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North Korea yesterday again fired rockets that, according to Seoul and Washington, is a violation of the resolutions of the UN security Council. Pyongyang made it clear it is largely about the reaction to the continuing military exercises of the U.S. and South Korea. Meanwhile, the American government as a whole are optimistic: the head of the White house Donald trump claims that North Korean leader Kim Jong UN is ready for a new meeting with him and the beginning of substantive negotiations. Its role in the settlement seeks to play Russia. Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Igor Morgulov yesterday held talks in Pyongyang. However, respondents ' b ' experts acknowledge that Russia has very limited influence on North Korea.

Number of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, included in the register of subjects of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), for the year declined 4% from 5.9 million to 5.7 million, First Deputy Prime Minister — Finance Minister Anton Siluanov yesterday explained the reduction in the consolidation small business, the success of fight night and the annual exclusion from the register of entrepreneurs of SMEs not required to pass position statements. According to him, the question of the reduction of the sector is not — for the year its revenue increased by 25%. The "Support of Russia", noting the effectiveness of state support of SMEs in several regions, however, talking about narrowing the sector due to weakening demand, increased fiscal burden and...

Power of Russia and China almost simultaneously criticized the U.S. for its support of the protests in Moscow and Hong Kong respectively. The foreign Ministry didn't publish the Twitter account of U.S. Department of state, where was laid out the route of the unsanctioned rally on August 3. And the Chinese government has condemned a meeting of American diplomats from democratic activists in Hong Kong, since the beginning of July does not stop the rallies and strikes. At yesterday's briefing the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova has promised that on one of the next meetings, the diplomats of Russia and China will exchange views on this issue.

On Saturday in Moscow will host the next event in the CEC refusal to register opposition candidates for the elections to the Moscow city Duma. The rally "will regain the right to vote" coordinated with the city, but the likelihood of the violent dispersal of the event remains — there are at least two reasons. So, the mayor said he considers illegal the announced performances of the group "Krovostok" Face and IC3PEAK, and the organizers refused to cancel the musical part of the meeting. On the other hand, representatives of the headquarters of Alexei Navalny called after the event to hold a "peace walk" along the boulevards. In response, the police has promised to "immediately stop the threat to public order", and the TFR was advised rally participants to...

The Political crisis in Kyrgyzstan did not affect the course of the last Friday in this country session of the intergovernmental Council of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU). In Cholpon-ATA the premiere of the five approached the approval of reallocation of customs duties on imports into the Union of goods, began to establish a new regime for business — the supranational companies the EAEC, and also discussed the approval of new zones of free trade Union with other countries. In particular, it is expected that the agreement between the EEC and Singapore may be signed on 1 October.

London allocates an additional £2.1 billion on preparations for the exit from the European Union without an agreement — it was stated by the Minister of Finance of great Britain Sajid Javid. That "hard "Brakcet"" will not lead to catastrophic consequences for the country, earlier tried to convince Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson. In his first national tour, he sought to demonstrate that in favor of negotiations with Brussels and to preserve the unity of the Kingdom, but he was met with protests, but his arguments were regarded with skepticism.

Advisor and son-in-law of U.S. President Donald trump Jared Kushner makes a tour of the Middle East. Its goal is to attract allies in the region to implement the new peace plan the White house. "Deal of the century" provides billions of dollars in investment to Palestine that will turn her from hostile to Israel education in the territory of "peace and prosperity". While its future status in the White house is silent. Palestinians themselves reject the plan of Washington, apparently not involving the creation of an independent Palestinian state. From foreign countries more than others protested Iran. The US "will not be able to destroy the Palestinian identity with money," warned Iran's spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

As it became known"", the Vladivostok garrison military court ordered the former chief of staff of the military unit 09870 of captain second rank Alexei Kiselyov RUB 10 million of damages for the grounding of the large landing ship (BDK) "Oslabya". The accident happened at the BBC was flooded the engine room and the ship needed a costly repair. Previously, for the violation of rules of navigation the captain of the II rank of Kiselev, was sentenced to three years of imprisonment conditionally. The officer admitted his guilt in the accident, but the damage he caused was estimated at 500 thousand rubles.

