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In the composition of audio systems home theater Klipsch Reference Base six speakers and two active subwoofers. Two outdoor speaker (R-28F and R-26F), two shelf (R-15M and R-14M), the Central column of the R-25C and speakers surround R-14S as well as the new subwoofers Klipsch Reference R-12SW and R-10SW. Floor standing speaker Klipsch R-28F and R-26F is equipped with two low frequency magneticresonance 8 and 6.5-inch speakers IMG(cast graphite) with copper-plated cone and 1-inch tweeter LTS. Models feature a bass reflex design, the port is located on the front panel. Frequency range 35 Hz – 24 000 Hz (+/- 3dB) and 35 Hz – 24 000 Hz (+/- 3 dB) crossover frequency crossover is 1.8 kHz. Both speakers have a high power of 150 W at the R-28F and 100 W from an...

Audio-Technica ATH-M40FS is positioned as a universal model. The design uses high-power magnets and voice coil is optimized. This allows you to achieve crisp clean sound and to provide a detailed sound picture. Frequency range – from 5 to 28 000 Hz provides clarity and depth of sound on the bass. Model Audio-Technica ATH-M50 is classified as headphones for professional monitoring and mixing. They provide excellent soundproofing and have a foldable design for easy carrying and storage. The range of frequency 15 - 28 000 Hz and impedance of 38 Ohms provide the ideal compromise between power and clarity.

Universal easy and quite understandable for the specialist Speakers Monitor Audio WS100 is designed for simple listeners not network engineers. Wireless connection to any computer is realized via receiver-transmitter USB, which configures automatically without the need for additional SOFTWARE. Each active loudspeaker optimized to provide maximum of pleasure from listening music. Excellent acoustic design is fully compliant with best architecture wireless to ensure a clean signal path from source to speakers, free of distortions that impose restrictions on listening to music. The WS100 monitors are specially designed treble and mid/bass drivers, created on the basis of technology C-CAM, which is used in the creation of flagship models Monitor Audio. The...

Audioquest Water - Solid copper conductor with perfect purity of surface Geometry triple balance (Triple-Balanced Geometry), i.e. the conductor with separate the supporting ground of the Air pipes of polyethylene - 6-layer damping system noise carbon based System of internal insulator (Dielectric-Bias System) 72 in - Braid black-and-blue - Unbalanced and balanced (RCA and XLR) plugs from motley copper high degree of cleaning with spraying each connector are in limbo, which are connected by cold soldering. Audioquest Earth - Solid copper conductor with perfect purity of surface Geometry triple balance (Triple-Balanced Geometry), i.e. the conductor with separate the supporting ground of the Air pipes of fluorinated propylene - 6-layer damping system noise...

Earlier Dali Kubik was offered only in red, black and white options. New options resotec covering three sides AC, made in orange, pale green, blue, blue, purple and grey versions. Recall that Kubik Free and Kubik Free Extra — package audio system for the home. The first active monoclone with a pair of speakers: 110mm mid/bass driver and 25mm soft dome tweeter. Acoustic performance — fully closed. Each speaker is connected to its own amplifier. Extra — passive column with the same filling. To ensure that the stereo must be mounted to the main column with a special cable kit. For mono, you can do only Kubik Free.

The Devices support different options for switching, including WPS, PIN entry, iOS wireless and Wireless Direct. App Yamaha AV Controller App that is available from Google Play and Apple allows users to control the receiver from your smartphone or tablet. Also, the device supports a variety of streaming options, including Spotify Connect, Napster, HTC Connect, MusicPlay, Airplay, DLNA and vTuner. All models of the RX-A40 passes signals up to 4K/60p and can scale a 1080p signal to the level of 4K. The flagship RX-A3040 is able to scale even SD to 4K level. Fully discrete power amplifiers minimise distortion, and independent power supplies to prevent the penetration of digital distortion in an analog circuit. Independent cascades power, which serves...

For this series the company developed a new dome tweeter with a diameter of 30 mm made of polycrystalline polymer. According to a press release, woofer, used in Quantum 1000S were also modified its geometry allows to control the dispersion of sound waves at medium frequencies, which gives greater throughput. Also in the series used a new layout of the crossover — it is separated from the body. His design used high-quality capacitors and new low noise topology diagram. Supported in this speaker and dual connection. Three-band Magnat Quantum 1009S equipped with two low-frequency driver 200 mm diameter, 170 mm cone midrange driver and a tweeter. Housing systems are equipped with a bass reflex port. The 1009S RMS power is 320 watts. This configuration provides...

