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Found 141 items "I Have a shop at home, they sell socks for $ 50, make me a website" fgdgdfgdfg: I left the client SEO and marketing because it is 80% therapy. Free. Open: in the ass of these customers. Instead of working and doing business, you spend days trying to persuade to do the right thing and they don't want to do what is not necessary, but they want to learn the basics, and sometimes the subtleties, promotion, context, marketing (although you generally can't feel anything), and they are in the process of fuss and panic. Trying to delay payment. In my life I can remember two customers who behaved like adults adequate people, all the rest — capricious infantile Dodik. Yuri G: as you can about the client design to write fgdgdfgdfg: the coolest story was when...

From the comments to the post about cleaning the toilet: 1: As it is not bought bifidus culture for country septic tank. In the brochure it was said that it is resistant to frost, heat, alkali and acid, dissolves paper and plastic and is able to process up to tons per season. I have something to read specifications stramanweg... as well as I will ensure it a ton and it's hungry to get out and go mining looking for? 2: Not to seek to claim! Will come to you!) 1: There was description that as if it is without me accessing my Bank card not received...

In our company did the repair brigade of guest workers from Central Asia. And in the end of the day I go down the stairs just between the two of repairmen. One was on the stairs above me, the other on the passage below. They are loudly talking to each other. From all this gibberish I didn't understand anything except the last words - "probably". Reaching below me, the workers also apparently hearing a familiar Russian word thoughtfully repeated it - "in-ver-no". And then something happened that I never expected. He began to sing in almost perfect Russian, a song that begins with this word. "Perhaps in the next life, when I become the cat... na-na na-na".

T: Well, that's the way if the vampire to be a lightsaber, and a lightsaber of a special fitolampy for seedlings... T: then it will really burn! T: there is a special spectrum for growing plants, close to the sun T: if the tomato is valid, then the vampires would MY: it Was in the "night watch" T: Well, basically, Yes, the idea is on the surface. Gardeners generally terrible people T: Here, for example, hand cultivator "Tornado". Copes with grass and weeds, and is screwed into the chest and pulls out heart T: hell of a thing that I took myself.

Axl NeferSky Damn it, stop me someone... Axl NeferSky Challenge: write a small servercheck and small clienti. Servercheck needs team to give a list of files in the folder, and clienty - this list is drawn. Axl NeferSky Well, Cho? Axl NeferSky Again, total commander did. Damn. Tuu-Tikki right now I'm Oromo neighbors woke Axl NeferSky here Is every time this garbage. Project Manager: Get a list of files. Just a list of files. Nothing more. Understand? me: Yes, I understand, I understand. I'll just take the list of files, and just will bring it to the desired control. It's simple. My head: So, take a list of files... and folders... And to distinguish them from each other, it is probably necessary icons relevant to stick - just two - for files and folders...

Dtf "Dead kirk Douglas — the last of the actors of the "Golden age of Hollywood"" He was 103 years old. JavGuru: don't know, I'd like so much to live. Even Hollywood actors with lots of money can't overcome old age. aliftin: My grandfather last year was 95. He lives in the village, I often communicate with him by phone and he still has quite a sober mind. Ten years ago the village had a couple of his peers, but now he is one. Once I saw him cut under the tree apples and talking with the goat. It talks, communicates. I was joking about the fact that, the edge of old age, but answered me something like: "look, I fought in the war, got two degrees, was a Chairperson of a large company, traveled all over the Union, and now live in the village and talking to the...

How to celebrate New year in Goa. to Land, the captain of the ship broadcasts: "Welcome to Bhuj. Tashkent does not accept, they have a fog." We laughs, the whole plane in shock. Women begin to suspect that in the Goa no one will have time to chime. All grief depart Bukhara to study clubs and bars back in even more shock. We neigh. Airport eat dumplings. All get drunk and fall asleep in the corners. Duty free is closed because of the danger of a drunken riot. No duty-free people to sober morning starts a riot, he's scarier. We put on a plane that doesn't go anywhere, we ask: what for? We are told that the airport staff are afraid of us, so will sit here now. After 5 hours we still fly to Tashkent.