The Russian football Union (RFU) yesterday received from the International football Association Board (IFAB) permission to use in matches of the national championship system videoporama arbitrators (VAR). For the first time in full mode it will be applied on Sunday in the match of the second round of the championship of Russia "Dynamo"—"ruby". Technical contractors will be a channel "Match TV" and Hawk Eye. Note that even in the beginning of June, as such, was called "Rostelecom", offering a comprehensive solution "less than 600 million rubles over three seasons" and expressing readiness to start the system from the first round.

Working group on the inspection of ballot papers for elections of deputies of legislative Assembly of Sevastopol has declared invalid all signatures in support of nomination of parties "homeland" and "Green", in whose ranks in the legislative Assembly candidate of the supporters of Alexey Chaly. About this “Kommersant” have informed in municipal electoral Committee. In the party the reasons for rejection of signatures are called "formal" and intend to seek registration on the meeting of the election Committee on July 21. Sevastopol businessman and politician Oleg Nikolaev is sure that the supporters of Mr. Chaly removed from the elections deliberately to end the conflict between the government and the Parliament of Sevastopol, which lasted for five years.

The Ministry of labor wants to regulate the individual queue of officials to receive education in exchange for commitment follow-up work in the civil service. The Ministry intends to consolidate the application of state bodies with indication of necessary specialties and the number of budget places in universities and to agree on a final allocation from the Ministry of education. De facto, this tougher approach to learning tselevikov — if by 2019 they just had a quota of 15% of budget places, now the Ministry intends to link the training objectives with the needs of the economy. The Department will conduct the selection of candidates for the Ministry of education allotted special places in the competition — and students-civil servants will increase the...

In Ukraine on Sunday parliamentary elections will be held, the winner of which, according to sociologists, will be Pro-presidential party "servant of the people". She claims the majority of seats in Parliament, and under certain circumstances even be able to form the government and approve the presidential initiatives without regard for anyone else. However, the process of renewal of political elite of Ukraine will not completed. In the entourage of President Vladimir Zelensky do not exclude that till the end of the year will have to have another popular vote — early elections in local authorities.

On 19 July, the Lublin court of Moscow has interrogated key witnesses in the case of the "New grandeur" — Paul Dabrowskiego and Rustam Rustamov. Both went on to deal with the investigation and received sentences in a specific order. Today and Paul Zebrowski, and Rustam Rustamov — the key witnesses, but their testimonies differ dramatically, which destroys the strategy of the prosecution. So, during the judicial interrogation on the eve of Paul Zebrowski confirmed that during the investigation he was pressured, and the participants of the "New greatness" is not going to undermine the constitutional order of Russia. Rustam Rustamov, on the contrary, said that "they learned to shoot and throw Molotov cocktails to set fire to the office of "United Russia"".

Serious slowdown in the turnover of freight cars on the Railways is largely caused by the actions of their operators, consignors and consignees, according to the Railways. With an average turnover period of the car in 16 days, a third of the time spent by the fault of customers, mainly in the ways of non-public. According to sources, “Kommersant”, the management of monopoly believes that operators hold the cars, not wanting to cut rates. However, the customers themselves, the Railways believe that monopoly is just trying to share the responsibility, expecting bad results of loading on the background of a downturn in exports.

The draft law on "regulatory sandboxing" in refining has turned into a project of the Institute of regulation of innovative business. The proposed "experimental legal regimes" (EPR) is only formally limited to digital technology — they cover a semi-closed list of fields of activities, which includes not only Finance, medicine and transport, but also education, construction and government services. If experiments with more unrecorded laws of goods and services — like bitcoin, unmanned taxi, tele-education in the school building, or a printed construction 3D printer that will be successful for three years, they proposed to renew for a year, and the government to raise the issue of the transformation of the experiment into the norm of law.