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I came Across a Chinese series about the beloved, razletevshihsya in an ancient battle. The guy fell off a ledge (this is a common place — heroes from the cliff drop?) in the water, but it was picked up by aliens and frozen for all those years. Why — and figs knows. The girl died and through this a bunch of years reborn. The journalist of morning television, has a heavy hand and a heavy character, goes to work in the jackets, does not give yourself hurt. Well, of course, was just her first working day the aliens decided that it was time for the lab from the older designs to clean and warrior thrown in the midst of the modern world. to Watch it I certainly will not, not like any rampant or Romanticheskij Comedy or stoned povedencheskie humor. I Have another...

Dtf "Creator of Yakuza Ghost of Tsushima: "This game was to make the Japanese"" Old One: > Protagonist here — not pretty. They have allocated such a budget and such technology at this middle-aged man. Japan would have rejected it. this is hate in modern Japan: what no actor handsome young man, descended from the cover of a fashion magazine. Where are the brutal type of men of 60 years? Karl666Smith: And then come to Japan, and there are some crocodiles in the streets John Key 7: and Japan itself is not so nice as in the pictures) Yes Nya: and no subs

One: History, passed on from friends and acquaintances, in General, consider an anecdote based on real events. Friend called friends who decided to cook mulled wine, although he was already tipsy. Asked about the ingredients. She said she need a young wine, citrus some spices. And reheat, without boiling. after some time comes the feedback: "Mulled wine, is such the good thing. Nasty taste, but cuts down instantly." Sneaking suspicion, after all, should be the opposite, and tasty, and easy effect... it turned out that the "young wine", they only had vodka, of "spices" garlic, and the role of "any citrus" was assigned to... onions. And they all cooked...

My cat after rearrangement of furniture (replacement beds on the couch) for some time could not believe it, and performed a ritual obleganie of the room, hoping to get last version of reality. at First it was like the cat ran out of the hallway, jump up on the window sill, ran it, it went over to the computer Desk, he jumped on the bed. here is the bed replaced. the cat began - a window sill, table, KRO... - oops, something is wrong. Shook her head, jumped down from the table onto the floor, back into the corridor. Fled, and the new - a windowsill, a table, a CRO... but again not something. have Done for 2-3 sets, then disappointedly went to the kitchen to the bowl. a Week to reboot, then finally propedeutica somewhere inside and resigned to the sofa.

Are all divorced yesterday, now need to arrange a personal life, remember as get acquainted with the girls. The last time when a student was doing that, I don't know where to go, where to start... - Dude, no problem! Take today at 8 PM my baby and walk with her through the neighboring yards to 10. All women with children or with dogs – yours. Just wait a minute or two, then come, wedged into the conversation to you immediately good attitude, positive, 100% aren't screwed. 5-6 Dating for the evening secured, and then himself. - Hmm... suddenly... I guess I'll try... - Only one moment more carefully. All girls up to 16 years, who is in the ball playing, or in your jumperoo swings – also your. Don zagramy for the youngster.

VAD: antibiotic generally indiscriminately beats) VAD: how the flamethrower VAD: like Domestos)) Chicory: Immunity not better) Chicory: We know that, as allergies) Chicory: Inadequate response VAD: no, well, the immune system tries. He protects us so much, is it worth it to blame that he had a hundred cases of right of a defeated enemy is one "AHHH OH NO, IT's the BIRCH POLLEN, ALL IN AAAAAQAAAAI" VAD: )) Chicory: SNOT, SNOT QUICKLY BASTE EASY Chicory: YYAAAAAAAAAA VAD: HISTAMINE, HISTAMINE SWING MORE Chicory: And the man suffocates and dies Chicory: and the killer of the immune system VAD: poor old paranoid))

Watch TV series in Russian voice year not earlier than 2011. Replica character: – it has more than a million species. It on YouTube, it is clear from the context. Should be: more than a million views. View view; view. the Less obvious downside: – the Sites will be sealed. What sites? Talking about the land on which the events took place! Clearly not the websites. Site – 1) land area; 2) the website which the Internet (often with the specification: web site). And this voice 2011. The text clearly was not through one person! the Pancake, and how much more there stocks went unnoticed?

