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Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in the summer, has promised to support the development of electric transport in the country. The next step is to expand opportunities for the installation of charging stations. Made to the Rules of fire prevention regime changes, the possibility to charge electric vehicles in areas under canopies and in open areas for storage of transport. "This will eliminate the barriers to the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles", — the press-service of the government of Russia. This decision will allow to eliminate barriers of the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

According to the Association of European businesses (AEB), last month our fellow citizens acquired 2349 cars of Chinese brands. Compared to the last winter month of the previous year sales of cars come from China have increased by 17%. Many of our fellow citizens still refer to the machines from China with suspicion, frankly for fear of their "Lacetti", problems with repairs and spare parts, and challenges in the resale of cars on the secondary market. However, at the end of February, the Chinese demand for new cars increased by 17%. In total, Chinese companies carried out in Russia 2349 machines. The leader among brands of China remains a Lifan (1223 pieces) and then it is followed by Chery (428 units) and Zotye (166 PCs).

In the U.S. state of Arizona a woman died who was hit by an unmanned car driven by Uber, reports the New York Times. According to the newspaper, this is the first death of a person due to the unmanned vehicle. According to the publication, the deceased was hit by a car when he was Cycling on a pedestrian crossing in the village of Pace. Uber acknowledged that it happened during testing of the machine in this town. While driving just in case there was a driver. In connection with the incident, Uber suspended the testing of unmanned vehicles in Arizona, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Toronto, Canada. The company expressed its condolences in connection with death of the women and promised full cooperation in the investigation.

If a new car regularly something goes down, it is a reason to exchange it or return the money. Warranty repair is not a reason for refusing to exchange the car the Reason for review in the Supreme court was the complaint of one organization from Volgograd, the "Russian newspaper". The company has acquired on lease from a dealer the car is worth almost RUB 3 million, but almost immediately something went wrong. First we heard noises in the left front of the rack, then had problems with the transmission after the car has stopped working the latch of the hood. All of the problems the dealer fixed under warranty. However, when once again got problems with the box, the buyer's patience snapped, and he asked the dealer to change cars. The seller, however, he was...

MOSCOW, March 20. /TASS/. The number of cars registered in Russia, has increased for ten years by almost two times. About TASS reported in the state traffic Inspectorate. "Over the last ten years the number of registered of motor vehicles in Russia increased from 34 million to 59.7 million units. The average number of vehicles every year increases by 2-2,5 million units, among them most of are cars", - said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, last year in the state automobile Inspectorate division has conducted more than 11 million registration actions.

Experts of the American organization Consumer Reports has published a ranking of the most problematic crossovers 2018. For Russia, the list had to adjust, leaving him only those models that you can buy in our country. And the first place winner is Tesla Model X, though not officially, but available for purchase in Russia. This electric car regularly gets to similar anti-ratings, remaining problem with the appearance on the market. Well, for the innovation to pay, and from the pocket of the owners of Model X. Not better things for the owners of the Cadillac Escalade, which bought a large and comfortable SUV, faced with an inefficient air conditioner and cramped rear seats. New Volvo crossover XC90 was not able to maintain the old model, frankly disappointing...

18 March 2018 in Russia comes into force a new point of traffic regulations that require drivers to wear a reflective vest when leaving the car in the dark or in conditions of reduced visibility, However, only outside of towns and cities — in the cities of vest is still not mandatory. And the fine for violators is not provided. Moreover, no one can demand the presence of the vest in the car — neither the police inspector nor the master during the inspection. "According to statistics, six months of 2017 on the Russian roads in the dark, there were more than 7,5 thousand arrivals on pedestrians (by 10.2% less compared to the same period last year). In these road traffic accidents (hereinafter — RTA) died 1321 people, 6537 people got wounds", — explained in...

In Yekaterinburg is 1.5 times more expensive service autoevacuate easy transport. The decision of the Regional energy Commission of the Sverdlovsk region, February 2018 in the middle Urals, there are new tariffs for the movement and storage of vehicles on special Parking lots. Earlier in Ekaterinburg the delivery of any vehicle to the impound lot would cost the owner of 1090 rubles. Now the tariff for evacuation of motor transport, passenger and freight transport with a maximum mass up to 5 tons will be 1 649 rbl. the Tariff for delivery to the impound lot in the municipalities of Sverdlovsk region will remain the same — 665 roubles — for all but heavy trucks. For the carriage of passenger and freight transport with a maximum mass exceeding 5 tons, the...

