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Today it became known that the head of Tesla and SpaceX Inc (don't forget about The Boring Company) brought in the Thailand mini-submarine. About it on habré already wrote — Musk has proposed to save by using this tool the children from the flooded cave. Initially, it said that it will be something like stretchy bag, but then the design changed, making the housing out of metal. unfortunately, the system created by the command Mask, not useful — the Thai authorities said that the mini-submarine is good, but it can hardly be used in the current environment. Read more →

Want to present to the public its development – the application for remote desktop control Aspia. The project is completely free and open source (GPL 3.0). currently implements the following features: Remote desktop control Remote desktop viewing file Transfer Address book with support for encryption and a master password (XChaCha20+Poly1305 256-bit key) option to create users with individual rights to Encrypt all transmitted over the network information (XSalsa20+Poly1305) Read more →

As you may recall, the previous update Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 3 was released in December 2017. Since then, manufacturers of platforms and applications to which the solution has also released several new versions, of course, Veeam was obliged to support them, than have successfully managed our engineers. Today I will present to your attention a new Update 3a (this number was assigned because before the end of the year, even a major update, it will Update 4). For more details, welcome to under the cat. Read more →

Malware Analysis is like a game of cat-and-mouse game: no rules, the situation is constantly changing. Therefore, in this case it makes sense to study only timeless things and algorithms. As soon as you are confronted with the task to protect the network (or a thousand networks), you proceed to such analysis, and without this book you simply can not do. the Program to load and run ON it is Possible to distinguish two types of common malicious programs are designed to download and launch the software. Loaders (not to be confused with the bootloaders) just download from the Internet additional malicious code and run it on your local computer. They are often distributed along with the exploit. To download and execute additional malware, they usually use two...

Recently, we've completely redesigned the app for Android platform. The first version of the app worked right under Android 2.2. Refused to support Android lower than 4.1, we were able to pay back the accumulated technical debt and significantly simplified the source code. Yes, we lost a portion of users (less than 1%), but we saved time of developers to fix rare bugs. We will be able to invest in the development of functionality for all current and new users. In the long run it is much more important. Here we are sharing experiences that can be useful for those who are considering to start developing for the Android platform. Read more →

When developing modern web sites are used intensively the possibilities of JavaScript on the DOM. Scripts allow you to display and hide the elements that comprise the page, configure the properties of these elements. The DOM objects that interact with programs, there are properties and methods. Some of them are, in the opinion of the author of the material, the translation of which we are releasing today, know almost all web programmers. But some, he wants to tell, are much less known. Read more →

In the last two articles we talked about the IIoT — industrial Internet of things — built architecture to receive data from the sensors, soldered the sensors themselves. The cornerstone of architectures IIoT and in General all the architectures working with big data is streaming data processing. It is based on the concept of message passing and queues. A standard work to this form of communication has now become Apache Kafka. However, in order to understand its advantages (and understand her shortcomings) it would be good to understand the basics of systems of queues in General, the mechanisms of their work, patterns of use and basic functionality. We found an excellent series of articles that compares the functionality of Apache Kafka, and other...

Well, almost all... I think that the problem in today's Internet is an overabundance of information of different quality. To find material on the topic of interest is not a problem, the problem is to distinguish good material from bad, if you have little experience in this area. I see the picture, when a lot of information review "on top" (almost at the level of simple enumeration), very little in-depth articles and no articles transition from simple to complex. Nevertheless, it is the knowledge of the characteristics of a mechanism and helps us to make informed choices during development. In this article I will try to explain what is the fundamental difference epoll from other mechanisms, what makes it unique, as well as to bring articles that are a must...

We Can say that the motto of almost all indie developers is "Big dreams with limited resources". When I started working on the first game of Motion Twin for Steam Dead Cells , this phrase has become my motto. my name is Tom Vasser, for a whole year, I was the only artist Dead Cells. I did the design and animations of every aspect of the game. Alone I had to create the graphic style, characters, monsters, animations, special effects (FX) and most of the backgrounds of Dead Cells... so far, fortunately, to my rescue came my evil twin brother Genel Weight. The number of artists Dead Cells doubled. However, a shortage of workers in our sector is a common situation, so I'll tell you how I managed not to go crazy working alone all this time (of course, if I'm not...

Comments in a recent publication, "How the open source ecosystem R good for solving business problems?" about the export to Excel has led to the idea that it makes sense to spend time and describe one of the effective possible approaches that can be implemented without leaving R. the Situation is quite typical. The company always has N techniques for which managers are trying to build manually in Excel reports. Even if they were to vitaminiziruet's always the situation where we need to get some new arbitrary slice or to make a submission to any leader in a specific form. And then there are a number of manually supported dictionaries in excel format to convert the presentation of data in reports and selections in the correct terminology. due To the fact that...

Cargo spacecraft "Progress MS-09" went to the ISS on the super short flight program, writes TASS. In this case, a specific double circuit, allowing the freighter to dock to the station via the 3.5 hours after takeoff. Perhaps this system will be tested and piloted ships "the Union". To date, the launch of spacecraft "Soyuz" and "Progress" came in two schemes. The first normal, the second short. In the first case since the start of the ship before docking with the ISS takes about two days. Since the beginning of 2010 years, Roskosmos began to use short circuit for some of the triggers — in this case between the start and docking takes about six hours. Read more →

The web server Nginx is a wonderful response code 444 which closes the connection without sending data. This functionality is very useful when filtering of unwanted traffic — if we believe that the customer, for whatever the criteria is not valid, then there is no need to notify, for example, 403-m response. Better just to stop sending data, which often, allows to reduce the load on the server. Recommendations to use such responses can be seen everywhere in the instructions for blocking referrals from popular sites and referral spam, DDoS protection, etc. And, in General, for many years, these tips can be used almost without looking, but... modern browsers do not stand still and periodically present us with new surprises. Read more →

Yandex more than ten years actively involved in education: we have our own program for students (Yandex.The lycée) and University students (School data analysis and school occupations), as well as working closely with universities. Now there is a reception of documents from applicants to universities, only a matter of weeks before the deadline. We want to remind you about our projects in the bachelor degrees in mathematics and computer science in Russia. every University program has its own characteristics. Training topics, the volume ratio of mathematics and programming — all of that differs from place to place. But there are important principles that we seek to implement, together with colleagues from the universities: Prepare for work and life in the...

We have to go to conference and this is what I noticed: many people come back and — surprise! — do nothing. Appoint a couple of meetings, and the rest loiter, collect rasgado from the stands or sit at the laptop and I listen to everything: even those reports and presentations, where they obviously try to sell. What kind of sales and successful negotiations? Waste of time, waste of money, a parade of missed opportunities. We also made a lot of mistakes, but corrected. So I want to tell you that now do differently. If interesting, welcome under kat! Read more →

Have You ever wondered about how frameworks work? The author of the material, the translation of which we are releasing today, says that when he, many years ago, after studying jQuery, came across Angular.js what he saw seemed to him very complicated and confusing. Then came Vue.js and understanding with this framework, he was inspired to write his own system of two-way data binding. Such experiments contribute to the professional growth of programmers. This article is intended for those who want to expand their knowledge in the field of technology, which is based on modern JS frameworks. In particular, the speech will be about how to write the core of your framework that supports custom attributes for HTML elements, reactivity and two-way data binding...