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I don't really like instruments with a very high barrier to entry. Not because I can't work with them (I can), but because at some things the team spends far too much time. I had heard about the security bundle and how it does not overpower the developers, but that was long ago. Over the last couple of years went Symfony 4, which is presented as a mega-easy and super-fast and security like changes a lot on the topic of simplification. But no, it turns out, much better not. the Task — to close a URL on a simple basic authentication with a fixed username-password. Any users not in the project. Where can it be? Begin to look for, but there are only descriptions of how to do it when users are still there plus accepted answer on StackOverflow, which States that...

27 January, I visited Kemerovo. Told about safety first mitape RoboPHP. In General everything went fine. Absolutely without lining got there and back. The organizers have put in Tom, moved the speakers in the right places (which is very handy, because winter in Kemerovo extremely cold), and fed a delicious dinner. the Report by Denis Kolesnikov about Avito Elm was a good overview of what awaits you when you use functional programming. As the OP, in practice, rarely used, very good that Dennis did not go into details. Questions were not very many, but I think the horizons of listeners expanded. Denis Yuriev from Robominers told about refactoring. Came quite crumpled, but, in principle, is also useful. At least debate the report engendered. My paper about...

From the comments to a fresh post on habré: But in my opinion, it is time for the ethics of hacking to Supplement the requirement for site owners: if your site is not posted contact for communication on issues discovered vulnerabilities and guarantee of non-prosecution, provided reports on the vulnerability of the contact is X days before the public publication, it means the owner prefers about vulnerabilities be found in the media. "the Owner prefers about vulnerabilities be found in the media" — it is rather should be read as "don't know" because the finder of the vulnerability just will not be substituted, but I think that having such a page is a good idea. Yes, the problem is topical not only for...

27 Jan from 12:00 to Kemerovo at the address: Oktyabrsky Ave 2B (business center "lighthouse"), will be held RoboPHP. Will be three speakers: Denis Kolesnikov from Avito (Elm), Denis Yuriev from Robainas (about refactoring) and me. I'll tell you about safety. Will be similar to what I said in 2016, but of course with amendments and with a slightly different flow. admission is free, registration is required

The Unexpected gift was made by DigitalOcean. Namely, for$ 5 give now not 512 megabytes, as before, and twice the gigabytes. Old droplet can tresaith (5 minutes of downtime), that's what I did with her. Now this blog and my other projects will work slightly faster. If you want to host at DigitalOcean, please register via the special link. You will be given 10$ as a gift, and I was a little free period.

The New year is rapidly approaching. Traditionally, it is time to take stock. Blog the Blog has become two. Started, finally, English version. Most interesting of all is written: if Evil traits. About the kinds of bad code. About work and balance. Moving Constants into Dictionaries. SMS Security. Yii has not launched a new website :( 1.1.18, 1.1.19 — Yes, we still care about security and the compatibility with PHP 7 for older projects. 2.0.11, 2.0.12, 2.0.13. Releases almost all the official extensions. Announced a feature-freeze the 2.0 branch, will work next year over 2.1 is tight. Put the squeeze on the extension to queues. One of the most significant events in Yii. Thanks to Roman Zhuravlev and to all who participated, both in this release and in...

Recently updated Chrome and began to redirect my local domains of type https://. it Turns out that Google bought .dev and now is a valid domain of the first level. .local I stopped using a long time already because it is reserved by Apple and is being routed there suddenly. Remains .test. Moreover, it is reserved by the IETF as well as, for example, the domain for the examples

Reliznuli developments on Yii for quite a while. Long time no release because once tightened a lot to master and not much just had to clean this mess up and stabilize. Next time try to be more careful. the Release came out good. the Announcement on Habre the turn of the new site. There, too, wanted to make a cool server stack, but came to realize that it was delayed so much already. Make easier and faster.

Marijn Haverbeke, the author of CodeMirror belisol version 1.0 editor ProseMirror. According to the type of it can be attributed to WYSIWYG, but from the others it differs in different approaches. Most other editors implemented on top of contentEditable. That is, the browser decides which code to give out. Different browsers work with varying degrees of coachnet and editor after trying all this HTML clean. ProseMirror only draws how-to HTML. Actually edited a more restricted text type is markdown and then envelope it in HTML. API very flexible. You can, for example, to realize switching from markdown to WYSIWYG or even edit code blocks via blocks with CodeMirror. Recommend

Over the past half year, I asked a lot of questions about how I work, if I have weekends like I have time or no time. After a few answers came to realize that the answers can be useful and interesting. Here is one fresh correspondences extended and offer to share in the comments how things are with you. whether you self-discipline in your work? Are there days when you don't want to work. What are you doing these days? have 6 years working remotely, so without the discipline of nowhere. Days when nobody wants to work there. Depending on the urgency of the work can either be overpowering and still work or do something else, or just to relax: gym, family, traveling, movies. Can you tell us about your approximate schedule? How many hours a day you work? Is...

I asked readers wondering whether if I write only in English. Then I came to the conclusion that all-taki is not necessary, but some time ago returned to the issue and launched the English version. Is she at For the sake of experiment tried to make it technically different. HTML hosted directly on GitHub and is generated from markdown using Hugo. It turned out interesting. the English posts plan to translate and publish in Russian.

Package zhuravlev/yii2-queue for the queue was formally approved by the Yii team and moved into yiisoft/yii2-queue, which will give more users and support. the Roman Zhuravlev will, as before, to maintain and develop the extension. Yii core team will be to help him. to Start using it, you can read the README. Detailed documentation is available in the repository.

Great news! The organizers of the conference YiiConf 2017 got a video and decided to post it for free. Watch it can all registered users on the page of each report. Pleasant viewing! choose and watch video, join the chat in Telegram: chat YiiConf — General chat in Yii Also vote for the venue of the next YiiConf:

The First half of the year was rich in conferences and various events. Between the preparations, work, the coffee shop and development is Yii not have time to complete reports. But, briefly and better late than never... Strike. In Ulyanovsk I'm not the first time and besides the conference, I and Valentin Bartenev from NGINX was visiting MediaSoft. Ate pizza, talked about how we started, ran reports and just talked. At the conference remembered the steep stands, good reports, strange room configuration at the Lenin memorial and carbon monoxide after-party to popular music in a ska version. Told ya about OpenSource on the inside, but not as YiiConf. On YiiConf was already a much improved version. Slides available at Secon Penza In...

Originally I had not planned to speak at DevConf this year and the report is not filed. The day before he passed YiiConf was, to put it mildly, not before. A lot of organizational issues and training. But, as it happens, fell off the speaker, which was to talk about PHP 7. Since the topic is close to me, told me about PHP 7: what's new and what's planned. In the course of the story was to splash out emotions on the subject of each of the innovations. the Slides as usual, you can look at