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Angry look on the other side of the counter

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Every day I go to work and from work at the ICC. Convenient, fast, comfortable — everything is wonderful. And here's a little drop of tar in this barrel of honey. Is there a guide like long, informative announcements over the loudspeaker. Sitting at the station waiting for the train, the booklet opens, and you head over loud and clear: "Dear users of railway transport services, please be advised that in order to ensure the safety of railway transport and in accordance with the Federal law number so and so from such and such a year, the gates arranged inspection of baggage and hand Luggage to detect, deter and prevent penetration of the protected area... and there is something, can't remember exactly... penetrated with the aim of harming the health of...

And I frantically zadolbali through false vidyushki and videos with all sorts of exercises, fitness, cardio, yogis and other activities. When I see young and pretty and a gymnast or dancer, easily and with a smile doing the exercises — I was bursting with anger! And envy, Yes, banal envy! And frankly annoying calls — "will do, will be the same!" Yeah, right now the same... Well enough to lie for you! Even in my 20s I wasn't, what can we say about the present 40? Never, never I such not become! what to give people another reason to be disappointed in yourself? To six months full and an elderly lady spat and gave up, realizing that the pictures on the screen of her as the moon? Why exercise for weight loss show those who have all the bones and glow like that?...