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Most of the leading players in the world have resumed regular training after a break connected with coronavirus pandemic. The owner of the license to host the tournament WTA International Baltic Open in Riga, the founder of the tennis Academies in Moscow and Tula, founder of sports marketing Agency SGM ONE Alexander Ostrovsky in interview to the correspondent of “Kommersant” Eugene Fedyakov estimated the chances of an early resumption of the tennis calendar, told about carrying out in the near future a new contest with the participation of leading Russian tennis players and explained the particularities of the players obligations under the sponsor contracts in the current environment.

The conflict between the US and China on Friday moved to a new level. American President Donald trump at a specially convened press conference announced: the US no longer consider Hong Kong's independent of Beijing's territory and, accordingly, will be deprived of this special administrative region (SAR) of China all privileges. In addition, sanctions will be imposed against Chinese officials who "undermine the autonomy of Hong Kong." The occasion was the adoption in China of a resolution On "national security", which regulates relations between Beijing and Hong Kong. Critical of Beijing and warnings about possible steps to protect the residents of the SAR were in the other countries of the West. The reaction from Beijing in each case was the same: we are...

The justice Ministry has decided to extend a rule to a 50% discount for payment of the fine not only "driving", but also to all other compositions of administrative violations, for example, drinking alcohol in public places. The Ministry has submitted for public discussion the draft of the new administrative code, revised after criticism by human rights advocates and MPs. The document introduces the Federal fines for noise violation, Parking on the lawn and leaving in the "prohibited areas" stripped and abandoned cars. In this first offense, if it is not classified as rude, threatens citizen just fine — other, stricter penalties do not apply. Offenders that a court decision may be subject to administrative detention, will be eligible for a free lawyer.

The Situation in Belarus is different from the situation in the West, where "the already wild unemployment and people banging pots and pans". This was stated by the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, speaking to the workers of the Minsk tractor plant (MTZ). The second key theme of his speech was unfolding in the country's election campaign. Alexander Lukashenko assured the audience that the next President of Belarus must "be a man". Thus, he made it clear that the retractable on the post Svetlana Tikhanovski no chance to win. At the same time, Mr. Lukashenka criticized her husband, the well-known blogger Sergei Tikhanovski, which is not admitted to the elections, but whose interview is published on the eve of “b”. For this, the Belarusian leader paid...

The Russian Ambassador in Berlin, Sergei Nechaev was yesterday summoned to the foreign Ministry of Germany to talk about the events of five years ago, which now threaten to complicate relations between the two countries. In the German diplomatic service in 2015, Russian Dmitry badin allegedly collaborated with the Russian military intelligence, together with his accomplices made a hacker attack on the Bundestag and also to the email of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Recently Federal prosecutors in Germany issued a warrant for the arrest of Mr. Badin. And now, as noted in the German foreign office, Berlin will seek the introduction against him and others involved in the attack individuals of European sanctions. The Russian side repeatedly stated that...

Thursday, may 28, in the framework of the round table the Expert of Institute of social studies (AISI) Russian eyewitnesses of the elections in South Korea and France spoke about the experience of voting in these countries. In France March 15, in the midst of the epidemic, the first round of municipal elections. President, Association "Russian community of France" Andrew Gultsov told that the area where he attended, the voters were given gloves, but they didn't know how to use them properly: "We watched as people cast ballots in the urn and then with the same gloves take the sandwich and eat." We will remind, the first round of municipal elections in France was the low turnout, especially in large cities. The second round of municipal elections are...

The Government will allocate 1.6 billion roubles on repayment of tax proflood self-employed who have registered and paid taxes in 2019. This was reported by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at yesterday's Cabinet meeting. The Ministry of Finance allocated by the government amount considered with reserve: according to the NRF, the self-employed in 2019 has paid more than 1.1 billion rubles. taxes. However, the White house will support and the self-employed who are registered as early as 2020: them, and embarked on the record in 2019, the promised so-called tax capital deduction in the amount of 1 minimum wage to pay the tax in 2020. This measure, based on the number of self-employed, will cost the budget 8 billion rubles in revenues.

