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Overheard social entertainment project in which people share their secrets, revelations and life situations anonymous front of a huge audience.

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Remember that ugly face on the splash screen of "VIEW"? So, it was a long time ago, I had an older brother fidget, grimace in response to the TV when I saw this face. In one day, nothing foreshadowed trouble, we just watched TV and again was this screensaver. My brother always started the crap, and this face made a face in response. You should have seen my brother, he was shocked. Even though we realized it was a joke, because the calendar was April 1, but the more he did not grimace. #Podslushivaet@overhear #Poslushnitsy@overhear

I Learned that my daughter (8 years old) being in the summer in the village, tortured stray animals. I can't believe my sweet girl is capable of that. My husband and I love animals, at home 2 cats. 3% of their salary, usually we donate to shelters. Where does she get it I don't get it. Tomorrow to the psychiatrist...

A Few years ago, my husband and I were expecting a child, cherished and loved. Both were glad. And so, one morning I woke up in pain and found that the whole bed and the bed in blood. I understand the whole horror of what was happening , rushed to the phone to call an ambulance, there was busy. Me with every minute it became unbearable in pain, blood already dripping and pouring on floor, I vomited. Show all.. And now I remember how I collapsed on the floor, and the phone on the other end picked up the phone, I tried to say something, but didn't hear his voice. I don't know how long I lay, it seemed to me an eternity. And then I see like through a veil my sister, she went pale , rushed to me. I woke up in the ambulance, I was taken to the hospital, the...

All my relatives think because they are "adults", can you give me instruction in family life. My father became an alcoholic because of the eternal hysteria mom. Grandma spent her life near the unloved man, only because I didn't want to be alone. My aunt's husband is walking to the left constantly, and everyone knows this, except her. Please husband is not working, it with a baby in hand has to dance Striptease to make ends meet. And these women really believe that I should listen to their advice?

After breaking up with ex-boyfriend is left alone in a foreign country without shelter and with very modest funds. Before the flight home about a month... have Collected all the Essentials in a backpack and travel the world! How many positive emotions, new acquaintances and impressions I received during this time - not to transfer. Many, seeing that I am traveling alone, I wanted something to help, treat and give... and I lived in the homes of local residents for free. As they say, there would be no happiness, Yes the misfortune helped :) Now, as soon as I get some spare time, take a ticket anywhere - so I want to see the world! #Podsushennouu@overhear

In high school, I wore glasses, had crooked teeth and a funny name. But I was a terror of the class, I feared and respected by all in the school. Could shake a pill any verbal including, although he was small and thin. And all because when I'm a little girl ran to daddy and yelled that I was hurt, he said, "Go and give back." And I learned to stand up for myself. I tried to ridicule and offend, but I never remained silent in response. If you are a rogue means you are a weakling and a coward. And nothing else.

Work as a teacher. That day I was in a foul mood, and on request student to leave because she called the phone took the gadget and, as I remember, said something sarcastic. It turned out, called her mother from the intensive care unit. Dying, she wanted to talk about his last moments with his beloved daughter. I'm scum, I'll never forgive myself.

Came to us to visit my mom's friend is with the child for a couple of days. My daughter was 5 years old. And then one day she asked me: "what's the name of your children?" I stand in disbelief,because I am only 17 and I told her that I don't have kids. The little girl asked: "what little boys come to you at night and talk?". I sit now ,the second night not sleeping. #Podslushivaniya@overhear

Working in the beauty salon. One day came a lady dressed up to do her hair for the celebration. Fixed up, paid and walked to the exit, removing some flakonchik out of the bag. At the door she and watered myself like deodorant and onnov, fallen soldier across the hall. The wizard and the administrator rushed to her aid, some prilepi right, and some went into terrible fits of coughing. And then covered all... Customers and craftsmen in the distance just started to cry and blush, and I went into deep choking. The client will then mix with the pepper spray...

Lived with two roommates. One of them is a friend, and after he left, another neighbor lost some money. At each other and thought. The answer was obvious. And it was not long before he came to check on us. Robbed the neighbor did not hesitate to ask him about it. He denied everything and, literally, "let my hand wither if I did this" After a week we learned that at work (hairdresser), he severely burned his hands with peroxide (or something similar).

Has long been each year to send the former mail a letter with a calendar for the new year. Really love her, let her own family, a husband and a new beautiful life. Somehow accidentally crossed, invited guests (we have friendly relations). I go, and she's on the wall all my calendars since 2008 glued. #Podsushennouu@overhear

Like a shooting gallery. In childhood, every weekend I went to Sokolniki with parents, and on the list - a horse to ride, cotton candy and shooting. Many years have passed, send the young man to walk in the Park. He's not Russian, so the culture of amusement parks is not familiar in Europe for a couple of weeks bring the rides before Christmas. Knocked in dash 20/20, gave him a Teddy bear. Silent the second day, a friend wrote that his girlfriend is 'crazy Russian' and asked how are popular in Russia hunting bears.

My two year old daughter has always loved my dad, I enjoyed it, because my dad never had and it was great to watch their tenderness. I specifically pushed them to once again have dad look after the baby, always talking about daddy and how good he is and that my dad bought and my dad loves, while he's at work. But the last time the daughter turns me off when we say cuddling with my husband, fights, throws toys, climbs to his arms, even kicking me out of bed and sleeps with him although sleep is always the same, and if not allowed to sleep in our bed, yelling for hours. Was even there when he's home, lunch or dinner, even if you go before his return, still sits beside him and demands to feed her with a spoon! He washes her, and even if I towel in the bathroom...

Always been a lover of feminine beauty 90-60-90. This summer he worked as a cleaner of facades in the capital. House cleaned from top to bottom, so in tall buildings we hung in one place for 3-4 days. On the top floor of one of the houses noticed that girl in the kitchen. Very full, in an old house dress, was cooking something. And I liked it so much. The first day I just with determination washed the floor, furtively watching her. In three days going down to the lower floors stayed near her window. Saw she was going to a meeting, brushing her hair, sang and danced to the radio. Heard supported friend on the phone. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. For the second month comes out of my head. I'm thinking to go to her house with flowers and a...

Hated to wash clothes after washing of air,warm clouds,the jacket is thin and cold.had to go to what they have or buy a new one!yesterday it dawned on me!in my childhood every summer went to the grandmother,there fluffed feather bed sticks.and now having dried the jacket,breaking hands, the clumps of feathers-they beat him with a stick,and he came back,was airy and warm,like when purchasing!!!