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In the far-distant century, when tea bags only appeared in Immense, no one knew how to use them. Father flew to Moscow by plane and they were given these bags. Father twisted spit- what to do? Sat next to the man and did nothing. Dad spat, tore up the packet and poured in the mug. Then long to spit out tea leaves. Just then a neighbor dropped his bag on the thread. dad flies back – the same situation: the neighbor turns the bag. Dad waited until the neighbor will tear it up and then proudly dropped for thread your.

After a game of chess concluded for life: 1. We must not forget about the ultimate goal of the game for political intrigue tightens and the change figures, you can forget that actually we just had to kill the king. 2. Even your pawns can interfere, and the case of the ugly history, when it is necessary to substitute a blow to free up space. Who said that life otherwise? 3. It is not necessary to meet the Padawan simply because of the type learn to play. It will not prevent him taking advantage of the lessons to the detriment of the mentor. Oh. 4. You should pay more attention to your own surroundings when victory is at hand. The anticipation of relaxing. 5. The teacher is considered good when the student surpasses him. I am a great teacher, yeah) 6. After...

Roman: I Want the same Gothic Park. Direct want to live in this, in some castle. Never take guests to wear black and red and have a pale appearance. And at night to play on the organ of Bach all around Joseph: Then you need a name change Waldemar Or modest Roman: to anything. House me ugly Butler and eternally frightened maid will be called simply "master", and on the street I'll be appearing only at night in my Park. Joseph: Neglected Park Very important you And every night you'll bring fresh flowers to the crypt of his late wife Roman: No, my dead wife will return every night from the tomb and ask "Where the fuck is flowers?! That chick day come?!"

Post in FB: "Imagine if You got married/got married aged the last two digits of Your phone. How much would it be?" Comments: the Roman Solecki: Yes what are you doing, people? You stupidly write off in relation to the social network not to pay to FB for this service. Sitting digital Agency, is developing a series of stupid tests that mathematically restore the full number. Then there will be a test put the last two digits with the number in front of them and see how long you will live. :-) Julia Vin: persecution complex? the Roman Solecki - Julia Vin: No, work in marketing.

Opennet, "Leak BGP routes in the Rostelecom led to the violation of connectivity of the largest networks" Such incidents occur in the global Network regularly and will continue until will not be universally implemented methods of authentication BGP announcements based on RPKI (Origin Validation for BGP) to allow reception of announcements only from the owners of the network. Without authorization, any operator can announce a subnet with fictitious information about the length of the route and to initiate a transit of through traffic from other systems that do not implement filtering announcements. Anonymous (1): I've been wondering how it was possible to manage to build a GLOBAL network without authorization? Anonymous (2): Because everything is kept on the...

MI: Distinguished service ! I want to remind you that we have a dress code in the company and in the jacket (cap) must be allowed behind the counter ! For violation of these rules, NNP 500. BA: IN connection with corona-virus come to the store in clothes, make repairs on the claim that would once again not to dirty clothes with your hands and minimizing possible contact with your hands. And it's all the way at world organization of Zdravoohranenia and CPS tudazhe. I even book visits did not sign the report only through telephone. Bank your health and your loved ones! PA: well Done, but NNP 500₽ still will).

In studdy had a summer job in the photo Studio: passport photo, processed in photoshop, postcards, business cards and more. And here comes once a youngster like this, you know, "evening in the hut". Said that passport photos need. Well, I mean, take a picture, process, cadrieu, and this popovaca standing beside and watching. By the way, he came in a sweatshirt abibas, and I decided it pattern suit with a tie top to impose. Well, passport photo, after all. Figl. He saw, so once lamented, "In the clear, brother, from the soul right, I will fuck the shit!" Then he printed out his pictures – he is almost in tears, said that jacket with the tie he never had, and now even the photo in the passport :))

Alternative scenario one Kina. A demon possesses a girl and starts to vandalize. But! Girl horoshimi surrounded by meaningful adults. Beat a classmate? School psychologist spends with the girl, careful and serious work, with wisdom and patience. The demon begins to swear. But parents believe that it's her age. The demon is trying to do mastopatia - parents tell the girl about sex drive and put an educational film. The demon begins to eat the girl diagnosed with bulimia and treated with great love and patience. All this is accompanied, of course, sessions at a child psychologist (very nice!) a hug, "we still love you", etc. end of the demon sucks the vanilla and devil's curses from the girls he dumps. And sent to his Master to tell him that with him, it...

