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The Ministry of health finally rejected the idea of mandatory tests for alcohol, revealing in the blood SDT marker, for candidates for drivers and citizens, changing the rights on the expiration date. “Kommersant” familiar with the final version of the order of Ministry of health with effect from 1 January 2021 a new procedure for obtaining medical references. Previously the innovation has caused a sharp public criticism, and even President Vladimir Putin because of the high cost of the tests. The price of the certificate will still grow, experts say, but only for those who have doctors find the signs of chronic alcoholism, drug addiction and other dangerous diseases.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo made a European tour, visiting the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria and Poland. The trip was intended to demonstrate unity with European allies, undermined by the demands of Washington to curtail cooperation with Russia and present a United front against China and Iran. Discussion of the pain points of bilateral relations and also the crisis in Belarus has revealed deep divisions within the transatlantic community. Calling on Europe to increase pressure on the geopolitical rivals of the United States, Mike Pompeo not in a hurry to show the same determination in relation to Minsk, the relationship which the administration of President Donald trump managed to burn itself into an asset.

At the end of the year, the city of Moscow will launch a system that prohibits aggregators to transmit orders to taxi drivers, in flagrant violation of the traffic rules and do not observe the norms of the regime of work and rest. This is one of the measures aimed at reducing accidents involving taxis. According to traffic police, six months 2020 to an accident with a taxi was almost the same as for the whole of 2018. Traffic police is preparing to launch an electronic service allowing companies to check a driver's license and track online violations drivers. In "Yandex" told "Kommersant" that are in talks with traffic police to organise a joint automated document checks of taxi drivers and users of car sharing.

As became known to “Kommersant”, in Moscow the court has transferred the case of the famous warlord, in the past, pilot-sniper Alexander Duplinskaya. Lieutenant-General, marked by military awards, and until recently the commander of the 6th red banner Leningrad army of VVS and PVO, is accused of fraud with housing that used bogus court decision and a granddaughter. General compensated for the damage, obviously hoping that the criminal case perekvalificirovat to a lighter article, that will allow him to avoid a criminal record, but instead of the sentence of a judicial fine.

NOVATEK were allowed to build a small regasification terminal with a capacity of up to 600 thousand tons of LNG in the Avacha Bay near Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Still plan on gasification of the region via pipeline from the transshipment terminal NOVATEK in Kamchatka, therefore, deemed too expensive and rejected. But the question accompanying pipeline infrastructure remains: the acting Governor of the region Vladimir Solodov already asked Vladimir Putin to use for its construction, "Gazprom". However, the company is not legally obliged to make these pipes, and the economic attractiveness of the project is questionable.

Flights to Turkey from 1 August became for Russians a Prime opportunity to rest abroad, are in high demand — so, the occupancy rate of flights of "Aeroflot" more than 85%. But the depth of booking tickets is low and is two to three weeks, and the total number of tourists by 30-40% lower than a year ago. While passengers are avoiding long-term planning due to fears of new restrictions, experts say, assuming that the high demand for travel to Turkey may persist and fall. These flights more profitable for airlines than many domestic routes, however, warn the experts, but at the expense of Turkey to survive the industry will fail.

The Largest shareholder in gold miner Petropavlovsk "Yuzhuralzoloto" Konstantin Strukov — was able to hold the extraordinary meeting busy in mid-summer position in a corporate conflict. The founder of the company Pavel Maslovsky, who was supported by another major shareholder Prosperity again came to the Board of Directors. There were selected only four people, and three of them believes Prosperity associated with "Juzhuralzolota" and its allies, calling the events a "stealth takeover". In addition, the shareholders decided to check out all the deals to Petropavlovsk for the last three years, some of which mister Strukov has claims.

On Sunday, Belarus held presidential elections — the most dramatic in the history of the country. Incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko for the first time faced the combined opposition, and his main opponent was Svetlana Tikhanovski a homemaker and wife of the arrested blogger Sergei Tikhanovski. In connection with sharp growth of protest in the voting day on the streets of Minsk were strapped army units and vehicles, the Internet and mobile communications work intermittently. In the data of exit polls indicating a landslide victory of Alexander Lukashenko, the opposition does not believe and is preparing for protest actions. "You violate you will answer," warned President Lukashenko, implying that the reaction of the authorities will be tough.

As follows from the data of Rosstat, in the first half of the death rate in Russia rose by 3.1% against the figure for the same period of 2019. This has resulted in the increase in the number of deaths in June of this year, which was 25.5 thousand more than in 2019 Directly from the coronavirus died 7035 people, in 1399 cases it contributed to the emergence of complications, accelerated death of patients. While no explanation for the growing discrepancy between the total number of excess deaths and number of deaths from coronavirus is not, as the data for any reliable predictions, and revision of the demographic and health projects the White house will have to rely on the current figures.

Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diab will present Monday to the government their proposals on early parliamentary elections as the only way out of a severe political crisis. To this the Prime Minister's decision prompted strong protests in Beirut. The Lebanese people demand regime change and an honest investigation of the explosions at the port. Conduct a transparent investigation and reforms became a condition of allocation to Lebanon of assistance from abroad. This was announced at the international conference organized by France. Among the participants, to the surprise of many was not Russia.

The Ministry has rejected the idea of prohibition to set the number of used spare parts, in particular steering racks, mufflers, brake components, in the repair of cars. Restriction planned to be installed in the new edition of the Customs Union's technical regulations on safety of wheeled vehicles. The plans of officials has caused a very negative response from car owners and community members who have repeatedly pointed to the increasing cost of repairs. But market participants warned that the initiative will lead to the closure of a large number of companies involved in the restoration of auto parts.

Russian Prosecutor General's office appealed to court with the claim about withdrawal of the former Minister of Open government Mikhail Abyzov and its controlled foreign companies more than 32 billion rubles this money the Supervisory authority considers illegally obtained income, which should be paid in favor of the state, as the official was engaged in business in circumvention of the established prohibitions. Appeal to the court coincided with the actual end of a criminal investigation, in which Mr. Abyzov and his alleged accomplices began to present the final charges, including the establishment of OPS and participation in it, and also illegal participation in entrepreneurial activity. The evidence of the latter may be the decision on the Prosecutor's...

The Ministry of communications wants to create a situation center for monitoring market participants, which will receive information about accidents and to monitor the performance of government contracts. It is proposed to reallocate 175 million rubles, which were to be used to provide connection of socially significant facilities in the regions. Last year Roskomnadzor has already been allocated 579 million rubles for the establishment of a monitoring and control network connections, but he never earned, and the situation centre of the Department eliminated. Business did not support the initiative of the Ministry of communications, the final decision will be made by the Commission.

Four years probation to seven years in prison — a punishment determined Lublin court of Moscow seven defendants in the case about an extremist community "the New greatness". Lawyers believe that such "fork" of the punishment testifies to the weakness of the charges and intend to appeal the verdict. The expert on extremism noted that "the New greatness" continues the number of cases of such "quoterevolution organizations" as "Barrage" or "Network", and the resonance around him have helped prevent the filing of "a dozen similar cases."

The Fishing industry proposes to remove the responsibility for compliance with the terms of new vessel construction investment quota: shipyard systematically tear their surrender, despite healthy funding. Now if the company does not have time to build a new vessel in six years, it is deprived of quotas and Bank guarantees. The Association of fishermen asked not to demand a Bank guarantee for the projects, which is already half funded, it will allow the industry to release up to 4 billion rubles. per year.