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Overheard social entertainment project in which people share their secrets, revelations and life situations anonymous front of a huge audience.

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With an old friend went to the movies,I liked him.Once called,they said that I would very much like to see me right now. And I do come,I say. It was late,he thanked,for the shelter and fell asleep,me too. And there were no signs of anything! But I woke up from the most delightful in the life of cunnilingus!After a while I realized why he is so crafty. He has a small dick. And,you know, have been married for 2 years. Men! Not complex in this occasion,but learn to do nice girl in other ways! #Poslushnoe@overhear

At the age of 17 at the height of the entrance examinations in the hospital with a serious head injury. Did the craniotomy, it was suspected meningitis, scar 20 cm, and no hair, respectively. Two years later, the feeling is that nothing happened, but the head still remains his father's: "Thank God, failing to break, once again life filled with you. Mom says, you got to smile, we are no longer "behind" and "before" the line."

Serious Work,due to security,I live in the capital in his apartment,never in his student years, never been to the hostel,grabbed stories.And here I've just been seconded for 2 months to another city and it so happened that not settled in a hotel,and a good student residence.Guys,in 25 years I don't ever hang out,I'm 17 again and I learned a lot,quite far from my specialty.I cooked for the first time in the company of 10 people kind of disgusting,stealing from me products.I'm happy!! #Podslushivaet@overhear

Summer decided to visit the great-grandmother of the husband, which I never saw, and her husband of 15 years for sure. Drove it for two days, and I'm still on 7 month of pregnancy was, therefore, doubly difficult. Upon arrival no one met us, and when we got home, sitting at a table of about 15 people. As it turns out, distant relatives of the husband, which he never knew. It turns out that on this day they planned to dig potatoes and was glad that, say, two more people to the aid came. My husband immediately said he would help, but his wife is pregnant, and will not allow her to work. My abdomen was really big already. Then immediately at me like I snapped these data/aunt, began to shout and Granny one even wanted to hit her in the stomach, but in time her...

I there is a single mom. For the sake of interest decided to tell fortunes at the constriction and placed under the pillow of a comb in her sleep to me was to come narrowed and comb the hair. Summary: I dreamed some kakakhi my newborn son. I can take a hint, rolled up her lip and went to wash the sliders.

Once visited my aunt. Her son (my cousin brother) really wanted me to stay the night and nailed my shoes to the floor with huge nails. I put on his shoes, and with places to start are unable. Mom to me: "why?" Wow, and went to then brother of pretzels for damaged shoes! More than 20 years, and when I meet with my brother, we will definitely Neshchadim :))

One day, arriving to Europe, met at the station by our compatriot. He lacked 100 euros for a ticket home. I walked into the situation and gave him the money, successfully forgetting about it. After two years riding the train, no money for food, only three beach package and bread, and go almost three days. Here the train comes the man, I recognized him by a birthmark on his nose. I think I worked the kindness boomerang. I was sure that he'd remember me and will rescue you from hunger, but night stole one of my bags and disappeared.

Little brother, bumping her little finger on the corner, began to shout for the whole house: "the Pirates! Robbers!" After we explained that he was taught that "matter" in the kindergarten the boy, in turn, this battlefield my father taught. Now our whole family is so expressed, if someone is impatient))

I Was 7 years old. Decided to make a card for my sister for her ninth Birthday. Like anything unusual. However, congratulations I copied from my grandmother's postcards. In the end, my sister reads the card, and it says: "Happiness, health, love... AND LIVE YOU STILL the SAME!"

: My son is 16 and he has a girl. She often hangs out at our house and after she left always cleaner. Didn't believe in teenage love. Recently decided to return earlier. Come home, and they are lying and cuddling. She sleeps with a serious face, and my son heard that I came,stood up,covered her with a blanket and kissed him on the cheek. She felt it and smiled. In a dream. Teenage love is. #Podsushennouu@overhear

Living with grandparents. Life student, hanging out with friends all night long and, therefore, a well drink (on special dates, of course). Especially after passing any tests. Scary never to late to study and Wake up in a bad mood. After such nights, grandma always in the morning leaves the alarm for 8:00, pancakes, a bottle of water, gum and a few clean clothes. Love her.

My black friend just loves Russia. When he moved, he worked as a courier-delivered pizza. Said, in winter, every third apartment he was met with:"Oh, you poor thing! How are you cold in Moscow, maybe." And then tried to sit at the table and drink tea. He still does not understand how these fellows could win the war.

Live in Belarus and work as a caregiver, adult children of 6-7 years. On Christmas eve tell your children about the essence of the holiday. At the end of conversation receive an inquiry from children, is it true that our planet and people God made. Start telling the biblical legend. At the end of the six days of creation on the creation of people and ask, does anybody know, what was the name of the first man. Complete silence, are reviewed in confusion, then see by her eyes that one young lady lit up, giving her the word and have full confidence the proud answer: "Lukashenka!"...))

Since the childhood fear of adult men after one of them, cursing the peddler with sunflower seeds, picked me up, five, passing, and threw her on a table with cones. I broke his nose and elbow, and the man got into his car and drove away. He could lead a grown man to do so?

Today Went to the bus in the headphones, the phone in the outside pocket, the cord under my jacket. That is a little bit of wire in the belt area. The old woman of God dandelion, saw me, snapped up almost with his fists with the words "I have grandchildren, vsralisa in another place." Passengers whinnying like horses at the head of the driver. #Podslushivaet@overhear