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Overheard social entertainment project in which people share their secrets, revelations and life situations anonymous front of a huge audience.

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Parents want to "donate" to her grandmother in the nursing home. "Get rid of unnecessary stuff". All because she cries at night because of their nightmares. Every morning I Wake up thinking how much I love her. She's a veteran and hero of the Soviet Union. #Podsusherve@overhear

Watched today the following picture: on the road stands a three years old toddler. Because of the angle the machine was taxiing, parents swear by and not to notice what was happening, and then the road passes by the girl, loudly chatting on the phone, walks up to the kid, grabs him by skurnik, drags and releases just about parents, calmly continued his way. The child comes to the mother, takes her hand and they leave. And it's all right, no one noticed, right, BSA.

My dad is a very considerate person... I Remember once, during the student, I had long hair, about mid back. And then, one day, I was dropped, I went to the hairdresser and got my hair cut "boy". Now, it is perceptible after 2 weeks, he carefully look at me, said "Mmm... you seem different... Bangs hair cut?". But I finished off the case on my 22nd birthday: I stand in the kitchen, wash the dishes after the celebration. He comes up to me, pats on the shoulder and seriously said, "Well, you're all grown up!". I blurred in a smile and he like this in all seriousness: "is already an Adult, 18 years old, like" #Podslushivaniya@overhear

Husband spoils me with expensive things, it will give a fur coat, jewels, etc. (fortunately the abundance of normal) and how I hate that all my family just considers it his duty to praise me for being "well sat on the purse." I married for love! And when Dating did not know about the financial situation of her future husband! And even thought not admitted that the person with whom we are because of 15-year ruble of pie in a diner fought 1.5 years ago, may be your business. And only six months later, relations found out about it and my attitude towards him did not change! It is a pity that many people think only about money and profits. #Podslushivaet@overhear

When I was eight, I slept with my mom. She bent my knees and pressed me to him with the words "Sit on chair". It was a magical feeling of calm and security! Fell asleep. Now I'm 36. Embrace his one-year-old daughter. Just enjoying this! #Podslushivaet@overhear

31 December in the evening dialed random numbers and congratulating people with new year. many have tried to figure out who it was and was surprised that I called just so. remember two: a woman who once believed that we are not familiar and with deep gratitude in his voice responded, and the girl who took my friend with words: "Mashka, you gotta be kidding me, salads get cut!" #Podsushennuyu@overhear

The Guy is my classmate. Several times flew out of the Institute and came again. He is now 20, I'm 18. He asked me to stimulate his interest in learning. You as class President, smart, beautiful and all that, said... I think, okay, let's try. And in his passion, he said to me "maybe in the ass?" And I told him no! Had you not wrote. Stood up. Naked. Sits. Writes. #Poslushnoe@overhear

That same feeling when you're a mom,and go with his suddenly grown-up, 18-year - old beauty-daughter in the street and she gathers admiring glances of passers-by absolutely all men.And you don't notice.And I recall myself,20 years ago,when you couldn't take the glances that promised the stars and flowers.And here I think,whether to be jealous of your daughter to this world whether to be pleased that this beauty is part of you, or even cry. #Podslushivaniya@overhear

First time in my life hit my husband. Well, like a hit - we quarreled, and he in a fit of anger, launched what was held in his hand, - comb. Hit right under the eye. Pain, a terrible hurt, the tears. The main thing - it hurts like hell, but no trace, so, swelling. He immediately apologized, but I was burning with thoughts of revenge and desires to reinforce his sense of guilt. Locked myself in the bathroom and artistically portrayed a brutal bruise with eye shadow. For three weeks he "kept", shimmering colors from purplish-black at first and yellow-blue at the end - the benefit cosmetics full) husband as a substitute, look at me, could not without guilt, repented every day, insomnia, loss of appetite, altered a bunch of useful things, flowers and gifts...

Night, sleep, in a dream you hear the screaming from the keychain alarm. Jump, sleepy to insanity, ran to the window to watch. Look and "see" how my car opened the hood. Shock, beginning to run around the apartment and yelling that I had stolen her! Daddy gets up, grabs the gun and rushes outside in his underwear! Winter!!! I'm calling the police! They arrived a minute! See... machine's closed, everything is OK... and I understand that raised all because I, a dumb blonde, it seemed!? and in the morning I find a note under the wiper:"wait still". WHAT?! #Podsusherve@overhear

Thought her husband to get a cat. For breeds not looking, so it was decided to take from a shelter. Found the address, came. And Oh*ate. — the Russians? That's good. We need proof of income not lower than 35T. per person. And end: — you Have two young children, mortgage kopeck piece? Where are you cat?! In the end, we were denied. With us came another pair, on a good foreign car, so they charge the price tag of 20K. yard for a sick cat. And they cried that cold-hungry, looking for the cats house. Left with nothing. Did damn good work. #Podsushennoy@overhear #Poslushnitsy@overhear

I first went to camp when I was 12. Always been very nice. The chest was then already almost a third the size.(!) Now, boys, 14-17 years old asked me to give touch. And what am I? Don't you think? I told them that if they pay me, I'll give. So get on the phone. Ashamed until now... Lolita unfinished ;D #Podslushivaet@overhear

Yesterday in the café observed the following scene: a guy with a girl drinking coffee, it offers to buy her cakes, as she so modestly refuses, type in a diet. And when the guy went to the restroom, the girl jumped up, ran up to the counter, bought 2 biscuit and quickly ate))) right there at the counter, in front of the flabbergasted waiters, and then calmly sat down and then began to drink his coffee) #Podslushivaniya@overhear

Today I saw my girlfriend's eyes not man. The thing is, when I sat and waited for her in the car, we saw a girl who seemed to me slightly chubby. I thought, how nice that my favorite is not so. A minute later this girl sits in my car. It was my favorite, the most beautiful and attractive girl. Why I didn't recognize her? She was in a new jacket. I was not myself.

In childhood grandma found my diary shut and while I was at school, among my clothes, found the key and read! I then two years from first love to suffer. my father, hearing this, yelled at them that they did not dare to comment on what they read. he taught me that the personal is inviolable. now I have a sister 10 years old she has a lot of diaries, all in the mind and no one reads. all I remember from this wanted letalnica. parents, grandparents, remember that such actions is a moral crime!