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As became known to “Kommersant”, the Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov decided to strengthen the leadership of the Supervisory authority at the expense of the Investigative Committee, where he recently worked. One of his deputies in the near future it is planned to appoint the Deputy chief of head Department of investigation of particularly important cases (of GOUROUD) TFR Anatoly Razinkina, which, obviously, will oversee the investigation in the Central apparatus of the Committee and the interior Ministry. In addition, the first Deputy Prosecutor General designate of the chief of the main investigation Department (GSU) of the Committee Edward Kaburneeva.

The Government yesterday continued to introduce measures to reduce damage from the epidemic of the coronavirus. Limitations, such as the closure of restaurants, shopping centers, and now and hotels decided to expand beyond the capital region in the entire country. Also yesterday, at a meeting in the White house was a speech on the operational allocation of money to the regions to combat coronavirus. The Federal Antimonopoly service yesterday assured the public that in the next month of food deprivation will not. Particularly closely in the service monitor buckwheat — the head of Department Igor Artemyev reported about the detection of signs of a cartel in this market.

The Ambitious program of monetary stimulus announced by the US authorities, has had a positive impact on the world financial markets. Stock indices of the leading countries added for the week 7-17%. Russian stock indexes rose more than 3%, and the dollar fell below the level of 80 rubles./$. However, given the fact that the center of the epidemic coronavirus has shifted from Europe to the United States, a new wave of sales for the next week is inevitable, analysts say. Its scale will depend on the occurrence of diseases, as well as data on the us economy.

Ministry of education of the Russian Federation postpones the date of exam and OGE because of the pandemic coronavirus. The main period of passing the state examination will begin on June 8 — the new schedule of subjects developing the service. The delay is necessary so that students have time to complete the program in full, despite the additional non-working days in schools, say officials. Entrance examinations to the universities and admission campaign this year, saying the government will also begin later. Interlocutors “” in regional departments of education fear that academic year after the forced vacation, which is declared in educational institutions, will not continue, and the exam will have to reschedule at a later date. A number of heads of...

Friday was the deadline to which the foreign Ministry had send a list of those wishing to return home from abroad of Russians to the transport Ministry, Rospotrebnadzor, Ministry of health, Ministry of interior and "Aeroflot" that by Monday the Russian authorities could prepare a plan for exportation of citizens. However, many embassies still continue to gather information. Work had an emergency. Only on Thursday it became known about the introduction from the next day of the ban scheduled and Charter communications of the Russian Federation with foreign States. In this regard, the number of Russians who lost their chance to return home on their own has increased dramatically. “Kommersant” found out, where are still Russian tourists that prevents them to...

As it became known"", the Metropolitan police conducts check of circumstances of occurrence in pharmacies drug "Kaletra" of dubious origin. It was developed for the treatment of HIV infection, but lately doctors recommended for the treatment of coronavirus. Detectives were alerted to the sale without prescription of an expensive drug is clearly lower price. Later it turned out that, according to the labeling, these drugs were previously delivered in a number of Russian hospitals and medical centers under state contracts. Now it turns out, sold or fakes or drugs were simply stolen. From the results of the examination will depend on what article of the criminal code can be prosecuted pharmacists and their possible accomplices.

New date for a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution to be determined only after the normalization of the epidemiological situation, said on Friday at the CEC session the head of the Commission Ella Pamfilova. In her words, to combine the vote on the amendments with the unified voting day on 13 September will not work. Last Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the transfer of nationwide voting on amendments to the Constitution for an indefinite period. The President hopes that the pandemic COVID-19 can win in the next two months. According to respondents ' b ' experts, the most successful date for assignment of a new day of nationwide voting is considered to be 12 June. Its the same as the most likely called familiar with the...

The Head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu announced that the spring conscription in Russia will take place, as planned, from 1 April to 15 July "in accordance with law." A few days earlier the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov did not rule out that the Kremlin "will study" whether or not the adjustment of the term of appeal in connection with the spread of the coronavirus. Mr Shoigu promised that the military recruits will conduct appropriate testing, and on arrival to the troops they will be put in a two-week quarantine. Human rights activists insist that conscription "can and should be postponed at least until may".

March 28, at the Musical theatre of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko will take place the world premiere of the ballet "Aurea" (Golden section) — yesterday it made the famous choreographer of Goyo Montero. The Spaniard, who has made his career in Germany and 12 years in charge of the Nuremberg Ballet, familiar to the Russian ballet lovers to play "Asunder", staged for the Perm ballet at the festival "Context". On the work of the Russian companies about the similarity of epilepsy and the creative process, and about the plastic equivalent of a spiral of Fibonacci Tatyana Kuznetsova questioned the choreographer Goyo Montero.

Several former members of the previously abolished the Scientific expert Council under the CEC has prepared comments on the draft "Procedure of preparation and holding of a nationwide vote on the issue of approval of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation" developed by the CEC. Experts primarily confused by the almost twofold reduction in the form of a final Protocol, which it was decided to remove, in particular, lines referring to early voting and at home. The rejection of the control lines of the Protocol can generate in society assumptions about the large-scale abuses that would be impossible to refute the figures on hand, experts say.

Transfer of the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance of powers on management of state-owned companies has softened his stance regarding the regulation of their procurement — Ministry of Finance de facto rejected the idea of convergence of their laws on procurement (FZ-223) with the law on the contract system (law 44), recognizing Gosau right to independence for the sake of increasing their effectiveness. Submitted March 12, the draft amendments of the Ministry of Finance to the Federal law № 223 to a greater extent are procedural in nature — designed the FAS draft comprehensive amendments to the Federal law № 223 Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Lavrov criticized recommending the service to start addressing the problems of state-owned companies purchases...

In the ministries and departments almost formed a pool of digital Deputy heads — their tasks outlined yesterday by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at the meeting in the White house. Digital deputies must ensure the implementation of standard departmental programme of digital transformation — in particular, to provide online services to the population and to shift to data management. Supervise the work of deputies will be Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko — in addition to their immediate superiors, they will also submit to the Minister the One-Chagaevu.

Presidential bill on the constitutional amendments was the regional filter: on Thursday he was supported by the parliaments of the majority of the subjects of the Federation. In almost all regions the voting was on a single scenario: the Communist party chose to abstain, as well as their party members in the state Duma during the second and third readings. In several cases, some of the Communists voted against. It is also known about the one vote against, submitted by the representative of "United Russia" in Tatarstan state Council and Deputy of the "Fair Russia" in the Parliament of Yakutia, declared the resignation after the vote. Against the amendments voted also representatives "the Apple", including four MPs from the party in the Moscow city Duma...

The decision of the President of the United States to isolate the country from the rest of the world sowed panic in global financial markets, triggering a strong collapse of the stock indexes. Leading U.S. indicators have fallen by 8.8 and 9.6%, European lost 12-16%. Russian indices fell by 8.3–11%, the dollar rose to a four-year high of 75.5 rubles./$. In such circumstances, emergency help came American regulator, providing liquidity by $500 billion. However, to rescue the markets needed in times of large interventions and a vaccine that is able to overcome the pandemic, and thus to restore ties between the two countries, say market participants.

Russian Telecom operators in 2020 will lose revenues from international roaming due to pandemic coronavirus. MTS, VimpelCom, MegaFon, Tele2, Yota and "Tinkoff mobile" has recorded a reduction in traveling abroad subscribers. Lost income, on which are superimposed the depreciation of the ruble, they will compensate the change of roaming and increasing base fares by the early summer, experts say. According to their estimates, unlimited Internet roaming may be abolished, and the price of the bond will rise another 10-15%.