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Why entrepreneurs choose this way of liquidation of the company?

Why entrepreneurs choose this way of liquidation of the company? -

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We are going to expand the geography of its presence. So we planned to arrive in cities and countries where we would like to make use of their forces. To begin with, we would like to find people interested in: Tashkent, Alma-ATA, Minsk, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg. We invite all interested in cooperation with our Studio organization to contact us. Topics for discussion: - identity (logo, city, Ministry, seasonal branding and the event branding and theme design of transport, making stops pavilions and Parking meters); - advertising campaigns (internal and external); - promotional site for the city; - the design code (the rules for placing signs and advertising, facade); - urban navigation (brownies signs, street and engineering indicators, for...

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present the coolest, most complex, ambitious project we worked on for more than a year the best and convenient, and the periodic table! a Detailed description of the project: the Website on which you can make to your taste table want details and content, and then print: to Purchase the poster: Beautiful vidosik: periodic table from Art. Lebedev Studio on Vimeo.

Regular readers know that there was not a single case when in Moscow found the old sign, the restoration of which I would not be supported by all possible forces. I masturbate to old native and proud of it! Our old friend Nataliya Tarnavska said that in Starokonyushenny pereulok, Dom 5, discovered the sign "Bakery OTD. M. G. K. I. O.". the restoration need 250 000. Details and details:;&ifg;=1 Who can 1000, who can 5000 rubles, who can 20 000 - all are invited to save the history of his native city. Such signs throughout Moscow throughout our lives we will find more like 30 at the most. And each requires the most careful care, because in Moscow even something two...

Curiously, as the media after any event form a stereotypical picture which then invariably follow. for example, on 11 September 2001 in America, four aircraft were hijacked by terrorists. One crashed into a field (presumably before reaching the White house), one crashed into the Pentagon, two crashed into the towers of the world trade center. what's that? In people's memory there were only the twin towers. in the same way the whole story comes to us in a distorted form. Even if two decades a completely distorted picture of what happened, what we can know about the real events of the mid-twentieth century? And even more - about events thousands of years ago? Just random stories.

Progress does not stand still in Moscow started the buses. A lot of guys worry that the trolley gradually passing to someone, even the wrong sad without cartage. But batteries today have learned to do good enough in order that the people may for practical purposes to use phones, laptops, scooters, cars and public transport. To the beautiful Moscow of the buses we came up with a design that will leave no one nezainteresovani or indifferent. While the others pussy about how they improve the city, we're in the Studio doing real work. If you have a city, come to us for design. Examples of our work:

I Wonder why still no one has invented a set of furniture for raznoobraznie sexual intercourse? both in terms of upholstered furniture sold today to a young couple to do Cooney standing, huh? Well, except that to put a chick on a Russian stove, but it smacks of perversion. Why not produce a multistory modular upholstered designer, which can be placed at different levels so that you can sit, lie down, recline, stand, hang and crawl? Why is it that the people should be enough dull banal bed or couch to fuck? Follow me on other platforms: Telegram: Instagram:

9 September, 1998 at was published my notes about design for designers. The website address will read "design manual" these notes are known under the brand Mandership. the second book survived five editions: During this time, written 190 paragraphs, the last one just yesterday: § 190. The shelf is in my mind it describes the critical principle for understanding the mechanism of the response to the design. How to make a design that will be discussed? It is necessary to create new neural pathways in the brain. what do you have associated with the Institute held? When I met for the first time? What came in handy? What was memorable...

On 5 October this year, the Studio will celebrate our 23rd birthday. Party for all present and former employees of the Studio and guests. Usually our party is visited by 500-700 people. Since last year, the PD is our main party. And last year, the OTHER Studio is not just a party, and the most important exhibition of achievements in the field of entertainment and technology. Our guests are the most important and influential people in the field of design, advertising and PR. As well as our clients, which needs no introduction. We have to entertain, feed, drink and entertain again. this October we traditionally invite those who create new technology or a new product, which already can be shown. New gadgets, new technologies, new products, new ways of...

