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I can Not share the beautiful series "Deliberately not think" and "day of anger". Walk in the Park. We got through the Park is vysokovoltny along her path. Go with a stroller, not bothering anyone. Across, along the other path is a woman with seemingly adequate. At the intersection he stops and says to me: - did you know that the coronavirus is the strongest radiation? And you walk under a power line! I silently walked on, impressed complete illogicality and monumentality presented. Don't know how to comment on it.

Go yesterday with my daughter (7 years old) home. She jumps, as if stung, and singing songs. We pass by the stadium school: – my Daughter, and let's run circles make it ten, you're frazzled. While at home you'll worn, rope jumping, neighbour, though break. – And I bet you two dolls that run! – well You are in school jacket, shoes heavy. Will not run. – let's see. With only one break. Okay, you're on! And she lightly runs over five laps, a moment took a breath and... On the ninth lap I was already pale, and mentally began to count half shots for bucks. On the tenth realized that I don't know something about my daughter: she's not even winded and calmly tramped home. And all this without training! From the loadings it only a school gym. I Think it is now on...

Alexander M.: were the days! In my house, door lived a man Sasha. He lived an ordinary mongrel such invisible, black-and-white and color, so this "miracle" every Saturday on their way out, was to stop mountain.DK, waited for bus No. 34 (how did she know him do not know), jumped in it and drove to the village hydropower and so over the years, and one. I asked a neighbor what it is. Turns out his wife went to the country on Friday, and this dog went there to eat, because Sasha at this time was drinking and did not prepare anything. Believe it or not, but that no one - neither the conductor nor the people did not drive. And on Monday he returned with mistress!

"In Canada, a man turned blue after taking her to her sister-tattoo artist". no, No, he was not gay. )) Everything is much better. Or worse. "the Idea to change the color of its body appeared from the man after he made himself a new tattoo. He liked the shade, and he turned to his sister, who works as tattoo artist. After that, gradually he began to be painted in a new color. The man recognized that such changes significantly increased his self-esteem". Better all the same, gay not so much. And so we immediately see that moron.

At work recruiting a group of Japanese language, where I signed up, then I went on vacation, I gave homework, and I came from vacation, jobs in it and did not do, last night before the day, I creep up with a workout home, anticipating as I am now in will be in a notebook to draw all the hiragana, but then I'm greeted vodrazka Anya: - mom, th of dont of stars to play!... - no, Anya, I can't, I'm busy. is what else?!... - I, Anya, homework to do. - WHAT? IN ADULTS IS HOMEWORK?!... - well sometimes... - MOM! WELL, HOW ABOUT THAT?!... WHY DO YOU SAY THAT?... I THOUGHT ROSE YOU'RE AN ADULT, COME HOME FROM WORK, SENT ALL...FIGS AND SIT IN THE COMP RUBIS, REST, AND THEN THERE DAAAAAAA?!...

Now called mom(50 years) . Told bike. In General, my father's laptop with yandeksovsky Alice that bot voice: "Alice, turn up the music and turn the light off in the bathroom." And they sat to watch the movie "Alice in Wonderland". Every mention of the word "Alice" bot active, tried to recognize subsequent replicas of the movie characters voice command, and to issue relevant result, accompanying a voice comment. In short, parents on film scoring, rewind to the beginning and constantly put it on pause after every pearl of "Alice". Hours to two nights pranjali. On weekend with the wife and decided to repeat. In General, the sofa pissed, lol is restored, the mood of the fire. Recommend. Hamster-the snooze 2.0

Community With women in our farm there was a case we Bought this crap of extraordinary beauty-purple translucent color, with music! the light show! iron balls inside and suction Cup. I don't know what videos we then went balls-together, and bought a demonic dance of the blue chewing. He's not exactly shaking, and these balls so twisted. Brought home to Use for its intended purpose was impossible. It was hard hell knows what, well, sang a heart-rending and sparkled in the night. T/f disco under the covers I could still carry, but in his innermost that is all-no. :AK count planted, Yes, with singing and dancing. Evicted. And the child, as expected, accidentally found, turned and flipped from a positive and music and brought us for a family dining table when...

