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Idea the New standard WebGL 2 has become recently available in the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome, so there was a desire to try out some new features. One of the most useful and popular features of WebGL 2 (and OpenGL ES 3.0 on which it is based) is to duplicate the geometry (eng. instanced rendering). This feature allows to reduce the number of draw calls (draw calls) by repeatedly rendering the same geometry with modified parameters. This feature was present in some implementations of WebGL 1, but require a certain extension. Most often this feature is used to create particle systems and vegetation, but also often it's used to simulate fur. Read more →

2 Feb in our Moscow office hosted a meeting of Perl programmers, has become a tradition for the past 10 years. Under the cut you will find videos and presentations of the three reports are: "Autotests", Vadim Pustuev, programmer of the Department for internal development Search Mail.Ru "Introduction to async-event-Perl programming", Andrew Ensin, Junior programmer of the team developing the web backend Cloud Mail.Ru "Coro. Intro", Eugene Vankevich, programmer Email Mail.Ru Read more →

In the night of 20 to March 21 because of an error in the code, all users of Vkontakte for four minutes got the service right. We have finished to evaluate the loss and answer our burning questions. What happened? Happened fatally inattentive merge branches, which altered one of the internal interfaces. As a result of any user is to be an employee. In some cases — by the employee with all existing rights. Read more →

What is the hook? What is a hook functions and what is it for? In English the "hook" trap. Therefore, the purpose of the hook function in Windows, you can guess — it's a trap for the function. In other words, we catch the function and take control themselves. After this determination, we offer attractive prospects: we can pick up the call any function to replace the code with your own, thus changing the behavior of any program on that which we need (of course within certain limits). the Purpose of this article is to demonstrate the installation of the hook and its immediate implementation. Read more →

Hi, Habr! my name is Timur Nizametdinov, I work as a Senior Software Architect cloud ecosystems Odin (Ingram Micro). Today I want to tell you about the APS (Application Packaging Standard) is a key technology used for integration into the platform for the sale and consumption of cloud services (SaaS marketplace) Odin Automation. About the platform, We are building a platform that connects developers and consumers of cloud services using the infrastructure of major service providers (providers of telecommunications and hosting services), while providing an entry point for end user control panel or portal, through which you can create a website, setting up email, buy antivirus or virtual machine in the cloud. Odin Automation consists of the following...

Did Not write on Habr almost half a year — was settled at my new job. Of course, in the IT field. But the General spring fever has affected and our company, have a reason to write. The story is this: one of the employees wrote a good post in your personal blog on habré (the NDA was not affected). A little later, the product Manager told him that he did it knowingly and if you reach the boss, will be sad — because the General believes that a post on Habr = sent resume to a new job. A successful post with a good rating put into the drafts, the matter was hushed up, we're sleeping close. A colleague in grief — of course he wrote to share his experience of development and design, and at the same time to measure karma. My nick no one knows the office won't burn...

Hi, my name is Paul Kazan, I'm a developer in the team Features in Badoo. It is important that our services consume fewer resources, since each additional server costs money. So we often profiled and optimized code. Some of our demons is written in Go, with the optimization code which I had to work lately. The benefit in the standard library of Go there are many ready-made tools for this. Recently I came across this article, which contains information about many of the tools and a specific example shows how to begin to use them. In addition, it has a few good recipes for writing efficient code. This information will be useful to any beginner Go developer (more advanced, too, will be able to find something for yourself), so I made a translation for you...

We have Recently published 2 articles about the TOP 10 mistakes in public C++ projects and C# for the previous 2016. Articles readers liked and it made me think: why not make a TOP for each month? Because our website has a huge database of errors, which is well structured and from which you can choose the most interesting bugs found in a certain period of time. In this article you will learn about a new section "Bug of the month" and what we assumed when preparing the list of errors for her. Read more →

I have already talked about monitoring postgresql query, at the moment I thought I fully understood how postgresql works with a variety of server resources. With continued work with statistics at the request of Postgres we started to notice some anomalies. I have got to understand, at the same time once again marveled at the clarity of the source code of Postgres:) Under the cut is a little story about a non-obvious behavior of postgresql. Read more →

A Cursory analysis of the open data shows that a daily average of 5 people leave requests for the creation of the calculator on the stock exchanges of freelancing — and a few hundred interested in the question in the search. Often the queries are standard — and, of course, the market has developed a set of proposals: from the plugin for a particular CMS to calculators which can be bought from the studios. The record identified by us (see first comment) — 24 999 rubles for a pretty ordinary decision. Yes, the market is the market. But since we mostly work with people whose sites are made by designers, they have 25 thousand on one widget. That's a desire to write a calculator which they could use on their own — without learning HTML, JS, JQuery and CSS. In...

In this post we will look at modern approaches to classification of natural language texts according to their topics. Selected methods of work with documents is defined the common complex characteristics of the problem – noisy training samples, samples of insufficient size or even missing samples, a strong imbalance of class sizes and so on. In General real-world problem. Ask a cat. Read more →

Time series Forecasting is quite popular analytical task. The forecasts are used, for example, to understand how many servers you need an online service through the year, what will be the demand for each product in the hypermarket, or for setting goals and evaluating the performance of the team (for this you can build a baseline forecast and compare the actual to predicted values). There are many different approaches for time series forecasting, such as ARIMA, ARCH, regression models, neural networks, etc. Today we will get acquainted with the library for time series forecasting Facebook's Prophet (in English, "the prophet", released in open-source to 23 February 2017) and will try in the vital task of forecasting the number of posts on Habrahabr. Read...

On Polish portal on cyber security, not so long ago there was news about successful attacks on Polish banks (English version here). The incident was described as "very serious". Data confirmed by Symantec and BAE Systems. The list of victims joined companies from Mexico and Uruguay as well as other targets around the world. In these attacks, a lot of interesting – from the goals and vectors of contamination to the characteristics of malicious executables. If the first two aspects have been studied, the malicious code has not been researched in detail. In this post we will conduct a technical analysis of the malware. Read more →

Today we would like to raise a very important for DLP solutions topic – choosing a DBMS for data storage. Historically, most Russian DLP are used for these purposes Oracle Database. For customers, this imposes certain financial constraints: the cost of the Oracle license is included in the cost of the DLP system. This creates a certain filter, which reduces the audience for the product: Oracle DBMS can not afford it – both technically and financially. Now, when the substitution is sweeping the country, the public sector (and not only) the demand for a DLP that supports free database. This is a very tangible pulse, but, as they in the direction of free DBMS, it is important to maintain the usability, performance and functionality of the product. In this...

For the First time since the modular data center I have encountered in professional youth: it is true, then instead of a beautiful container with all the support inside was an old shed with a pair of racks. Who would have thought that the incomplete ten years later, the idea will become so popular that the leaders of the server market will rush urgently to equip its own tech trailers. Suggest how to understand the idea of a modular and container data centers, and speculate on their applicability and real benefits. Read more →