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That all Soviet childhood was hard. I'm 5 years old and went to kindergarten himself, on his neck hung a key, parents to work, child blow into the garden. Once bought me a toy KAMAZ, with a folding body and all a dream. I volunteered to take him to day care, the nurse to avoid the fuckup precious toy after the scandal takes her with him to work. To work in PMK-224 mezhkolkhozstroy. I never pictured myself in the garden without this KAMAZ. And instead of the kindergarten staged a hike for me legally owned the truck to the middle of nowhere, where were megahoster. Through the noise and dust of the wheels, I'm a little pass, not to say surprised mother, I was thrown to the ZIL and I rush to the garden for Breakfast even managed

Congregatio: I had a classmate who read it really liked. She was reading something, but rarely and reluctantly. School assignments for liter is also done through the stump-deck set maximum reading in the anthology, essays or wrote off or wrote to let go... But Vim read the whole thing. Suffered, mentally screaming, but I read. The reason - she wanted to know what Natasha with Lieutenant Rzhevsky was actually. Well, jokes that is, but I want to know where they went. And here it is finished. And realized that no Lieutenant in the Vim no. At that time, it was, in my opinion, the biggest bummer in her life :)

The day before Yesterday was the heat. What heat hot! Sister works in Moscow. At work they have two condos. Came from work and says that drove them to the fullest. In the break she went to a small nearby shop for cigarettes. And shop condo, seen, broke. After baking on the street you come into unbearable dushkino. The saleswoman seems to uzh3 cook. Began to calculate on the calculator, how much are the two packs. Sister paid and went to the door. At the door she looked at his hand and found that holding a calculator. Looked back. The clerk carefully put the cigarettes to the place where he lay calculator... Hot!

At the time of repair was shooting a neighbor's apartment where a long time nobody lived in safe and sound attended the furniture and the atmosphere of the Soviet Union. came To me to take the baby and walked across the room, to see what he never saw. - what is this ? he asked about the Soviet radio the size of a large TV, that I myself, at 35, have only seen my grandmother in childhood. Radio , ' I replied easily. RADIO? and only when he turned to me stunned and numbed face, I realized the scale of what happened in his head :))

Of the series "how rumors are born". I have a relative, a man under fifty dollars. As a student (i.e. in 1994) due to resemblance with a wanted citizen for a few hours landed in jail. Then he understood, apologized, released. Don't know how many laps was this story and through whom, but I once in a frightened whisper told a secret that "uncle Sasha in the '90s did". The joke is that I'm old 90s more or less remember and uncle were there for a long time not disappearing, but as it sounds!

Luhrasp: I Wonder if there is a special mobile application for survival in the post-Apocalypse? Well, like press a special button, and it in the answer introduces the phone into power saving mode and starts to give advice. For example, "the first thing nagrab in the store salt, water and matches." "Of jackets and fur-tree branches it's easy to make a tent, that scheme". "By law the army must regain control over the territory within two weeks. If the alarm goes off, and no army - civilization has fallen, begin to gather the gang." "the Following mushrooms and berries are poisonous." "Attack on a neighboring tribe, kill their men and pull the batteries from the phones, your mobile need master charge".

By the Way, I too in the childhood was afraid that the paint in Paint can end and is also wanted is a caret before the game about racing car, but the trash was about 10 years ago when I first began to use Skype on the voltage already stood out in a cold sweat during correspondence, so I was sure that I print the text is visible on the side, and even had to first type the sentence in Notepad, and then paste in the place where you moved the pen if I wanted to hide the process of writing in case of spelling or stylistic errors.

In California there's a town called "Cats". That is, it is in Spanish called Los Gatos. Must be nice to live in a city with the same name. I learned about Los Gatos from LinkedIn - in this city, is now living one of my colleagues. in the Samara region there is a district called "Cats." In the area of Koshkinskiy. The legends say that one state official by the name of the cat only on the fourth or fifth attempt succeeded on the phone to explain to the local administration, who he is and what he wants. Before that, the dialogue was the same: - Hello, Cat? - Yes. - Is the cat bothering you... beeps.

Ran Out of space on the screw. Started to tidy up, clearing "blockages", demolishing of obsolete instalki and other garbage data and simultaneously arranging the folders and reducing the amount invested. And for some reason remembered: "... Watson, understand that the human brain is an empty attic, you can stuff with anything. A fool does: pulling back the necessary and unnecessary. And finally there comes a time when even the most basic thing there is not zapihnesh. Or it is hidden so far that it will not get. I do it differently: in my attic - I just needed tools. A lot of them, but they are in perfect order and always at hand. A clutter I don't need".

Got me Hooked on the movie about mice (volatile). save them from everywhere, treated, and then released into the wild. if they are small, they are kept until they grow up and become stronger, and in every way taken care of like children - give them soft toys (to grasp, they are very Huachuca) and even nipples (pacifier in the mouth, they become less katusime and let go of the person). in General, they are nice and sweet, squeaky, furry, and with eyes that cat from Shrek nervously Smoking and crying. comment under one of the spots where trying to get to sleep one still very young mouse: "but I don't want to go to bed, I'm a creature of the Night!"

I'm afraid of that woman... Night. Darkness. Concert of mosquitoes, snowed out of the fumigator and on this occasion arranged a disco. Our nervous applause between attempts, finally sleep. Suddenly the wife is undermined and runs to the bathroom. In the confusion following her, wondering why the sudden run. She, with big eyes: "I'm a mosquito caught... TWO fingers - shows a bloody mess on the aforesaid fingers and my incredulous look (in the dark? with two fingers??O_o ) adds - Then there's even handles them left... or feet... Hmm, I do not understand in mosquito picking!"

Den Stranger: And again, my favorite BDSM public. Recently there appeared a new hobby, to put pictures of the after process. Simply put the red flogged ass, legs and arms with traces of ropes, the bruises on the body from all sorts of physical activities partner. Another girl posts a picture of his ass with a bunch of scars. The commentators begin to wonder how exactly the device brought her to this state. Active discussion, gradually turning into a mess. And then suddenly reappears mistress pictures and interrupted him at the most interesting phrase: "I just fell of the bike"!

Worked in enough krupnoi public enterprises, which had including the civil defense headquarters. One day in the spring the staff decided to arrange a demonstration presentation of a new equipment for evacuation from the upper floors in case of fire. And with us (the press service) discussed how to do it better. And then it turned out that the question of who it is significant to evacuate, it is not necessary - all the polls, the press service personnel suggested his boss. And those members of staff GO who had communication with him, supported... That's all there is to know about this man.

My friend Andrei in his youth, when socialism (given in the army and socialism - two twin brother) held an internship at the FIAN. Thought computer space nuclear reactor. Then there displays (the printer) such listings was (print simply) paper, with perforations across which the stack of folded, zig-zag. Andryukha they were stacked well in the big wardrobe, which was sealed at the end of the day. the Stack was healthy, waist-high. According to the diploma of fellow of the 1st division demanded information to destroy and to write a report about how much information, how and under what circumstances destroyed. In the courtyard of the Institute was supplied metal barrel and in the presence of that officer Andrei brought the listings, from piles of torn and...

Chairman Miao: last night was in a beam past the cemetery, and there the other day Vodokanal changed some pipes and of the pipes passes through the outskirts of the cemetery. To our good people have not separated pipe, police car, stands out. But we realized it with the child later, but for the first time in almost ohreneli from the Hollywood frame crosses, monuments, next to them the mountain dug-up earth, the flashing lights police flashing, and climb out of the pits covered the ground hunched figure. Aceluiasi here. Lina: the Dead with braids standing. Version 2020.