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Valley noisy Ashe is one of the most beautiful places in the surrounding area of the Sochi national Park.She privlekatelnosti wild, inaccessible cliffs, mountainous, breathtaking landscapes, mysterious legends,thundering waterfalls,impassable paths, and finally, a centuries-old dolmens. River Ashe is born by many mountain streams flowing down from the Main Caucasian ridge and is going in the full direction of the village about It. In the upper reaches it is called eagle rocks are situated along. According to one version, Ashe &n

Anapa is one of the most popular resorts in Russia located on the Black sea. Anapa is a great place for a family holiday, where there is a combination of peace and tranquility with a variety of fun and extreme sports. According to statistics with the arrival of the holiday season a lot of tourist traffic is sent to Anapa. The popularity of this resort is due to the mild climate and sandy beaches with a shallow bottom of the Black sea. Beach holidays in Anapa Comfortable anaps

Adler, one of the districts of Sochi, has attracted travelers at any time of the year, though swimming here is only until November. Next month, more like spring than winter. In the summer visitors here are attracted to the calm sea, excellent beaches, a huge choice of rooms for accommodation in hotels and guest houses, convenient transportation, plenty of interesting places for kids and adults. Next, we will discuss the question of where to go to Adler with children. Fun in the water Park

The Sea of tourists annually come to Russia to visit an amazingly beautiful resort town called Adler. Lovers swim in the sea will be able to truly relax. With all this, don't have to spoil the fact that at the beach a lot of garbage. In Adler, the beach is quite well maintained and clean. Everyone can choose for themselves the optimal pricing policy of housing. For not very much money a tourist can find a perfectly acceptable temporary accommodation in Adler. Of course, a mere

To Spend Christmas holidays in Anapa – then relax at the famous resort of Russia on the highest level. Anapa – it is not just a resort, it's an incredible combination of mountain slopes, subtropical climate and lovely attractions that annually attract large number of tourists from Russia and other countries including. The climate of the Anapa will not let you freeze in the winter during the Christmas holidays, but, unfortunately, will not allow you to swim and sunbathe on the beach, as the temperature of the air.

Anapa is a precious gem among the resorts of the Northern black sea. It is situated on the coast a quiet Cove, bordered by a Crescent of sandy beach. Once in the Bay fell into the river Kuban. For centuries its waters are carried to the sea of the purest Golden-yellow sand from the Caucasus mountains. Fill in them its bed in the middle of the XIX century the river changed its direction and rushed to the bottom of the sea of Azov. Aggradation of sand and small limestone formed Anapa spit — spit, stretching along the Bay 43

In the off-season resort towns have their special charm — the streets are not clogged with crowds of tourists, beaches are deserted, allowing romantics to enjoy the sea in full, and ski resorts reduce the prices of accommodation. What to do in Sochi, if you come there in early spring? Rosa Khutor Ski resort, swarming with tourists in the winter — this may prevent to make the most of it. Rosa Khutor is one of the best resorts of Russia and wins not only due to the quality of slopes, but also for

Vacation on the Black sea have always been popular with the people of our country. And not only beaches and gentle sea waters coastal cities. History, museums, the rare nature of the Russian subtropics will make your holiday unforgettable. The "ancient" town of Adler, Now the Adler district of Sochi. But the history of this settlement goes back to antiquity. First at the mouth of the river Mzymta have chosen the lands of the people of Genoa, founded the settlement. Then the territory

We All used to think that Sochi is a city, the main advantage of which is the sea. On the one hand, it is true, because a lot of people are attracted by this side. But do not forget that this city can give you not only the resorts but the food for the mind. Thus, you not only relax, enjoying the beauty of the city, but also nurture budding artists, thereby widening your horizons. Winter theatre is a place where you should go first. It is a monument

Sochi is a unique place in Russia, thanks to its subtropical climate, where even in winter the temperature reaches zero. Of course, in January in Sochi it is impossible to swim in the sea, but you can comfortably travel around the city and visit various attractions. Also Sochi is unique in its nature and a combination of mountain and sea that makes this city incredibly beautiful and attractive for tourists. How to celebrate New year's in Sochi? Sochi offers

In the South black sea coast is located the Adler. Every year there is resting a large number of travelers. This is due to several reasons: 1. Convenient location. In Adler airport, and the railway is located close to the city. Many prefer a more cheap way to get to the resort from the bus. A variety of options for transportation makes travel convenient, as to get to the resort very easily. 2.The mild climate. From cold ve

Tourist complex "Rosa Khutor" offers to spend unforgettable holidays with health benefits. To breathe clean air and enjoy the incredible beauty of the white caps of the mountain peaks. Location the Mountain resort "Rosa Khutor" is located in the neighborhood of the city of Sochi, not far from Krasnaya Polyana. The name of the village Rosa Khutor comes from the name of the Estonian immigrant named Adela of APE that lived alone away from the village on the farm. Tourist sports about

Think that the article will be of interest to many as it's about fishing. Conventionally, the material can be divided into two sections: paysite and sea fishing. About river fishing here is not said, as in Lazarevskoye river (Psezuapse) fishing is prohibited in principle, and about the river as I have no information. About the paysite lot will not tell, as prices bite, and the approach does not face the people: entrance fee, no kgs are not included, the cost per kilo 500 rubles. And the pool of 20 by 20 meters. But if you

The Name of this writer is not so familiar to readers as when it was in the Soviet Union. He studied, he read and admired. Now that fame has softened a little. But remained admirers of his talent, who knows what was the writer himself. And he was an active public figure and has devoted quite a lot of attention on the lives of disadvantaged Russians. It so happened that time and history, and the people themselves are at first destroyed the Russian Empire then the same fate befell the Soviet Union, and heritage

Anapa –the beautiful resort region of the Russian Federation, about which I heard almost every resident of Russia. This resort city has a very advantageous location, given the mildness of its climate, the beauty of the Sunny beaches and usefulness of mud baths. In Anapa there is a well developed resort infrastructure, a variety of locations as for simple rest and relaxation, combined with treatment or prevention. Everyone who come here to relax, find something special for himself and will not remain ravenous