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For anybody not a secret that the greatest percentage of healthy human beings – children. And not only because children are still growing and do not have time to deal with "age-related" diseases, and not because they are not subjected to such stresses as adults. Children only know how to laugh and cry, not thinking about the fact that it can be indecent [...]

On this account, there are a lot of arguments. How many astrological schools — so many opinions. In America for example the Era of Aquarius has long been "met". And Russia in this regard, interviews are conducted only in close circles. From the opinion of astrologers the age of Aquarius comes not once, but twice. Exactly in line with the two waves in the graphic symbol of the sign Aquarius. [...]

Who is this Astrologer? primarily a specialist in the field of astrology, which constantly monitors the heavenly bodies and their location. As all the heavenly bodies have a relationship with each other, as well as a predictable and cyclical way, then it is safe to say that a good astrologer can help you to change destiny. Of course, many distrust [...]

The First prototype of the eternal road of the future they want to build at the end of 2017. This good news came to us from Holland. However, the mass use of a new material in road construction is still early. Therefore, Russia is simply obliged to try to find clues for such a project. The power of Rotterdam has said: their city is open for experimentation, and the company began searching [...]

We mentioned on our pages of hard-working researcher, a man who for 30 years was engaged in that unravel the tangle of our weakness to believe everything you hear and do not check read or heard themselves. All this has led us to an incorrect perception of the world perception and the distortion of all science as such. Of course, living with suspicion is difficult, because our [...]

, OOO "SCIENTIFIC and TECHNICAL CENTER of TRIBAL-2" the founder of which is Yuri Rybnikov Stepanovich, developed and implemented a unique "powder-polymer paint technology," this unique technology was introduced and patented in the former USSR. But as scientists and statesmen unprofitable because of its ambition to provide the technology Yuri Stepanovich engaged in this activity independently. What is the essence and the uniqueness [...]

Oleg Konstantinovich Popov was born: (July 31, 1930, in the village of Vyrubova, Kuntsevo district, Moscow region — November 2, 2016) is a Russian circus artist (clown), actor. People's artist of the USSR received in 1969. In early November 2016 Oleg Popov went on tour in Rostov-on-don, where he died in the hotel late in the evening of 2 November from the stop [...]

One of the important issues that arise when preparing a public speech is necessarily, or not pre-compile a written text of the speech. This is a long-standing dispute, leaving its roots in antiquity. Ancient theorists of oratory was considered Scripture the only true way to prepare speeches. Cicero, for example, argued that it is necessary to write: For how sudden it randomly does not stand [...]

Preparing for a particular speech depends on the kind of oratorical speech depends on the speech themes, goals and tasks facing the speakers, his individual characteristics, the composition of the audience in which to act, etc. However when preparing for a speech, consider some General methodological setup. Let us consider the main stages of development of the oratory. To determine the theme of the speech Preparation for any performance [...]

When it comes to preparing for the performances, it seems reasonable to distinguish between everyday preparation for presentations and training to specific performance. What is the daily training? Daily training involves first and foremost self-education in the broadest sense of the word, i.e. the acquisition of new knowledge, accumulation of information from various fields of science and technology, getting information from the periodic [...]

From the first pages of the "old Testament" the word gold is found over and over again on each page. Why does the Bible so often mentions this metal? From the point of view of modern society, gold is the root of evil rather than a source of spiritual strength. Forgery, murder, treachery, greed is not a complete list of crime associated with gold. The answer suggests itself: from the time of creation of the WORLD to [...]

Lamp with this shade of steel is certainly unusual, at the same time very original. The original idea of the lamp was borrowed from the website "Do everything yourself" is not accidental. We decided to offer this idea of a lampshade as an idea for a business for those who have the work associated with metal (forging, blacksmith shop, etc.). You produce [...]

Often, the dispute arises: is every person can become a good speaker. Opinions usually diverge – some believe that only natural gifts can make a person speaker, others argue that the qualities of a good speaker are acquired, developed, educated. This dispute is not new. It is conducted throughout the history of oratory. Still many thousands of years ago, a famous orator of Ancient Rome, an outstanding [...]

To speak in public, he needs to have a number of skills and abilities. According to psychologists, a habit is the ability to perform a particular operation in the best way. What are the skills you must have a speaker? The main skill of the speaker include: • Skill selection literature • study Skill selected literature • Skill plan • Skill of writing the text of the speech, [...]

Who of you was attracted to the role of speaker? The speaker catches the attention of others. Expressing a judgment, he affects the audience, influence their future actions as well. In his speech he defends his point of view, proves the correctness of the proposed provisions. Maybe not everyone is reading now, had to speak publicly, but probably many of you [...]