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Inspired by the picturesque scenery hometown. Joseph Cote (Josef Kote) began to draw early. Port town of Vlore in Albania from 13 years revealed your boy the most beautiful places and allowed us to transfer them to paper. To increase your skills, Joseph even graduated from art school, where he received a diploma in painting and scenography. His paintings are full of light and energy. A special technique of applying oil gives a feeling that the watercolor canvas! We offer you to make a short trip to Greece, Toronto and new York, where the author performed this work. the continuation of the post >>

"Man is a speck in a big world". You've probably already heard this expression and don't even try to argue with him. Many creative people are also to discuss this topic not used in addition, they sometimes try to emphasize correctness of expression. Photographer and artist of bordie Mariel (Muriel Bordier) has created an unusual photo, which was inhabited by a lot of people. What they're doing – you tell your imagination. Watch the compilation! the continuation of the post >>

Modern American artist Tom Shropshire (Shropshire Tom) are not used to think about how deep the viewer will feel the philosophy of the painting. He wants to be good at your job to convey all that is in the head on the canvas. How That relates to their creative work, offer to find out from his mouth. "I am an artist, who dedicated his work to the chanting of the modern scenes of the city at night. My paintings are atmospheric landscapes and narrative works inspired by pop culture and cinema, especially the film "pulp fiction." I'm trying to show the mystery, beauty and wonder of the night city in each work. I love rain, moonlight and fog more than the blue sky and the sun. And it always has been". the continuation of the post >>

Remember, what's the most unusual sculpture you saw? Remember? We assure you that from today, the first thing to come to mind is a labyrinth of Gibellina. It is located on the Italian island of Sicily, 70 km from the capital of Palermo. The sculpture-the monument is a concrete labyrinth in 29 acres, with a height (thickness of concrete blocks) of 1.5 meters. The background of this tragic maze. Prior to 1968, here was a full-fledged city Gibellina, but in January of a specified year during the earthquake, it was completely destroyed. Gradually people moved to other place, and in 1983 the famous artist Alberto Burri was so impressed seen ruins that invented and implemented the project with the labyrinth. the continuation of the post >>

Paris – a very unusual city. All look mostly only in the direction of the Eiffel tower and hardly anyone guesses to turn off the tourist path in a residential area to see the real Paris, the one that you love the French. The author of this collection of photographer Laurent kronental. In the pictures you will see apartment complexes located in the suburbs of the Ile-de-France. It is not elegant France, delicate and not perfumed. A series of photographs of a mysterious apartment complexes Paris is called "Souvenir d'un Futur" or "memory of the future." Such Paris you've never seen. Now is the time to look. the continuation of the post >>

Been awhile since we offered you a selection of comics. It's time for a little diversion from serious work and smile. By the way, since the problem of comics not only to laugh but to make you think, while giving the minimum of the data, this break in work will be even useful. Open the package! :) the continuation of the post >>

How to not sound trite, but the universal color scheme for any decor – white! She doesn't get bored as fast as it comes with bright colour palettes, besides it is easy to dilute colors only, for example, putting on the orange sofa (color is not crucial) pillows. It is believed that in Italy very stylish apartment. That's where the pictures were taken from our review. Agree, very simple and tasteful. Quality furniture, the quality of things in the room, is valued much higher than their fussiness. Take a look at the elegant and laconic interior and perhaps you will find your solution for your personal apartment. the continuation of the post >>

A real mix of feelings evoked by the works of photographer Willie Nash (Willie Nash). The stories here contain strange, and often very explicit scenes. Mannequins with blank faces scare and make immersed in thought. However, the purpose of Willie is quite clear: it forces the viewer to think, to dream, to use the original data in the picture and add to them their own. Everyone is a writer and Director. And everyone will decide what this frame is. the continuation of the post >>

REPLI Nick (Nick Rapley project) is a photographer from New Zealand. He loves to travel and is actively involved in surfing. Of course, Nick loves the water. And floating on the Board, and coming to the ocean with a camera. Nothing will make him give up a good shot, so images of the water element in the author's portfolio had accumulated very much. We offer a whole selection of these frames. Enjoy! the continuation of the post >>

An example of a high-class magazine design for more than 20 years is the cover of the Italian magazine "Metrópoli". 20 years ago, in September 1996, the weekly magazine about cultural life of the country was a new stage in life that will change the industry, and magazine design and will be a long time example of how to do the print edition. Work just adopted a new art Director Rodrigo Sanchez, who took the liberty to adapt the name of the magazine in the illustration to the movie "Trainspotting" which was just released. "The result took the management and readers by surprise, but nobody complained," says Sanchez. According to him, for every number is drawn at least three variant covers. Imagine how many of them already drawn in 20 years? In our collection...

One of the most important places in the house – the kitchen. This family home is a place that serves delicious food where the food where the friends, family and, first and foremost, family. The interior of the kitchen, its color, form, should match the mood and tone. a given family. For "fresh food" you should select one color that soothing, warm, cozy, brand new. As the meal of choice – a thing not from pleasant, we offer you a selection of color options for kitchen cabinets. At the same time can dream up and implement an idea in my house. the continuation of the post >>

Imagine a medieval knight in armor. Wait, don't read on... Presented? What is it? We can't know what you're thinking, but with almost absolute certainty say that it was a man. Well, because historically, that if a knight, then surely man. Shaped stereotype destroys photographer from Seattle Kendra Nicole (Nikole Delana). Here medieval clothing worn by women, they are quite severe and, coupled with the weapons, look at you with photos quite severely. And despite the playful relationship with the history (well, where women in the knights?), work Kindly look seamlessly and delicately. the continuation of the post >>

Photos their this collection has already circled all the world's media, and we have some pictures can also be found. For example, you've just seen the legendary Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt. However, to see once – not a reason to not go with the story again. Today we offer you to look at the most popular photos that were taken in August of this year. Subjects range from the Olympics to a forest fire. But they all deserve your attention. the continuation of the post >>

Mountain Buachaill Etive big mountain, Beinn Sgritheall, mountain chain Kintail and moorland, Rannoch moor – all this found reflection in the camera of the Scottish photographer of Arenosa Camillo (Camillo Berenos). This author from Edinburgh biologist by education and nature for him – the undiscovered land on which it conducts research. It was during the main work, he takes pictures of the area where is located. It turns very atmospheric. Snow-capped mountains, green valleys and virgin forests of the Scottish highlands – that's what impresses people is not worse than the Swiss Alps. the continuation of the post >>

Modern Russian photographer Helga Lynx works under the pseudonym of Astrid (Astrid). Maybe you already know her work under that name. But if not, you have a fascinating journey into the magic world. After all these are the work of a girl: fairy tale, magic and all this combined with reality! She tells us: there is a mystic in the ordinary world, you only need to try it to see and to love. the continuation of the post >>