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Alexey2005> Not only in spring but also in autumn. When the rice farmers start firing rice straw (because if it is disposed of properly, Kuban rice-growing will become deeply unprofitable), then a month in the air gets about 35 thousand tons of products of combustion — not even every industrial region able to generate such an exhaust. My inner Jew mad. there Is a need, to Excel how to cheaply destroy, not sell more expensive. If people used something to consider stuff, it is very difficult to adjust psychologically. And oyster mushrooms while was three hundred for the box, and not cheaper.

How to hide games from the boss in the workplace? Very simple. On the desktop (!) the folder titled "Civil defense 2277-2281". In it are 2 subfolders. the First is called "the uninterrupted operation of large hydraulic structures in extreme temperatures with the ever-changing socio-demographic environment". the Second Is the "Development, implementation and logistics technologies of water purification under conditions of radioactive contamination." the first is the shortcut for Fallout New Vegas is the second Fallout 3. the Computer public at any time. Now, NONE of the authorities have never looked back. And most interestingly, none of the lies :-)

Was Sitting with my friends (my wife, with each wife). Chatted. Remembering his youth. the Men of his girls on his own. The monotonous hum of conversation. my friend and I gradually moved into computer games and began to remember. I Remembered Fallout 3. I played through two years after release (vidyuhi not supported) and say, if would be able to run it, maybe not married... And silence... You could hear a fly flying. it was Funny only friend. in General, even when girls talk, their ears still hear everything.

Toster: about the threshold of entering the Android game development Artem: Jobs are often written by people far removed from IT, and from common sense. CityCat4: Plus boys Oh boys! Our HR so got to make jobs for development Department, what he said - Guys, write jobs, I'm by your hair dryer is not a bot :) Artem: In a young and successful team city hospital requires surgeon. Not older than 28 years. Experience of working as a surgeon for at least 10 years. Definitely the ability to do heart surgery, and kidney, strong knowledge in neurosurgery, prosthetic dentistry and psychiatry. Experience of treatment of acute respiratory infections.

News: "the Disabled person will be using the state services portal". bisey: Sometimes it turns itself. I ranitil news article about the inhabitants of one city who sued the defense Ministry due to the fact that the bombers from the military airport was landing right over the roofs of the residential quarter and wildly roaring engines. And I, not very thinking, wrote: "Bombers over the city dangerous to the health of residents". Wrote, handed over to the customer, read and most wanted to continue the title: "Especially if the defense system is weak"

VAD: Procedure: First, to accustom since the childhood of the child, for example, I don't climb on the cabinets and tables at home because they are not mine. Years later, I buy some necessary thing in the economy, for example, a sponge for shoes. Takes a couple of weeks, the sponge disappears. I searched where she might have mislaid, isn't it, buy a new one. the New is also lost. Repeat as many times until you find that each of my new mother sponge cleaned "in place". Without telling me where. In the locker in which I was forbidden to climb. VAD: Who knew how much clothes and shoes I have disappeared into the bowels of the apartment because the mother in silence and not saying where they hid because ...

In India I came across the restaurant on a group of Israeli tourists. One of them - a man, aged 65 were treated to quiet a cigarette (his wife is forbidden to smoke). The man was from Melitopol, in Israel since the late 80s. Stand in front of the restaurant, smoke. Balcony to his wife: - put the cigarette out! Shaw's the bearded shmuck next to you is spinning? Maya is a Jew from Moscow! - He knows Hebrew? - No. - Fuck him in the ass, throw away the cigarette butt and immediately go up to the restaurant! the Man told me: - have you Heard? I went. Hey, why are you both spoke Russian? Well, if we're in your presence spoke Hebrew, which you do not understand – it would be tactless to you.

In school I studied with the grandson of the head teacher. Let it be, for example, Sergei. It was the most miserable of my classmates, because my grandmother, by nature, a woman of active and "for any kipezh", its everywhere to pull shoved, and he was as explosive temperament did not differ. and in a coffin all seen it. In the end all contests involved he is. The newspaper for the holiday draws Sergei. At the concert singing, dancing and reading poetry in another place... And here comes the concert to the Victory Day. And we lived in a military town, and even in those times when almost all grandfathers were veterans and many are still alive. In short, we are on the scale was noted. The culmination of the holiday was the song "Victory day" chorused the...