With the toaster: good afternoon Everyone. The question seems idiotic, but for personal peace of mind, I wanted to ask you. late last night, instead of going to bed, I suddenly want to disassemble your unwanted HHD drive 2.5 inch, and when disassembled, took out the basis of the disc (like a mirror). And suddenly, I accidentally slightly bent the basis of the disc (don't really know why (moron because :) ) then, the disc flew a little into 1,000 pieces, respectively, got on the tip of your finger. Blood flowed, but it seems to have stopped, the finger is not swollen. The question is: on the basis of the disc contains any poisonous or harmful substances? If you need a floor to wash or what to do, if the core contains something harmful? While I MOP all...

Three Years ago settled to us in the store salesperson, a young girl of 25 years old, which, despite the relatively young age, has been married once, divorced, and at that time already the year was in a relationship with a new guy. She was one of those "the beauty of what a fool". the New guy proposed to her and despite the fact that their total income was a penny, a wedding is sacred! now, the bride takes the credit for five years: photo, video, dress, veil, well, what else should be. Here only the young have fled in less than a year. The bride suddenly saw that the groom earns a penny, he lives with mom and is going to live with it. The wife of the husband fell out of love and sent three letters, and he sent it along with ee a loan for the wedding. here...

I had an idea: to check whether the family have children, you need to have a hedgehog. Why a hedgehog? 1) unlike cold-blooded, hedgehogs need to be fed every day, and then you will die. 2) In contrast to cats, hedgehogs to wash yourself, because it collects dust and dirt and can't lick. 3) the Hedgehog walks at night and loud stomping:it simulates screaming at night child. 4) It attracts the attention of visitors, but you know that he's boring - he's not a cat, not plays and cuddles. Yes, and snorts, if you do not like. 5) In contrast to the hamster, it will not clean the cage when bored, he needed space. Certainly, children are more complicated, but if a month soak the hedgehog in the apartment, patience for child, probably, also enough., ""Yandex" has reported revenue growth of 39% in 2019 — up to 175,4 billion" Yury Kotov: it is Necessary to go to a new country, there are some really good products John Prikin: Brilliant. Taking this opportunity, I would like to ask Your advice on how to raise the economy of Russia and to win the European championship on Football this year. Paul Andreychuk: to Raise the economy Jack. And win the Euro is generally just enough to not let anyone except team Russia and Nicaragua Denis Demidov: Nicaragua increases the risk by 50% in your scheme. Evgeny Anoshin: Nicaragua disqualifiable immediately as not representative of European football. And win

And it is not clear how children define the most dangerous objects for their games. Imagine about the same situation, but the child can not walk, however the chairs will know how to move. Moreover, once failed, he is a little kid's chair on a big set and be up in time! Things got dangerous, he can climb anywhere. but they removed the chairs, took the baby, which is dangerous and gave him a ball inflated with helium. I think it's interesting how you can use this ball, so he started to be dangerous. Children do not need to speculate, it seems they are born with an innate answers to all such questions. in Short, he took the rope, and the ball was led on the chandelier, trying to shake her! Turns out, he had been watching her. The "tool" did not have the right!

Skorepa: Local, very local news (the newspaper of the urban area, something about Jack coqueta write on the first page, something about an organization of witches.): Dementia patients have forgotten about the fight. The police closed the case because the suspect doesn't remember anything. Two patients in Arles got into a fight on Tuesday. According to call police, one hitting another in the head, he fell and smashed his head. The police arrived on the scene, but was forced to stop trying to figure out what happened, because neither one nor the other can not remember anything."

Andrey Novikov: is much more fun inventions. Here we, simple people, proletarians, the builders, we have no time to fiddle around with drivers, once the cable is hooked the car behind the spoke disk wheel, front end, the second end of the tooth of the excavator bucket, and dragged about 50 meters away, from the site where work is conducted and what ahead of time hung ads. Then the driver ran, screaming and waving, but we said that we saw nothing and she were there when we arrived. All right at us waving his hands became, and then also on the head, something heavy fell, and again no one would would see nothing, the building, all occupied, and he's walking around without a helmet...

With maternal tenderness always follow the party triangle in the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra. the Boy (guy, of course) the whole concert keep at arm's length tool and in particularly important moments makes a "Ding". Four times in one shtrausovskih waltz. As lazy with experience the options are considered how to improve the process. For example to hang a triangle on someone's trombone, and go to the orchestra at crucial moments to do a "clink". And in irresponsible moments to sit in the cafeteria with a glass of white.