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Overheard social entertainment project in which people share their secrets, revelations and life situations anonymous front of a huge audience.

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13 first went to the camp. We had in the squad, the girl who had a boy cut and the appropriate physique. So she let all the girls in the camp to be photographed with her so could not see the face, like a boy. Hugs on the photo with the "kid" were in advantage. It was the queue...

Lived with her mother, at home there were constant screams. With total parental control it is impossible to live. Really annoyed, went off to the guy. The guy was SUCH a pig that I just ran away! Moved in with a friend - again, no strength to live with such a drama Queen! Decide the financial question, lived alone, enjoyed the silence. This year I got married. History repeats itself, op, cry. At this stage, suddenly realized that this is not without exception all the surrounding assholes, it's just my nature shit(

I rent a room. In fact I come only for the night, work all day. Another room in this apartment, next to the bathroom, takes the guy's a student. With him we hardly videma, but obviously "heard". After all, every evening, coming from work, I'm going to poop in the toilet. And once, having faced him in the hallway, I heard - "the whole night I can't hear you you were at work today that took a shit"? #Podslushivaet@overhear

I've always been a Thrifty man. Do not buy expensive clothes, didn't wear makeup, didn't go to the gym/cinema/concerts... Over time the work has become worse, wages have declined, increased penalties, there was no other options (a small town) . I thought , well, okay : stopped buying dairy products, sweets, bread. Even more ot then fell, I stopped buying clothes at all, further limited in fruits, and in vegetables (apples, cucumbers, tomatoes - only on holidays). And so on. And now look at yourself : I'm 24 , dark circles under the eyes, pale, old rags and my mom's old shoes, in the fridge, but the jars of jam, a couple of eggs, carrots and all. SN in 2 weeks, money 60 rubles, the second day eat pasta and porridge on the water.... In the course we need to...

One day, dad was witness to one case. The cemetery held a modest funeral for women, which were attended by only 3 people. When the coffin was nailed, one guy whispered something to the grave diggers and those departed. He walked up to the coffin and with full force kicked him, after which he fell into the grave. None of those present didn't even flinch. All silently turned around and left, and then the grave began to dig... It was the way to live life, to get such an attitude even after death?! #Podslushivaniya@overhear

As is known, Chinese is a tonal language. The same syllable pronounced with different intonation can mean completely different things. Now, we have studied in the University the girl is Chinese. Five years took a pounding and only after the state exams the Professor admitted that all these years he asked for her Indigestion...

My black friend just loves Russia. When he moved, he worked as a courier-delivered pizza. Said, in winter, every third apartment he was met with:"Oh, you poor thing! How are you cold in Moscow, maybe." And then tried to sit at the table and drink tea. He still does not understand how these fellows could win the war.

Live in an apartment building, a couple floors above the neighbors live pigs to the bone. Windows periodically collapsing nasadenie leftovers, yogurt, cigarette butts, on the weekends I can remove from the window sill someone's vomiting. Went to him to swear, just not opened the door, complained the eldest, promised to investigate, but things are there. Recently after the next spree found that my outdoor pots, designed for, and totally vomit everywhere! Decided to remove then, but it rained and it all washed away, now, in a couple of weeks I have overgrown tomatoes, TOMATOES! Now I think what to do, give it to them now or later to buy salad tomato. #Podsushennouu@overhear

I'm a young teacher, came to work in the school. Dreamed about it since childhood. The subject I have a difficult, but I try to bring knowledge to every child. How the hell am I older teachers, who, looking in the log, start scolding me for getting good grades, which I put to the students. Supposedly, it's Trinity, where he was five to get, or put this lesson five, so next time test him let to three or two to put. But if you think well, why should I put child on the cross, if he could not prove himself in other areas? Maybe it's the problem of those teachers who were not able to find approach to the child? Overall, for the month of disappointed in his dream.

About friendship and death. by way of explanation - I live in a private house, heated by gas boiler. He stands in the bathroom, opposite the bedroom. It was winter and several days in a row rooms are not ventilated because of severe frosts. Show all.. Night. Wake up to the sound of your own heart, drenched in sweat. I think that my blood pressure has dropped, it happens. Decide to sleep on and the door starts to break, my dog, sleeping in the corridor. Hard to break, whine and bark (never did, and the noise I was making). I had to get up to open her door, but resist I could not lay on the floor, lifted his leg higher. Call the guy, ask to call an ambulance, dizzy...he falls off the bed, running to the kitchen to the phone and falls on the tiled floor...

Guy is a sailor. Tomorrow needs to come home. Vanity, getting ready. I went to the store for groceries. Scored two bags in each hand. A bit calculated. Approach the door, come a few men and not a single guy held the door open. Miffed with the strong part of humanity, call them softly "cattle" somehow rolled out into the street and heading home. Then one of them doganay me, rescuing him from the hands of the packets and by Fiat tone said: "let's go." Joy ran to him, hoping to return the products. First LOBs in the car my packages, then me. Not a little frightened. "The address where we're going?" Shorter got home, brought to the Elevator and said that the cattle... What was it? #Podslushivaniya@overhear

At the friend's grandfather had a higher military rank. Left her with 3 apartments and is still in her memory remained a goat, as they have not managed to place fourth. I and my wages bought a stick of summer sausage and was allowed to have her, not slicing. Better and grandfathers of people I don't know.

And my friend were 12 years old,was playing near an abandoned house.Somewhere, drew a man,55-60 years old.Grabbed me by the hand,saying I broke the glass in the house(it was broken to us) and dragged somewhere.Girlfriend ran,he dragged by the hand drags me to the forest and said:right now I will work out the box,bitch young!-I pulled out,the roar,the hand is already in pain do not feel.And then a thud,the man falls.Turn-stepfather is,the girlfriend managed to escape.The first time I called him dad. #Podsusherve@overhear

My husband and I Went to children's world for food. At the checkout and we went to the exit and I decided to check check. Cheated.Please go back and recalculate. The cashier quickly counted. The amount came out a little less. We again went to the door and the husband asks- "how many cheated?"I say,"30 rubles" and he begins to laugh wildly and say that it is not the amount to go back for it. Only maternity I have 7600 and it does not help with money. On the contrary, I'm helping him.And for 30 rubles a puree.

Thought my family serious and boring. And last night I went into the bedroom to his parents (mother name), sat on the bed and chat. Suddenly on top of me drops something heavy. And hear the cry of the Pope: "Lena, I got one!!". Then these two wrapped me up, put each other on the bed and began to discuss " whose I daughter more." The dispute escalated into a mock scuffle, in which dad was licking mom's hand, and my mother spit in the Pope. Yes, this is my family. #Podslushivaniya@overhear