowledge in expert professions (medicine, law, architecture, design, programming) are only transmitted orally. I Have a theory why this happens, but I'll tell you about it at the meeting.

Many years on my website there was a sign "Setkin, bitch, give back!". it all Started in the year 2000, when Zetkin (aka funk-phenomena, aka Denis kolomeytsev, he took me to borrow money. I waited a long time to return, then produced a t-shirt to a little to recapture the loss. At some point, it turned out that Sedin not very sane. He several times manifested itself in the mail, swore to return the money, but then again disappeared. at the end of June this year it became known ( that Zetkin found dead. Sort of like suicides. So on my website since then the sign "Setkin, I forgive you!".

Here's a little about what say and write, as military fees and salaries. The main stimulus in all times and in all Nations raise. And never in the Newspapers do not write about how much people are willing to pay to be in the area with increased charges. How much does he take bribes the boss with a simple military. In Soviet times, any service to any foreign countries was available to those who were willing to pay for the opportunity to obtain the foreign currency roubles and the certificate of the participant of military operations (which means a guaranteed lifetime payment). Even in some crappy Sierra Leone - all were flying only to pull. But the biggest fight was for service in Germany from 1990 to 1994, because there has to pay not Gdrovskie brand, and...

Why women go to the bathroom together? was a once in the history of mankind case when the two guys looked at each other, took a backpack and went to the toilet together, leaving their girls at a table in a cafe? And was there even one time in human history when two guy friends would talk about something in the toilet, so if they got there somehow together? Oh, and for fun - can anyone imagine a scenario where one guy paints himself in the toilet lip and the second at the same time, when it pours?

More than 10 years our café on Bolshaya Nikitskaya was a favorite for many guests. The artists surrounding theatres, writers, Directors, producers, designers, artists, mothers, children, neighbors, and guests from all cities of the world have enjoyed our beautiful cheesecakes, chestnut soup and wafer rolls with condensed milk. How many novels have been instituted and enshrined in our dark, cramped and cozy room - not to count. unfortunately, the harsh reality of profitability (not enough seats, the high cost of rent, the inability to make an alcohol license due to the fact that close to school, blackmail from the HOA and other problems, which is not to say in society fashion youth) proved stronger than our romantic intentions...