German automaker has named the TOP 5 mandatory features that should be in all vehicles of the sports division Mercedes-AMG. We remind our readers that not so long ago, the press service of the German auto brand Mercedes-Benz, began to publish on the official YouTube channel of videos, which describe the necessary functions and systems that according to experts of Mercedes-Benz must be present in their cars. Now the turn and to the TOP 5 systems that are required for each "charged" car Mercedes-AMG – sports division of the German automaker. So, under the fifth number of this ranking is the drift mode, thanks to which, additional engine power is transferred to the rear wheels of the vehicle. A required feature number four is the signature of the AMG...

At the end of last year the share of credit cars in Russia was a record in three years, the Average interest rate on loans for buying new cars in comparison with the data of December 15, increased by 0.52 PP and amounted to 15 March 15,08% per annum, according to "the" with reference to data from our own research the average interest rates on loans to buy cars. In the segment of used vehicles is bucking the trend — the rate is declining but still remains high, experts state. So, starting December 15, the size of interest rates on loans for the purchase of vehicles with mileage dropped by 1.28 percentage points to 18.3% APR. The average rate for the purchase of commercial vehicles was also lower by 1.84 p. p. and is 17,44% per annum.

The Number of registered cars in the Krasnodar region as of 1 January 2018 and amounted to 1.78 million units. The size of the fleet, the region is consistently in third place in the country, according to the analytical Agency "AUTOSTAT". As reported by RBC Krasnodar, on January 1, 2017, in Kuban there were 1.72 million passenger cars. According to 2018, the largest regional Park in the country remains Moscow, which at the beginning of this year were 3.71 million cars. In second place is the suburbs from 2.62 million units registered. All the capital together with the region holds 15% of the Russian fleet. Also in the top five include St. Petersburg (1.69 million units) and Rostov oblast from 1.28 million vehicles.

According to the results of another survey, almost half of the Russian car owners are ready to refuse from trips by private car. Alternatively, study participants are mostly called public transport. The economic crisis that gripped our country a few years ago, caused a serious rise in price of cars and higher prices on related services. The increase in prices has hit the wallets of the vast majority of car owners, many of whom, according to the survey, even ready to stop the use of your personal machine, just to save money. If the contents of the car will be too expensive, 22% of respondents will abandon their own transport entirely. Another 20% of respondents are willing to use your car only when to the destination can be reached under their own steam. And...

All vehicles plying on the roads of our country, can be divided by many criteria. One of them is country of origin. According to him the vehicle there are domestic and foreign. The first include the machines of such brands as VAZ, GAZ, Oka, ZAZ, LUAZ, RAF and others. Some factories have long been closed, and the rest are still encouraging fellow new models. Despite the fact that they are of the appropriate quality level, all parts and components, of which the vehicles are assembled, have their own life. Once it came to an end, it is necessary to replace the defective part. Should be considered in detail, which in our days you can buy parts for various pieces of equipment.

Analysts have identified the regions of Russia where the highest number of new passenger cars. As of January 1, 2018, in Russia are estimated 42.4 million passenger cars, according to "AUTOSTAT". And 40% of this amount is concentrated only in 10 regions. In Russia are called regions, where he bought the most new cars in 2017... the First tanks regional Park in the country remains Moscow: there are 3.71 million cars. Second place in the suburbs, where was 2.62 million units. Thus, the capital and the region accounts for 15% of the total Russian motor vehicle fleet. On the third line is the Krasnodar Krai (1,78 million), which is ahead of Saint Petersburg (1.69 million units). The top five leaders of Rostov oblast from 1.28 million vehicles.

If you think driving a big and powerful SUV with a V-shaped "six" under a cowl it is impossible on a single tank of fuel to overcome more than 1125 km, it greatly mistaken. Russian autoexpert managed to set a new record efficiency. The crew of Andrei Leontiev and Maksim Leonov was launched in the Yaroslavl region on the SUV Range Rover Sport, equipped with a 3-liter V6, and finished its journey in the Tver region. Without refueling, the boys managed to cross Kostroma, Ivanovo, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Tula, Kaluga, Smolensk and Moscow region, including the capital of our country. Of the route and measurements were carefully watched by the judges of the Russian automobile Federation, which recorded at checkpoint time, GPS coordinates, mileage...