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Overheard social entertainment project in which people share their secrets, revelations and life situations anonymous front of a huge audience.

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Recently listened to a lecture about how great having children that this was the meaning of life and how I am wrong that still don't got a child. Because without children I'm not a woman and my husband and I not family as well .. People, not e*ITA's head! Well I can not, can not! But I don't want everyone to explain and talk. And if telling you immediately begin to regret. And I am lucky my husband knows about my features ,shares my desire to adopt a child. I don't need to be sorry - if you really can help, better advise good doctor or his grandmother, a healer and give money to treatment, and do not dilute the snot #Podslushivaet@overhear

As is known, Chinese is a tonal language. The same syllable pronounced with different intonation can mean completely different things. Now, we have studied in the University the girl is Chinese. Five years took a pounding and only after the state exams the Professor admitted that all these years he asked for her Indigestion...

I migrated to Germany and as each emigrant had to pass the A-1. With me doing a German language teacher retired, for which he thanks a lot. Completely free of charge. Now, there was one engagement in which the words have been colored to emphasize the lines, but I only have pen and pencil. I take a pencil and toolco going to emphasize my teacher, how outraged, they say the pencil is not suitable and need different colors, as it is written. I tried to explain to him that you just have different lines, but it was useless. He was not lazy and went to the second floor for crayons), all emphasized with a glare and showed me the result, they say it is necessary to do so. I patiently waited until he finished, then took a pencil and calmly drew a dotted line across...

I am very happy. The new wife of my ex-husband - nice girl. Recently had a baby girl, our daughter with a former sister. I also married my wonderful husband and favorite, young and beautiful! Daughter happily busy with your sister, go outside the city to rest, all together visit the mother in law! No psychological injuries and stuff. We just adequate. Love and respect the feelings of our children. Care, that they were happy and not spoil their nerves. How I pity the children when their dads come across new wife stupid and jealous. #Podslushivaet@overhear

Hated to wash clothes after washing of air,warm clouds,the jacket is thin and cold.had to go to what they have or buy a new one!yesterday it dawned on me!in my childhood every summer went to the grandmother,there fluffed feather bed sticks.and now having dried the jacket,breaking hands, the clumps of feathers-they beat him with a stick,and he came back,was airy and warm,like when purchasing!!! #Podslushannyj@overhear

I was Riding in the bus. On the very back row sat a very drunk man. Next to him sat my grandmother-"God dandelion", he didn't like and he hit her a loaf of bread on his head. And it is that? She asked the driver to stop, and threw the man from the bus. #Podslushivaet@overhear

Lived with her mother, at home there were constant screams. With total parental control it is impossible to live. Really annoyed, went off to the guy. The guy was SUCH a pig that I just ran away! Moved in with a friend - again, no strength to live with such a drama Queen! Decide the financial question, lived alone, enjoyed the silence. this year I got married. History repeats itself, op, cry. At this point, suddenly realized that this is not without exception all the surrounding assholes, it's just my nature shit( #Podslushivaet@overhear

In the childhood terribly likes to rip soft toys, dolls abdomen. Parents warned friends, what to give me. Mom thought I had mental problems, dad is amused. Now, I'm 25 and I work as an expert criminologist. #Podslushivaet@overhear

Like a shooting gallery. In childhood, every weekend I went to Sokolniki with parents, and on the list - a horse to ride, cotton candy and shooting. Many years have passed, send the young man to walk in the Park. He's not Russian, so the culture of amusement parks is not familiar in Europe for a couple of weeks bring the rides before Christmas. Knocked in dash 20/20, gave him a Teddy bear. Silent the second day, a friend wrote that his girlfriend is 'crazy Russian' and asked how are popular in Russia hunting bears.

In 1997 before graduation classmate "for the company" dragged to the police for a direction for admission to the UNIVERSITY of the interior Ministry. Dreamed, like her father, to serve in the militia. I didn't want to go, but she talked me into it. After school I was going to join the speech pathology faculty in teaching, teach children to speak correctly and beautifully. Show all.. In the Department I was left open wide open door to the front office, and a friend got up in the footage. On Desk in a small room behind the glass sat the detainee and looked through the glass without blinking. Nothing better to do I watched him from the hallway, and when he returned a friend, showed her on the detainee and explained that it was glass and special transparent...

13 first went to the camp. We had in the squad, the girl who had a boy cut and the appropriate physique. So she used to let all the girls in the camp to be photographed with her so could not see the face, like a boy. Hugs on the photo with the "kid" were in advantage. It was the line... #Podslushivaet@overhear

My aunt is an amazing character. She is 66 years old and already a half century she loves one man, who met in their Teens, and only once a year on his birthday she sends(still) him a bouquet of 5 white roses. While he had a family, he is happy and has many children. Yes, many will say that "she was unable to move on" and so on. But now she is strong, rich, cheerful, sociable woman. It will always be for me an example of dedication and strength of the human spirit. #Podsushennouu@overhear

Plastic surgery has fulfilled all my dreams — in addition to a beautiful nose, I during the operation and after it stopped Smoking, you pick your nose, but thanks to the anesthesia forgot all the old grudges, because the memory for some time disappears. pulled out his lucky ticket to a new life in the new year.

Recently at the wedding caught the bouquet. When I used the top part of my dress in flight, flew down and fell out my boob. Many pretended that have not noticed, but there were a photographer and your videos, here they are probably from the neighing of the soul. Your future star of YouTube. #Podslushivaet@overhear

Living with my brother in the hallway. He's 31, a difference of 8 years. Has a small business, working hard from morning to evening, goes to sleep around 9 PM. While snoring forever. In order not to Wake him, learned to do all the noisy work on the breath, to relish this snoring) machine open a bag of chips, rastegaeva lightning, sit on a creaking sofa, locking the door - only on his noisy breath. Let him sleep calmly, regaining her strength) and I used to have...