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From the Department of neurosurgery of the Republican clinical hospital.Semashko issued a citizen of Mongolia, who was treated for 42 days after a serious accident. "It was delivered on February 2 in hard condition, he was hit by a car on the track Kyakhta-Ulan-Ude", - said "Baikal Finance" in the press-service RKB

In the city Babushkin, Buryat transport Prosecutor's office revealed violations of the legislation on the rights of consumers of utility services approved the Ulan-Ude territorial area of the East-Siberian Directorate of heat and water supply OJSC "Russian Railways". "Statement to recalculate the fees for services of heat and water supply were left without consideration and response," - said "Baikal Finance" in the press service of the transport Prosecutor's office

The Central election Commission and the company "Yandex" plans to develop a mobile app for voters that will help them to find a convenient polling station. This is reported by "RIA Novosti". It is specified that on this topic the meeting was held on March 16 in the CEC

Is Celebrated worldwide on March 20. The holiday was established by the General Assembly of the UN on 28 June 2012 with the aim of maintaining the idea that the pursuit of happiness is an inherent desire of every person on the planet. In addition, today, usually happens on the spring equinox

Barguzinsky district court of Republic of Buryatia were found guilty and has appointed a 2-year suspended sentence to two local residents who put the network caught 3700 "tails" of Cisco. "The damage caused to the state is recognized as a particularly large and amounted to 925 thousand rubles", - said "Baikal Finance in the press service of the Buryat transport Prosecutor's office

In Ulan-Ude city Council discussed the latest amendments to the city Charter. They are designed to determine who will perform the duties of mayor in case of his ... detention. Similar changes are prepared and in the articles of the Charter, concerning the head of administration of Ulan-Ude (the city Manager). the Verbatim text of the amendments in relation to the mayor as follows: "Deputy mayor temporarily exercises the powers of mayor in his absence or on his behalf, and in the case of early termination of powers of the mayor or the application to him of the decision of the court of the measures of procedural coercion in the form of detention or temporary removal from office, and in the absence of the first Deputy mayor - the Deputy mayor of the city...

The Modern world is more than half consists of women. With the exception of the Republic of Buryatia, where women accounted for 52.4 per cent of the residents or 514,4 thousand on January 1, 2016. "In the cities and urban settlements live for 60.1 percent of women in rural areas and 39.9 percent", - said "Baikal Finance" in the press center Burattini

According to the Buryat center for Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring by the end of may in the forests of the Republic established a high level of risk, and by June the class of fire danger will rise to 5 the highest level. "The ACTING Head of Buryatia Alexey Tsydenov instructed all relevant agencies and municipalities to intensify work on preparation for the fire season," - said "Baikal Finance" in the press service of the government of the Republic of

The Government of Buryatia should completely switch to electronic document management in order to increase the speed of approvals, and as a result, the management efficiency. "Maybe go earlier, but the deadline is June 1", - quotes the words of the ACTING head of the region press-service of the government of the Republic of

More than 10.5 million rubles are awarded to the benefit of consumers of Buryatia in 2016, claims the Republican administration of Rospotrebnadzor, as well as on points of claim, which was given to the expert opinion of the Agency, said today "Baikal Finance" in the press service management

In Buryatia detained 23-the summer inhabitant Horoscopo district of the Republic, who killed seventeen-month-old daughter. A statement about their loss on 9 February, entered the duty of the police as 32-year-old civilian woman's husband, said today "Baikal Finance" in the Republican interior Ministry

Two years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony settlement. This punishment was made by the court 27-year-old resident of the Barguzin region of Buryatia. He was convicted of "infection of another person with HIV by a person who knew about his disease," said today "Baikal Finance" in the Prosecutor's office of the Republic of

In Buryatia plan to allocate additional 2.5 million rubles from the Republican budget for training of employees of Transbaikalian base of aviation protection of forests. These funds will be trained in city Pushkino pilot-observer and 10 paratroopers, said today "Baikal Finance" in the Republican Agency of a forestry

The bailiffs of Ulan-Ude recovered from the heir of the culprit is the compensation for lost earnings in favor of the victim. Large dorozhno-transport incident happened a few years ago on the Federal highway "Baikal" Irkutsk-Chita, reported today "Baikal Finance" in OFSP in Buryatia

In Ulan-Ude declared the alleged healer who is stealing from grandmothers. Three elderly townswoman has addressed in police with the statement about the theft of jewelry. All of them became victims of the unknown attacker, who in all cases were presented to the grandmothers doctor of the highest category