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Night. Get up drink some water. On the way to the kitchen in the dark corridor you see on the floor the outlines of some object, long, voluminous, moves like. In my options went through shoes, clothes, nothing fits well, and I'm sure there not lying anything. While on the wall crawling to the switch, I thought all the devils came for me, it's time to quit drinking. Turn on the light, and there the cat was lying. Even 10 seconds of thought process, where it came from, I have no cats. Then I remember sister asked me to watch her, she on vacation drove off. Looks like I will not live to see its return!

Was one story in Ultima with fight club. One of the cunning people running to be substituted by a PC. When the PC killed him, he found on the body of the stone to the teleport that says "home." Thinking that he killed the full review, PC used a stone and was not home the dead and well-built prison. For a way out of it, Dodger initially offered to chop wood or do something else. Then began to invite friends to see the prison for PC. Someone from friends suggested to hold gladiatorial fights for money, to make a tote, etc. Finished all the admin servers, an acquaintance who was in this prison. Great game, very addicting!

By the Way, one of archive get-togethers recently learned the real story. Anthropologists some time ago I found somewhere in the mountains, the natural mummy of medieval times. I mean, no one specifically did not make a mummy, only with a dry mountain climate. And decided to explore it by means of computer tomography. (And in the end, as I understand it, really a lot of interesting things found out). Able to agree for some reason...with the veterinary clinic. They promised to call back with the where, when and how it will be in paper decorated. And tells a friend - I thought maybe they mixed up who to call clients? Because this one will come and will definitely get the card. A Guinea pig. And name some write. But no, it turned out, was not mistaken...

Even touched the spider. Yeah, Australian spider. You killed him by mistake, taking the enemy. And then also by mistake rubbed my face and eyes (right, second to last). So here we are. Right half of the face now looks like I dipped it in a hive of hungry bees. The eye also can not open. Sitting at dinner and thinking out loud: — Maybe it was some kind of funnel web? And ruddy the eldest child, a young naturalist and entomologist, says: — mA'am, if it was a funnel web, you wouldn't be here with us not sitting. yeah, thought Stirlitz, I was lucky again. And I was not even awarded the Darwin award (posthumously). I Hope.:), "Opinion: remote work is beneficial to the business" Sergey Stepanchenko: over the last few years have spent a lot of interviews and always seeing the geography of the applicant's time on the road more than an hour definitely urge you to think about whether he would be appropriate and not embarrassing to spend this time to reach us and then return home in the evening. and, as practice shows, not in vain please. sometimes "change their mind". and after this they responded to the position, not me they were looking for a summary. then I saw the geography, then saw the time. so why just not think that will not work. the behavior and thoughts of seemingly educated and intelligent people sometimes inexplicable... Ivan Kolyhalov: > over the last few years...

A: the U.S. Army will spend 97 percent of the advertising budget on eSports and YouTube in 2020. Only 3% will be allocated to TV and billboards. the Department believes that they need the audience in age from 17 to 28 years now, not watching TV. B: Maybe even it is time all war games in eSports to translate? C: Well, Yes, the solution to the military conflict as a BO3 format. Russia only then to cheats need to check is D: the Student the 7th class of the Barnaul schools has ensured Russia of sovereignty in the next five years, pushed 3 in 1 at KAEC will te

Brought me as one of non-small-it-office (actually, since bash read). I there was a modest economist, the budgets they drafted. Remember the habit is terribly offended when I with accountants confused, heh. Well, it's not about that. the Company krupnyakov was divided into 2 parts: programmers and generalists. And the first was not allowed the mouse to change,not to mention about the installation of anything, we had to immediately request to make. And yet they have a strict dress code was (as I wrote here, is written in the TD). Fined (deprived of part of the premium) even if tie no. The jacket was only possible in the workplace to remove (getting somewhere, even in the toilet, put back). And Enikeev dress code was not (in shorts and it was impossible with...

