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My first year working as a massage therapist and mostly with women, many on the first sessions are ashamed of themselves and do not give a connect to the body, what would it do more beautiful and more beautiful, not here, not what this scary or bad everyone should be your master,

Sculpturing massage is nowadays one of the most popular methods of correction, the effectiveness of which has been proven in numerous studies. This massage allows you to virtually re-sculpt" your body. Unlike other massage techniques such orientation, the author's technique sculpturing massage A. I. Grebennikov is not just a collection of individual techniques, but also a special sequence, with women's monthly cycles and phases of the moon.

- if people take lightly by the wrist, then it will slow down the heart rate and lower blood pressure; in patients with mental disorders (especially in children and adolescents) significantly reduced excitability and there were positive changes in the perception of reality, if it daily for a short time to RUB her back slightly;

Today one of the most popular types of massage for recovery in the West is the Swedish massage. the Goal of Swedish massage Swedish massage was developed Henrik Ling in Stockholm in the 19th century. Its main objective is to improve the circulation of man. The strength in this massage to more deep and strong. Thanks to him, warming up the deep parts of the body, seals, stretch muscles and neurovascular bundles.

First of all , put under his knee part partner roller - pillow or a rolled up blanket - with the stress on the muscles of the partner, he should not feel pain from unpleasant discomfort that the bones of his legs or feet is frustrating to deal with hard surface of the floor or anything else ( if the massage is performed in the home ) . Remember that in order massage was made in favor and was a nice partner , it is important not only to know the technique of its performance , but also create appropriate atmosphere . The room should be comfortable and under body temperature partner.

Massage is a very ancient art, which dates back thousands of years, but has not lost its relevance to this day. Massage is a unique procedure of impact on the body by massaging movements. In ancient times scientists noticed that such procedures are well restores the body after a long load or remove the inflammation disease. Back massage is one of the types of procedures that provide professional masseurs.

During a massage the back of the torso apply a variety of ways. First intensive rubbing back and waist. Then massaged the back thumbs minusami movements. Next is not less intensive massage of a backbone that is, putting his hand on the palm. Masseur thus stands to the side, then comes from the head of the patient.

Before you start energy healing with hands, you need to make contact massage her arms to warm up the body). With the exception of some disease or condition, fainting, heart attack, etc. Treatment of energy with the help of hands - heavy, long and laborious work. Every disease requires an individual approach, its dosage, so the treatment must constantly monitor the health of the patient, preferably jointly with doctors.

Many of us resort to services of masseurs, taking care of his body. But do not forget that our head also needs a massage. Head massage is pretty simple but very effective way to relax, to improve the condition of the hair. In addition, a regular massage of the head promotes hair growth. It helps the flow of nutrients and oxygen into the scalp, strengthens hair follicles and improves the General condition of the person. And head massage requires neither money nor time consuming, because this simple procedure can be performed independently at home.

Physiologically massage works on the human body in different ways. If the technique and massage techniques are selected properly throughout the body there is a pleasant warmth, the General tone of the body increases, the mood is changing for the better. If not professionally done massage there are slight weakness, fatigue and other negative manifestations. These symptoms are detected with excessive dose of massage movements not only in older people, but also, in particular, in practically healthy.

General intoxication leads to the fact that a person feels bad, often in a bad mood, develop chronic disease, the skin begins before age, memory and performance is deteriorating and is also gaining excessive weight. What can you do? During the symptoms of these ailments do not take the right pills and start to be cleansed, and then enrichment, health improvement, rejuvenation and of course the rest. All these five points include the detox program.

Spring is coming, spring is a healthy body road. For the whole winter, people sometimes gaining a few extra pounds, accumulates stress becomes uncomfortable, discomfort and sensation was all tired and flabby. Club Ellf invites all wishing to prepare for the spring, to remove winter fatigue with the body and the body and rejuvenate the skin, tighten the muscles.