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Overheard social entertainment project in which people share their secrets, revelations and life situations anonymous front of a huge audience.

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Once in the 17 years I slept not at home, and jokingly whispered to himself the cherished phrase of a new place of sleep and the groom. I dreamed something very absurd, however, as always, but I remember one piece: black guy, rap appearance, kisses me on the neck. Waking up, I thought, what the hell? Especially since I live in a country where such a person is very difficult to meet. Thought about it and forgot. Well who knew that 6 years later, fate will bring me to new York to cousin aunt? #Podsosensky@overhear

I was Riding in the bus. On the very back row sat a very drunk man. Next to him sat my grandmother-"God dandelion", he didn't like and he hit her a loaf of bread on his head. And it is that? She asked the driver to stop, and threw the man from the bus.

One day my friends and I decided to go on a night walk. Walked through Central square,and then we were approached by a woman,covered in blood and tears with a request to call an ambulance.We all were horrified and a friend tried to run away with me,but I was left with poor patient.While the ambulance was driving,she told me that she was beaten by a drunken son,when she tried to take away his vodka. Just a terrible situation.So this bastard is now in prison,his mother was a wonderful woman,and such "friends" I have now no. #Podslushivaniya@overhear

Then after the next new year gave radio. Setting it up I stumbled on a local radio station where he played two tickets to the movies. Called and answered all three questions. Coming to a place of delivery of prizes out radio presenter who has won. Liked. Did not invite to the same tickets, and invited to dinner. Talked, I realized that m on the same wavelength. And so a couple of years. Looking back on this event believe in fate and realize that it is the ultimate gift.

In our family, through the female line, all long-livers,so to say his death was dead.103 my mother's great-grandmother, my great-grandmother is 99 and so on. But my great-grandma died, though at an advanced age (96let), but not his death. How ? Could snort tobacco, sneezed, and his head against the wall and kissed. #Podslushivaet@overhear

: My son is 16 and he has a girl. She often hangs out at our house and after she left always cleaner. Didn't believe in teenage love. Recently decided to return earlier. Come home, and they are lying and cuddling. She sleeps with a serious face, and my son heard that I came,stood up,covered her with a blanket and kissed him on the cheek. She felt it and smiled. In a dream. Teenage love is.

When I was 13 years old, it so happened that I rode the train all alone. There with me said the policeman, everyone was asking why I was single etc ...he played cards with me half the night, while we were driving... And then, I do not remember what the pretext was lured into his car, and I went. Apparently trust the man in uniform. We got him up to joints of wagons, and something clicked in my head, I took it and closed the door behind him for the latch. Such evil eyes and a hatred I had never seen. Here's what it was... #Podsusherve@overhear

I am very happy. The new wife of my ex-husband - nice girl. Recently had a baby girl, our daughter with a former sister. I also married my wonderful husband and favorite, young and beautiful! Daughter happily busy with your sister, go outside the city to rest, all together visit the mother in law! No psychological injuries and stuff. We just adequate. Love and respect the feelings of our children. Care, that they were happy and not spoil their nerves. How I pity the children when their dads come across new wife stupid and jealous.

Live in Belarus and work as a caregiver, adult children of 6-7 years. On Christmas eve tell your children about the essence of the holiday. At the end of conversation receive an inquiry from children, is it true that our planet and people God made. Start telling the biblical legend. At the end of the six days of creation on the creation of people and ask, does anybody know, what was the name of the first man. Complete silence, are reviewed in confusion, then see by her eyes that one young lady lit up, giving her the word and have full confidence the proud answer: "Lukashenka!"...))

I was a nurse and attached to his patient! Go to him, bring food, fed with a spoon, he had a severe stroke, the hand does not work and there is no speech, and he has absolutely no one! So tired of these gossip in the hospital! Have said and that I fell in love with in my 20 years in it, and I want to get him home! And I turn to join him! Yes I'm sorry for this former alcoholic and just want to please the person that he is necessary to someone! Is there no one like me ? Is my act really stupid? #Podslushivaniya@overhear

My father was ill with cancer. Very hard died. But fought on to victory! So many things went through lots of operations, dressings, injections, pain and suffering! Died after 1.5 years after surgery in pain! And everything could be different if our valiant doctors have not forgotten him in the abdomen CLIP!!! HOW?! He cut his entire intestine, and in consequence of which "gave life", described above! After the trial these doctors just six months removed from their duties. PS These doctors are still working...

I migrated to Germany and as each emigrant had to pass the A-1. With me doing a German language teacher retired, for which he thanks a lot. Completely free of charge. Now, there was one engagement in which the words have been colored to emphasize the lines, but I only have pen and pencil. I take a pencil and toolco going to emphasize my teacher, how outraged, they say the pencil is not suitable and need different colors, as it is written. I tried to explain to him that you just have different lines, but it was useless. He was not lazy and went to the second floor for crayons), all emphasized with a glare and showed me the result, they say it is necessary to do so. I patiently waited until he finished, then took a pencil and calmly drew a dotted line across...

Grandma told a story from his youth. She was already married with two children, and a friend offered to go to some resort for cool people for free. A friend of my grandmother was young , without husband, so she was always surrounded by gentlemen, and my grandmother didn't need it, so it's all been dumped. But there was one guy, very persistent. Grandma couldn't get rid of him. They went together to yoga those times (dark room, all lying and relaxing music and bird singing). Every time this guy came, too late, he grabbed my grandmother and said,"Nina, are you here?". One day my grandmother had enough. Darkness, Vivaldi is playing, the birds are chirping. Again the guy sneaks in the dark. - Nina, are you here? - here, Here. Imagine, today told everyone to...

I Have a crazy neighbor - Granny 70 years old, who hates me. The cat will kill my tail and hang on your door, it will smear GOV*om my door, the night calls the police and asks me to pick up etc. But after today's event has Packed up and gone home to her mother. She lived with her disabled husband, but he 3 years ago disappeared without a trace, the story was hushed up. And today, open the door, look, a box someone left. Well, think again neighbor I "surprise" did. Open the box, and there is the human hand, namely only bones. Called the police, the grandmother taken away, and I certainly don't come back.

Father works in a boarding school for mentally retarded children Deputy Director. Attached to it there boy Artem, about the life of talk, little thing to ask. Recently my brother had a birthday and father take time off to leave early. He heard, and said,"that would be me too someday birthday". They never celebrate. Learned this, she cried all evening. By profession a pastry chef, baking cakes tomorrow dad will take away, let them for once be a birthday. #Podslushivaniya@overhear