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ScrollBar: Reggae = evil. Subway kid listened to headphones and unconsciously began to hum and podderzhivaetsya. Sitting next to grandpa offered to call an ambulance)) WaspCowboy: ##zdi for nothing, creative person. Sir just Frome Landau? In OUR metro, so for you, though some of his phone broke or eyes Raziel to the desired stop, you have at least frothing at the mouth should poperet! Elliston: if the route Is "cold". And at rush hour, but on top of the direction - left and right in a pincer movement you'll get stronger, and from a nearby Arab wait is that "wah, the gag is that you give just spat! scaffold werblud!"

Nova007: I have had a case! Sitting on the balconies in the morning to the output wanted to clean and lubricate your rifle pnevmiticheskoe well and I loaded it... fuck knows why, and you'll see the bottom man ago, rents on your land Rover and there is a kid on a tricycle behind rode! I accurately never shot, came straight to the side window. Man notably Oh#@l but when I got out of the car to Naarath me just a kid to him and left the car sat probably only because it was bald! I went to talk to him about the damage but he got normal did not you@#yvatsya and said thank you!

BrannigunN: in 2011, I paid a bus with a hundred(!!!). The conductor gave the surrender, about 80R rubles and kopecks that my indignation at seeing supposedly has the right and is also money.(I reckon before you change apparently) I heard it. A couple of weeks riding with a bag of stuff, which is the largest coin( there were two) was 50 cents. I still waited for the grandmother of the conductor. I think all can imagine my pleasure that I was paying for the passage, with the words "this money". joseph.b: You were carrying a bag of stuff for two weeks so grandma reviled him until the evening? Well, I don't know, I think she beat you twice )

Ilya Aksenov: In the Soviet youth sent me on a business trip. The ride wasn't far, so I was expecting to turn around one day - there and 4 hours back 4 hours there 4 hours with all the hassle. Well, here I got up early, came to the bus station, approached the driver of the departing bus, asked about the place, he said he is. But here comes the young, beautiful girl and says, - Man, yielding to the girl. Well, I'm a young gentleman, say Please! So, she brought her husband, two children, father-in-law and someone else... In General, when the gang sat down in the bus, - the Guy, the more places there! Since I not inferior to anyone.

Jerry: I in the rally participated one time. Accidentally. Don't want... Jerry: For some reason stuck at a friend's dacha. A cottage in some unknown woods, 100 km from the airport and 20 from the nearest asphalt. And here I am awake at night and SUDDENLY realize - I'm on a plane in six hours! And I'm without a car. While Wake up the master while gathered... now, imagine the scene. Night, fog, dampness. Track between the trees. This all under a hundred flies the rarity of the machines, from which all the knocks We All Gonna Die... they Arrived without incident and even at the time, but experiences - for life!

Forum of journalists. Topic Colleagues, good day, please anonymously. Tomorrow I will be the first real baptism of fire — live from their region to the Federal air "Russia-24". Terribly afraid and worried. Ask for advice from more experienced colleagues — how to set up and prepare? How to stop being nervous? What methods you use usually? "Roll 100 grams" not offer, ulcer))) thanks in Advance. comments: - What do you do with the ulcer in this profession have got, buddy?) - shout out to x*y live. He lived a warrior and died as a warrior. - is this a baptism of fire... And before him, then what was? So, imitation? Foreplay? - Tomorrow we will calculate the anonymous...

Story Time: okay, I have parents. In the words of one dad "was when we fuck-UPS". This sentence I understand only now. Coming out of the store, because parents need help. The door almost blows the running man. Looking wild-eyed and very quickly removed. The apartment ancestors die of laughter. Naturally ask what was the matter... so, they called. Was a collector that was looking for some random shit. A mother with a sick father have run wild and pinned. They opened the door! Naked! And began shouting "we've been waiting for you! You'll be third!" Dragged his uncle inside... he even date not given! Broke, threw a piece of paper with the data of the search object and pulled away. When I came the ancestors were just discussing the catch and whatever else...

