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Recently Bought a new jacket, which periodically became a "beeping" at the exit of the store. All searched – no tape, nothing found. So we walked a couple of times searched. Today, once again "squeaked" to "Tape". I explained to the cashier that reacts to the jacket. She felt it in the hood under the fur finally found the source of my confusion is a plastic magnet. – you lean in, ' said the cashier, and pulled me under the counter, where she was a device for demagnetizing. I went over on me. But most of all in this situation, I was pleased to review one grandmother, who was repeated from the queue: – Yeah, punish, punish her!

Opennet, "HTTP over QUIC Protocol will be standardized as HTTP/3" Anonymous (1): >Noticeable increase in performance and throughput in 2018, it somehow sounds weird, because now in Vogue disregard for performance mumu: When the lack of performance to pay them (server-side), they are very willing to optimize it. This is for client-side you can push all sorts of JavaScript and shipping gmail for half a minute after this, telling how it's cool, trendy, youth. MrClon: don't worry, this is an easy and quick Protocol clients will break on a slow bekende to download heavy frontend

You know how it is. First you prescribe a nasal wash and throat spray, and then medicine for expectoration, and then hurry to the contrary, stimulating medicine, and breast the collection, then the antibiotic drops in the ears, then, of course, the cure for dysbiosis, antiviral, decongestant, antihistamine. Then you come to the therapist, blazing an allergic rash, the doctor in horror, waving his arms and saying all, all, good, cancel all medications. - If she says, mournfully clasping her hands to her cheeks, - I last time wrote, maybe nothing would have happened, but you were coughing...

Cheburen: we have a cat no one taught nothing, he lived in an apartment, afraid to go to the entrance, ate only soft cat food, brought the cat to the cottage, the first few days hiding in the house, then went outside, then began to disappear there all day, then stopped to eat from the trough, the mouse disappeared in a large radius around the house, then started disappearing birds, sometimes watched him a meal of freshly caught animals, so that hunter self-taught. Albioriks: ...began to disappear birds, dogs. Lost the neighbor's horse. Soon people began to disappear. I am writing this locked in the cellar. Top hear a scratching and a hungry growl.

I mean Come in the morning. Yu(Chief engineer): Stas, where terminals? (intonation between "where is the map, Billy?" and "where's the money, Lebowski?") Me: what? M(the head of the production database): Take out your headphones. Me: I Have headphones.*take that hat off* Yu: Stas, where terminals? You said yesterday what came. me: So them yesterday and loaded up. M: He shipped? I: Why? Storekeepers shipped. Three boxes. Yu: Where? Me: you in the car as it was indicated. M: So there is no Ref. On the way, someone stole. Yu: So Stas. It is necessary personally to trace. me: So how about that? Personally, if I were loaded. Personally saw as the man took the box and back to your car incurred. Opened the trunk and put. M: You, Stas, do not trust anyone. Even to...

Cyclone: When I was in school our physicist said. People Savassi in Russia calculators, made a diversion of catastrophic magnitude. Xenos WIGHT: Person, Savassi in Russia grinders, made no less a diversion. Almost no one remembers how to cut off a piece of the three with a chisel or how to cut a 50x50 area with a hacksaw.... Krasnoshchekov Eugene: I think so too... what is happening with the world and with us - just awful. Now there are few people who know how to make fire with a simple bow, a stick and kartuski... I'm not talking about the high possession of the art of making flint arrowheads...

Discussion of "vertical video Syndrome habré". aaa: the Task of programmers — if the accelerometer in the smartphone determines the vertical position of the device is to disable video recording. bbb: Following the development of this idea: disable the shutter button from camera if zahvalnosti horizon. ccc: to Beat the current hand, if the software thinks that the composition is bad? ddd: a long long time. should immediately explode if he sees himself in the mirror! eee: face recognition, add a definition of dachas fff: Google came up with a solution. Google Glasses — the glasses that are a breeze to shoot video for only $1500. ggg: Not the channel. Will shoot vertical video, lying on its side.

