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Whc: As it once was, and reasoned that squ is an animal. It lives in hollows, holes and all sorts of soft nychka and summons their victims with a feeling of comfort and tenderness. Incautiously approached the lone reasonable not to resist and sticks his hand in gmake lair, where he begins to crawl on the limb, squeezing, stroking and humming low-frequency vibrations. Relaxed victim Drools, loses the will and consciousness and can not understand that it is going deeper into the lair and envelop imacom. Laced victim naturally digested - well, what do you think? Smaku gotta eat too.

Alex (logistics) Oh, you have extended a network? The chief said that the money will not give! Fedor (store) Well as handed... You scoliosis of what was. Yurik brought from home a broken tablet with SIM card, Sanych dug up half a notebook Roman from engineering half day it's all good tried to cross and get to work... Then I had the amplifier of shit and cans to do. But it works! Fedor (store) Pleased with the response of nacked in the process: "throughout the world is cyberpunk, and we have cyberpunk... We live in the future!"

Dtf "J. J. Abrams explained that wasn't trying to dismiss "the Last of the Jedi" scene with Luke from the ninth episode of" the Roman Kozlachkov: by the Way, but given the kind of opportunity now has the ghosts of the Jedi,can disney to stir up a new trilogy about them. Luke,Anakin,obiwan,iodine and other are combined and wet a thread ancient evil. The expendables trilogy the Jedi. Nikita: And water ghosts of the Sith. Darth maul, count Dooku, Palpatine, and others. After all, disney is nothing new but uber hand at these 3 parts and did not. And then comes ray, well, then you already know FlyingDinnerPlate: And then killed the Ghost forces arise in the form of ghosts of ghosts power and drove the new. The ideal model, yaschetayu ) Nikita: Only after the...

LJ user congregatio: was my husband and one friend. Outside the house - well, purely macho. Not to communicate with him was impossible - he had to work, but that he was immensely irritated because he poked his machismo to the place and out of place (couple of times I almost got a pumpkin for a particularly unsuccessful visits). Since he was much younger than us, we sighed, "well, maybe, grow - mad". And then it so happened that my husband had to meet with him not in the office and at his home. And suddenly it turned out that the house is a quiet friendly boy who is well able to change diapers, to dissolve food, to comfort the roaring baby, folding Laundry, and "Yes, honey, of course, go to the hairdresser, I'll do it." In a strange way since he is in our...

I Work as a sysadmin in one of the city's MTS in our profession anything can happen and curiosities, and mysticism, and dances with a tambourine. But for 11 years, how much work the first time with me this... Sitting having lunch then watching as it is a YouTube, I vyzvanivaet honey. sister's urgent need to get not working 2 printer 2 adjacent offices, like sitting waiting for customers... I undermined, come to the med room.. - at first glance all is well, the printer is turned on lights up green on the laptop (that it was connected to the printer) as there are no errors, restart the service, sent for printing, turn on the device the signal disappears, OK nomay need to check the cable, look but he fucking stuck in Ethernet port, OMG.... rukalitso: , swore...

A Dialogue with a friend, which work from deadline to deadline. Again, want to kill? - Yeah, no. Again, want to cut colleagues into small pieces and feed them to the boss? - No. - What happened are you sick? - No. Just today deadline, there is no electricity to evening will not, the alternator is also gone. The chief is furious, ranting and raving, and I quietly sit and doze. Notice. Me shake - awake and half-asleep issue with the raised intonation - Peter vaskovych, it's kitty, his build not to alter in no time! And what the customer need!? Need to educate! And not to let things drift and then correct! - Oh, sorry... - And?! - Head to me looked sternly said that 2 hours gives electric, and yet can rest, but kitten still have to redo and send to the...

(30-year-old admins, 2 - entire career previously worked in government agencies) 1 - This printer is 18 years of age, the company it's time to scrap 2 - as 18? 18 years ago, only dot-matrix printers were. 3 - what do you want? already been laser 2 - I in the management of social security, remember, 15 years ago... 1 - ... in social protection and right now the matrix. I remember in 2011 were in employment, there yellow three-button mouse without any scrolling WITH VATICANUM inventory number on side, glued with tape, the entire length of the mouse, even on the ass Myshkin came 2 - I already shed a tear... such a cool thing!! Why now it's not there.

