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When I was little, I thought that the parents are smart, and I just don't know the whole story. so if they did some kind of game, I thought it was I'm stupid and don't know something. now I am 35. I have a 5 years old child. I'm 15 years lived separately from parents in a hostel, and from 17 years of living on the pickup itself. bringing the grandson and mom for the summer too the game which she is doing. until I suddenly realized that I was raised 20th lapwing, which is difficult to fried eggs for months not been cleaned, but masterfully sawed my nails and surrounding the brain. so his TP and jasmati. and I grew up without thanking, and contrary. learned myself to cook and wash, 5, and 7 could go across town to the pharmacy. how did I survive?

Once I got into the habit to call city sewers, looking for a certain woman, which in this apartment is not and never was (the apartment I inherited from my grandmother, and she, in turn, got from the plant immediately after construction of the house, so direct certainly was not). On the advice of a lawyer friend wrote to the service email in courtly terms that mention the key words "law on personal data protection" and "prosecution". And the next day the calls stopped! And a year later found this letter in the unsent drafts (whether the Internet is having a brain fart, or I'm the wrong button). Apparently, these magic words even so work! Next time I think not to waste time on a letter, but simply to pronounce them aloud.

Who does not remember how it was in the late Soviet Union - so as I recall. Imagine that I went "to the North", for the "big money". And returned, earning very serious money. For a couple of watches I earned a lot of money that could buy a car... But I can't. Because the machines turn. For a few years. I could buy a house... But I can't, they are not sold, they can only get from the state. Through. For several years, if not decades. I could buy your house with quality furniture, bathroom equipment, to make repairs... But I can't, the furniture is sold only such curve that scary to watch, and for the normal... that's Right, the queue for several years. With the plumbing in General even cry, and even the Wallpaper in the store the only ones that no one takes,...

Interestingly, while app developers "Social monitoring" (set in the control treatment coronavirus at home. If the patient leaves the house, its fine) have foreseen the death of the user? Imagine the situation, the patient dies and the application keeps asking for a selfie. Relatives fuss around the body, and the deceased spilling sms with penalties. They raise his eyelids and take photos to avoid the fine. The person is buried, he changes the location, the app tracks that he is outside the home and continued to send fines to the light. To challenge the plaintiff shall rise and come to the court... That "2020" (a novel based on real events).

Long picked up the water heater to the cottage to replace the dead. Choosing the parameters such as power, volume, width/depth, etc. Bought. Brought. Picked up from apartments in the city all instruments. Arrived at the cottage, turned off the water. Pre-hung a bathroom Cabinet a little farther from the heater (new Shire), disconnect the hoses from the old heater and merged with the water, removed the old heater. Unpacked new. I sat down to drink coffee, passion for the Internet. Decided to measure where to install the new mounts. And then SUDDENLY it turned out that the new heater is not suitable for height under specially welded thick iron rack. Sitting, drinking beer. Hard to us, moron.

Red_Herring: judging by my experience, the coronavirus is deadly to elderly Chinese men who have grandchildren a bad student. Indeed, despite the fact that at the end of April in Toronto, mortality was not higher than 100/million, and I have two classes OK with 500 students, how many of them had to lose your beloved grandfather, who died of coronavirus? According to TV, MB. one, and it is certainly not more than two. But of those 20 students who miserably fell at the end of the semester, about 5 sent me emails with a request to show kindness, because they could not study well as was frustrated in view of the above unfortunate circumstances. Characteristically all of these students were Chinese (residents of Canada or students on a visa) and no one wrote...

My Husband went to play with children, they raged and fought with pillows. I stood on the balcony and looked into the distance. At this point, daughter decided to do a somersault jump, and landed on the floor with his forehead. I heard hysterical shouting: "AAAAAAA!!!" Flew into the room, I see: scared husband, a freaking son screaming Kate, lump growing on his forehead. I grabbed my daughter on the handles, attached to the forehead frozen dumplings, began to calm cradling. Katya screamed, a slight tone. - I guess she's in pain, sadly I said. - Probably, it because of the dumplings can not see the cartoons, - said the husband. I removed the dumplings, and the daughter absolutely having calmed down, I was happy to see a cartoon. And then said if she could...

Had to undergo a medical examination for a new job before the New year. Filling the last card the young sister sighed heavily. Music was heard in the next room, the staff were rehearsing a Christmas song. A merry song was sung a very sad voice. The nurse sighed with anguish. "The salary was not given before the New year. Said just after the Christmas holidays." I sympathized as best he could. Got my documents and left this Vale of tears as soon as possible. When applying for a new job no one noticed that instead of "Engineer of automated control systems" was given as "Engineer fragranced management systems."