It turned out that I was three times in less than a year was in the emergency room of the polyclinic at the place of residence (fracture, burn, bite unfamiliar dogs). All three times to the same doctor, she already knew me by sight and name. It took another three months, and I started like fused hand. I decided to go to the clinic for LCA. The website was having a brain fart, I had to enroll over the phone, on the question of who exactly, I said I didn't mind, just took tomorrow morning. Enter the room and instead of "Hello" you hear: - You guys found me?!

Zoe: right now the story is told. A friend recently had a baby. While worn, all the fairy stories about their ridiculous superstitious friend who really wanted to do with a new husband and child. And to a pregnant friend ran home subject to a Pat on the belly, sit on her chair and stuff, "infect me with a pregnancy". Well, it turned out, she was pregnant. the Husband in a long trip, co-author of the happy event – met by chance and utaivshy straw widow the former. To blame, of course, all friend. With her belly and chair. Clearly it is necessary TOR for MSDN to formulate more clearly. Faith: Now if husband someone will save and require the right care...

Opennet, "Upgrading Chrome 79.0.3945.130 with the elimination of critical vulnerabilities" Anonymous (3): This is not the worst. I was very surprised when Chrome found WiFi a Samsung TV and started to offer display YouTube on the big screen, and it worked without any authorization on the TV, just beginning to show without any evidence, and so forth. Most interesting is that not only finds my TV, but a neighbor :-) Anonymous (4): first saw, what is chromecast? But in General, there's bad news - the neighbor is sitting on your Wifi (or you on his).

Masha crawled home from training. Entering the apartment stopped about a cat, lost a second cat to the entrance, caught. Walked into the bathroom, bumped into the cat, drove the cat out of the bath. Went to the kitchen to brew the tea, lifted the cat off the table, bumped into the cat village (on the cat - crossed out) to drink tea, lifted the cat from his knees (5 times, he's resistant). Found that in the feeder outside the kitchen window over my kitchen - after all. On the window sill immediately flopped two bullfinch, and Masha went to the side of the sofa to warm tired legs under the blankets. And it is here that Masha already said Puss-puss-puss!, and invitingly patted the blanket by hand... Naive Mary Cho.

Got a new job. The plant of the American sample, all cool and scary serious. Each worker badge-chip access in the right zone for him. Well, you know how in video games(mostly Salerno-horroroso direction), where you need to find the bodies of such card key to go further on the game? Now, I'm the operator of the robotized warehouse(there are simple) and I have access to almost all doors, except the last floor(there administration and Finance)! If anything, my corpse will be a pretty good find gg to another horror film.)))

Habr arkamax: Oh, it was still funny. When you install one of the crowns, the dentist dropped it on my tongue, and perfectly triggered swallowing reflex instantly removed her from the field reach. Together we laughed, the crown altered for free (at least for me). He then joked that the last time in his practice that was 26 years ago, a crown put teacher with not very high incomes, and it was gold, so that the poor patient had to, um, look for it in the products life. That is typical — found, brought, washed and set. I'm glad that zirconium oxide milling and cheaper :)

Mail From TPL842ND: I found in the entrance of the student card, in my opinion sberovskaya was(I do not remember why so I decided, perhaps because Sberbank arrow), stepped on it, as someone calling me on it also targeting. Then I just transferred to this card 10 rubles with the message - "Found, will return call." 5 minutes later called boy, living in our porch and met me on the floor, gave him a map. This I mean that almost all the cards attached to the mobile phone, no need to be Sherlockhomes to finding a map so long to find the owner. By the way, the boy turned 10 re back with the message "Thanks :)" Vano Ghulyan: Mail a good option, not guessed. I just called the hot line of Sberbank, they say so and so found a map called the number and nakogo it they...

Brat: Advise realistic life, but not tragic movies SGRAY: 80% of Soviet films fall under this category VseslaV: it's either snot melodrama, or spoken movie. From the second I can recommend a "Massacre" or "Inadequate people" eltanin: "Last chance Harvey," "My best lover", "Let's dance" (and not only American, but Japanese), "blind Date", "28 days", "forces of nature" braty: "blind Date", the search under this title, dumped a few movies: 1934, 1953, 1959, 1984, 1987, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2001, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2005, 2005, 2005, 2006, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 year. Tell me, which of them is to look as realistic and good movie?