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Official site of the Department of education Nested DSA

The Official website of the Department of education Nested DSA

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23 October 2014 on the basis of Ferrocenophanes school of I-III degree. held Meaux elementary school teachers Verkhnyosynyovydske LOO. In the work of MO was attended by teachers of all schools included in the local district. Teachers discussed the methods of training and education of students in primary classes.

Colorful autumn earth sequatchie, the tourist holiday all of us gathered. 30.09.2014 year in Mohlenkamp CDD "school-gymnasium" was a traditional celebration of the Day of tourism. In the celebration was attended by students of grades 5-11. Each class presented their team.

03 October Zupanski school i - II century was celebrated teacher's Day. Students 7th - 9th grade began his speech by expressing his gratitude. Good emotions and smiles teachers have caused the episode "the Fortuneteller", performed by students from the 7th grade. The 9th grade students conducted with teaching staff school exam for teachers".

Sunday, October 19, Turski school i-II century took place the celebration of the day of the Intercession, Cossacks and UPA. The event came to a village community with oromana Dimski, which began with a prayer to the Theotokos. Then continued presenters who talked about the feast of the protection and disciples 3 and 8 cells played a scene in which the mother told her daughter about the feast of the Intercession of the virgin Maral first graders came with poems, prayers to the Mother of God, and 2 Schoolgirls 3 CL with the song "our Queen"Gusi Doctor recited the poem" What are you beautiful" and sang Thedesign "Maria".

October 10, 2014 in Skole school-boarding school of i-III century was held flower opening day, making their own hand-made greeting cards and wall Newspapers contest under the slogan "Ukraine-United country". This event proved once again how gifted and talented students.

14 October Verkhnyosynyovydske school i-III century it was traditional Eurovision song contest and building dedicated to the 72 anniversary of the UPA. The competition was Vali students in the 3 - 10 classes. Students demonstrated their ability to walk a ceremonial step, to execute commands teachers defending the homeland.

On the feast of the Intercession of the blessed virgin Mary students and teachers came to school in national costume: from the bright colors of embroidery was extremely festive and solemn in the classroom, the hallways, on the school grounds.

October 10, 2014 in Verkhnyosynyovydske school i-III stages-the first stage of the competition " Pipe victories" Verkhnyosynyovydske local district., dedicated to the 72 anniversary of the formation of the UPA. The competition was attended by students of the local school, Trochanowski school i-III century, Oravska school i-III century and Lignocellulosic and Oravska school of I-II century

Traditionally, the feast of the Holy Bogardi, the grade 5 students admitted to the Cossacks older students. No exception this year. Boys 5-a And 5-B classes together with the girls came to the school club, where they were met by students, teachers, parents.

October 14, 2014 in Verkhnyosynyovydske school i-III senior tournament held young shahmatist dedicated to the 72 anniversary of the UPA. The competition was Vali students of 9-11 grades: girls and guys. the Competition was organized by the teacher - organizer of the school Mytsyk, MS, Deputy of the village Council by I. Smith, a former teacher of defence Carpenter M

According to an annual work plan recently, the school held a great feast. The competition was attended by students of grades 1-11. All compositions had a fine aesthetic taste, imagination. The celebration was held under the slogan "Ukraine - United country".

Blue as the sea, as the day, Golden - the sky and the sun our flag clear... O. Oles Every conscious Ukrainians today with some special sacred awe and love uses the word home, anthem, flag...

Nizhneserginsky school i-II century an exhibition-review "Flower opening day 2014 with the aim to teach students to understand nature, to cultivate the love of the beautiful, to see, to find beautiful and unique of its paint, learn to understand the language of flowers, to embody their thoughts, dreams, desires in specially selected flowers, to properly read and understand a range of colors.

Payers Screwdini paid 600 thousand UAH fee for performing certain types of entrepreneurial activity For January -September you paid 600 thousand UAH for the purchase of trading of the patent, which is 29.1 thousand hryvnias more than expected. In comparison with the corresponding period of last year, I received more 14.9 thousand UAH. .

06 October 2014 the Department of education in conjunction with the Service for children Nested DSA audited organization of educational work in Trojanowski school .-A century (Director Bunyak, GV) and raided "Lesson" to reach students learning and their attendance.