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Father-in-law is constantly looking at youtube transmission type Ren (the secret and nepoznan!) and broadcast it to the world. One day I took his phone and blocked all of these channels, then polical simple reading like Qwerty, SciOne, Science 2.0, lectures Drobyshevsky, Chernihiv. Added to the heap channels about space, Aplha Centauri, and like all DIY (Garage 54, Kreosan). after six months, the views of people began to change drastically! He began to operate with concepts "unscientific" and "unproven", have stopped looking for aliens, interested in the advances in AI. The other person was right! Now going to do the same with his political views :)

Alex95008: you do Not know how to correctly deal with the choice of furniture. I have friends a month in the living room table selected. To choose the right customers to feel comfortable to sit down-to stand up to from the kitchen Irakly (crossed out) and of course I will submit it to the patio elegantly out with a glass, a cigar and a companion... Special design I bought! the Table - pricey (more expensive than all my cars), the order was made, the monolith is made of fine... In General, a month to choose and order. And when a month later they made a table and brought back, it turned out that he is in living room not included. No doors not included, nor through the Windows - not at all! In General, a few years stood in the garage... maybe now there is.

MOXHATKA: Who intervened in the code and why is it getting bad? MOXHATKA: Usability were neostrada. MOXHATKA: AND where is the staff? What happened to the owner of a brown belt Ramil for example, why isn't he pissed? leave: Monsieur, do not take the trouble to Express their thoughts in Russian. Who stood on whom? MOXHATKA: You do not think of Monsieur a few vulgar? leave: You pofludit came or a real problem? MOXHATKA: Seneschal, why do you answer a question with a question? leave: Okay, bye. Wait back through the next three years. MOXHATKA blocked by moderator leave for a reason: 4.3, 4.7 sluggard: What was it? O_o Ramil: It was a Beaver. Ramil: wow, three years have already passed.

Congregatio: the Founder of Microsoft, billionaire bill gates commented on the popular conspiracy theory that he intends to microchipping people under the guise of vaccination from COVID-19. In an interview with "bi-Bi-si" he has declared that such "rumors and unscientific statements" lead to the incitement of hatred between people. "When ultimately we will have a vaccine, we will need to achieve the formation of group immunity to about 80% of the population was vaccinated. But if they think that it is a Scam, or that vaccines are harmful and people don't want vaccination, then the disease will continue to kill people. So I'm a little concerned that all those crazy ideas" congregatio: that's what political correctness! "A little concerned about the...

Aaa: six Months ago, went to the Bank and had to wait their turn in the cashier. Comes to an angry woman: "bring me the head of the office! Today I called the scammers pretended to be a Bank security service, well it is!" I smile to myself: "Ha, they called me too." On the bench with me sits an old woman and tells the woman: "And they call me regularly." Leaves the boss, coming to the woman, "You can't imagine, you today 14, who reports about such calls. They even call our employees while working." aaa: Soon there will be people who they haven't called :)

Fff: Advanced about the mosquitoes. He served in the Arctic. Shipped once the gravel with shovels and there was a lot of mosquitoes, which greatly accelerated the process. Loaded, tired, standing, resting, or rather trying to, constantly drives away mosquitoes. Well, I pulled the jacket on all exposed parts and then saw that a mosquito sitting on the sleeve, SCREWED, BITCH ! CLOCKWISE !!! O_o That's when we realized that we needed to skedaddle out of there and the sooner the better. A little better in motion, it's harder for them to catch on (if walking actively to do "the go-ahead hands"). And the ensign, on which territory this "bioweapon" and divorced (and it was near the fuel depot), then we clean the area with gasoline and a lighter, but that's another...

Xx: Yes, a lot of unpredictable waiting for me in 2020. But, if someone a couple of years ago told me that on the morning of 14 June 2020 I Wake up in the town of Urla in Turkey, take stationery scissors and looking two or three video on the web, for the first time, gets a haircut man, because in the world of the pandemic and to go to the hairdresser dangerous, I would be very surprised of such a totality of the circumstances. That is honestly very hard. Xy: my wife cuts since the beginning of isolation. Nice cuts. Extra importantly what not to blurt out... Well, not screwing up at least a couple of days before the haircut...