An old classmate of Mine moved to an apartment inherited from his grandfather, it's next door to my parents. Every conversation with my mom now definitely includes fresh information on the topic of "Recently met the wolf, and he...". Vovk powerfully bribegiver, so that "he" is often in the spirit of "sleeping on a bench at the entrance unbuttoned the pants" or is there "buy the vodka in the recipe and figured out what the cheapest". Recently, my mother once told me something and sighs, saying that it is necessary, and when you went to school, I thought he was the big boss will be! Wonder why suddenly (preconditions were not, the boy has always been a dunce with a single " a " in physical education). And she says, "And he's wearing the jacket so looked good,...

Habr gred: oddly enough, but the paradox of the stone is allowed IMHO: "if an omnipotent deity created the stone that it cannot lift it?" the Correct answer MoA interpretation: really omnipotent deity, being at the level of omnipotence X certainly can create such a stone. in the process of creation of the subject(either immediately after its creation), the deity will move from state X to state X+1 in which this stone can be raised. but since at the moment of creation of the stone (in state X) he can't be raised — the paradox resolved. Biga: sudo to raise the stone

My neighbor was 90 years already, and I am very reactive to the weather and not feeling well when the pressure jumps. This neighbor continually came to me when I was badly under the weather and asked me to go to the store for some garbage. I always thought it is age just enlivened when the pressure is high or the universe wants me to suffer more forest. But it turned out that grandma, too, this felt bad on the weather and when it was quite dashing, she came to me because I wanted to if anything, the corpse I found her, not her relatives, did not want to upset them.

Intelligent system case studies scientometric data (TRUE), implemented at MSU, recognized contribution to Russian and world science undeservedly forgotten scientist. In its profile appear articles 614, 549 books, 104 of the report on the conference, 50 papers, 44 patents, 2 certificates on registration of rights IN, 41 scientific report 17 awards, 2 theses, 5 dissertations, 141 training course. The number of citations to articles in journals according to Web of Science is equal to 12214 and Scopus — 12054. Name of the user, Etc.

Sit in a taxi. Driver: – the Girl – (already cool: "the Girl"! I immediately to it is located) – you – said – it smells so good! Brandy, tobacco and leather. What? What I just heard?! Brandy?! I don't drink. Tobacco?! I don't smoke. Skin?! What?! Skin?! Some maniac!!! until my Coming. And then I was sedated. Go online to read about their spirits. Notes of Mandarin, tail of the dragon, blah-blab-La. And... "in the loop woody notes, tart notes of expensive cognac, fine cigars and a rich smell of leather". Man, how?! No. Another question: WHAT are YOU STILL DOING IN a CAB?!

There are two familiar sisters party girl. Both married. Going for a few days undoing without husbands in Turkey (before kovida). Were not released due to not unfounded fears of a second half. Went to the trick: took off the resort to the neighboring region, pre-negotoscopes native species on the background itself (for daily reports) and installing the necessary forwarding. And do in Turkey. In the fateful day after another photo of one of the rings in-law: - Hey, how you doin ' man? Great. Lying, sunbathing. - Ahem, ahem... There is actually rain the second day...

Fff: it was in the army. The political officer gave a sniper rifle with a bent barrel, explaining that the previous owner hit a trip wire. as time Passed, I had the opportunity to work in the headquarters and to delve into their documents and to question witnesses in the case and found the following. Part of my appeal was not the most warlike, and suffered from lack of equipment: there was no bullet in the street and inspection, unloading and delivery of the weapon storage was in the same room - the Armory. Then follows a chain of tragicomic events. Sniper is not removed in a pyramid, and just put on the floor (why ? so it became clear). To take your service went one major vision minus five, putting on glasses only when reading. Major is not a special...

That all Soviet childhood was hard. I'm 5 years old and went to kindergarten himself, on his neck hung a key, parents to work, child blow into the garden. Once bought me a toy KAMAZ, with a folding body and all a dream. I volunteered to take him to day care, the nurse to avoid the fuckup precious toy after the scandal takes her with him to work. To work in PMK-224 mezhkolkhozstroy. I never pictured myself in the garden without this KAMAZ. And instead of the kindergarten staged a hike for me legally owned the truck to the middle of nowhere, where were megahoster. Through the noise and dust of the wheels, I'm a little pass, not to say surprised mother, I was thrown to the ZIL and I rush to the garden for Breakfast even managed