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Continue the publication of the decision sent to the practise of machinery from the site HackTheBox. Hope this will help someone to develop in the field of IB. In this article, operated by RFI, to circumvent the lock shell and meterpreter to create malicious CHM document. the Connection to the lab is via a VPN. It is recommended not to connect from your work computer or from the host, where there are important data, as You find yourself in a private network with people, which is something I'll do in the field of IB :) Organizational information Specifically for those who want to learn something new and develop in any of the fields of information and computer security, I'll write and tell you about the following categories: PWN; cryptography (Crypto...

Undoubtedly, the question posed in the title of the article is not new, not rise again and it reached a consensus "not really needed, and may even be harmful." However, the recent discussion in the comments made me think again. Over time, any SSD is still highly fragmented (inside the FTL)... Vegetariany SSD at linear reading will give high speed and have worked — are much lower, because it will be linear only for you. Yes, usually this should not happen: either we write "little" in small files/small blocks of meta-information FS (speed of linear reading which we are not concerned about), or we write "a lot" in large files and all will be well. Sometimes writing small blocks to large files logs, for example, but they are relatively short-lived and special...

Observation of the Moon and planets very interesting. Observation of the planets does not prevent light flare and you can observe them live out of town. For observations of planets does not require eyepieces with a large field of view. Even inexpensive eyepieces Plessl can provide a fruitful result of visual observations. Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are perhaps the most available planets for astronomical observations. I still remember the awe and wonder from my first glance at Saturn, which I saw over 20 years ago, in 80mm "Large School Refractor". However, often receives messages from beginners, about the first observations, particularly of Jupiter and Mars, which have a share of frustration. "I just see a ball of light with no detail," or "I see a little...

Hi, Habr! suppose we have a task to build a new road. You can build a highway with two lanes in each direction, but what if this is not enough? Or, on the contrary, it appears that one would have sufficed strip, but for the project had to buy lots of land? In both cases, the decision will be ineffective. To minimize such risks, transport planners turn to computer modeling. This article is a brief insight into the world of multi-agent simulation. Read more →

1. Disclaimer I am a mathematician, NOT a DOCTOR and am not an expert-epidemiologist, and his last scientific work on the topic of Mammadaliyeva epidemics was written nearly 20 years ago. On all matters of health, coronaviruses and the meaning of life consult your doctor, do not be stupid people. Disclaimer 2 Below is a number of charts. Before you build I intentionally decalibrated and simplified model, reconstructed from the parameters COVID-19. The given graphs show the epidemic of the virus conditional some some conditional conditional population at the time. Do not make predictions about the course of the pandemic, based on my pictures, don't be stupid people. Well, now we go! For obvious reasons, now fairly jumped of interest to any pandemic, and...

Complex epidemiological situation forces people to abandon public transport use. Machines, and most importantly — motorider on the roads becomes larger. it is Therefore particularly important to be careful and to avoid accidents. But as it turns out, the reason they can become even native audio system. The specialists from British NGOs IAM Roadsmart warn inattentive work with them creates a greater risk of accidents than marijuana use. Experts urge manufacturers to improve the ergonomics and interfaces, and drivers — pre-set all the settings to not be distracted during the trip. Today we'll tell you which risks have emerged with new automotive technologies and why people are not ready for them. Read more →

Epidemic coronavirus, withdrawal, transition to remote work — don't panic. Remote work is now a necessary measure. But let's take it as a situation in which it is possible to find new solutions. Perhaps even better solution than you used up to this point. In this article we examine what are the pros and cons fraught with remote work and how to go at it right. Relevant not only in connection with the impending week of Schrodinger (it is not clear, in accordance with the decree of the President, whether after hours, or almost working), but in the long run. Read more →

Who wants to live who are gay, who are aphids, Prepare your hand-to-hand! And let the rats leave the ship — They prevent reckless battle. Vladimir Vysotsky Honestly, I have no time now to post to Habra — I triple vpahivat on remote, to the company where I work, survived. However, what is happening around put me in some unusual for my body stupor — no, not from strange non-working weeks with an uncertain horizon to continue, and from the relationship of others to the situation. I read comments on habré and in social networks, talking with friends, acquaintances and former colleagues with a Very Large Company and was horrified: they are insanely happy holidays and unscheduled... scribble complaints against their leaders, who were asked to work remotely. Guys,...

