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Angry look on the other side of the counter

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I'm a young, non-confrontational, relaxed and quite sociable girl decided to work in a call centre, an online store for taking orders. Since then a year has passed, and after the late Mikhail Nikolaevich, I do not usually like to repeat his unforgettable "Well, dumb-s-s". first, most customers do not know their own phone. The reason is simple: "I myself do not call". Apparently, the same logic does not need to know his address: his own letters do not write, right? Especially this sin of secretaries and administrators of various organizations for whom this phone is a work tool. In addition, many do not even know that in Moscow a long time ago two telephone code. They dictate your number, and please specify city code and proudly shout of "Moscow!" Very...

And I zadolbali you know what? What a whine as all bad, while completely omits, and even human arrogance coupled with human opinion, that they should all. Now let me explain what I mean. All know, in our post-Soviet space hard with the job search. In small towns, so do the unemployment total. Many where now introduced mandatory training for the exams at the end. But in such places but often take without experience. too long I roam, pestered, but with his genetic stubbornness still got. How settled the person three friends immediately said, "Oh, you work? And for my wife (mother-in-law, friend) are you looking to move? And here it is how much time out of work, never take". But this man who needs help, do not even bother to post your resume on the sites...