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The Case in class work in class, my child. The teacher was showing the girls how to scribble on a typewriter. Distributed a paper on which are drawn different lines to girls doing lines exactly along the lines (no thread yet). Checks and sees that, as usual, at first all awry. Anyone have a line 1 cm from the line, one to two cm, who generally line in three places crosses... Well, trouble. And one of the girls strictly on the lines! Trudoviki: – What Masha well done! Definitely a stitch! Masha: – No, I first stitch, and then with a pencil circled. And your lines are on the back.

-conscience. Yesterday went with the territory at work, in a hurry, waving man, stop it "like light machine," and I for a split second realize that does not help, and shaking his head from leaving. The food and imagine how he calls me a bastard. I'm weird. But not to explain to the person that I had already 4 reasons why I didn't help: 1) was waiting for Me on the job, the man stayed after work, and I go for another 30 minutes. 2) My small Japanese cars may not pull the load of a Landcruiser, and to check die machine or not as you do not want. 3) I Have no wires for lighting. 4) Most importantly, I broke the bonnet catch and open it only coming in service pulling a rope standing on the pit. I ride since 3 months. So sorry man.

Walk through the Park from the store with a bag, think about the futility of existence. If you hear a spooky sepulchral "URRR". Really like it discoverywas "OAI" you by the collar, told straight from hell. Jump on the spot, looking around. Next to the crow. Huge. Looking at me. I'm on it. The head swept from the entire collection of short stories By Edgar Allan PoE and a pair of children's horror stories into the bargain. And then she began to approach me, nodding at every step the head forward. As the dove. So diligently. went on a few steps and again", URRRR". Neighing, praised for his knowledge of foreign languages and awarded a piece of cheesecake) the Bun, a pancake)))

M M: I was on the medical Board daughter today, asked middle-aged woman that the child loves to do, what Hobbies... well I standard said about painting, sculpting, hand crafts... and she - what else? M M: Well, I say play the computer... she look and says it's dangerous... I asked - why? To sight or mind? And she - well radiation is there any... I gathered all the will power in a fist and made the most stone face I could and said, M M: You know I'm in the high technology sector working for over 15 years and would never put my daughter in that danger. That's what I invented for her head of the special reflecting cap..

I Have two years (since moving in) had some horrible upstairs neighbors. Poorly played on poorly tuned guitars (I have a hearing, believe me, the guitar was very poorly set up, and played clumsily!), vacuumed almost around the clock, screaming baby, whining dog, about all kinds of stuff kind of loud music I am silent. And then we dripped from the ceiling. With the idea "they Have, damn it, and even rotten pipes!" had run to him, called a locksmith, looking for the leak, met... in Short, the people directly above me only cleaner, everything else is in the apartments above. And burst pipes, incidentally, are not from them!

But I had a childish fantasy that people need sleep in order, similar to the hygienic: falling asleep, they take their costumes commanders and subordinates, gentle admirers and vicious hysterical, caring mothers, infantile overgrown - remain bare and are in common to all, undivided by any boundaries, pillars and walls of the interior space. Very big just as big as the space outside. As The Universe. So the chances to meet a friend or just another sentient being - almost no. And there is something, jetting them from the husks, trash and scraps of thoughts and feelings - all it takes in this huge momentally the ocean. Therefore, all the dreams shared, and thoughts inside of dreams too. And emotions.

Videoconfe in regionally distributed organizations. Lady-reporter sharply leans back in his chair. You hear a terrifying creak, the lady waves his arms at the last moment catches up and restores balance by stopping the seemingly inevitable decline. listening to: two spontaneously blew up to catch her, the five wrote down the time then find this point in the report, one took off in General chat a picture of the mattress, another told him a parachute, the Secretary asked: "to Remove the image of the mattress and parachute from the minutes of the teleconference on the fine-tuning of uncertified technologies stabilize the operation of information systems".

A Friend who works maintenance in a fancy office downtown, where all equipped with the latest technology. Rabotenka not dusty: know yourself to take applications and guide employees to resolve problems. Sometimes he's repairing something yourself. Just because he can. But! Every Sunday he goes to water the greenhouse. Manually. From a hose. One day I said - what, your boss at the greenhouse saved? Isn't it easier to set sprinkle with timers? Each stood in a pose pretentious and said in verse: - What are timers? What is sprinkle? There are I! And I have a watch and a hose! Then snickered and added: - Watch the hose... You may think this is a fucking greenhouse - my mistress.

