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U.S. Authorities consider the possible use of nuclear weapons on a limited scale to deflect the course of conflicts using conventional weapons. This follows from the new doctrine on nuclear operations in the Pentagon. The document was published on the website of the joint chiefs of staff, but then deleted. In recent years, Washington has accused of developing scenarios limited nuclear strike Moscow, which is the existence of such plans categorically denied. Now this concept is formally adopted by the United States. The Russian foreign Ministry "Kommersant" said that it is a "very dangerous practice".

The Government, having listened to the complaints of manufacturers of pipes, decided to put pressure on the industry scrap workpiece. From 2020, the scrap can be exported only via sale on the stock exchange, and up to this point imposed export quotas. Scrap collectors do not see its deficit on the domestic market and the reasons for such limitations. Development Fund pipe industry believes that export restrictions will allow to load capacities and to increase the revenue of the metallurgical enterprises is 50-60 billion rubles per year. According to experts, metallurgists in General will benefit from the introduction of quotas.

Russian Railways keenly felt the unwillingness of the Kuzbass coal miners to sell coal at competitive prices to the European markets when it is impossible to pass on the lucrative far East. Because of falling turnover in the European part of Russia, the monopoly was suspended from the movement of approximately 400 locomotives and can optimize the state that will affect approximately 3 million people. To boost exports, the coal miners of Kuzbas still asked to enter the discount to become non-profitable directions — to the ports of the North-West and South — and require the monopoly to stop taking impossible the shipment request. But the Railways, though, and promises to consider those proposals, still trying to lure the miners to new export destinations...

The Most worrying trend in recent years has become arrogant against the lawyers of the security forces, court bailiffs and judges, the report says International human rights group "Agora". The authors calculated that over the last 20 years in Russia died more than 300 of their colleagues. The report notes that with the changing landscape of civil society "advocates Corporation remained almost the last institution that affords independence and autonomy". However, it undermined the raids, which threaten observance of attorney-client privilege, and violence against the defenders related to their professional activities.

As became known to "Kommersant", a new figurant in the criminal case of embezzlement of funds and property of the airline "Transaero". Under house arrest, imprisoned former chief accountant of airline Andrey Kovalev. The investigators believe that he acted in collusion with the already in jail, the former arbitration managing Director "Transaero" Mikhail Kotov and behind the border of the former General Director of airline Alexander Burdin. The total damage from their actions is estimated at least 1.7 billion rubles., and on deals for another 4 billion rubles still are examination.

Federal budget for the first five months of this year was executed with a surplus of 2.7% of the GDP, which is considerably higher than recorded a year ago increased to 1.2% of GDP. However, as has confirmed yesterday's Cabinet meeting, the apparent excess of money in the state Treasury is not only the successful collection of revenues on the back of persistently high oil prices, but lagging execution costs. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev yesterday spoke about the "unacceptably slow" the expenditure part of the budget appropriations, including in the sensitive for the authorities of the national projects.

Next NHL season turned into a very unexpected and very beautiful story. The story of how the club, which is in the middle of the regular season trudges on last place is forced to change the head coach and starting goalkeeper to make the novice a couple of seasons not raised up from the farm clubs, the spring acquires power, breaks in play-off, reaches the final, and in the seventh match of his crushes favorite on another platform with the account 4:1 and won his first Stanley Cup. In this triumph of "St. Louis Blues" with the culmination in the form of confrontation with the "Boston Bruins" it was a pretty solid "Russian component": for the winners played one of the best snipers in the Cup stages, Vladimir Tarasenko and one of the hardest working forwards...

For the accomplishment of export and digital projects, the Ministry of Finance completes the whole complex of measures for liberalization of foreign currency control. On Thursday the government approved the draft law on waiver of the requirement of repatriation of ruble proceeds of exporters — in 2020 it will be unnecessary for non-oil exporters, and by 2024 — and for exporters of raw materials. Another project is about getting rid of exchange control netting services exporters published by the Ministry of Finance for discussion. Also, the Agency is preparing amendments to the bill to reduce for exporters of fines for non-payment in Russian currency, already discussed in the state Duma in the first reading. On Thursday, first Deputy Prime Minister Anton...