Suffer from bezdel in isolation, you say? Learn from our smaller brothers! The neighbors kot. In the years to come. And whether because of age or other reasons - the Troll rare Somewhere next door got a dog. Some kind of Terrier, I have not Copenhagen. The whole square, the muzzle moustache and a beard. Dumb as Lestrade. Hates cats. Now oil painting. Dog lead home. The cat sits on the balcony (2nd floor). The dog is barking the cat. Cat makes MEOW. Loud and once. And quietly licks part of ourselves. Dog gone home. The cat looks around, makes kapets what to AUBLET loud!!! on the whole yard. From above you hear barking. The cat sits. Silent. The dog gets tired. Cat makes MAHAMATI!!! and he looks up. A new piece of bark. The cat is out (probably to eat). Dog...

Ani: so, how was your walk? Sefa: Yes, as you say... Like, we're done. Ani: kaaak this? You and Sergey, even before sex is not reached, Yes? Sefa: came, an ' reached. The fact of the matter. Imagine: the two of us, the thing to bed, and then he pulls out his device. I never saw it. Well, I blurted out, damn, ass curve, as the hilt of count Dooku. Ani: *rolf* *rolf* *rolf* Sefa: Because they say that similar over. Not very flattering comments, but as a fan of STAR he appreciated that I know who Dooku *facepalm*

Was Prepared by impregnation for cake. It is brewed from water, lemon juice, honey and more of all the little things. In General, it turns out a large amount of a rather thick syrup, which should be allowed to cool to room temperature. Because home intense shedding large dog and hair flying, a pot of syrup I cover. two Hours later hear that her husband repurchase in the kitchen, ask to see how the syrup. Hear the answer: -He's been locked in! it Turned out just the cover stuck to the pan (the question is solved with a knife and some mothers), but as it sounded!

V: And I then came up with the correct analogy about Vim V: It's so short: you sit in the car, and there is a steering wheel and pedals worth BAYAN V: And each button means something like: - forward 100 m - 1 km - go to the nearest traffic light - forward to the police to overtake ahead going car, V: And when you sit down, doors are locked and must also click a sequence of buttons on the accordion to get V: But if in motion accidentally press esc and exit of traffic instead of moving forward, the car goes V: And accordingly is pumped accordionists who travel the roads, playing melody. Fast, efficient ride

AAAA: As the contract oil may cost minus $40. Simple explanation. Imagine that the wife is going to go on a business trip, and my husband orders the girl with "low social responsibility" for $50, which will come after 15 days. It's called a futures contract. Suddenly, from behind the quarantine canceled all flights, and the wife stays at home in the next 60 days. Husband is trying to get rid of the obligation to take the girl and tries extra it to someone to resell. But due to quarantine all husbands are in a similar situation (storage in Cushing is overflowing). worse, the "pimp" (Chicago Mercantile exchange) could not accept the girl back, because all the rooms are occupied. Husband forced to pay anyone $40 just to get rid of such asset (obligation to...

Every day my wife and include the records of transfers morning exercises on Soviet radio and under since childhood, the familiar piano chords start to March. By the way, do you know what exercise is the Soviet charge was the most difficult? Walking on the spot. Because you need to have to that extent a defective sense of rhythm that is easy to adapt to the ever-changing pace of walking. Remember the "sport" joke about "Attention... To the start... And now poobeshali!"? Here is about the same. Energetic male voice happily says, "Step... Arsh!" (no, not German!), and when you're ready to stamp with your left foot, languid accompanist takes a long trill, and you're hanging out on the right foot in the pose of the leaning tower of Pisa. And when, finally, you...

Dtf "In the Faroe Islands launched a remote tourism is everybody can control the locals, like" Daniel the bear candles: the Plot for the anime: the student gets a part time job that controlled helmet camera. "Player" makes her walk to the most beautiful and romantic place. After some time, peripheral vision, she notices a young man who always goes to her right staring at the smartphone. Suddenly she realizes that it's her classmate with whom she refused to go out on a date. And after a moment realizes that she's now on a date with him... And then it turns out that she's a tsundere... Gregory Steklenev: I'm Sorry, brother, I will steal your idea. Alexander Lisovoy: Not brother and brother!