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"I'm a speaker on the panel, told me a familiar Russian lady, who came from Europe. - Was invited to speak at the conference on new ecosystem of education. I studied ecology, and education, but never knew that these words can be combined". Russian language is really changing, digesting a regular array of foreign borrowing. Before there were French and German (not to mention more old - Greek or, say, Mongol), now English. Shifting in everyday life of a business vocabulary (which is another fashion trend, i.e. the trend), we can say that we have the process of "mergers and acquisitions" of another dictionary

In the Buryat branch of "party of Growth" I believe that heads of districts, which have less than half of the term before the expiry of the authority, is to go into early retirement. "We need to give the opportunity to the popularly elected head of the Republic to form a United and efficient team, focused on tasks of development of the whole vertical of power", – said the member of fraction "Party of Growth" in Ulan-Ude city Council, interior Ministry Colonel in resignation Alexander Kalashnikov. He stated this during a round table on the challenges of doing business in Buryatia

The Minister of transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov will visit Buryatia on April 28 at the invitation of the head of the Republic Alexei Tzudenova, reported in its press-service. We will remind, visit Maxim Sokolov Buryatia became fairly regular after the Republic was headed by his former Deputy. I think our readers will be interested to learn more about the head of the Ministry of transport of Russia, which in recent years has helped the country to resolve many issues. We offer your attention an interview with Maxim Sokolov from the special project TASS "First person" with small reductions associated only with the fact that some issues of the conversation was devoted to topics far from Buryatia

Number of new credit cards issued in Russia for the first month of this year, a record 2015. In January 2018, the number of new credit cards issued amounted to 587,8 thousand units, which was 68% more than was issued over the same period in 2017 (349,9 thousand units) This is the highest rate of issuing new credit cards in January for the last four years. Thus, compared with the January 2015 increase in issuing new credit cards amounted to 3.1 times, according to the National Bureau of credit histories. Buryatia has entered the TOP 40 regions in terms of issuing new credit cards in January 2018. In January they issued 5 414 with growth of 8.8% by January 2017. "overall, the increase in the rate of issuance of new credit cards and other retail loans is on...

February 22, Thursday: the 7th day of the moon with the element Mount. The day of Jupiter: Favorable : For people born in the year of the tiger, rabbit, monkey and chicken; to Build the temple, Dugan, Superga, honoring the three jewels and make offerings to the temple and lamas, finish, wear new jewelry, clothing, cross the river, conduct funerals and memorials, for matters related to distribution development. is Not a positive: For people born in Year of cow, dragon, sheep and dog; to Settle or help to get a job, hire a nanny, a nurse, to bring the daughter-in-law to give to the bride. To go on the road – to new anxieties. cutting hair to gossip, quarrels and misunderstanding. 23 February to Friday: the 8th lunar day with the Wood element. The day of...

Resident of the capital, served by the post office No. 23 Ulan-Ude post office, became the winner of 1214-year lottery "Russian Lotto". During the delivery of pensions to the house of the client of Mail of Russia has purchased a lottery ticket, which brought him a gain in the amount of 850 thousand rubles

In Buryatia due to snowfall and blizzards are a restriction of movement of passenger transport from 220 to 374 km of highway R-258 "Baikal". About it reports management of expensive "South Baikal" (Rosavtodor). According to the MOE, in the area of heavy snowfall to deploy mobile points of heating from Ulan-Ude left the rescuers and operative group of regional fire rescue garrison

Leading meat processing company of Siberia "Buryatmyasprom" - lost a contract worth 4.7 million rubles, considering it superfluous to indicate in the application form for participation in auction the Russian "nationality" of their sausages. the Incident occurred during a struggle for a contract to supply sausages for the needs of the City Kombinat shkol'nogo pitaniya Ulan-Ude

In the framework of implementation of the investment program for Priargunsky production mining-chemical Association (included in the control loop uranium holding "ARMZ"/the mining division of Rosatom state Corporation) started to do the new technique, reported today in the press service of PIMCU

From bichurskiy district of Buryatia sent the first batch of young cattle of the Kazakh white-headed breed of the company "Miratorg". A pioneer in cooperation with her was a farm of Sergey Afanasyev, reported in the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of

In Ulan-Ude Sergey Galena, doctor-traumatologist-orthopedist of St. Petersburg, restored the fingers of the girl who was injured Friday during an incident at school №5 in the village of Sosnovy Bor. "It is hoped that the fingers of the girl will grow normally," - said the press service of the emergency Hospital

In Buryatia has decided to reinforce the psychological help in schools. "One hundred percent of the schools in the near future should be staffed with psychologists. If it is a large school, full-time psychologists, if is small, then the incoming set that will work on a permanent basis," - said the head of the Republic Alexey Tsydenov

Sector alternative online lending is growing seven times faster than the banking market, follows from the joint research of the online lending MoneyMan and the United credit Bureau (OKB). Based on research undertaken the financial performance of alternative credit markets and the banking sector – cash loans amount up to 100 thousand rubles for 2017 and 2016

In 2017 from the stations of the East-Siberian railway transported more than 13 million passengers. Trains of distant following of formation of the East Siberian branch of JSC "FPC" from January to December transported more than 2.7 million people, exceeding the target of 2016 to 3.3%, the press-service VSZHD

The Tragedy in the school — a product of the system, Livanov and Fursenko, only a change of the education system to change the situation. As the correspondent of IA REGNUM, this was stated by the Deputy of the state Duma Vera Ganza (CPRF). The tragedy at the school in Buryatia was the third in recent days. Yesterday morning in a school in the village of Sosnovy Bor in Ulan-Ude rushed with his axe high school student with a "Molotov cocktail" and started the fire, there are victims