The Russian Government is trying to encourage airlines to register the imported aircraft in the Russian register. Now these boards will be able to perpetuity at a zero rate of VAT. But the parallel remains a loophole for aircraft registered in foreign jurisdictions, which now accounts for 95% of the Russian fleet. These vessels made an exception until 2023 — sources “” believe that it can be repeatedly extended. Interlocutors “” and experts believe this approach is a reasonable compromise: the introduction of VAT on import of aircraft would stop updating of Park of the Russian airlines.

Authorities figured out how to force Internet services to locate personal data of Russian citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation. For refusing to move to Russia servers, companies will face increased penalties of up to 18 million rubles, follows from the draft law the deputies of the "United Russia". Earlier in the presidential administration and Roskomnadzor proposed to introduce the fines for Internet companies, but, according to “Kommersant”, the idea has not found support in the Federal Antimonopoly service and the Ministry of economy. The threat of financial sanctions may encourage foreign services to the care of Russia, experts do not rule.

Issued in late may by the Bank of Russia requirement would impede the Bank "East" work with clients. The regulator has forbidden him to open new branches, increase the funds of natural persons, entrepreneurs and small business accounts and deposits, and also restricted the number of operations. The Bank promptly complied with the orders in terms of the formation of reserves. However, compliance with other restrictions, and expected tighter regulation of consumer lending, according to experts, does not allow the Bank to increase earning assets.

Two tankers owned by Norwegian and Japanese companies, 13 Jun suffered disaster in the Gulf of Oman off the coast of Iran. In command of one of them were 11 Russian sailors. According to the media, both vessels suffered as a result of a torpedo attack. This is the second incident with the tankers in the Gulf of Oman for a month. Customers and performers of the previous diversion is still not officially named, but the US have no doubt that the attack should Tehran. The aggravation of the situation in the area, which is about 40% of oil supplies to the world market, comes amid a crackdown on Tehran over its right to export contrary to U.S. sanctions.

On the eve of the G20 summit, which will take place at the end of June in Osaka, the presidents of the United States and Russia expressed readiness to resume dialogue. Donald trump has said he intends to meet with Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the summit. And that, in turn, expressed hope that the forthcoming meeting the parties will be able "to reach some constructive solutions." A new meeting between the presidents of Russia and the USA in case of its carrying out will be their first personal contact after the completion of the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller has found no evidence of a conspiracy Donald trump with Moscow.

Vladimir Putin on Wednesday appointed acting Governor of Astrakhan region of the former Deputy presidential envoy to the North Caucasian Federal district Igor Babushkin. The same decree the President dismissed the acting Governor of the region Sergey Morozov, who led the region in September last year and is still considered the most likely candidate in the gubernatorial election in September. During a visit to the region 14 may Vladimir Putin criticized the situation in the economy of the region. The Federal center has confirmed the allocation from the Federal budget of 11.5 billion rubles for the construction of fifty social sites. Experts note that Mr. grandma stays only three months to prepare for the gubernatorial elections: Anton Alikhanov, who headed...

Ukraine's New President Vladimir Zelensky June 5 completed its first working visit. In the capital of the EU and NATO — Brussels, he sought to prove that will be better than its predecessor Petro Poroshenko to lead Ukraine on the European path of development. And thus in the end achieve the "death of the Russian Imperial project." As an experienced actor, Mr. Zelensky relied on personal charm, but not only. His acquaintance with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker was accompanied by jokes. Polish President Andrzej Duda, the Ukrainian leader has suggested to unite against the "Nord stream-2". And the head of the European Council Donald Tusk, he called to strengthen sanctions against Russia, "to achieve peace".