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Overheard social entertainment project in which people share their secrets, revelations and life situations anonymous front of a huge audience.

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Work in the front office of a small town. Its building was just about to restore. As out with work, and there is one worker says to the other: "Repeat after me the mantra of the evening. Tell me word for word!" And then loudly: "fuck all fuck. Went all the fuck out!" The second was taken aback, but he said. At first silently and then loudly and happily. I stand now, I think, not to learn whether I also this mantra.

My Mother told me that during a Christmas party in kindergarten there were several groups, one of which was a lame teacher. According to the script she went to the tree and shouted joyfully:"come, children! Follow me!" beginning to create dance. In the next five minutes all present ssal boiling water: children, thinking it a game, went for an aunt, dropping heavily on one leg!

Brother 12 years old, hockey player, studying in the sports school. There they have lessons in addition to 2 two-hour training sessions a day every day, from Monday to Friday, leaves at 7am comes home at 7pm, tired. But coming home and doing homework...he sits and watches hockey on TV)) then plays hockey on the computer, and before going to sleep reading a book about the great hockey players...) on Sunday, he usually match, but on Saturday, his only day off, he goes to the rink with my dad and Yes, they play hockey.. )) #Podsushennouu@overhear #Poslushnitsy@overhear

Recently at the friend there was a fire that burned down the apartment. She wrote the posts in SOC.networks with photos of ashes and asking for help. I'd just do reposts, I collected the necessary things, cleaning products to aid in cleaning, and in General, something to help. In the end called her 3 times to pass things, asking when you can come and help her to get out, although at the time she experienced a strong grief and bury myself work from morning to night seven days a week. To all my calls my friend replied that she was either in another city or she had no time. And all in a tone as if I were a pesky fly... In the end told her that as she has time, have him call me, I will bring everything. anyway, she never showed up, only cash assistance is not...

Dated a guy who constantly ran to the toilet. Here is a walk in the Park, he hours two or three times in five running around the bushes to pee. Explain that men are people. Then the doctor I already explained, when gonorrhea treated me, what was happening and why... by the Way, the guy I still accused that I gave it to him. And I was a virgin.

10 holidays redid all the household chores, even something that wasn't planned. Every day a variety of dishes and pastries, house everything shines. Husband happy. And all thanks to the fact that the street is -25 and I'm too lazy to leave the house)) #Podslushivaniya@overhear

Several years Rented apartment in the panel house. Initially, every Friday and Saturday in the evenings I could hear the girl's heels on the floor above running around the apartment, going to parties. Then silence, and later the child was born. We heard him crying at night, then the first words and the patter of little feet — the first steps. Heard he sang a lullaby. But so never and have not seen the upstairs neighbors. We moved out. So far my husband and wonder, the boy was there or was the girl :))

Every time I get sad from their financial situation, I remember stories mom, pregnant as she was selling stolen dad fish at the store, and now can't choose which of her coats to wear on a winter day. And strength to work and somewhere to aim.

Did you know that on the phone not hear the creaking of brakes and the fall of man to the pavement? I found out today. Just in the middle of a conversation in the tube silence. And after a couple of stops ahead saw your best friend lying on the pavement. Alive. #Podsusherve@overhear

In childhood I liked to play with different fabrics. I secured them with Bobby pins every once in a while and thought it was my new dress. My mom scolded me for wasting time and sent to do homework. But I never left his hobby. Eventually, after a few years of a child's game turned into a favorite work. I have my own Studio))

Work as a nanny in a kindergarten. Of duties: assist in conducting training, monitor the children, dress them, pots and dishes to wash.Often children who are 4-6 years really do not speak, do not know how to wash themselves of the handle, the buttons can't be buttoned. Here the whole team helps them, teaches, is involved (although this is in no obligation to in fact). And very disappointing when it comes to the mother of the TA, which does not want to listen to you. People say that the child himself will learn. Yes you just give it half an hour, show me how a spoon to keep Him in school soon!

One day in the subway I fell asleep and woke up 5 stops from me, and I had to work I had to go and change I fell back asleep woke up at 7 stations from the stop and so 2 times total: late for work for half an hour #Podslushivaet@overhear

I was about 6, I called grandma. We talked for about 10 minutes, I asked how she was doing, told her something about himself. Then I asked how is the cat doing. And grandma says that she has no cats, and never was. And then I realize that the number was wrong and spoke not with his grandmother. And she so sweet reply. Asked me to call her sometimes, she has no one. I promised to call. But it never rang, the room didn't know her, but on older phones didn't show. Sorry grandma(

Since the childhood mother told me that man must choose by the sound. By the sound of how he eats. And really, if a little annoying squelching, smacking or even banging a spoon on the teeth, then the relationship with that man did not develop. Like the first date in the café immediately clear all)

Engaged in "panchami", not long ago rented a movie about a man, allegedly in trouble (stole things, money, and allegedly the guy from another city) so many people passed by, and who were certainly helped! We were surprised a guy would write up a short dialogue:" Hello, can you help, got in trouble -lol what happened? -robbed, not local -fuck bro 12 on the map p, I can't afford it.,although..come on bread you take, wait, have an idea,I live here not far away in the Dorm(the guy from "Mountain"), let's go feed, tea poppies, Popis*tell them that as a Yes. Well our "actor" has had time to think and agreed. So, in the end, this guy slapped his jackets, podstolice, watered, fed, and most surprisingly gathered from across the campus money for transportation, we...