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Official site of the Department of education Nested DSA

The Official website of the Department of education Nested DSA

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Lviv regional Institute of postgraduate pedagogical education in cooperation with Western resource center conducted a training seminar which will be held from 20 to 22 may 2014, in Lviv within the framework of Ukrainian-Polish project "Transboundary support center of labor market", which has the purpose to acquaint with methods in the field of vocational guidance of pupils of senior classes.

In the Ministry youth and sports of Ukraine completed the submission of proposals to determine projects developed all-Ukrainian youth and children's public organizations that provided financial support in 2014. In General the Ministry of youth and sport submitted 74 projects from public organizations.

13.05.2014, Tersky school i-II centuries was held a celebration dedicated to Mother's Day. The holiday began father Roman prayer service to the Mother of God near the monument to the Fighters for freedom. After the service, everyone came in, where they began the concert. The holiday consisted of three parts : 1-to the Mother of God, 2 -, sweet home-Ukrainian and 3-home moms.

Recently Jmelnizky school of i-II century solemn ceremony was held in "good Bukvarik, the first one, we thee Bukvarik, thank you very much!". The event was attended by pupils Melnicka school of i-II century has Prepared and conducted the event a teacher in elementary school Centralised N.A.

09-11 may 2014 in the territory of children tourist base "Karpaty" has taken place regional competition of students Lviv orienteering, dedicated to the 140th anniversary since the birth outstanding figure of mass sports movement in Western Ukraine - Ivan Bavarskogo. Organized competitions workers Lviv the regional Center of excursions and tourism students.

Recently among students of senior classes Verkhneolonetski school i-III century was held the contest " Miss school." In competitions took part 5 girls in grades 9-11. The contest was held in various nominations: " Boyko mistress", " lullaby for my daughter", "Intelligent", " My talents " and others.

4 may 2014 was held traditional climbing students young area on MT makivka order celebration of the feat of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen near the Memorial to the Ukrainian Riflemen, which is located between the villages Grabovets and Pronaci Solimine.

29 April 2014 in the Assembly hall Of academic high school students of 5th-10th grades, fans of music art , had an opportunity to enjoy the great music concert string ensemble of Berezovsky's name (, Lviv). Talented musicians performed the works of famous composers Yankovskogo , Bortnyansky, Lysenko, Berezovsky.

With this problem communicated in the form training graduates Skole academic gymnasium. The course is acquaintance of students of 11th grade with the peculiarities and procedure UPE, increase resistance to stress, prevention emotional tension, development of skills of emotional self-control based on internal resources during execution of the test tasks.

Skole academic school was held a training for children "We friends!". The aim of this activity is the kids, the development of the imagination,[newline attention, tolerance, friendliness, effective communication skills and self-control.

Thematic extra-curricular activities on the day of Chornobyl tragedy occurred in Skole academic gymnasium. Their goal is the education of the children of respectful attitude to participants of liquidation consequences of the Chernobyl accident, and responsibility for their behavior and actions.

In the framework of the program "the youth Initiative-2" - innovative methods of teaching of entrepreneurship in the Ukrainian education system 01.04.20143 on R. continued study visit participants of the Ukrainian-Polish project "the youth Initiative-2" including Director Podgorodetskiy school i-III century Pretzel Olga Ivanovna and Director of NPK "school-Lyceum" skotovi - Klepac Oksana Nikolaevna.

Project "the youth Initiative - 2" - is a successful attempt borrowing Polish experience in education of youth entrepreneurship. In most European countries (and not only) business is taught as a compulsory school discipline. This indicates a high level of responsibility for the young generation and concern about the future economic development of these countries.

Has Already become a good tradition in Verkhnyosynyovydske school of i-III degree. to celebrate Easter, the celebration havoc on the Sunday of Thomas near the Church of John the Baptist. The current Easter holidays were no exception.

"bitter Wormwood Chernobyl still..." Lina Kostenko Thought involuntarily travel in time. Wander jammed pages of history. Someone sweet story. But the Ukrainians! Probably it is symbolic that on the lands of our country so well caught wormwood. If only on the land -- He's in life are closely woven into the souls of men obstinately breaks, and bitter, bitter, bitter...