The Government is discussing an increase this year of 7.7 billion rubles of budget construction and reconstruction of roads at the expense of future periods. This decision may allow to complete the works by road R-217 "Caucasus" and R-228 at one of the sites in the Saratov region. In addition, the reallocation of funds will affect M-5 "Ural" and the Perm—Ekaterinburg. Experts note that the construction of road infrastructure has a great influence on related industries on the background of overall cuts in budgets, but recognize that the amount of incremental funding is not big enough.

On Thursday at a closed meeting of the Central election Commission with the regional commissions were approved on the recommendations of the Commission on organization of nationwide voting on constitutional amendments in the context of the epidemic. The document says that the vote may last a few days to avoid crowded areas. This opportunity confirmed to “Kommersant” informed sources in the presidential administration and the Moscow mayor's office. Commissions are encouraged to establish plots in the fresh air and every hour to hold a ten-minute sanitization of surfaces. For home voting members of the commissions recommended not to go into the apartment, and when visiting voters, quarantined, wear extra protection. Members of election commissions will...

Despite the coronavirus restrictions in Russia wakes up the protest activity — and last year's scenario. The arrest of the journalist Ilya Azar, received a 15 days for normal picket, called on Thursday in Moscow and St.-Petersburg marked a "picket line" — reminiscent of the reaction to the arrest of Ivan Golunova in 2019. Those who came to support Mr. hazard, was also detained by the police — but his supporters intend to continue the queue today. Respondents ' b ' analysts have concluded that "the interior Ministry has not learnt the lessons of last year", and remind that the case of Ivan Golunova was the prelude to large-scale protests over the elections to the Moscow city Duma. The same story could be repeated in future vote on the subject of amendments...

A large part of the problems in the Russian economy, caused by a coronavirus pandemic, will be damped stable state of the financial system, the last peak of instability with the stock, is the main conclusion of the semi-annual "Review of financial stability", Bank of Russia. Risks of the Russian economy is relatively small due to the lack of rapid in comparison with other developing economies, the preceding growth of corporate debt, industry support will further strengthen the banks. However, as warned by the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Ksenia Yudaeva, policy easing regulation of the financial sector is temporary and stress — a certain tightening of regulation after the restoration is inevitable.

Routine collection of signatures in support of candidates in presidents of Belarus was transformed into a bright and loud political campaign in any country in a long time. Technical procedure often results in protests — always against the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko. Visible technology used during the "velvet revolution" in Armenia in 2018, and during the Ukrainian presidential elections of 2019. Although there is little doubt that Mr. Lukashenko will be reelected, this election campaign could significantly weaken his power always seemed unshakable monolith.

As follows from the data of the Moscow Department of health, mortality directly or indirectly due to coronavirus infection in the capital in April of this year was 2.8%. This figure exceeded the official data almost two times, but was a fraction of the numbers that appeared in urban legends and the media. Since Moscow accounted for about 60% of all infected, it can be assumed that the pattern of mortality for the whole of Russia, which today must submit to Rosstat, will be similar.

Export countries "big twenty" in January—March 2020, when most countries had only just begun to act, quarantine restrictions, has decreased by 4.3% compared to the previous quarter, according to OECD data. The volume of world trade as a whole, according to calculations by Euler Hermes, for the first quarter dipped 2.5% and the strongest decline since 2009. Experts expect that in absolute numbers most of the drop in exports this year will lose China, USA and Germany. However, their decline in the volumes of supply in 2019 will not exceed 15%, while Russia, UK, Saudi Arabia will lose more than 35% of its exports.

Due to the pandemic COVID-19-crisis in a new reality turned out to be not only consumers who are forced to cut their costs, but the retailers. Many of them had to go to change the supply chain to instantly engage in online sales. The Russians, finding themselves in isolation, began to make the most of shopping on the Internet, from buckwheat and antiseptics to clothing. And the medicine of the future, as it turned out, the citizens had purchased before the announcement in the country on high alert — their kits were so many "Miramistina" and "Arbidol", which will last a long time.