Weekend spent with one eye looking at the TV. I wonder why the term "healthy food" means food in which there is no shit? Healthy food is nutritious food! To eat and provide the body with energy for half a day or even for the whole day. And so it turns out: stuffed stomach, the feeling of fullness is, and, for example, pocola the wood/shabby brick/waved with a shovel a couple of hours and all should be back to eat, otherwise, where the body to take fuel? I don't have ten pounds of fat - what do I do? Eat every 3 hours? Oh you nafig :( I Want to have Breakfast so that was enough until dinner!

I Sit at the kitchen table all have languished, happy, thinking how nice it is that my husband sometimes goes for a couple of days and I can indulge in do not approve of their perversion, nor in denying themselves nothing... And then turned in the lock quietly and the day before appearing on the doorstep with flowers husband: "Darling, I missed you so much, we can finally spend a whole day off just the two of us!" And to meet this I go out from the kitchen in one hand - the bitten half of an onion, another slice of bread, thickly grated garlic with salt: "Hrum-hrum-yep, I'm glad to see you, dear. Bouquet come here. I resolve not to kiss."

Denis Kupriyanov In the tenth grade, we were transported to military charges. The case when frostbitten on his head a bunch of kids were invited on their skin to know what the army is, even in the light version. the point was simple: that's the field, here is the stream. Along the river the position of the so-called "Blue". Positions stormed the so-called "Red". According to the scenario "Red" was to seize the position, and "Blue" being defeated, to retreat across the river. I was on the side of "Red" in the second company, which was to attack the center. The first was, respectively, on the left flank, and the third on the right. Everything is clear, simple and understandable. Repeat disposition: open field, with occasional patches of shrubs and trees...

Anna: Oh, you guys getting old!! I Bought a flash drive mylifestages. Straight quite. Special for the machine, so that from the radio, not much was sticking. Left her music at all everything I Put in the radio, it starts to read the flash drive and thrown off of the radio. I tried several times this way and that, not see it radio and all. Then put it in the column, also is not playing, is inserted into the computer at work doesn't even open. Upset, thought, all that crap I bought) yesterday at work was, Vadya asked for a laptop to take to use. Then he calls and asks - where is the receiver from the mouse? I don't know were in place. He - no, it's just your little flash drive, for music, you are not confused? in Short, really confused, they are similar, both...

Night burst into a roommate and instead of "Hello" began to make trouble:"Where were you yesterday at 5 PM?! I was almost killed, no one to come! I was calling!" Slightly prifigel from such a turn of events, the husband began to make excuses: We to 18: 00 at work, we could not save You. What happened? Neighbor: I got Here two crackhead, wanted to break into my apartment, beat bit fought! And no one helped!!! Husband ofigev: how a junkie in the stairwell came ( we have a good door, in the entrance intercom) Neighbor looking like quite the fool: How-how, called, I opened! (-‸ლ)

I'm in a shop, consider the shop window, doing their little chores. The man next prikopalis such typical grandma d indeterminate age with the claim, saying why she cannot explain the composition of the cake. Pulling his sleeve, strongly expressing dissatisfaction. This guy is clearly a buyer: when trying to fend off her parallel takes its surrender, and is not dressed like a salesperson. Trying to offer my help, but grandma snaps, "what do you know?!" Only here the point is that I'm standing on the other side of the counter.

Habr. The topic of mandatory labelling of shoes. leshakk: Marasmus was intense... Waiting for a logical development of zakonotvorchestva: "... after buying a pair of shoes, the buyer is obliged within 10 days to put it on record in the State Shoe Inspection (for convenience, you can apply through public Services, then legal costs can be platitude with a 30% discount) and get the license plates and certificate of registration that the pedestrian is obliged to carry and present for inspection on the request of the employee Shoe inspection..."