Get a job as a programmer. HP: - we have a strict dress code, for men only jacket, pants and tie. "eeeee" - I think. - Work strictly from 9 to 18, no delay, for delay - penalties. "I think, necessary to bring down" - are you ready to talk TimoCom your team? nod. - John DOE Marekovic, and where are you now? .... yeah... but soon will be? Fifteen minutes? approx. Looking at your watch a cheerful look - 10:45. At 11 included my future boss sweater, sneakers, beard a shovel. okay, you can live. After the interview still asking him about the dress code and work schedule. - no, they have the sell, all strictly, so we have.. not stopno not torn - OK, well, schedule quieter.

Once, after returning from work, found that, departing in the morning, accidentally closed the door to the bathroom, where litter box is located. But what is most strange, traces of the cat's life not found anywhere else. Could Kote to endure all day, it's not in the rules. I was curious as Kote solves this problem. I put the webcam and has specifically closed the door and stripped the cat access to the tray. what he saw just shocked me. the Cat through the open window jumps down on the outside sill, hangs with his hairy ass and does her down from the 10th floor. the Trick is that under our window is the neighbor's balcony. And lives below us some Granny with a dog and she is leaving on her babulinym Affairs, throws the dog onto the balcony. And back...

Visited the sanitary station to take readings. Enter the territory just at the time of the purge gas condensate from the candle. Externally there is a ten-meter plumes of gas, accompanied by the noise of the aircraft on takeoff. the habit sat down. Asked what happens, do not crash it? With honest eyes he comforted them with the words: - All right. You see regular testing of nozzles mangrovyh nozzle adjustment axial tilt and rotation speed of the planet to maintain the climate. There was a pause. Then the question was asked:. - You do? - Who if not we., "MTS has developed a "smart" column with voice assistant "Marvin"" Andrew Surinov: Hmm... " - Marvin the robot-paranoid. Marvin suffers from a severe form of depression A strong aversion to the life of Marvin appeared due to the fact that no task can take even minimally by his boundless intellect." (from Wikipedia) Traffic Digger: - Marvin, what's the weather today? - The right to die. - Marvin horoscope for today. - are You sure you want to know? - Marvin, read the news. - With what to begin - with a bad or very bad?

Daughter's eighth grade class night, says: "Came to visit after school to a friend. Well, sitting, talking. I like cultural sit on the sofa, back straight, hands on his knees. Then a friend says : you're so awkward acting, make yourself at home!... Well, I decided a little more room to sit down and tuck under itself in the foot. But something went wrong, I lose my balance and lean on the back of the sofa and leg metal touch the dryer with the Laundry who was standing nearby. Dryer folds up instantly, linen on the floor, the cat akhue flies on the window sill and takes down two pots on the floor. Friend in shock.

Work as a teacher in high school, discipline was strictly humanitarian, but there are knowledge of electronics (what my students and colleagues as it turned out, had no idea). Needed at home to resolder some capacitors and a soldering iron a lot. Went to our engineer and asked for a soldering iron for the day, and then I walked through the corridors of the University at an easy gait, with a smile on his face and a blowtorch in his hand. A couple came to me, all students, even the ones I've seen only a couple of times and head.Department at lunch asked me: "why frighten children?" ))

Her daughter was Sitting in front of the TV. Command: - YouTube. Mineski. New series! And TV obediently she starts to show. And I look at this couple (the daughter with the TV) and I think: "how about you dig up in the program guide "cartoons" without providing details and, praying that it was not the Turkmen puppet cartoon about the donkey and the hare, on the appointed day and hour with pliers scroll on black-and-white "Horizon" switch channels, choosing from two available one that is needed?" Then sigh and go to write this post.

Novaho: Write the absolute truth. At the time of owning a small network of payment terminals often had to explain that if you helped your family member in trouble and sent money to someone's room, then the money that lie in the terminal is not your (some were very hard-nosed and demanded to open the terminal and get their blood). But that's not the point. Evening. Call. Hello we are from the police. Could we talk to you? Yes, no question. Come, please, to the street. Out. Is with flashing lights car, ask to sit in the car. Further, they say there is one man, he received an SMS that number participated in the raffle and won a car, to design something-what is required to transfer a certain amount, he moved, after a time it turned out a few winners and that we...