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Briefly, the answer to the author of zadolbali "Their the right thing — not have responsibilities." This is not the Teens fault that they are. That's mainly the adults who do not consider them as equals, but only tries to humiliate and insult. No one can raise a third child is entitled by law belongs only to parents. Even a teacher in a kindergarten or school can only teach, to help, to suggest, but just to educate parents. And I teach their children the same. have you tried not to insult and humiliate the young people, and try to understand them, talk to them on equal terms? You don't want to do this, you believe that you deserve respect just because you are older. What is happiness? This is the main misconception. Respect a person for acts for actions...

All would be right in the story "Everyone is guilty except me", and five years ago I would even have agreed if not for one circumstance. Two years ago I became a dad, and I know why moms whine, but did not want to go to work. But the author of the mentioned story, I can assume, has no children, does not know the cause of the whining and, therefore, perplexed. the First three years the mom can not go to work. Because the baby requires constant attention. the First three months after birth, the child may not give sleep the parents for objective reasons — it hurts! He populated the gut microflora, and he gases, it swells out. And he needs to eat at least once within the night. Mom simply not getting enough sleep, and the last thing she wants to do is to run to...

Everything zadaviatsa great actions, or the lack of these great actions. I have all the easier. I always wanted to drive. Not for showing off, not for the sake of bends and entertainment. It's convenient and I really like it. Not going to talk about how you can zadolbalsya in training (about lazy trainers who do not like questions about schools), the exams (sales inspectors, and queues) — this the site is full of stories. I have a different. having Passed all the circles of hell and receiving a cherished right, I didn't have illusions about my driving skills, so I bought "Oka", has put up a big exclamation mark and drove into the city roads. And here I've been driving for three years and the same Time. And over the years I was sick: 1) the Eye is the same...