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Overheard social entertainment project in which people share their secrets, revelations and life situations anonymous front of a huge audience.

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Everything they say about humanity, people, participation. Then yesterday we hear from behind the wall, where lives an old lonely neighbor, squeals, screams, then sobs and lamentations, accompanied by the roar of falling furniture. Realized if I needed any help. Ringing the doorbell, she POPs up out of breath, disheveled, almost with his fists at us is not rushing. Says, maybe for the last time a man got to hang out, and we are a buzzkill. #Podslushivaet@overhear

Man,29 years old. I work in a large successful company, not a very small position. Working productively. In General,without bragging-I am in his place. Subordinate to 37 people. Broke the stereotype of the "goats heads". All of the employees great attitude, always behind them the mountain, around to help and they answer me the same. At one point, the Director informed me that due to prevailing conditions in the foreign exchange market wants to cut salaries of my Department. And to cut not sickly. I am shocked, for the work to be performed so that it would be nice and increase. Told him I'd quit if would cut my guys W/p. He said nothing. Back-all told the team. The next day brought an application to the Director. He chuckled and showed me 37 applications...

Periodically go with friends for shashlyk. Everybody has a beer but me - behind the wheel. Accordingly, they maybe eat a lot more meat and snacks. Pay the common Fund is equally. Once decided to pay for myself. Two sisters -"activists" were indignant, right up to the hysteria. Since then, order only the most expensive dishes! And I Germany and without hysteria!

Hmm, why is my mom in the eye that behind all was always told that I have stick out of your ass, I'm helpless and alone, won't last a week, running home. Now, I'm 18 years old live at home, a great cook, can do everything that is necessary to be able to the woman and have a deep inferiority complex. All the men delighted with me first, go away because I don't love myself and believe that I can love. Law was my mother that I will not be married. Thanks to her. #Podslushivaniya@overhear

Was at the wedding at the friend pair. The guys are very good, I have the opportunity and therefore gave them a good amount of money. After that bridesmaids have become sooooo often invite me to their birthday parties and stuff like that, I immediately realized what was happening and why in the chest for "gifts" throwing an empty envelope, and happily partied for Dharma. These morons don't even understand what was happening and squabbling with each other, trying to figure out who this mysterious miser.)

Are in the hospital, in the wards a lot of people, one aunt no pancreas. Removed. Accordingly, she's on a diet. Be unsaid, so very strict. Salt-pickled and chocolate. So last night she chinchila of a chocolate bar, washed down with milk kottalam Miracle chocolate. An hour later vomiting was opened. Washed it, pricked. Morning. 7 hours, I go to the house of soul - sitting, pet and sharpens pickles go with sauerkraut. In response to ohranovic my opinion-Why?! She smiled, reached for another cucumber and said, I have a big ass, a lot of shots you want, and a jar of pickles already opened, you should eat up! #Podslushivaniya@overhear

Live in China, heard a lot about products from plaster, oil from slops and fake fruit. A couple of days ago boiled eggs, peel, concrete! Showered in hand, no tape, it tastes like chalk. To the question why do fake eggs, they are so cheap, the Chinese responded-well, just cheaper! Concrete to eat. That it was cheaper.

At the last session failed the exam. With the subject well knew, and was prepared, and answered well. Thought, put five, and he to the re-sent. Tears barely held back. It's a shame. Even at home parents scolded... Again, preparing for, and what do you think? The teacher admitted she just wanted me to see again. Did not even ask, he brought five and said some vulgar compliments! What was that?! Old asshole

Dating a girl for 2 years. Before she had a decent amount of candidates, and generally how I tend to think that a good judge. But the further you go relationship I am faced with an insurmountable problem - the girl eyes starts to change, good and affectionate attitude towards it is taken for granted! All attempts to Express their care and concern - more and more often hear rudeness, indifference or just ignoring...I don't understand why you treat a person well, sincerely love him, and as a result, he only more IMPUDENT and BORZEET! And so it is with each!(((

Was 95-96 year, me, 5 year old little dad punished and prohibited to walk, but mom was kind enough to let go for a couple of hours. I left and started playing that I remembered that need to go home late in the evening. I come home and greets a tearful mother. Dad fed her breams for the fact that she released me, she was looking for me for two hours the neighbors (in the summer, it gets dark late). I asked for her forgiveness on his knees. She forgave. A couple of years later she died. You know, mom, I still remember that day and can't forgive herself for the fact that you were crying and because of me dad you got hit. #Poslushnitsy@overhear

In my childhood was complete, one might even say, fat. Therefore, in order not to touch my fat belly, always slept with a small sofa cushion, holding her to him. Got older, lost a lot of weight, but habit and old complexes. And yesterday my boyfriend "ripped" from me this pillow and made to sleep without it (by the way, never allowed anyone to touch my belly). And you know... Never not slept so soundly and most importantly - easy. Was having a good lucid dream. I feel like a fell from the soul cargo with a bunch of stones that I was dragging my whole life. Get rid of complexes, people. #Poslushnyi@overhear #Poslushnitsy@overhear

Rode in Belarus. In the buffer zone between the countries where there are no settlements, all of a sudden the kitten under the wheels. Night. Caught him through the puddles on the roadside. Brought to grandfather in Minsk. The cat is perfectly clean, well maintained, and even rare breeds that bring good luck. Brought home to Moscow, where it docks without wanted to buy for 25 thousand R. Not sold, leaving the bully. Quietly a month later, in a strange way, priobreli the start in Thai, gave the iPad won money and went to driving school, the business took off...

Many years were in love with each other unanswered. 3 years ago he got married, I secretly sighed, and dreamed that one day he will say that I saw and I'm the only one he needs. Yeah, I see. Came, said what he needs I'm the only one, but began to demand guarantees that I love him and we will be together, and then he will divorce, and it turns out that in vain. Used to look at his wife with hatred, but with pity now, what a vile man she got a husband. #Podslushivaet@overhear

Madly in love with his girl, she's perfect for me and I for her too. Relationships are wonderful, everything is fine, but there is one big fat negative - she has two children, close in age, boy and girl, 6 and 5 years. And this is the most disgusting kids in the entire universe. They skadat, spoil my things, doing bad things, set her against me and just plain rude. Because of them we have not been able to move, she struggled to make friends us, at first I also tried, now already scored. terribly afraid that we have no future because of them. Don't know what to do.

I Have the coolest grandma in the world! I brag to all! She bought the iPhone 5 before I bought, and then 4! On 61god I gave her a bike! It 2 times a week goes to the pool, runs,Saturday rides heats the bath to the private house from the apartment, loves my ripped jeans, rides in my shoes and calls me SHIT ( because I'm Olegovna) I'm 20 years old.