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Overheard social entertainment project in which people share their secrets, revelations and life situations anonymous front of a huge audience.

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I was very lucky with friends. When we sit somewhere in a cafe for example, and by chance someone will let noisy gases, no one is embarrassed and doesn't look a condemning glance, all together they start to applaud the offender atmosphere)) thank you fate for such crazy! #Poslushnitza@overhear

Already the second day we spend the night at her friend's house,because the day before, taking a shower, I saw that on a sweaty mirror made labels. Whether runes, or simply illegible characters, but at me there was no one for two weeks, I live alone, and from thinking about who could draw, stand hair dibom. #Podslushano_mistika@overhear

Here all talk about their grandma about what they're sweet, kind and a good cook. My grandmother is the complete opposite. Every time I come to visit her, she does not offer me different Goodies, not hugs and rejoiceth not me. Recently I wondered why. She replied: "you are not your brothers. You will not be able to build me a house." I became very sad and I remembered how once as a child she was hiding from me delicious candy, in order to give their brothers.

About this amazing feeling of lightness and happiness when you finally took off those extra pounds! The whole world takes on another meaning, in the mirror you see is not the body, and beautiful face with a charming smile. You start to notice things that ranxene noticed. And generally, you begin to love yourself and therefore others!

I am very suspicious, went to the hospital to visit a friend and saw an ambulance brought a young girl is a drug addict with a terrible cracking. Fainted from what I have seen, in flight hit his head on the railing. Lie now with a friend in the same room-she, after a snowboard, I after her flight was the result of a concussion, cut eyebrow and broken ruka. #Podslushano_proval@overhear

At the age of 15, at night, playing hide and seek and he flew to places where you have to knock," he fell into a pit with a depth of 2 meters, his head bumped on the corner of a brick. Got up, went behind the greenery. Often beating his head in the bus. Recently fell, hit his head concussion. Believe in something higher, because I'm a good programmer with great understanding of his craft.

Provided the game with her husband. During the joint lives we bought an apartment on our money, and I own stupidity said to the apartment he designed for himself. So this bastard, took and dedication has designed this apartment for my mother not to divide it after the divorce. I wish I listened to my mom when she told me before the wedding, said that he was Mama's boy, and if it comes to divorce is not good zhdat. #Podslushano_semya@overhear

Today in the shop found the perfect skirt. Very solid shopping centre in the capital. The skirt is fashionable, stylish, emphasizes the figure. What you need in one word. While dressed in the booth, I overheard a conversation sellers: "Lucca, you're all editions of House 2 watch! Tell me how there Oksana lost weight?". I suddenly felt such disgust - I realized that I'll never be able to buy from these women. Like taking a thing from their hands, I will approach their lives. No and no again!

My groom together for 4 years. 1.5 years ago I learned that he has an incurable infectious disease (fortunately, in the form of carriage). I was healthy and we immediately started my vaccination with which periodically had problems. Eventually, after seemingly endless 1.5 years without normal deep kisses, the analysis showed a sufficient number of antibodies.And so on February 14, we again was the "first kiss". Happy tears flowed from both..)

And I Pianosa village in a broken-down structure, and to face the unknown nationality, scoring on osidase me a taxi. And all because he offered as free bonus Shawarma!) And ate delicious, and rode merrily, and the songs he sang in his own language, and without rights on the Moscow ring road Paralela... And paid for it somehow, 1000 instead of 100, but why just not to feel sorry for a good man! In General, don't do that.