[TopManager] I am a TOP Manager Peredovoy domestic firms. As we advanced, and programmers need to be advanced and to make a quality product! So, I sat with the Director and discussed this issue and came to the conclusion that I need some kind of plugin for VS, which reduces the premium and volnay employees for misfires. Which runs thus: Salminter and ipota again to correct this de block code and salminter minus % of premium Often replace pieces of the code too, minus the prize! have Done so N times per day, so the Studio sends automatic email letter of resignation In my idea the top and the programmers will stop screwing up and will write good code. So, is there a ready solution? [yyy] Great idea! It is necessary for managers to do. That gave you a decision...

Sitting at home, day off. But do not relax because with me sitting slightly simple middle son. The lunch, telling him: – to Eat? – Yes. Will. Ketchup – is responsible. the Ketchup ran out, as luck would have it, but there's mayonnaise. – no Ketchup – I say – but there is mayonnaise. Will Mayo? – No, mayonnaise is not want. Well, OK. Eats says: – Pour me a Cup of tea with milk and sugar. Pour the tea, open the fridge, see there's no milk: – Is just tea with sugar, no milk. Son looks at me carefully and said: – I think you started me to save.

Shinso Well, in General, 3.5 inches caught, unless you consider punch cards which my grandmother the stove melted) saipr punch Cards were indispensable for notes, create files, etc. and now they write reminders is very convenient. agat000 Of them trudged braids-lash. Strong killing stuff. CkisNAK-OS Oh, Lord, lash of portocartoon! Warm lamp eldowy sadomasochism. With the soul. What a beauty :) "- have Mercy on me, o my cruel Lord! He shook his head and approached. It was nothing but beards and sweaters. In his hands was a whip from srygnula Schroeder of portocartoon."

I Work in a taxi. Receive the order. Just clicked on "accept" call on a mobile phone. the mistress of the house immediately, neither Hello nor goodbye, indignant that already some there on account is a car. They come but do not go there, and walk they can't. Not. The drivers can't find them and I refuse. Plus shouts that had frozen over. Finally, shouted the guide. Drove for about 30 seconds before. the door Opens, once again the cries about the crappy service, etc. Well, okay. Immunity. it Sits down their elderly parents. Go. Mind intelligent. Decided to go smoothly and on the best route. Drove all the way we silently. Arrived. Suddenly the man spoke. Said, pleasantly surprised as we drove. Quietly. Without jerks. The route is excellent. Let's tell them...

Dtf "ATOM RPG: adventures of the stupid cannibal Oleg in the post-Soviet wasteland" Alexander Gililov: I have to be honest this entire post-Soviet style and the overall visualization with these drunken mugs earflaps off-putting but when I see in games all these "roly, poly!" or village "Otradnoe" generally cringe. But at the same time, the same Stalker did not cause such feelings. Antony Sumin: the same garbage. himself from the village to run away, so all of these small-town jokes it doesn't work. like, "Achtung, the super mutants in the red!". So they all life there kaldirac :D, without any nuclear Apocalypse.

I was Sitting in the airport waiting for the flight, and had fun on the phone I have IR port. I mean in front of the TV, which turns the advertising. And off the TV, not to interfere. An angry guard came, looked at the TV, she ran for the console turned on, I in a minute again, turned off. The security guard returned with the remote turned on, I again turned off. The security guard returned with a ladder and full devushki, Ala Manager, looked, pulled the wires. Included... gone, I again turned off... the Girl came one... postrel on the telly... he Shook his head and walked away... I podojil to wait for your flight without.

Worked as CIO in one system integrator in Moscow. The CEO of the company's name was Grisha. Grisha liked to simulate thermal expansion of the Universe, randomly moving the office. To me, he went more often than anywhere else. visits To the us I had everything ready - "what do we do now", and statistics "that we have in ServiceDesk" and all that. So everything was predictable. the only Exception was the case when Grisha was after the scandal with his wife/mistress/alcohol/under*BA. Gregory marched walked into my office, throwing lightning in all directions, stood in the center and said landmark phrase - "***s, where is everybody?". Not something specific, but EVERYTHING.

Dtf "EA gamer banned for a negative review about FIFA" Alexey Kozlov: Hmm... So maybe the normal game to do? This once again proves that EA lives in a some kind of fantasy world in which their games are masterpieces. The case of this blogger is as a reaction to the small child when something doesn't want to hear it, plug your ears and humming a silly tune. Ilya Khamidullin: In our time, more adults also do, but instead of ringing just scream. Stanislav Petrov: Or accept laws forbidding.