Vedun Dmitry: I also Have in my life several times, when it seems "seconds frozen dragonfly in amber". Most memorable moment is when in the army in the competitions, the weight broke free from the hands (quite by accident! palm is sweating, with talc in the army as something quite the deficit was) and flew to the jury, which consisted entirely of men with big stars on their epaulettes. The weight froze in the air, and I for a moment imagined like bumped off a couple of colonels, like me, judged, sentenced, wire, bars, long road, prison, long life, broken life... But gravity won, and the weight crashed to the table of the jury. Nadezhda Popova: Imagine that during this time flashed in the minds of the jury... Vedun Dmitry: not so! There are seasoned people...

Still touches me how the most services and technical supports. the Situation: the IP camera has stopped connect to the cloud service. Call tech support, they say that there is no communication with the cloud. I suggest to reset the camera to factory settings and configure it from scratch. Say to them that with the camera everything is in order, it is normally loaded, it is possible to connect directly via IP address and it perfectly captures the rtsp stream. The problem is that she can't connect with your cloud servers, although the Internet is working fine, without any restrictions. After my words, I already said that there are indeed technical problems with the company and they have engaged technical experts, the estimated time to solve the problem...

Den Stranger: a Little bit of paradox. A year ago I bought a disposable razor. Of those that usually hang at the checkout. Bought with the expectation to use a couple of times and throw away, and there will be money and I can buy a normal. In the end, I was in shock. I don't know of any Mithril or adamantium his blades forged of an unknown to me, the blacksmith. Maybe it was the personal machine of Sauron, the hobbits steal from the ruins of Barad Stupid. Or on the contrary, he was supposed to glow when orcs are close. In any case, I spent a year shaving and he seemed to become only more acute. But alas, apparently the magic ended and the machine had to be thrown away. Well, since I liked this kind of long work, we decided to splurge and bought myself a...

Sangria: in my new room the other day. first, it was found that silent on other surfaces the cat in the laminate moves smoothly and pounding his claws with the sound of human steps. second, to do dark walls and a triangular ceiling in the attic is evil. There is accumulating shadows, thick as the human figure. third, when past the house going car, the shadows still moving. fourth, the mother wanted to put in a particularly dark corner of the room and a shadow on draught threateningly moves his hands. in Short, soon I materialize this demon by the power of thought and he will eat me.

My brain is able to rationalize dreams. Today, for example, the phrase "twelve of the Roman Caesars" was turned into "the twelve Roman Cerberus". I must say that words, even in sleep, my brain litters often and a lot. But today, he decided that the phrase needs something to fit, and gave her the picture - something like a K-9 unit in the Roman. That is, are twelve ranks of legionaries in armor, helmets, shields and so on, and at the feet of each sits on the Cerberus is not very large, with a shepherd. One head looking straight forward, strictly to the left of the second, the third is strictly to the right. In all the faces - the expression of concentration and willingness to serve Rome.

"New development can be one of the functions of PlayStation 5. The patent, which was discovered in the database edition Gaming Intel describes the system based on AI, which adapts the background music to the game scenarios, taking into account the emotional state of the player" congregtio: just imagine: you come home tired, have dinner, before going to bed decide to drive to the toy that statuses passed and know every stone, use it for a long time is "relax"... Sitting so relaxed and limp under the piano "lull" cut someone to the cabbage. Not psychedelia, but still great.

Leomargaritych: Still infuriated measurer, which, though called and I paid I talked with my husband. And when I refused some of his proposals for the slopes, he ran into the other room "and you know she?!" I would now for such threw out, and then something juicy was in such disbelief that survived to the end of the measurements. vera_malvero: We one time wanted to change the apartment, the realtor picked up a few options, it's not the last option came to watch, he says: "go Up on the 13th floor..." And it was not above the fifth, I can't stand heights. I ask: "Why did we come here if there was an agreement?" He said: "You going to watch?" Me: "No, I can't live at this altitude". He turns to her husband: "Well, you going to watch?" Here we prifigel, sorry...

Still, the Post of Russia is a heading "tricks of our small town". About a week ago the postman brought me a notice on the parcel. Someone else. From all of the address matches only the apartment number, the street and the other house, and do not close. Laid out on top of the mailboxes (we have assumed there to put all unnecessary correspondence), two days gone, but yesterday was back in my drawer! Could not resist, found in the regional group of the recipient (the name is rare, he's the only one), he wrote about this story. He immediately replied that in six months I moved to the other side of Moscow, left on mail the application with a request to forward to the new address, and from the group stupidly forgot to get off.