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Freight Traffic along the Northern sea route (NSR) by the end of 2019, according to the calculations of "Rosatom", may exceed 30 million tons, and by 2024, according to the decree of the President it needs to reach 80 million tons. A year ago the Corporation was appointed infrastructure of SMP operator. About the situation with the budgetary allocation to the terminal "Morning" for the project NOVATEK "Arctic LNG 2", the construction of nuclear icebreakers and plans for transit development, "Kommersant" said Deputy head of "Rosatom", head of the Directorate of the Northern sea route Vyacheslav Ruksha.

Examined the most reliable internal statistics of the Ministry of interior of grave crimes in Russia, Institute of problems of law enforcement have discovered a high concentration of criminal violence (murder and GBH) in several social strata. 96% of the Russian population account for less than a quarter of such crimes, and here they concentrate in the environment of businessmen and law enforcement officers. The bulk of serious violence occurs within marginalized — half among the unemployed, about a quarter add the manual workers— that allows authors to talk about the need not power and humanitarian action in the fight against violence. First and foremost it is about reducing poverty, increasing employment and improving the living conditions of socially...

The Board of the financial Ombudsman approved the fee for the consideration of complaints from borrowers of microfinance institutions (MFIs). For citizens it will be free, the company will pay 8.5 thousand up to 34 thousand rubles. for each justified complaint. Market participants believe the positive differentiated approach when assessing contributions, however, indicate that their size seems almost critical. Defenders, by contrast, indicate that such amounts are unlikely to be for companies incentive for pretrial settlement.

In the United Kingdom today are the most important in modern history, the election became, in effect, a referendum. The British will have to decide whether their country is at a historic break with the EU or re-immersed in endless negotiations, de facto gradually abandoning the "Breccia". Meanwhile, while the politicians argue about the near future of the country, it becomes increasingly clear that none of them is ready to offer the British at least some vision of the future more remote. With details from London — the correspondent of “Kommersant” Alexey Naumov.

As became known to “Kommersant”, in Moscow for a three-year sentenced the former employee of the interior Ministry of Russia Igor Abrosimov. Together with the former FSB Colonel Mikhail Gorbatov, seconded to the presidential administration, Mr. Abrosimov tried to steal $900 million from co-owner of the Bank "Transport" Alexander Mazanova. The latter, learning that the Bank appearing in a criminal case, decided by the security officer and police to bribe the Ministry of internal Affairs in order to be left alone. Lawyer Valery Putin to soften the penalty sentenced Abrosimov failed.

Homes under the program of renovation can be higher, and their number in the district — more after the public hearings. This follows from the draft regulations of the government of Moscow, the studied “b”. Thus, in the area Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo a few houses grew from 75 m to 85 m from the time of the hearing. In Babushkinsky district hundred-meter building in the project was replaced by a smaller, but increased as the number of buildings (22 to 24) and their total area. The architectural Committee emphasize that these projects are not yet approved. The expert said that in the event of such changes, the need for a second public hearing.

All three opposition factions in the Moscow city Duma survive the split after the vote on the capital budget for the years 2020-2022. None of them could vote consolidated; the Communist party and "Fair Russia" it eventually led to internal conflict in "the Apple" declared the lack of communication between party and faction in MHD. MPs who disagree with the leadership of the factions were interested in the possibility of creating new associations. Attempt to prevent it has taken Communist Lyubov Nikitina, who proposed to establish a minimum number of Deputy associations in MHD at 9 members. However, after the prompt approval of the document at city hall, Ms. Nikitina suddenly recalled him.

At the climate negotiations in Madrid, the European Union yesterday presented the program "green New deal", it involves the tightening of environmental regulation in the EU and measures to support accelerated achievement of "carbon neutrality". However, the rest of the negotiations about the new economic arrangements of the Paris agreement are very difficult, it is possible that this year's decision and will not be accepted. Against this background, the ambitious players are companies, cities and regions declaring commitment to the purposes of the Paris agreement — largely because of the expectation of financial benefits from the introduction of carbon prices, although the impact of such measures on the global economy vary greatly.

Put an end to the longstanding dispute about whether Russia to build oil tankers for transportation of liquefied gas. As found "Kommersant", the government approved the rules of budget subsidies for the shipyard "Zvezda", which in the next three years will amount to 22 billion rubles. For the money the Builder needs to supply for projects of NOVATEK's LNG price in South Korea and gradually increase their localization in Russia. It is assumed that from the 15 ships in the last five be built in Russia without the direct involvement of a technology partner — Samsung. If these plans will be realized, "Star" can claim a very large order — according to Kommersant, NOVATEK till 2030 it is necessary to increase the number of tankers Arc7 to 67 pieces.

Today At the opening of the Cup "the First channel" Russian national team will act in a much more powerful team than she had at first — very bad — the November stage of the Eurotour in Finland. And the other, along with the credibility of Russian revenge for the November defeat the intrigue of the tournament will be the number of spectators in his final match. He will once again be held outdoors in St. Petersburg "Gazprom Arena", where a year ago the Russian hockey players crushed the national team of Finland, was watched by more than 70 thousand people.

As it became known"", in the course of negotiations with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, U.S. President Donald trump said that he would like "several times" to increase trade with Russia. How to do it in the conditions existing in Moscow, us sanctions, the White house did not elaborate, but in recent years the Russian-American economic relations really improving. As expected, the soon to be launched a bilateral Business Advisory Council, designed to give new impetus to the business dialogue of Moscow and Washington.

The Federal reserve system (FRS) on the results of the December meeting, as expected, left key interest rate unchanged at 1.5–1.75 per cent per annum. Also, the regulator signaled the end of a short period of easing its policy from July this year, the total rate was reduced by 0.75 percentage points. In its new statement, the fed abandoned the phrase on the presence of uncertainty about forecasts and pointed to the line of current policy the main objectives of the regulator. Experts expect the long pause in the fed's actions, noting that interrupt it can only deterioration of the American economy.

The Ministry of transport will return to the question of allocation of 23 billion rubles from the reserve Fund for compensation of losses to airlines from rising prices for jet fuel in 2018. Thus the government, in particular, wants to stop the rise in ticket prices, but Kommersant's sources believe that such a result will be: payments will be spent on repayment of loans taken for closing the cash gap in 2018, that will not affect the pricing policy of airlines. The transport Ministry also plans to increase term of granting of subsidies to regional transport from three to five years, which, according to experts, will facilitate the negotiations between airlines and lessors.

235th garrison court sentenced on 11 December to three-and-a-half years of imprisonment of the former first Deputy Director of "Rosgeologia" Ruslan Gorringe (Hanegev) for fraud committed nearly eight years ago. The defendant has repented, fully acknowledging his guilt, and the defense is seeking probation, pointed out that Mr. Herring was only the executor of the crime, organized by the ex-head of the Board of deputies of Leninsky district of the Moscow region Alexander by Hazeltine. He received two years and long time is on the loose.

The Kontinental hockey League (KHL) continues the process of reforms aimed at improving entertainment and competition. She reported complete failure after a year from the games to "European" platforms and transition to "box" a smaller size, and also published a "road map" for the implementation of two key financial tools: both will be applied from next season. We are talking about the brutal salary cap and minimum size of the payroll of the club. The introduction of a second instrument should not be a big problem. Difficult situation with the ceiling, which seriously exceed several clubs.