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Overheard social entertainment project in which people share their secrets, revelations and life situations anonymous front of a huge audience.

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Many years were in love with each other unanswered. 3 years ago he got married, I secretly sighed, and dreamed that one day he will say that I saw and I'm the only one he needs. Yeah, I see. Came, said what he needs I'm the only one, but began to demand guarantees that I love him and we will be together, and then he will divorce, and it turns out that in vain. Used to look at his wife with hatred, but with pity now, what a vile man she got a husband.

Do Irish dancing. While the rest of the group trains okrestnosti, your turnout, carefully pulls socks and throws his legs above his head, my problem in another person. It is so concentrated that one day my coach said that I should burn the city :) #Podsushennouu@overhear

Recently at the wedding caught the bouquet. When I used the top part of my dress in flight, flew down and fell out my boob. Many pretended that have not noticed, but there were a photographer and your videos, here they are probably from the neighing of the soul. Your future star of YouTube.

Childhood in the music school. Hard labor. A great musician never came out, and is small too. But to the spinal cord ingrained teacher: "wrong?! So, do it to the end! Escape from a scene - death!" Oh, how many times this setup, Vdovina five years, helped and rescued 20 years later. It was worth it

Student, 20 years old. In the city the last day, then you need to leave during the exam period. Had planned to spend it with friends, but my mom asked me to go with her to the village to look after his sick grandmother. Of course, the more I wanted to stay and have fun, but decided that my family comes first, and we went with mom to the village. It was just magical! Mom was cooking and I was reading to her "the Little Prince", then we spent the entire evening watching movies and cartoons, and closer to midnight we went for a walk at night to the village, enjoying the peace and serenity, along the way taking in the familiar sights and remembering moments from my childhood and we both then spent. For a second I'm not sorry that have made such a choice...

Walking down the street and then in the headphones begins to play my favorite song, the highway noise and everything, and I began to softly sing along. When one earphone fell out, I realized that behind me are two young men sing this song with me. Sang to the end, took the phone numbers of each other, now priceless to me walking with them) #Podslushivaniya@overhear

Once, in the 90s, when I was in 3rd grade, came to me, frightened classmate, who lives in a nearby house and summoned help. Her apartment flooded, water was pouring from electrical outlets and switches. I said the first thing to turn off the electricity in the shield! Then we rolled up the carpets and gathered up the rags of water 3-4 hours until her parents returned. They, of course, joking. And I've only now realized that it seems saved her life. The phones we had, as adults somewhere close by. #Podslushivaet@overhear

Live a big family in one house. Parents, sister with her two children and husband... we Have taken a hearty Breakfast with a mountain of dishes after him. And since I work from lunch, to wash all this happiness gets me. But if I get any lunch before work, not going to wash the dishes, the whole evening listening to whining, what I'm getting lazy, and how hard it was for a plate to wash. Guys, I certainly love, but with a February 1 move in. Will love at a distance, and without washing your fucking dishes! #Podslushivaniya@overhear

Brother kept asking to get out of the apartment furniture. Direct whole. I only had bed and dining table, well, stove and fridge. We laughed at him and totally didn't understand. He recently moved into his apartment, having arranged it, of course, your taste... I Think now I'm on his side.

Work in a Bank. Found an error in the documents of the Client, I call the accountant, at the end of the day, say that You name is misspelled, lacking the dash in the name and can be later problems with the documents. To which she replies: "you Know, we're the PD officer note, and I'm drunk 100%, but the dash I'll do it!" #Podslurping@overhear

It just So happens that my father is currently serving time in prison. Making a dangerous manoeuvre he had no time to react and collided flobopuyo with another car, in which 3 out of 4 people received injuries incompatible with life. Working in the colony he receives a little more than 1000R . And just yesterday I learned that, it puts them all at the expense of the child from the orphanage. Sitting for 10 months and during this time one girl has taken to the family now he is transferred to the account of the boy. #Podslushivaniya@overhear

Working in a fast food restaurant. The positions are different, sometimes and the toilets clean. Then one of these days I'm working in the hall. Went to clean the toilet. I go to male, the stench of wild. Went for a freshener. Back, knocked, opened the door and asked, "Is anyone there?" (as required). Silence. I pass on with the air freshener and splashing in the likeness of the cross, saying, "BEGONE, evil one!" (fun to me). And then from the booths: "come out Now". My bullet blew off, then about 5 minutes holed up in the break room. #Podslushivaet@overhear

With a friend today, sat in outdoor cafes. Was about to leave, noticed the waitress trying to shoo an elderly woman from the table, as she did not order. Friend is not confused, he ordered and paid for grandma's tea with pie. More such people.

Noticed that after every quarrel with my wife I begin to wildly cold and can't warm up. And go to bed with ice. Gradually came to what is necessary to put up the same evening, was in bed to cuddle up to the warm side of his wife. And me warmly, and for family life helpful. #Podslushivaniya@overhear

Two years ago in the evening after work zabuhal with each other. Go home and get ready to PI@Gulam from his wife. Winter, freezing cold. Suddenly near the entrance mucousy see the lump. And cold under 20. It is clear that this night he will not survive on the street. Took with me. Go to the apartment and wonder if it will kick you out or kill you both. Carried. Wash the cat in warm water, fed with broth. Now Judas in the family a breathalyzer works, I lay the glass to drink - once his wife delivers. #Podsushennoy@overhear ^^