A Little background: Multiplayer online role-playing game now do under mobiles, the point is that to beat the mobs by using the keyboard shortcuts, there is, to put it mildly, uncomfortable (keys-then bye-bye). So the game makers made a mode where the game plays for itself, and the user is happily watching (what technology it came). With it husband installed them on the PC instead of the usual where you have to play yourself. Me: I don't understand what is the meaning, it is there for itself is playing, and you don't do M: - I rest I: before, you said that when I play =( M: so I rest 2 times more

Read local sracic, met the beautiful: "it's like bees, birds, fish male big and clever, and the female prisasyvaet and parasitical". So, in some species of deep-sea fishes there is such a thing as male parasitism. The male met the female, it sticks. Disengaged it can not and slowly fused with her. Along the way, he atrophies all the unnecessary fins, brain, etc. He looks in the end, as a strange pimple on the body of the female. When it needs to, it produced from his sperm. One female can suck a few males. Due to the deep-sea lifestyle the fish is quite difficult to meet the other fish, hence such exotic relations. And although this is all very interesting, but the people do not have the slightest relationship.

Love Kosova, And I have even been to the unique custom case! When departing, began the examination of things in my purse. There was a book "BAJAZET",by V. S. Pikul, year of publication 1986. On the back cover of the book shows a map of military operations n the river Chorokhi, Ingilizce pass and date attention - July 1854 - the year when Russian troops took the city of Bayazet . So the girl at the customs tells me that this book can not be exported, because it is still since 1854, very old, antique, you need special permission. I advised her at the end of the book to see publication, then she's not even embarrassed his impenetrable denseness!

A Long quarrel with his wife. The Statute, without saying anything bought tickets to Elbrus and left. Rose. Came tanned and bearded. As a souvenir, had taken a couple of volcanic stones. In the morning, the stones at home on the table. Chat in the cart. It. Again, dirty clothes scattered and not cleaned, garbage was dragged to work to rest dumped. Ya'll Come in the wash, throw everything. It. I a floor of day all scrubbed. Tell me thank you! All cleaned! I. Stop, the stones are on the table? It. Dirt this? Thrown. I. do You know where they are? It. I do not care. Go back again and a new score.

Duvet covers is some kind of alien race. reasonable. we all know that during washing the duvet cover eats all of the rest of the washing and pounding will be lumpy. I have a few years to wash the blanket in the duvet cover. first, fit second, then it is not necessary to suffer with one another to facilitate this, third, a duvet cover, nothing will stick to, because there is already a blanket inside. but race duvet covers reasonable... today, he undid a couple of buttons, threw half of the blanket from himself and ate the remaining linen. checkmate.

Black Owl - Ghost: Actually, working with people, any most challenging. This is not a computer - pressed the button, got the expected reaction (though those glitches and bugs, and stuff happens sometimes). Well, what to do! But not boring. One of my colleagues taught all of us after a particularly difficult conversation to make yourself positive reinforcement: there is Mandarin. This is to ensure that after such most annoying buyers try somehow to please yourself, ideally, relieve stress tasty. Checked helps! Larissa Ceruti: I Have the whole day an endless stream is inadequate. if I after each I eat a tangerine - I'm getting diathesis )

Lashch to propaganda Tinkoff - yesterday opened a brokerage account, installed the app for trading on the exchange. And in shock that after all there were people who made a convenient application to such surface traders like me. Of the main advantages of buying directly from my credit card (no apparent transfers to a brokerage account), the search shares name of the company, bonds are sorted according to profitability level, transparent terms of service. Before that was the Finam and Alpari, there's just money to have hemorrhagic, and only deal with the conditions and find the right piece of paper without higher math not as Volbln': When there are such thoughts usually jerk off and everything goes

Basil M.: Yeah one of these days. Called me on the application form, repair of intercom system. Quiet area. Standing hyping the access door with a screwdriver, and by the boy is about 6-7 years, walking alone. Well, I wonder just what uncle was doing, stood to one side and watching. "Hello," politely says - well, I told him "Hello". A few minutes thought for a second to give him my screwdriver Dewalt for a moment to play in my care, any break during this time do not have time. And the boy experience, you see the hands of assholes grow up then. And then like he was tonight about it with enthusiasm to tell their parents, and they will uncover "the truth", calls to the company serving the on-door speakerphone, then calls the police, Prosecutor's office and...