#master/slave Jokes aside, and in the Soviet literature beautifully translated 90% of cases as master/slave (especially in desyatochku this translation was in reference to MS-trigger). Because otherwise it turns a little too epic ololo — Leontiev evil that not only cuts the cane with isaure, but also forces him to look up to and repeat the movement for him. To avoid mass death from laughter, or translated as master/slave (if one sets the entire dance, and the other under his movement adjusted), or "main/secondary" (if the slave is more or less independent, but can twitch only when the master line released), or as "calling/meeting" (when a transaction is initiated by the master and the slave is waiting for a call, and he shows no initiative). The latter...

From LJ contei: not only that, I was born on the 7th of January, as my more famous compatriot, the first years in Israel I still lived in a city called Nazareth :) And somehow one of my Russian friends decided to celebrate my birthday. As a result, it came about that dialogue with her mother: - MA, I'm abroad to call? - And where? - In Israel. - Why? - I have a Friend in Nazareth, I want his birthday to congratulate. - [knock jaw on floor, speechless] fortunately, the nerves of his mother's strong, all went well :)

Den_stranger: In the Park sitting on the bench grandma and hike her grandson, a boy of ten or twelve. A boy plays with a phone and tormented by grandma different melodies at to check out another cool track. Grandma grumbles and shrugs. Suddenly the boy cut in some very hard rap and then my grandmother perks up and gives. Oh, I remember as a youth in a trip to the North went. And there are local shamans exactly the same songs of the spirits conjured. Said that the weather was better. So leave this song, maybe summer will last longer!

Legioner: ...I think so Too. My identity clear boy on the road was raised long ago. To Murano in my opinion clipped, stopped and popped up with Makar. Don't even remember how MA-136-03 pulled from the case and spread. Thought is not any have time. Like through cotton wool, when I this guy vytselivat was heard what he yells. When I listened I realized that he yelled: "it's not real" or something like that referring to your Makar. In General, crap both. I he waved his hand, saying he just go and put yourself to more. And then I 20 minutes came in the car.

Valer1y: Ah! Passport data, how lovely! I in 2012, stole a car the man who was hired as a driver. He and his female partner. I had PHOTOCOPIES of their passports! I provided the number and photo of the machine, photocopies of the passports of the hijackers, their numbers, the police when I phoned them and they confirmed that he took the car without asking. Everything is just great, but........ THEY ARE NOT FOUND SO FAR!!!!!!!! I wonder how they find the thieves who do not leave the scene of photocopies of their passports?

On the subject of the expression "X**in your car" I remembered how I was an Intern at the factory. if I remember, brought bulls on the forced slaughter. Many brought and it was necessary to urgently score. Employees of slaughterhouse accelerated pace for a few days, they scored. the bulls after slaughter in addition to other foods remains a by-product of 2-nd category - a member of the beef. And somehow he was unclaimed and was going in the fridge in the production tanks, referred to by the right - cart-Chan outdoor, and in a simple - car. His shock work working as mentioned about the award and the administration to "kill two birds with one stone" has decided to give out in awards to the workers of the aforementioned unclaimed byproducts. however, since the...

Sapoznik without a brain Outsourcing office Yesterday, for instance, hacked into the server of our wonderful it office And demolished 1s fuck And where were the backups, ask any sane person. And I answer - on the same disk!!! And what became of them, with a slight hint of hope, I ask the sane people And they also blew the fuck, because they were on the same disk what about that fucking system incrementale backup, which raised Michael to the test, ask the same individual And who Michael said that we have a complete shit on your own server, I will answer the emptiness.... our Dear customer! We told you all so nicely done, could you wait a bit, now we can not charge the cartridge, because we've been hacked, killed the base 1C and demanding money. Now we'll...

[KupiBaton] Microwave-warmed up? [CloudySky] Microwave warmed, melted, molten mass turned into red-hot gas. Heating was continued and formed a small star which is rapidly burnt out and the result was the supernova. This outbreak has damaged the internal walls of the external microwave. Then there was a lot of unknown processes inside the oven was a whole universe that somehow transformed into a homogeneous mass, and that in turn exploded! the explosion we see in the photo. [SuperDron] For us, this universe has existed for 1 sec, but they have there time was otherwise spent 1,557 billion years. What if... we, too, in the universe, resulting in a joke of some baboba?