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Official site of the Department of education Nested DSA

The Official website of the Department of education Nested DSA

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On September 24 2014 in the auditorium Of the academic gymnasium took place the information-methodical conference for Deputy Directors on educational work secondary school of I-III senior the meeting was attended by fourteen deputies principals I-III senior

19 September 2014 students in grades 7-9 Skole boarding school visited the largest waterfall Screwdini - Gurkalo that is located in the village Korchin. The pupils Of the boarding school were examined under natural conditions, with rare plants that grow on the territory of the waterfall, as well as with the history of the Main Central propaganda of the OUN and UPA, which operated in the local area.

The 9th grade Students, Podhorodecki school .-. stupend the guidance of a teacher of geography Lawryshyn I.E. from 19 to 21 September took part in the regional meeting student young, Shovel, with the aim of honoring the 70th anniversary of the heroic deeds of warriors UPA in battle on mount Shovel that in Skole, attracting students to the study of the history of the liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people, the education of the young patriots on the basis of national dignity and high self-awareness.

September 19, 2014 delegation teachers Reshetylivskyh district, Poltava region visited NBC "SSS-LCA" skozlov Skole district. In the UCMJ C. Coslovi they visited the house of his compatriot , outstanding educational, artistic and military leader of the 20s of the twentieth century - Michael, Gavrilko .

Group of pupils Of boarding school has made the traditional trip to the highest peak of Screwdini - Parashka mountain. Students got acquainted with the legends associated with this natural attraction and held a contest rebel songs.

In NBC "SSS - LCA" skozlov that in Skole open chamber, a native of Poltava region, famous artist, Ukrainian Sich Sagittarius Michael's Gavrilko. The opening ceremony was attended by proman Koval, researcher of the life and creative work of M. Gavrilko. Pupils and teachers of the school, the members of the club "Cool Yar" with great interest listened to the lecture p. Koval about the extraordinary personality of the hero.

Reported during the seminar, the tax Screwdini. If the employer provides individual employees improper charity (financial) assistance on their applications in communications personal circumstances, which is a single character, such as a solution social needs, it is not included in wages, so is not considered as an object of taxation military collection.

On the initiative of the head of a public Association "self-Help" in Skole district Vasily p. Blanca and Deputy Skole the district Council, the co-owner of hotel "Vezha vedmezha" p. Vladimir Run children Skole district is a one-off free holidays in the complex.

02.07.2014, Nizhneserginsky school of I-II century Skole district held a working meeting on the implementation of the project "Local development, implemented on a community" on the territory of skoliv district.

In June students Kamenskaya secondary school of i-II century visited for holiday-hotel "Vezha vedmezha"that is in C. Volosyanka. Workers complex warmly welcomed students, prepared and held interesting recreation program.

During practical training students Kamenskaya school i-II century under the leadership of the school principal KAVKI V.B. have been, leader local history mug Trochanowski M.I., teacher of physical culture Savulyak BS, teachers of initial classes Dmitrov HP, teachers of the Ukrainian language and literature Molchanova WAS visited historical-cultural reserve "Tustan"in S. Urich.

Curriculum for the 2014-2015 academic year. In the archive are included: curriculum 1-3 class educational plans for 4th grade curriculum 5-6 class curriculum 7-9 class curriculum 10-11 class the Orders of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine Z Size: 1.84 Mb (downloads: 3)

June 11, 2014 students Zupancica school of i-II century,consisting of 56 people, were on a trip to Mukachevo through the funds of the parents . during this trip we not only improved their health and rest, but also enriched their knowledge.

From 02 to 06 of June in Pageredirect school i-III levels took place the week of science. In the framework of the week was held for the Seventh school-wide contest of design works. The students presented the scientific, research, scientific and practical projects, different in content and form.

On may 28, 2014 in Verkhnerogachiksky school of i-II century it was a celebration of "farewell, elementary school". It has organized and conducted the disciples class 4 and class leader Sagan D. M. the festival was attended By teachers, parents and pupils.