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As it became known“”, UVD for South-Western district of the capital has finished investigation of criminal case on tax evasion thanks to the massive installation in the stores of Moscow and Moscow suburbs cash registers with a modified program. Due to changes in the software of the attackers, according to investigators, or handed to the tax office distorted data about customers ' purchases or even hiding them. According to estimates of the police, organized criminal community (OPS), the Creator of which the consequence considers as the entrepreneur Asmat of Janashia, "helped" shop owners underpay about 70 million rubles of taxes, and the total damage left 190 million rubles Protection of the defendants called the charges absurd, noting that many of them...

Tomorrow the constitutional court will begin consideration of the complaint three of them born in exile during the Soviet repression. The case concerns a systemic problem in the Russian legislation: the lawyers argue that the repressed cannot receive the state guaranteed compensation — free housing in the city where their families lived before his arrest. The complaint was supported by the presidential Council on human rights, urging to resolve this issue "ASAP." “B” tells the story of one of the applicants of the claim, the 71-year-old Elizabeth Mikhailova, and her older sister Lena, who did not wait for compensation from the state.

The VTsIOM Sociologists and experts of the Center for political conjuncture repeated the experiment 20 years ago and invited the Russians to choose heroes that best meet their ideas of a perfect leader. The first two places won Stirlitz from "Seventeen moments of spring" Tatyana Lioznova (1973) and Professor of Transfiguration of the "heart of a Dog" by Vladimir Bortko (1988). A fictional Soviet intelligence officer was involved in the survey 20 years ago — as now, he, according to the researchers, embodied the views of Russian voters about the "humane law enforcer". Professor Preobrazhensky among the leaders of the survey in 1999 was not, and now it is, according to the authors, choose people who are willing to criticize what is happening in the country...

Fears of a new recession have already entered the official agenda of negotiations of heads of financial departments of the countries "the twenty" — that is devoted to this topic held in Washington a two-day meeting in the framework of the session of the International monetary Fund and the world Bank. In the communiqué, the participants stated that they would take all measures to support growth, financial stability and risk limitation instruments of fiscal policy. The statement also contained a promise not to manipulate exchange rates and the indication that "free and fair conditions of world trade and investment as" key engines of economic growth. However, while only accelerated the growth of the risks — both in developed and developing countries.

The Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) was determined with the basic version of the circumstances of the accident that occurred last weekend in the Krasnoyarsk region, where due to the destruction of the dam was washed away the house of the porters of the gold mining company "Sisim". Killed at least 15 people, 9 are in hospitals, 5 workers are missing. According to investigators, the waterworks were built by the miners illegally and without compliance with safety requirements. Three employees arrested, today, the TFR will petition for their arrest. President Vladimir Putin ordered to take measures for relief in connection with the incident. In Krasnoyarsk region on Monday declared a day of mourning.

Last Saturday, called in the British press as "supersubtle" could put a welcome end to the issue of the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union, but in the end ended in embarrassment for the British Prime Minister. The house of Commons is not supported, but not rejected the latest proposed by Boris Johnson version of the EU deal, forcing him to ask Brussels postponed once again. Premier Johnson formally subject to the requirements of the law, however, made it so that now his action will in the court. The fate of the "Breccia" however, remains unclear.

Chinese President XI Jinping has visited with informal visit to India. Following the visit of Prime Minister of India Narendra modi has announced the "beginning of a new era" in relations between the two countries with long-standing territorial dispute. The rapprochement between Beijing and new Delhi radically changes the situation in the Indo-Pacific region, opening new opportunities for Russian diplomacy. According to the respondents “Kommersant” diplomats and experts, now Moscow will have to make a difficult choice between the two strategic partners, and the triangle Moscow—Beijing—Delhi will be one of the determining factors of world politics.

Judge of the constitutional court (KS) the Russian Federation Konstantin aranovsky declared mistrust to the Russian diplomas and in General criticized the Russian system of higher education. Such statements are "b" found in the "dissenting opinion" of judge on one of the recent decisions of the COP. Konstantin aranovsky believes that "untold funds" spent on educational reforms, it was necessary to use "decent pay for teachers 'work". The judge also rebuked the rectors of Russian universities because they refused to "self-governance and academic freedom" and result in "service system, which issues permits for occupation". “B” recounts in detail the reflections of Constantine Considered and publish commentaries from members of the educational community.

As it became known“”, in the criminal case on embezzlement of funds of Sudostroitelny Bank (SB Bank) has a new episode, damage which amounts to almost 6 billion RUB His helper can become a former shareholder of the credit institution Andrey Vovchenko, who now lives in Canada. According to the investigation, for his orders on the eve of the revocation of Bank licenses was carried out fictitious transactions on alienation of assets SB-Bank. The total debt of credit institutions to clients is more than 35 billion rubles.

International rating Agency Standard & Poor's on Friday upgraded the sovereign credit rating of Georgia from BB– to BB, to estimate the growth of its foreign exchange reserves, high economic growth projections to 2019-2020 and "resistance to external risks." S&P also praised the government's efforts to diversify markets — that is, reducing dependence on Russia — and the success of the reforms. The opposition is criticizing ekonompolitike authorities, welcomed the increased rating, but finds it "strange" given the growth of external debt of Georgia.

Saudi investors on 14 October for the first time will sign a binding agreement to join the Russian petrochemical project. National Sabic together with the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF) must obtain 50% in the project of ESN for the construction of a plant for the production of methanol in the far East, after investing 7-10 billion rubles schemes in Saudi companies for investment in the oil and gas industry of the Russian Federation did not go beyond memorandums of understanding. Experts believe the location of the plant UST is best, but note the risks of changes in demand for methanol in China.

Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives on a state visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from which will go to the United Arab Emirates. Negotiations will take place against the background of the crisis in the Persian Gulf, which at any moment could lead to direct military conflict between the Arab countries and Iran. Russian President arrives in Kingdom exactly a month after the attack on Saudi oil facilities. The views of Moscow and Riyadh on the incident that has rocked the oil markets, diverge dramatically. But in negotiations the first person will try to avoid controversial issues and focus on what unites both countries. Preparations for the visit of the President, were seen in Riyadh, the correspondent of “Kommersant” Marianna Belenkaya.

The Church of St. Catherine is likely to be built on the site of the former instrument-making plant on Gorky street in Yekaterinburg. This is the place for the construction of the cult building is supported by representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church. Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev hopes that "the survey will put an end to decades of dispute", referring to the conflict around the temple that caused street protests in the city. Experts disagree about whether you take power into service of the Ekaterinburg experience to resolve conflict situations in other regions.

Despite mass protests and accusations of betrayal of national interests, Ukraine's leadership seeking an early meeting in the Normandy format, involving direct talks between the presidents of Russia, Ukraine, France and Chancellor of Germany. However, as stated in weekend, Ukrainian foreign Minister Vadym Prystayko, if before the New year the negotiation process will not move forward Kiev will abandon the Minsk agreements and will try with the help of Western partners to seek other solutions to the conflict. With details — the correspondent of “Kommersant” in Kiev, Matthew Shimanov.

Ministry of economy intends to unify the order of realization of seized property — tightening control of the Ministry began after criticism of the accounting chamber, declared about the lack of transparency of the work confiscated. The Ministry proposes to extend to physical evidence the existing rules of sale of movable property, and unsold at auction — be destroyed without additional examinations. Simultaneously, by order of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the Agency is now working to create a unified information management system confiscated.