Each model combines the latest technological advances and unique design. Headphones provide maximum comfort during prolonged listening. Pride of developers - series headphones W AIR Dynamic Art Monitor - reproduce music at the level of the superior stereo system that you will appreciate the real audiophiles. Many models of headphones were highly appreciated by professionals and the media. We recommend to pay Your attention on the model: Audio Technica ATH-WS55i — the perfect choice for lovers of bass and iPhone Audio Technica ATH-ES55 best portable headphones 2010 version of the magazine What Hi-Fi (England)

Key features 1. Advanced network functions: AirPlay, Internet Radio and DLNA Protocol. 2. The AV Controller app to control the system with iPhone, iPad, phones and tablets on platforms iOS and Android. 3. 4K Pass-Through ensures the highest quality video formats next generation. 4. Digital connection for iPod/iPhone/iPad via USB port. 5. The system of automatic YPAO sound optimization using multipoint analysis. 6. CINEMA DSP 3D — advanced audio processing technology to create a spatial sound field. 7. Three-dimensional graphics menu is available in several languages. 8. Thanks to the ECO mode, power consumption is reduced up to 20%*. (All modes)

Cambridge Audio One+ is equipped with an amplifier 2x30 watts (class AB), toroidal transformer power supply, CD drive and tuner, receiving both FM and DAB. The CD drive also plays MP3 and WMA files Bluetooth receiver accepts audio signals from modern gadgets, and computer can be connected via USB to ensure the highest quality audio. In addition, there are two analogue inputs (RCA and 3.5 mm mini-jack) and digital optical and coaxial inputs. The device is available both in white and black glossy finish.

Yamaha SRT-1000 has two optical inputs, 1 coax and 1 stereo input RCA jacks, there is also a separate signal output for external subwoofer. In its innards SRT-1000 is close to the Soundbar YSP-1400 and also works on the principle of sound of the projector radiation in 8 directions, creating, thus, diffuse sound field, successfully simulating the operation of the system 5.1. While inside the body there are two subwoofer configured each on its own phase inverter. To control the device with the preferred with special HT Controller app, available for download in the AppStore and in Google Play. The novelty will appear on sale in autumn 2014. 8fa372238d2313b618a173d7dd938461

This speaker system works as a sound projector capable of due to reflections of the sound off the walls to recreate a virtual environment, inherent in the 7.1 channel audio system. System acoustic correction INTELLIBEAM together with the supplied microphone allows you to optimize the sound given the room acoustics. Made entirely of aluminum hard case prevents vibration. There are three inputs and one output HDMI 2.0, which allows to transmit signals in 3D, 1080p, 2160P (UHD) (with a frame rate of 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60 Hz), supports xvYCC, CEC and audio return channel. Supports all modern audio codecs, including DTS-HD and TrueHD. In addition, there are 10 modes of sound CINEMA DSP to optimize spatial sound pattern of a concert, sports arenas, fighters, etc....

A device about the size of a flash drive built into a 24-bit ESS Sabre chip, which is commonly used in engineering is very high class. Is able to decode signals with resolutions up to 24-bit/96 kHz. The sampling frequency of the input is displayed on the four color led. Dual sampling Dual Master Clock drastically reduces jitter. There is a volume control in 64 steps, and a fixed analog stereo output (2 V RMS). To DragonFly use any Hi-Fi headphones with an impedance above 10 — 12 Ohms. Output power built-in amplifier of 150 mW. In addition, the stereo signal with the dragonfly you can apply for active acoustics, power amplifier or AV receiver.

The product is made in a stylish aluminum casing in black colour and is designed for connection of iPod / iPhone / IPad. It allows you to get audio with the "Apple" gadget in its digital form, which is extremely positive effect on sound quality. The music signal can be further transferred to the external DAC using the digital coaxial output or the HDMI bus and output an analog way via a couple of RCA connectors. To the HDMI output and movies recorded in the memory of the mobile device. Control of the Arcam DrDock is how to use the included remote control and brand remote Solo Neo and AV receivers.

CD Box DS (as well as CD Box S) is designed specially for playing audio compact discs according to the standards of the "red book", and in this respect he is a true craftsman. It should be noted the presence of high-quality drive and servo control to optimize audio playback. Our system allows you to scan in real time with minimal jitter. In conjunction with digital-to-analog Converter, the device provides excellent quality that it is hardly possible to find sources in this price range. Visually, the CD Box DS is adapted to the new DS series thanks to a thicker front panel and a compact LCD display. The CD player High-End Burr Brown DAC (PCM1796) 24-bit/192 kHz Excellent transport Ceraplate "Blue tiger" Slit mechanism power supply DC Massive aluminum front...