Octoberberry: Daughter is in kindergarten, a medical examination and quarantine. Doll Catherine fell ill and was recovering in the hospital, poor thing. Treat cegiela, Codelco and Omni... in General that advertise on TV. Daughter was filled with games, dolls, finally paid off 9 dolls and house. gatto_cattivo: Our daughter collects all the dolls and bears in one place, closes them and says that because of the coronavirus, they can't go outside) And sick bears are in the hospital with pneumonia. o_gandzya: my woodpecker (LEGO) died from the coronavirus, but not really fun :)

How does the interaction between me and my blood pressure meds, if I drink it as it should be: I (take the pill, wait) the cure (an hour and a half, souvlis and feel comfortable): I SEE HERE THAT SOMEONE does NOT SLEEP EIGHT OR MORE HOURS a DAY. me: well, yeah, but... the cure: the NEED to SLEEP EIGHT OR MORE HOURS a DAY. me: Yes it is, but... medicine: NOW AND SLEEP. I: uh, wait, I have time taschemta! well I drink in the morning. the cure: RIGHT NOW. me: stop, stop, you can't, well, agreed... the cure: FIVE. I: you mean five? the cure: FOUR. THREE. TWO. me: Oh well!... (run to the side surfaces, preferably soft and horizontal, but that's if you're lucky) the cure: ONE. SLEEP. (pulling the switch) a strong deep sound refreshing sleep without dreams...

Cherry: I understand, the Earth is the lab in the school of reptilians from Nibiru. — So, class, who are the animals survived. As always, the hands, straight. Again, only Ivanova managed to make civilization? In our class learns only Ivanov. Well, one that did not work? — I wanted to make them good, so they ate only grass. But they turned stupid and died. — I wanted to make the coolest, but they all got eaten and became extinct. — And I gave them a Paradise without predators, but they got bored and they died out ... okay, class. Next week add to your project the global epidemic.

Write texts for a small women's clothing store in the city. Have been working for more than a year. Customer – the man of 40-45 years. Absolutely adequate and humor, but a terrible nihilists. Communicate with him rarely, because from the start he set me up with an assistant and all that can be discussed with her. once again handed him the article – he accepted and asked: Alexander, in a paper we published? – Um-m-m, no, – I answered. Stop. Where are these texts going? On your website add. – do we Have a website? – Yes. – AH-HU-ET! the amount of pohuizm to which I aspire.

From the chat colleagues. A: I am a professional swimming coach and physical training.Friends. At the time of quarantine in connection with safety measures conduct training sessions in swimming remotely, for those who have a private swimming pool. To do this You need a well-charged phone and video calls with me. I also conduct training sessions for General physical training with elements of exercises swimming endurance. B: Everything is fine! Left to dig the pool. C: And build a house D: Around the pool. E: Thanks for the suggestion, /A/! SO good about us colleagues and nobody thought!

Yandex.Experts Annushka: When our school chose the final (key) song on the last call, in the 11th grade, I suggested a song from the film "guest from the future" "Beautiful far",because it is stunningly appropriate to the situation: it is sung about the unknown future, that we are waiting for something and that we should try everywhere and always to be kind and honest. A song about us because we leave childhood and enter adulthood, we have a bright (or not) future. did not support Me, but rather almost laughed:"after all, it's a nursery rhyme from the children's movie", and put on the finale of ugly and without deep meaning song. And I, unfortunately, still sad to recall it:/ Anton K.: I chose Ramstein "Du hast"?

Dtf "What happens at the end of Half-Life Alyx — and why it's only the beginning of a new history" Mike M: to be Honest after watching the ending, I experienced something that completely covers the feelings of some of my orgasms. Not that I had bad orgasms, BUT YOU FUCKING SAW IT IT's FUCKING GORDON FREEMAN FROM the outside, IT's the ENDING of EPISODE 2, THIS is FUCKING half-LIFE was WAITING to SEE at least a PIECE of THIS. Phew. In General, Yes, in 5 minutes endings Alix, I got a little more fun than a couple of years of his life. Demon59901: > I have half-LIFE were WAITING to SEE at least a PIECE of THAT so that's what the true meaning of the name