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Angry look on the other side of the counter

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"Holidays in the language camp! Your child here please!" — broadcasts contextual advertising on your website. What language they can teach, even if you write in Russian with errors? Zadolbali ignorant is she at every step. Problems with grammar and punctuation, typos constantly. It would seem that you want to sell your product or service is in your best interests to show their best side. No, in one sentence they manage to pile up the garden and look like illiterate idiots to the whole world. Of course, here the collective work: the contractor illiterate and the customer who verified and approved the layout, too. Remember the anecdote: "would you rather be: a fool or bald? Better a fool — not so much". So, in such situations as an exception see better fool.

Went I get home from work, and I on the way came across a flower shop. Give, I think, look, while we're at it: my mom at work just bought an Orchid and was told that transplant would need in the near future. That's just the right pot and buy, Yes, about the soil and other care of a specialist consult, it's something everyday... But there it was! Go, then, greet as usual. Ask about pot. And here begins... "do You even know how the Orchid properly watered? And by the way, not watered, and soldered! To know it! Why do I take this flower, if you know nothing about? And the head-then its on his shoulders at all? You can't online to read it? What it means everywhere different information? What does it mean to you the other seller said otherwise? So you read and...

For parents, children will always remain children, but there has to be some common sense! I am approaching the milestone of 30 years, the husband of his for several years as it passed, and the manner parents teach us life fiercely zadolbali. it just So happened that until recently, we shared with them many miles, and all communication was in the form of a pair of short phone calls once a month, but now due to certain reasons we returned to metropolis. Knew that this Pandora's box can be opened, but hoped that everything will be all right and years will play a role. Yeah, of course. If earlier on the phone you can lie anything now due to geographical proximity, our life became better. And parents can not understand and accept our desire to live happily...

Zadolbali people who "do". Asked you a few days to look for an apartment, not repairs to arrange. If you have come to the wife of his friend and handed back the lamp, because he's yellow and she wants white, would you also fed up? Why you do not think will appreciate your "cheap" lamp family friend? And is often. Ask a friend to feed my cat in the evening and in the morning, even without an overnight stay. Come — the cat in horror. "I just decided to comb it!" Why? Was this really necessary? Yes, my cat loves the scratcher. For her it is wild stress, especially when not a native mistress. Now I'm in her eyes also radiate danger, all day she is hiding from me in the corners. And nobody asked you to show such initiative! Friends were offended, of course, and...