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Configure Cloudflare and other DNS services still requires skills in command line Encrypt traffic between your device and the DNS service will prevent unauthorized persons to monitor traffic or to a substitute address the Death of net neutrality and weakening rules for Internet service providers for processing network traffic caused a lot of concerns about privacy. Providers (and other persons who watch over the passing traffic) it has long been a tool that makes it easy to track people's behavior on the Internet: it's their domain name servers (DNS). Even if they are still not monetized, these data are (or are not a substitute for traffic), you probably will soon begin. the DNS is the phonebook of the Network issuing the actual network IP address...

So today, started the morning of those who tried to go to Also fell under the distribution services, the number of which is at the moment difficult to quantify. Given the "inflexible" position and ILV Telegram to expect a quick resolution of this issue is not necessary. Many people have become hostages of this situation — not everyone has the privilege of spending personal millions of dollars to fight for freedom. the Problem should be solved right now to service as soon as possible earned. the VDS in the Netherlands and Russia We have decided to support our colleagues in this difficult situation with an unknown ending and made special rates valid for a month, and all time use* more under the cut. Read more →

With VHDL in Sublime Text 3 Sublime Text Editor saves time when working with vhdl and verilog files. For those who did not work with editors such as Sublime Text, Notepad++, etc. will describe the basic useful features of data editors: multiple selection/editing lines of code (pressing middle mouse button or while holding the Ctrl key) sets the markers (bookmarks) in your code, helps to navigate in large files. (Ctrl + F2 or via the menu Goto→ Bookmarks) option of dividing your workspace into multiple Windows (Alt + Shift + 2 or from the menu View→ Layout) opening the same file several times (File→ New View into File) commenting selected lines of code (Ctrl + /) find and replace (Ctrl + h) a search for all open files (Ctrl+Shift+f) insert snippets...

On April 20-21, that is already tomorrow in St. Petersburg will host a conference on mobile development with Mobius. Android and iOS, and a variety of topics ranging from multithreading to testing, Russian speakers and international stars that will be there, we already wrote. But what has not yet been reported in both days of the conference online broadcast of the first hall will be free. Will go on YouTube, so convenient to watch anywhere — even on your smartphone, even on TV. Although nothing can completely replace personal presence, we seek to bring the online experience to him. For example, viewers of the broadcast can be posted in the chat questions to the speakers and between the presentations to see interviews with speakers and include sponsorship...

Friends, we invite you to the fifth Data of the Moscow Fest, which will take place on 28 April on the territory of design-factory FLACON. Data Fest is the largest free conference for researchers, engineers and developers associated with the analysis and data processing, machine learning, and also the fact that the press likes to call AI. You will learn about the AI in the products Mail.Ru Group, and "smart" replies in the Mail Mail.Ru how to operate advice and computer vision in Vkontakte and Classmates, as well as machine translation in Alibaba and what is a Quantum Machine Learning, and much more! for Details and the conference program

When I worked in a few government organizations khvichava, a vegetable pentesters, severe, bearded uncle in sweaters taught me to only use Nmap to scan the network. Changing the place of work, Dobby became free from prejudice and decided to choose the scanner independently on the basis of pseudo-objective data comparing the real functionality of popular scanners that are able to find the network on their own, or by asking colleagues what their favorite scanner. In fact, the results of internal hollivar comparison of network scanners and decided to write an article. Objectivity is not guaranteed, but tried to make quantitative analysis. Who cares, what happened, welcome under kat. Read more →

Detective in part 1. This story happened in October. Have Ceph version 0.94 (Hammer). 6 storage, 8 monitors, osd 6-8 on each storage, SSD drives with capacity from 1 TB to 4 TB. Remark — 2, minimum 1. once that night was a storm across the cluster spontaneously rebooted a lot of osd. In the logs of osd was visible for ceph standard error no reply from osd.X . A little slow requests and spontaneous restarts that ceph is not a critical event and quite often. In General, it happens. But, unfortunately, not all persepectives osd be able to climb. Namely, the fallen hero of the osd.45 storage6. Read more →