Let's imagine that we need to launch a football into orbit around the Earth. No missiles needed! Enough of the mountain, with a height of 100 kilometers and uncommon strength. But how much to kick the ball, so he never returned to Earth? How to send the ball into the journey to the stars, with only brute strength and knowledge of celestial mechanics? Today in the program: the Endless possibilities of one formula How to take energy from Jupiter Where did the planets come from the ring How math helped to discover Neptune Fortunately, we live in the age of computer technology. We don't need to climb a high mountain and kicking the ball with all his strength, all can be modeled! Let's get started. Read more →

Search of answers to questions about how the invention of a technology it took so much time Trying to study the history of progress, I constantly come across interesting examples of "ideas behind time" – inventions that seems to have appeared much later than could, the type of volunatarily or bike. I have collected a small list of such things and conducted an analysis of their occurrence. such Discussion is often in a strange way slipping in disputes in which people unsuccessfully exchanged remarks with each other (although if people on the Internet can argue about how many days in the week, then maybe you can argue about everything). So I would like to comment on our thoughts about such incidents and standards of evidence. Read more →

* diagnosis at time 22:40 Friday 20 March 2020 remains to be confirmed by the laboratory from Novosibirsk. I have three days watched the development of the story and at first it looked like the beginning of the story pass film about another epidemic, but after the Governor of the Stavropol region three times recorded a video message for his followers, it became clear that all mega-serious. The situation quickly evolved from funny to scary. I will try to present the bare facts, which you can cross-check with multiple sources. And so meet Sannikov Irina Viktorovna, MD, Professor of Stavropol state medical University. For 13 years (since 2002) carries out the combination with the main employment duties of the chief infectious diseases specialist of the...

To date there is no confirmed cure for COVID-19. The diseased organism itself win (or wins) the virus with the immune system. In some cases, the disease is more severe, develops pneumonia, and then patients need a supportive and symptomatic therapy: I. V. fluids to prevent dehydration and supplemental oxygen if the lungs are functioning worse. In the most severe cases, patients require artificial lung ventilation (ALV) or even extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ecmo). The number of the ventilator and ecmo is very limited, and severe patients with coronavirus is carried out in intensive care for several weeks. So great is the danger that intensive care will end quickly, as happened in Italy. Obviously, the question arises, what else can help the body to...

On March 16, our team of ITSM 365 started to test a full remote work. Our offices in Ekaterinburg, Moscow, Tver, St. Petersburg, gradually emptying. But we "moved" home, continue to hone Zen with the technical support of clients and without panic to solve other business issues. however, breaking away from the office space, all enterprise services from internal services (it, HR, accounting and others) obtained remotely. The time has come to test out how it works! While we're still at the start, so I want to fix "as of now", and after a period of check, "then what". Read more →

Photo: Igor Ivanko / Kommersant According to the newspaper "Kommersant", the network operators in Russia at the request of the authorities will not limit services Internet access with zero balance subscribers during the epidemic of the coronavirus. The adoption of such measures requires that the users that are quarantined, kept in touch and was not blocked because of the inability to timely make payments over the Internet for different reasons. Further claimed that this measure will be valid until the end of April 2020 and may be extended depending on the situation with the spread of the coronavirus in the country and the world. Read more →

While coronavirus is sweeping the planet, on the securities market in the lead WC and the whole country being quarantined, more and more companies are forced to transfer employees to remote work. We RUVDS no exception and decided to share with Habra their experience of remote workflow across the company. It is worth to mention that the article will not be the captain's advice like "being at home — pull up your pants", just harsh reality and a guide to action. Read more →