Many guys seem to need flushing at his own camp, and all the others guessit. Sometimes it looks ridiculous, sometimes stupid, almost always biased. What could be easier than to always be objective? Why don't we call good good and bad bad? let's Say, a rare Russian liberal believes by default that Russian airports - inhuman shit. But it is no longer so! Airports in Russia - some of the best in the world. But some airport in new York (any) - it is shit on a stick. You arrive in a sweaty queue for three hours, in which the stupid clerk still forbids you to get a mobile phone. And we have through immigration in five minutes. on the other hand, in all Moscow airports reigns primitive hell to find a taxi and traffic congestion on the road. And it makes no sense...

A lot of guys pose as such Nabucco aesthetes and snobs. But the truth is that even on Monday evening at the end of any party at all they all forget about their boast. after all gorillapod, Iglesias and array-attackof all the guys start to dance to Agutin, Valery, Pugachev, V. N. Sukachev and other fucking pop. And remember, fuck all the texts by heart. And genuinely having fun. You can at least swing the bat to put at least song turtles tortilla. Everyone knows the words and music. And everyone is happy. the Main thing - to wait a bit, not at eight in the evening to put.

The Best relationship in the family and at work can be formulated in a simple way: my business/your business. something specific should do one or the other. Not the two of us book a hotel to find a restaurant, find a babysitter, choose a school, feel the sofa, to buy a vacuum cleaner, to buy a toothbrush. Either one or the other. No options. Any agreement makes the entire process pointless, ineffective shit. In an extreme case, if the other side is crap, it is much easier not to use that chose the second side than to spend time jointly selecting anything.

Those who Snitch on freedom of speech and no censorship, those usually are the most fucking vile festering hypocrites and zamykatel mouths. Take, for example, Facebook. This is one of the most disgusting services in the world. First, they all hook or by crook lured the people to himself, and then monopolized the right to dispose of the attention and money of readers. Try to advertise anything - taoy post just merge in the ass (this is called "engine pessimizatsiey"). Try to tell your subscribers something no additional cost - post show 5% of the audience. And try to write something that is objectionable to the censors - you immediately plugged or banned. Me on Facebook once again gagged for a month for my free views. And not for my delicate posts about...

In the tenth iPhone will be logged using the sight. If earlier it was convenient to pay by phone even behind, when the finger was on the recognition of fingerprint, now a lot of guys had problems. And surprisingly Apple did not try to explain how to be in this situation. Because the authorization works only when it sees the user's eyes and his features. I always see people in restaurants and stores bend over after phone to confirm the payment EPP-PEEM. to do so. Click twice on the button to the right. You receive a list of cards for payment. Look at the camera. And then pay the phone back, at least around the corner, though under the table - look sets him up for a minute. don't thank.

By the Way, all sorts of psychos, schizoids and fucking commentators are aggravated not only in the spring. They aggravation at full moon. That is, twelve times a year. of course, the Fuckers are showing themselves constantly. What happens in the house crazy grandmother who is bitching at everyone, including the shop and café on the ground floor and in kamentah infest people that need every day to bark at the passers-by to pee under each column and then another howl half the night. I always enjoy the bath. there are a couple of richnih crazy that every day, five new accounts doing again to leave comments. But since they do it the same way, and shit mostly with each other, then find them worthless.

It is Always important to pay attention to how a person calls himself. If he signed the letter "Kohl", it makes sense to refer to it that way, and not "Nicholas." You never know what. I know Darin, which will fuck you with his feet if to call her Dara on this one. And Mitya, who will immediately kick for Dima. And Sasha, who for the Shura will stop talking. And Natalia, which Natalia will pour contempt. And Sofia, which will not turn out for Sophia. in Short, people seem to give a fuck what their names are. And recently spoke via email with Ivan. And then was found alive. Say: - Hey, Ivan! And he was like, - my name is Ivan. I am a Serb. the Curtain.