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Overheard social entertainment project in which people share their secrets, revelations and life situations anonymous front of a huge audience.

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Rested 3 years ago in the South. Lie on the sand, beachfront the hotel owns. Then I hear screams female: a mother yells at her child years 5. In the next moment a strong slap in the face, kid falls. tears. I came to understand that I was sent to hell. Began to comfort the boy, because tears already began to choke. Mom looked at me like a Viper, continuing to RUB the cream on yourself. Then came a man, asked what happened. It turned out that the father of the child. Learned about the incident, the scandal was loud... in the Evening in my room knocked on the door, it was that man. Got to talking, turns out his wife ran away with her lover 3 years ago, the child threw. But this woman thought that all will be well, mother will appear. She's with him a boy, as a...

31 December in the morning went for and scored a bunch of chocolates. Stuffed them into my pockets and decided to pass out on the way to the conductors, the drivers of minibuses. I probably will never forget the emotions of these people. When sullen, tormented man's face relaxed into a sincere smile and thank you for the warmest words! ^^

My Friend and his family moved into a new building... On the wall near the couch, where she lay down read a book, socket - right through to the apartment next door. We have a hole, covered on both sides loose power sockets. Reads, hears that the neighbors(a young couple)honeymoon continues rapidly... Almost a whole Chapter I read... And they decided to make a winter salad. List what to buy: sausage, eggs, cucumbers. Potatoes, onions. Going to the store. A friend in outlet: forgot the mayonnaise! #Podslushivaet@overhear

Had many different jobs. Almost everywhere communicated well with superiors and just with paid professionals. Many believe that it is happy people who make a lot of money. But no. These people for the paycheck plow from early morning until late at night, work on holidays and weekends without pay, they see their children only sleeping. As for me, so it is better to have high salary and spend time with loved ones. All not make any money.

Buster 20 years with the girl when went in the bus, very hard and helped her by the hand, and words, saying "Watch out honey, step. Take your time. Here have a seat". The girl, wearing dark glasses was that provoked certain thoughts about her health. Apparently seeing himself and his passions are studying the views of passengers, the guy gave: - don't pay attention, she's not blind. Just kultapa.

Since childhood, competed with one boy. At school, he got himself a girlfriend and we stopped to chat for 4 years(she saw me as a competitor) and so he decided again to start communicating behind the girl, started to care, I fought back and hinted that they will pass it to the girl. Sent a bouquet of flowers with the courier, I put the bouquet in a letter, paid to the courier and sent the bouquet to his girlfriend. Never again no one called me. No regrets.

Went to the gynecology, as well as with my daughter uncomfortable ride (11 months) - mother-in-law asked her to sit. The next day the husband asked if there was anything I don't want to tell him. Word for word is the mother-in-law called his sister and said that I brought baby a secret from her son and went an abortion and her child was left to sit. That of course all my friends called and her husband through the tenth hands of sympathetic gave. The indignation and my husband nebilo limit. Made her call and explain that she is stupid bitch. On the question of where such thoughts said to the gynecology just don't go.... Thank you that my husband supported me. But to say that I'm shocked is to say nothing. #Podslushivaniya@overhear

Loved your work, responsible, experienced. The result is fired. In the last month of testing was extremely arrogant, threw off responsibility, doing personal business on company time and was extremely happy that soon I will not see these faces... the Result — was asked to stay, given the increase. I don't understand how to live on this planet. Idiocy. #Podslushivaet@overhear

Our school was very close-knit class, still sometimes meet with men drink beer. We're in our 40 and meetings are becoming less and less. Not seen each other for about 3 years, but have gathered to share news. Many maybe a midlife crisis: boasted young lovers, "new" wives and everybody's asking me, and you,like, how all his old lady? I smiled mysteriously and nodded. And my 38-year-old "old lady" looks cooler than them young girls and expecting our 3rd child, finally a girl! #Poslushnyi@overhear

Serious Work,due to security,I live in the capital in his apartment,never in his student years, never been to the hostel,grabbed stories.And here I've just been seconded for 2 months to another city and it so happened that not settled in a hotel,and a good student residence.Guys,in 25 years I don't ever hang out,I'm 17 again and I learned a lot,quite far from my specialty.I cooked for the first time in the company of 10 people kind of disgusting,stealing from me products.I'm happy!!

Daughter 12 years recently read fantasy about dragons and those who fly on them. Week with her friends in the yard playing in dragons and drovers. My husband and I decided at new year to give her big toy dragon. From hard to find (and toy and money on it). Waited until daughter go to sleep and in the morning my husband with the words "your dragon awaits you, my lady" he sat her down on the toy and rolled around the apartment. The child is happy, and the rest of the vacation we got from the guests was not lights!) #Podslushivaniya@overhear

Work was to begin on January 2, but I soooo didn't want to go, what I wished for on NG more light output or slave.days. And here I sprinkled a strange rash and I was forbidden to appear at work until you reveal the diagnosis, the test results was delayed and delayed, and now they are ready. Everything is fine no abnormalities after 2 days at work and my temperature rises to 38, pours the rash, the diagnosis of chickenpox) Here's another 10 days at my disposal) But it turns out that our accountant is pregnant, and she forbade me to allow work another 40 days) 'm only closer to the March) Be careful with the desires, they come true :) #Poslushnyi@overhear

I made a proposal of marriage to her husband. We've been together for six years. Before with ease talked about it all and proudly stated:"But I myself... etc" the years Passed, I felt pity for myself! Look at the photos of the people, which depicted the love story, listen to a story about how pathetic the men made suggestions. And I proposals did not wait, took the initiative on his shoulders. Honestly, I regret very much! No one gave me the ring in the champagne and stood up in front of me on one knee

Decided to start a new business opened electrocutor, where you can ride Segways, girocollo, monocles. Trying my best to spin up, and the prices are ridiculous for riding, and distribute flyers, and hang posters, and all social.networks and does not...( Nobody would say these names: electromatic, girotel, gyrometer, well, just Segway somehow know, but I just wanted to do something unusual, not hackneyed, for children and adults and that everyone will certainly like it... And loved even if you don't come to ride...? (((

Hmm, why is my mom in the eye that behind all was always told that I have stick out of your ass, I'm helpless and alone, won't last a week, running home. Now, I'm 18 years old live at home, a great cook, can do everything that is necessary to be able to the woman and have a deep inferiority complex. All the men delighted with me first, go away because I don't love myself and believe that I can love. Law was my mother that I will not be married. Thanks to her.