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Aaa: the best hairstylist who I was shorn on the head was such that I believed in the parable of the shoemaker without shoes. bbb: Oh right. If he's the best, who will entrust themselves to cut? Yes, and not everyone will agree) ccc: Just once people. I understood them, when six years old wrote to clients summary in the languages from time to time. And then took my resume... And I don't! Had the night to rewrite a CV 10 years ago.

Winter went skiing in the Alps, but since the finances were bad, the route was strange: SPb-Helsinki-Amsterdam-Innsbruck. we Pass the border with Finland, the impassive guards: - Where are you going? In Helsinki. - In Helsinki, why? - the Plane from there. - Fly where? - In Amsterdam. - In Amsterdam why? - ski ride! Amsterdam, the famous ski resort!

Brought me to the site of the base patents of the USSR, I read about a patent on a molding form: "the Aim of the invention is the reduction of metal form, by eliminating intermediate elements - plates pushing. Fig." the Stupor 5 seconds and then eyes got to the "Fig. 1 shows a form in the closed position..."

Came home on leave from the army. Wandered to the market, bought yourself a nice backpack, are all so pleased with, rejoice. In the form that is important. there is just such a canadian wholesaler lady breeds. Well, I woke up a civic consciousness, fit and begin to shame him. And he tells me that a decent job in the city and generally consider my situation. Say, does not matter, now we will look into it, in my calculation of the people is not enough, you have to some military assigned? according to the speed of extinction, he needs to be all the same intelligence to offer...

Yesterday, the nearby, or rather, in the Altai, was an earthquake. One of the comments. in the 91 in Novosibirsk has been feeling pretty strong aftershocks. This is when everyone got really scared. The next day at work, I inadvertently conducted a social investigation. All women, talking about the earthquake, said what they were doing at this point: cooked, cleaned, did the Laundry, did the lessons, set the table or clearing the table, washing the dishes, etc. and ALL the men in the story started the same way: "I was just laying on the couch..."

Vadimkads: I'm on my first comp was a child and decided to copy a couple of games(GTA 3, C&C, etc.) on a floppy disk to a friend to play around. Took from the desktop shortcuts of the games and throwing on a floppy disk, even was surprised that they all fit in there, then checked that they are run and all the rules. What was my surprise when a friend said that he did not start. darth_biomech: I was a little smarter. I knew the shortcuts - it just links to the games. So I have saved to floppy actually "games". Climbed as much as 16 ekzeshnika. Everything else in the folder was, no doubt, just useless junk left after installation.

In the first year our entire company was still living with my parents and Ann became the owner of separate homes - her mother already died a long time ago, and dad married and moved to live with my stepmother (on the next street, but still). She often gathered the company, always somebody was staying, in General, the house was a thoroughfare. One day our friend Valerie, who lived with the girl, this girl had a fight and a couple of days until you find a new apartment, hanging from Ani. He came with the minimum of things, among which was "decent" pants for hikes in the examinations and interviews, and when they left, left a bag with the words "pick". And it's been two months. Valera calls with a question - like, something I do pants can not be found, an...

It is eclecticism at its best. My old friend Valerie called our fair city Barn tower. Like. Center all, the barn, tower barn, again, tower, barn, landfill, Park and Museum. Opposite is a wooden shack with a toilet in the yard and views of settled 10 years ago a quarter left to himself.

In black-black house, black-a black room for a black-black Desk sits a black-black refueling laser cartridges, and his black-black hand on a black-black shawl as black gnats. And for the black black someone black-the black voice says black is black "cheers, Fyodor".

Work in the auto parts store. My Desk is by the window, the Windows overlook the Park in front of the office. there Comes another customer, we start to order and he dictates the necessary items: "Pads, discs, oil, etc..." Suddenly outside the window you hear a thud and the sound of something crashed. Outside the window, handing back the unfolding Gazelka moved into one of the parked cars. the Client turns his head, looking out the window 5 seconds, and a light, casual voice continues: "... and the left headlight"

Stories about mistakes reminded me of a few years ago I was with a friend in Italy. And so in the morning we Wake up from a phone call. We have a slight confusion, because it is unclear who we all can call to the hotel? I pick up the phone and say, "si." In response, I, of course, also in Italian, give the whole tirade, where I heard the word "Senora." The only thing I could say was "But Signora, signorina". I kept saying, to which I proudly replied "IO but parlo Italiano" (I don't speak Italian) and hung up. Ask a friend: "I Wonder why I said "si" when you don't know Italian?" She's after a laugh, said, "Nothing important you said - not married")

Advise on the phone friend on the subject of install maps to the Navigator, through the computer. After 15 minutes of unsuccessfully trying to "click on" tell him - Witek , including logic. the five-second hang-up with the pant into the phone, then answer - where is this button? I - what? -Well logic, where to click?

Came into his office and VTB. Was a complete dissonance the local atmosphere. This branch of the VTB-privilege - employees particularly pathetic, and the clients sit in a trendy coat with fur. And I came all disheveled, happily banged on a chair translucent package, which could be seen a tool for cleaning pipes, gaskets and yogurt. Asked for coffee, drank it with relish, saieva candy, and began to investigate the issue of unapplied me on the map 660 rubles.

An American Friend made repairs in the apartment, and put a switch in the bathroom, American style: inside bath. Type so it will save on that the lights are off, as he enters or leaves the bathroom. I congratulated him and thought: one-time savings to log-out is 2 seconds. Minute per day 6 hours per year. When the power lamp 18h5=90 W and a rate of 5. 38 annual savings will amount to 2 rubles and 90 kopecks. a work Fee for the transfer switch - 800 rubles. Never seen him so oherevshih.

Prager: How would you explain... These integrators... Offers to save to make the broom and the scoop on one handle. bass player: This type of branching with the hinge? Prager: No! It is at one end of the broom, the other the scoop! bass player: ))) Prager: Say: "Awesome marketing! Give me two!" - don't get it. "On the contrary, it will be a single integrated solution." bass player: Gunsmiths are so fond of doing. Proper: To the question "do you know how to use this?" answer "Oh, Yes. The problem is clear(!), then you can make the split handle on a chain." bass player: ROFL Wait, I NEED to SKETCH! Prager: Dude, that was the allusion. bass player: To hell with allusions! THE MAID ARMED WITH A NUNCHAKU FROM A BROOM! PEOPLE MARKED ANY! I want to see this anime!