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The First half of the XIX century is considered the heyday of Russian rhetoric. "During this period there is rhetoric about sixteen broad theoretical and practical orientation, the main thrust of which was aimed at determining the principles of the organization of prose texts, the current artistic speech practice." A characteristic feature of Russian rhetoric was its division into public and private. The General rhetoric was devoted to the General laws of speech, rules of appearance, [...]

In the late XVIII century and early XIX centuries there was a school of the Russian Academy and later the University's school of eloquence. There was a number of significant works on rhetoric. Tell you about them. The work of a famous public and political figure of M. M. Speransky. In 1792 he wrote a course of literature, which he read in the St. Petersburg theological Academy. V1844 year (five [...]

Imagine a warm day, the warm breeze ... the smell of the ocean... the voices of people singing together — enjoying life in a magical whirl they dance until they drop. Who are these people? Call them Sufis. Imagine again a warm night.. the lights of the disco... the people of the town... dancing close to each other is an urban jungle Maneesh de Moor is musician from Amsterdam, which is able to bind [...]

The Subject of special worship and respect any Slavic men is axe. And, like, gone are the days when the axe was necessary for self-defense and was the main weapon of the combatant, and like today, not so great range of applications in personal use of an axe, but no interest in melee weapons is very high, whether it be a knife or axe. This magical [...]

Autumn equinox. It occurs on September 22-23, is the astronomical beginning of autumn. The sun again crosses the celestial equator and will move from the Northern hemisphere of the celestial sphere in the South. The period between transitions is the time of the autumnal equinox. These days the length of day and night throughout the Land the same and equal to 12 hours. In the following days after the moment of the fall [...]

I Have no behind happy marriage, but I'm glad that I had the same fate: "Not knowing the darkness will Not see the LIGHT". I'm not mad at anyone, but still never stopped to ask themselves the question: "what's the secret to a long and most importantly, a happy family life". After a little research I want to share with you. [...]

Was a German composer Lars Leonhard (Leonard Lars) was born near Dusseldorf in the early seventies. Since childhood he was passionate about music and therefore achieved much attention. He first experimented with industrial and Easy Listening, has created a punk rock band called "Chaos Digital" and continued to compose soundtracks for documentaries and TV Jingles they are [...]

Space — beautiful and dangerous, full of secrets and mysteries (from the Greek. kosmos — order, the world) is orderly, organized from a whole and which is the opposite of chaos. Although people live in an infinite Universe for millions of years, we still know little about it endlessly. Thanks to the film "journey to the edge of the Universe" we have an opportunity to see [...]

Original title: Gods of Egypt Country: Australia, USA Year: 2016 Genre: adventure, Fantasy Director: Alex Proyas cast: Gerard Butler, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and Elodie Yung, Abbey Lee, Courtney Eaton, Brenton Thwaites, Geoffrey rush, Rufus Sewell, Chadwick Bosman, Emma Booth. Movie description: Once peaceful and prosperous Egyptian Kingdom where the pass to the underworld, the gold is immersed in [...]

Internet enthusiastic people came the "flat Earth theory" which is very much plausible information, but they take her from the truth. This theory is not fully understood and yet it is WRONG. There is nothing wrong, that they post videos to the Internet. People will rise up and once again remembers about the place where we are "TOGETHER" [...]

Grover Smith (Ott) is a British producer and musician, has worked with Sinead O'connor, The Orb, and Brian Eno, as well as in the best studios SARM East and West (the Real World, and Ridge Farm to Foel in Wales), has achieved recognition since 2002 for his psychedelic dub tracks. Improving and honing your skills "OTT celebrated the end of the 20th century [...]

Aes Dana is a French electronic musician in the genre of Psybient. Under the pseudonym hides Aes Dana Vincent Value (FR. Vincent Villuis former member of the project Asura music raise the curtain on live. The collection is filled with a fragile melancholy and refreshing changeable intensity, passing from the ambient into trance blending, light and darkness. Playing with the idea of close and distant environmental [...]