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To Go with folding umbrellas, you say? Let me enlighten you regarding this issue. I live on one of the famous green island, where "Guinness" clover and leprechauns. The rain average goes several times a day (and is one of the main topics for jokes), so with umbrellas have to walk almost everywhere. Since we are in fact located on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean in place of formation of cyclones, we have a very windy (quoting pearl local weather service: "a light breeze at 60 km/h"), and the regular storm warnings were commonplace. now, your folding umbrellas we live exactly two days. Moreover, even the standard flimsy umbrellas-canes in the winter in active use, we do not live more than a week. The only type of umbrella that can withstand...

Zadolbali logic level "if there is no bread, eat cake". a Student, I was still under Brezhnev. Received a stipend of 40 rubles. And then I had a dream cassette tape recorder (among young people was considered particularly chic to walk the streets with a cassette recorder). Tape cost 160 rubles, and my scholarship was set aside for him. once in the company of classmates, the conversation turned on the scholarship spending. I said I was saving up for a tape recorder. And one girl was very surprised: — How? You have a birthday coming up, tell your parents that they give you a tape recorder gave! yeah, the total income of our family is 300 rubles for four. the early 90's. My salary — two pounds of sausage, and that are not paid for three months. Job change is...