Conference: DotNext 2018 Piter date: 22-23 April 2018 the Place: Saint Petersburg, Hotel "Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya" in Just a couple of days left until the next DotNext. The program and presentations were followed by a tremendous work — we have previously written about it in the announcement of the conference and a separate article. this chapapote we aggregated all-the whole program as one big list, with descriptions of presentations and speakers. You can now begin to think to which reports should go to — it would have to choose between three parallel tracks. In addition, there is still a chance to buy tickets. the Detailed description of the program — under the cut. Read more →

Table of contents table of contents Article 1 Part 1. The game loop Part 2. Library Part 3. The room and area Part 4. Exercises Article 2, Part 5. The basics of the game Part 6. The basics class Player Article 3 Part 7. The options and attacks of the player Part 8. Enemies Article 4 Part 9. The Director and the game loop Part 10. Practice writing code Part 11. Passive skills Article 5 of Part 12. Other passive skills Article 6 Part 13. Skill tree Article 7 of 14. Console Part 15. Final Part 14: Console Introduction In this part we will look at the room Console. The console is much easier to implement than anything else, because in the end it comes down to displaying text. Here's how it looks: GIF Room Console will consist of three...

On 18 March, Google has renamed the operating system for wearable electronics Android Wear and began distributing it under the name Wear OS to attract a new audience. The company published new design guidelines and updated documentation. When I started developing applications for hours, didn't find any Russian publications on this topic. So I want to share my experience and tell more about Wear OS, what it is and how to work with it. All who care to mobile technology, ask a cat. here we Go

A Few months ago came back to provide IT services in his small town. In order to assert themselves for the first time decided to try contextual advertising on the Internet. As in our country, Google and all its services blocked, then the choice fell on Google and its AdWords Express service. the System is very simple and newcomers, even not related to IT field can understand how to work with it. I think that the idea of leadership Google to create a simple service for contextual advertising was correct, but the implementation of this idea turned bad. In this article we will focus on the problems and shortcomings of the system AdWords Express I encountered during use. Also referred to service My business, which is closely linked to the question. Read more →

Introduction to the theory Training on the associative rules (hereinafter rules learning Associations — ARL) represents, on the one hand, simple, with another — quite often applicable in real-life method of finding relationships (associations) in the datasets, or, more precisely, itemset (itemsests). For the first time in detail talking about it Piatesky-Shapiro G [1] in “Discovery, Analysis, and Presentation of Strong Rules.” (1991) further developed the theme Agrawal R, Imielinski T, Swami A in the papers, “Mining Association Rules between Sets of Items in Large Databases” (1993) [2] “Fast Algorithms for Mining Association Rules.” (1994) [3]. Read more →

As we all know, there are two HTML specifications: W3C (World Wide Web consortium) and WHATWG (Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla, the de facto authors of the HTML5 standard). This week between the makers of the spec, there was an open conflict. the Situation developed as follows. It all started with the fact that the W3C made a fork of the specification of living standard WHATWG DOM and DOM called it 4.1. Then the W3C has made incompatible changes and announced a fork of the official specification, though in fact all the important work was made in the WHATWG version. some time Passed and a month ago launched a public discussion of W3C proposals to make the specification as a Candidate recommendation (after significant changes in fact have not entered...

In the era of news that almost every day there are new viruses as hackers stole a huge amount of money, we thought that the market for mobile games is not enough great games about hackers. my name is Yuri, I am one of the founders and the developer of two series of games. I want to share the experience of their creation and experience of promotion. This article does not cover implementation details (there's no line of code), but only in General terms describes a little routine, but at the same time unusual process of indie game development. Read more →

Hello again! the next "new" course, which started at the end of December, coming to an end — the "Backend PHP developer". Took into account different small issues and launch the new. You only have to look at the issue and all, we'll put another tick. But wait a while let's look at one interesting article. here we Go. In this article you will learn how to use PHP to manage the following DDD project your company and effectively simulate a real-world situation to help define your business logic. Domain-driven design (Domain-Driven Design in the future — DDD) is a methodology of software development for the design of complex software projects to deliver a final product that meets the objectives of the organization. In fact, DDD helps to focus the project on...