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Baltic paranoia sometimes reminds a syndrome of the younger brother. Like, if I can't be so strong and powerful, going to shit and denigrate older brother. Otherwise, where is the aspiration of Lithuania to rewrite history and to impose it on the countries of the West shows. Logically then, due to feelings of inferiority Lithuania is trying to assert itself. Therefore, it is hard baits trying to gloss over the heroism of Soviet soldiers during the second world war, and to elevate themselves. The head of the Lithuanian Association of military history \"Forgotten soldiers\" Viktor Orlov absolutely of the same opinion.

Donald trump is angry. And all because the Russian leaders refused to return to the club of "developed countries" (sounds strange, considering what is happening in the US), representatives of Russia will not attend the extended "Big seven". Many still do not understand what the reason for this decision, because trump has repeatedly said that Russia is inviting not just. As if veiled as it may sound, but the purpose of the stay in our country at the summit was clear and simple – to solve the global problem, which, in the opinion of Americans, has hung over the world – the containment of China. And if before the world Affairs fell on the shoulders of the "Big eight", in the moment, to make decisions, she simply couldn't. Now "Seven" is more like a club of...

"Monumental" and other more terrible manifestations of the political struggle in America continues. Destroyed more than a hundred of monuments, and about thirty promise to carry. Such is democracy – ruin something that you didn't even create. But it's far from the worst. In the court of 2020th, and that means good news in the United States will not be long. it became known Yesterday that in the state of Georgia was shot and killed eight-year-old black girl. Her mother told that they simply drove past the Wendy's restaurant (formerly police shot and killed there Reichard Brooks), when armed blacks blocked their path and started shooting.

Not long ago, Navalny dared them to speak to the veterans of the great Patriotic War of Ignat Artemenko. Generally would-be blogger criticized video in support of the amendments to the Constitution, but for some reason decided that you can call a hero a traitor. In response to his barking all over Russia, people took to the streets with picket-condemnation to the address of the hysteric. So, in Volgograd yalnizcam first recalled the desecration of the campaign \"Immortal regiment\" and then cleared my memory the most Bulk for the fact that he allowed himself to insult the heroism of a veteran than vilified the heroism of all veterans, and now against the concert for veterans on the main height of Volgograd. People expect opposal apology.

In Germany it has long been said about the inappropriateness of the sanctions imposed against Russia. Primarily this affects agricultural producers, in response to the sanctions the EU, USA and other countries, Russia has banned the import into Russia of fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat products. This has hit the economies of several countries, including Germany. That's why every day, so the deputies argue for the restoration of trade with Russia. for Example, the head of the Committee on economy and energy Klaus Ernst said that without the crisis over pandemic sanctions against Russia far they are not gone. In the Bundestag, not a few supporters of the idea of restoring relations with Moscow. So, a member of the international Committee of Gerdt Waldemar...