Nnn: why are you called Rimma, and sister - Galau? Some historical associations, like "she came in our house and turned into dust and ruins my happy childhood"? mmm: no, not at all. The folder is just a fun original. The celebration of my happy birth, more were spent, and the eternal feast began to tire mother, nadrugavshis with week baby. And so, during the next sonorous toast "new man, immortality and peace to the world", the kitchen burst into angry, disheveled and very, very unhappy mother. And swept all the bottles off the table with the cry: "the World - Rome, get out!". Well, the Pope as a sign of reconciliation, these things are immortalized. And Ganku in the hospital she called herself. The passport she, of course, Galina, but the mother said that...

Z: and you are from a universe popdance you? d: Difficult to say! But judging by the perpetual lack of sleep, lack of time and aching joints, I can assume that from the world where the day has 48 hours and the gravity of 0.5 earth :) z: Write, judging from the description we think neighbors) Or spend too much time at the computer) d: I like the first option!Maybe we are part of a group of invaders who must conquer this planet. A memory of us erased that would not palilis ahead of time! z: Wow!) From this point of view, I your sciatica and multiple sclerosis have not yet considered!))

The Background is. I work as a 3D Visualizer of interiors, residential and public. Working remotely, the payment is per square meter in us dollars, I feel so comfortable. Took an order for a large public room, did everything on time, efficiently, the customer is happy with the work. However, the payment was detained for more than a week, but Oh well. And now to the point. Come, finally, to take the money, and there is a lot of money + 65$. That is 65$ must be in NAT. currency, as the customer was not so much in dollars. And then he gives me a straight face: – maybe about 65$ forget? And so after a decent amount left. I: – maybe next time I will do you a big object, then take the entire amount for a job, 90% of the volume will do, and about the toilets, for...

Vyacheslav Ivanov: There seems to have something like this: popdance hits in 1941 and there popadantsy fight against popadantsy popadantsev to stop popadantsev. Alexander Mikhalchuk: Vyacheslav, moreover, of the 87 popdance fighting on the same side, against 97 popdance and popdance of 87 helps popdance from 2007, but in the fourth book of the popdance 97 begins to help the popdance from 2017go, and in the 5th book, it turns out that it's all one and the same person from parallel universes, and only he, the grandson of Hitler and Stalin grandpa, can save Nibiru from the zombie crusaders

Sandlex: And for me today a crew of two police sent to the Hague. Lucky in the morning the child for the exam at the Embassy, handed over, and fuck in the car two hours to work. As it was time to get out to the gate to wait (not allowed inside). In the yard behind the fence, a local resident planting flowers, and tending his Russian peasant - a member of the Embassy, looking at the phone. And cool on the outside, so I go back and forth along the fence of our Embassy, well, periodically I go to the level of the fence of the Embassy nearby. After 10 minutes near the Embassy (nanosensor) on the sidewalk a policeman stops the jeep, right on the bike path. After 5 minutes it slowly from the opposite direction pulls up another one. The police come and odd about 5...

Congregatio ... I'm about normal personal space distance of at least forty centimeters. Without the invasion of a method of supana, shoving, pinching, Pat, and (if on the psychological invasion still remember) tactless questions "how to earn" "and you Cho much salt pour" and "when the kids are." ento_iya yeah. I do these dances all the time you can see me trying to go the distance, "touch", and I retreat, but not so pushed to the wall. The result is a kind of weird waltz :) the Chinese (and Asians in General) -- worked out the behavior of the suspension. If very rough -- "people" -- those who you represented. All the rest-these are the interior. the Concept of personal space clearly is within his own body, but others, and you also do not "see". You need to...

Right now, the food in the subway. What a strange aunt stuck to the subway employee: - where the Kremlin station? - there is no such - how not? Needs to be - the Kremlin no - and I have! I'm in the album was created. Now to show you. Pulls out a children's album, shows employees. that's it. The branch is under the Kremlin wall. Its tedious to build for 2 years. This. - okay - I have all the drawings there. Let me give you these blueprints sell? For just 100 rubles There is really a plan, I looked) I'm discussing that will have to close shelepihinskoe for 6 months to connect the Filyovskaya line