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The Most fragile parts of the laptop are keyboard and matrix display. As they are located on the surface, they are the first to take the hit. After battery these accessories are the most popular. Matrix laptop display Because of their mobility, laptops are prone to falling during operation. When transport is possible, a slight bend. Because the matrix is very fragile element of all these loads cause [...]

That animals have a presentiment of the danger, known to many. And that's how they do it, I know zoologists and zoopsychologists. Interestingly, these two categories of specialists are a little different to explain the presence of such fine sensitivity in different animals. How animals learn about the dangers of different Animals foresee natural disasters and even bad events that may happen to their owners, due to the extremely [...]

Thanks to the support of the Government of Samara region, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Eugene Serper, Ministry of education and science of the Samara region, as well as sponsorship of PJSC "LUKOIL" for the second year is: "Where was born there and handy". The purpose of the action, to promote and to call for action or a talented professional people who live in the Samara region, and raise their children in their native [...]

Was born In the forest herringbone, In the forest it grew, Winter and summer slim Green was. The Blizzard sang her song: "Sleep, the Christmas tree, bye-bye!" The cold snow wrap up: "don Tamerza!" Coward — honey gray Under the Christmas tree rode. Sometimes the wolf, angry wolf, Trot ran. Hark! Snow in the woods frequent Under the skid squeaks; Horse upland Hurry, running. Lucky horse of Provence, [...]

Epiphany is one of the most important and symbolic holidays in Christianity. This day in Russia were associated folk traditions and superstitions. It was believed that on the eve before the baptism of Stumpy-frost with the wolf in winter come to people. And the people invited them to eat, throwing out the window the first spoonful of the kutya, and instead asked Frost to lie all summer, [...]

"School of tai Chi Chuan", which want you to meet, organized Krasnikov Alexander, he is paid for online classes live. On the effectiveness of these sessions are equal to face-to-face training in the gym. Having mastered this training I came to the conclusion that I definitely need to share with the Internet users base part of learning to tell its essence. This will allow you to experience the charm of [...]

If translated literally, tai Chi Chuan – "the Fist of Great Limit", but is more commonly used philosophical term – "the Great Limit", as a system of infinite perfection. This Taoist system of improving the physical and subtle bodies. According to the canons of Taoism, a person needs to take care of your physical and spiritual, the astral part of the body that was given "a Higher Power". Mainly study: tai Chi, Xin-I-Quan, Bagua [...]

Welcome to the school of tai Chi the Yang style and let's talk today about how you need to do is to determine the purpose and course that you want to obtain as a result of lessons. You have a good health and you just need to support it. You don't want to spend a lot of time, effort in some classes. You have more important and [...]

When a dispute formed their classification. In scientific and methodological literature made attempts to systematize them. As grounds come from a variety of symptoms. However, the common classification of disputes is currently lacking. The main factors influencing the nature of the dispute and its features include: • the purpose of the dispute; • number of participants • format of the dispute. Consider what types of [...]

Acting on the human body with sounds of certain wavelengths or certain words, it is possible to achieve improvement of his condition, harmonize and balance with its environment. As the saying goes "a kind word and a nice cat"! What can we say about us! Conversely, harsh, unpleasant sounds or curses can not only lead to a headache after a concert or become a [...]

Every day we interact with the outside world: our body is exposed to adverse environmental noises, destructive noises, we encounter with society, the impact of which is often not the best. It is hardly possible to find a day during which our way was not any profanity or indirect, between other people, or sent to our own address someone, [...]

The Decision of many problems is possible only through a open and transparent exchange of views, broad public dialogue, the civil consent. The ability to competently and effectively discuss the critical challenges to prove and convince, to defend their point of view and refute the opinion of the opponent, that is, the possession of polemical skill should be a mandatory quality of every educated person. In the meaning of "polemical skills" [...]

We sometimes pity creatures that have no mercy neither to himself nor to others. Emily Bronte You feel that you are overwhelmed by feelings of pity and it prevents you from achieving your goal? I understand that sometimes you need to make this difficult for many of us the choice between the interests of other people, other people's welfare and personal gain, and do [...]

Self-Pity is a very harmful habit, developed as a result of his inability to cope with difficulties, its inability to solve problems and his lack of faith in yourself. Self-pity can be related to the fact that in childhood man is too much and too often spared, with the result that the line between manifestation of his parents [...]

We are all too familiar with that feeling of pity, which, on the one hand, there is a very good and in some cases even necessary to human quality and at the same time it often betrays us, forcing us to feel sorry for those people who no pity absolutely do not deserve. Or there are even more worst situation when a person is sorry for the [...]