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Can it be doubted that the intonation characteristic of the speech from its beginning? I think not. But the question of when it drew attention when she became the object of scientific study and why, to answer without knowledge of the history of science is difficult. Intonation is interested primarily theorists of oratory in ancient times. He should be able to speak clearly, [...]

Few of the speakers think about the fact that this pause for what it is, what the pauses are. It is believed that pause a special role in the speech is not playing, no one notices that it is needed only for inhaling air into the lungs. Why, then, if our interlocutor during a conversation suddenly pauses, we experience [...]

Intonation is a complex phenomenon. It includes four acoustic components: tone of voice, the intensity or strength of sound, its duration and timbre. What are the components of intonation? Before answering the question, remember, is the sound of human speech. Sound as an acoustic unit also contains signs of height, strength, timbre and duration. The pitch of the sound [...]

Once I dreamed that I interview with God. So you want to interview me? asked the God. If you have time — I said... God smiled! My time is eternity! What questions you wanted to ask Me? What most surprised You in person? They get bored of childhood, He answered: They are rushing [...]

In a sci-Fi novel of famous English writer Arthur Conan Doyle, there is a scene depicting one of the meetings of the London Zoological Institute. Colorfully describing the opening remarks of the Chairman, drawn to his tie and a decanter of water, the author makes the following remark: "Why people who have something to say, do not want to learn to speak articulately? It is as meaningless as to pour precious water through the pipe [...]

Voice is a complex multifunctional process. It takes place in the human body automatically, under a special "program" produced by special centers that are located in the cerebral cortex. This program depends on what kind of speech problem should be resolved by people in this situation. In everyday life our vocal apparatus quite easily cope with the load offered by him arising circumstances. But the person [...]

One can Often hear from teachers complaint that they find it difficult to withstand a greater load of voice: voice is tired, breath, many do not realize that most of these shortcomings due to the lack of skills of the correct speech breath. Stanislavsky wrote: All life breathes. Man also breathes, that's the first thing he does coming into the world. But this is not [...]

That can give regular listening to music? 1. The music returns the man's faith in life, awakens the ability to enjoy it, reveals the inner sources of human energy. Perhaps music is the only way to convincingly to show man the beauty of the world, to remind him of the divine harmony of vibrations that filled the universe. That is why the impact of music on people is so great, [...]

We hope that some basis of knowledge that the focus you already have. And we do not need to elaborate on what the energy structure of man, what is chakras and why they exist. We already know that each chakra is a reflection of the entire system of human senses, and that means back [...]

According to various spiritual practices there are 7 major energy centers (chakras). In fact, they, of course, more than seven, and the energy structure of man presents is much more complicated schemes, but to go into these details on a single page will not. View them yourself in detail on our website. Believe me, such a detailed disclosure of the energy bodies (chakras) you haven't [...]

Oh, how we would like things to happen like in a fairy tale, a spell, and every desire immediately executed! Do not rush to dismiss such a story, because as you know, in the story – only half is true. There is perhaps no nation, in the legends which would not be the idea of spells, magic words or "sounds of power". Is it all [...]

If you ask a musician, playing the guitar, violin, piano or Fagor, flute, trumpet, as extracted sounds from the instrument, which determines their strength, the duration, he will talk about the features of your tool and about what you need to do to make the sounds was different tone, strength, length. But if the same musician to ask the question, how can he, when [...]

You've probably heard that music affects the human impact can be both negative and positive. Sound waves can kill and can heal. And how to treat music, You ask? From the point of view of biorhythmology the best time for music healing – it's 7 PM local time. The human body is designed so that [...]

Famous conductor Brott gave an interview to American radio. Answering the question about how it came to the love of music, he slightly hesitated and then said: – You know, this may sound strange, but the music inside me before I was born. The surprised journalist asked for clarification. – When I was young, explained Brott, – I was surprised that [...]

There is a beautiful Eastern legend about the traveler who went from village to village. For many years he was a hermit in solitude perfecting his spirit. Once he has achieved everything that only can a man ask for, and since then did nothing. Dancing, he walked through the light. He never spoke a word, but his appearance was waiting [...]