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Dialogue in the chat room: - I was offended and said to me again baby will not leave. - what? - Well, come, oleska, with his kid. Somewhere she had for a while. Asked to keep one eye over Chad, and at that time I was engaged in audit panels - a lot of small 3V battery that is half dead. - So boring Chad asks, can I help you? I without a second thought - Go ahead. Show you how to change the batteries and give a bunch of consoles the kid. okay, it does, carefully, well, and batteries piles - Well, I say put them at least balenkou or something and show you how! And not vpopad, just bear in mind to take hold of the hem and the top of the tower will electrocute himself. - Well Chad is in spirit. Folds of bashenki. A couple of times and still gets bit and starts...

Now went the paper from the table to throw out. And in our office there are two baskets for special papers - the usual for recycling and confidential paper from where you first go in the shredder. And I therefore bear paper are going to throw in the basket for my sensitive bundle of paper - and I see there is a sheet with a painted fish (that I can see the paper there is a question about privacy per se, I know). Apparently someone's child came to the office in the afternoon and had printed some drawings in the coloring. in Short, this campaign confidential fish.

GrieverGraver> Hello, buddy! how are you, How's the wife? you Know, I came to tell you that you're awesome, just top! by the Way, it seems to me that we have fallen prodakshen, it's just my personal opinion, you know? In this regard, what do you think about how to roll back your last changes? There everything was perfect, your style is made not to stage a ballet on my back! But anyway, think, please, that you could improve. I in no case do not put pressure on you, that's your choice. now I've got to run, buddy. you Need time to sell the company's shares, while habré wrote about our latest update. Please think about what I told you! good Luck, buddy! justhabrauser> "And yet, my friend, I have two exciting news! As a young, dynamically developing you might...

Recently rode in the bus with students from our Institute of communication. The boys discussed the burning topic: the slope from the army. Their conversation was worthy of the pen of Hasek. - He wrote it there such councils have slapped... to Develop flat feet, exercises special, half an hour each day... - He in cirrhosis has developed, liver planted on purpose. She then recovered, but so far recovered, the age of conscription-that is all. - And you can still surgery, vision correction... - Well, then, so why waste time on trifles: it is possible a death certificate to buy. To buy and they send... - No, to buy and to carry!

N - heads Head. T - head of the technical Department. Strict company where once again to raise his 5th point to smoke is not welcome and is actively punished, if beyond reasonable limits. N - Bloody funny! Who did this? T mean?! N - and What genius came up with that!? T - don't know what you are? N - we Have at the reception, sitting girl, she's not a straight 5 star in my forehead, but not for this it took. So - the day before her equipment changed, put a new table. So? T - well, Yes, with your approval. What's the problem? N - And that when it comes from the place a girl, at full volume, screaming the phrase USB device is disconnected. T - so maybe it is something hurts when he lifts his? Oh, Yes, I thought so too. But it's repeated 20 or 30 times a day...

Happened here the other day it's funny/strange. Calling the engineer, two monitors simultaneously began to porosity. Came really Polsat. Hooked the monitor to another computer in the next room, everything is fine bands there. Brought the monitor back polecat. Hooked up a monitor from another computer from the next room, polecat. I decided that something with a computer. Replaced the system unit, still polisat. Checked the cord, tried different ways to connect polecat. Brought from a warehouse another system unit, polecat. Raspokoval has a new monitor out of the box, also strip. Here ingenet issues that arrived only in the morning and evening when it is dark outside, and when the sun shines then the rules. Then it dawned on me, turned off the lights in the...