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The Falling freight market in the past year affected Russia's largest cargo airline. According to sources, "b", the pilots AirBridgeCargo began to leave the group of "Aeroflot" and the foreign airlines against the background of shortages and wage payments. At the moment there is no mass outflow, and the company argued that its staff is fully completed. Kommersant's sources believe that ABC could end up in 2019 with the loss: she have enough money for operations, but may have to restructure the loans. Experts believe that a new era in the freight market can survive only by airlines, directly associated with electronic trading platforms.

"Mosgortrans" does not leave attempts to recover in court for 1.5 million rubles from the Muscovite Alexey Potemkin, by whose fault was the accident damaged tram is a new generation of "Vityaz-M" worth 95 million rubles, the Main part of the sum exacted is the loss of commodity cost (UTS) of the tram, which the city authorities plan "to sell to other cities". Earlier, the Ministry of justice stated that the departmental methodology for calculating the TA of the tram cannot be used, however, the city authorities continue to argue with this position. Damaged tram stop "please the eye" of residents and "guests of the capital", they say, as lose "conceived by the creators of the beauty, aesthetics, expressiveness, grandeur".

The Russian Authorities are now awaiting the launch of the gas pipeline "Nord stream-2", whose construction was slowed by US sanctions, in the best case by the end of the year. However, according to "Kommersant", almost nothing changes for Gazprom, which is due to the contract with Ukraine has sufficient pipeline capacity. And although theoretically the demand growth in Europe may need to increase the transit through Ukraine over a contract, more real problem for the monopoly is the drop in exports amid competition with liquefied gas.

The First tennis week 2020 was marked by two Russian progress. First in China in Shenzhen Open, a tournament the Women's tennis Association (WTA) with a prize Fund of $775 thousand, his first title in his career has won Ekaterina Aleksandrova, who first entered the top 30 and has regained the title of the first racket of the country. And then in Doha at the Qatar ExxonMobil Open, the competition of the Association of tennis professionals (ATP) with a prize Fund of $1.47 million, scored Andrei Rublev. He took the third title, and first broke through in the top twenty in the world rankings. The number of Russians in the top 20 for the first time in 15 years increased to three people.

With the growth activity of citizens in the stock market there is an increasing regulatory restrictions on the purchase of complex products to reduce the risk of losses. In this context, seems indicative of a lawsuit between the broker and the client who purchased the tools on 50 million roubles with the account is less than 300 thousand rubles. by reducing the market of open positions turned net loss in the amount of 7 million rubles. Now the broker is trying to win funds from a customer who, in his own words, simply did not understand what was happening. Experts criticize both parties and lawyers believe that pay and the client will have.

The accounts chamber (JV) summed up the interim results of the implementation of eight national projects in the field of ecology, road and infrastructure construction, culture, science, education, productivity and development of small business. "B" acquainted with the report of the auditors — almost all of them indicate the need for more precise detuning "project vertical" and tighter alignment of goals and indicators of Federal projects with the objectives of the "may decree" of the President. The special concern of the auditors calls "Ecology", on November 1, financed only a quarter or even better, at least on paper, things in Russia with "Culture".

In the near future in European football can be a very exciting appointment. Barcelona, despite the fact that is in first place in the national championship and preparing to play in the play-off Champions League, seem willing to part ways with head coach Ernesto Valverde and to appoint in his place to club legend Xavi. Xavi, who is 40 years old and in a short career which was so far only Qatar "al-Sadd", did not deny that to lead the Barcelona team is his dream. The sources Express different opinions about when it can be contracted in the coming days or is it the summer after the end of the season.

Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) Igor Krasnov on the eve of the education Department told the chief of Department of criminality "Kommersant" Maxim Baryudina on the investigation of high-profile cases, including corruption crimes. By words the General-the Lieutenant of justice, the investigators found, where did the billions in the apartment of ex-COP Zakharchenko, finished the job accused of bribery of the Deputy of the state Duma Belousov and trying to legislatively solve the problem with attacks that make adolescents and inadequate citizens.— In record time, in six months, was investigated a criminal case about the crash of the SSJ aeroflotska at Sheremetyevo. Wine crew commander for the investigation was so obvious that you...

After six hours of negotiations, Moscow and Kiev signed a final Protocol of agreement on the extension of gas transit through Ukraine for another five fly. The parties also reached a preliminary agreement on the settlement mutual litigation in the Stockholm arbitration: earlier it became known that the Russian company is ready to pay Ukraine about $3 billion, and Naftogaz is ready to refuse new claim to the Russian monopoly at $12 billion. the Current contract for gas transit expires on 1 January 2020, until that time, Moscow and Kiev have yet to sign a new document.

On 20 December, died in hospital the second FSB officer was wounded during a firefight in the center of Moscow, near the headquarters of the security services. Another five people are still in hospitals and clinics. The investigation, meanwhile, has found that eliminated a sniper Eugene Menurow've been fond of weapons and even participated in sports, but a good shot and did not — just took last place. Otherwise, the number of victims of the offender, addicted to monarchy, could be much more.

Freight Traffic along the Northern sea route (NSR) by the end of 2019, according to the calculations of "Rosatom", may exceed 30 million tons, and by 2024, according to the decree of the President it needs to reach 80 million tons. A year ago the Corporation was appointed infrastructure of SMP operator. About the situation with the budgetary allocation to the terminal "Morning" for the project NOVATEK "Arctic LNG 2", the construction of nuclear icebreakers and plans for transit development, "Kommersant" said Deputy head of "Rosatom", head of the Directorate of the Northern sea route Vyacheslav Ruksha.

Examined the most reliable internal statistics of the Ministry of interior of grave crimes in Russia, Institute of problems of law enforcement have discovered a high concentration of criminal violence (murder and GBH) in several social strata. 96% of the Russian population account for less than a quarter of such crimes, and here they concentrate in the environment of businessmen and law enforcement officers. The bulk of serious violence occurs within marginalized — half among the unemployed, about a quarter add the manual workers— that allows authors to talk about the need not power and humanitarian action in the fight against violence. First and foremost it is about reducing poverty, increasing employment and improving the living conditions of socially...

The Board of the financial Ombudsman approved the fee for the consideration of complaints from borrowers of microfinance institutions (MFIs). For citizens it will be free, the company will pay 8.5 thousand up to 34 thousand rubles. for each justified complaint. Market participants believe the positive differentiated approach when assessing contributions, however, indicate that their size seems almost critical. Defenders, by contrast, indicate that such amounts are unlikely to be for companies incentive for pretrial settlement.

In the United Kingdom today are the most important in modern history, the election became, in effect, a referendum. The British will have to decide whether their country is at a historic break with the EU or re-immersed in endless negotiations, de facto gradually abandoning the "Breccia". Meanwhile, while the politicians argue about the near future of the country, it becomes increasingly clear that none of them is ready to offer the British at least some vision of the future more remote. With details from London — the correspondent of “Kommersant” Alexey Naumov.

As became known to “Kommersant”, in Moscow for a three-year sentenced the former employee of the interior Ministry of Russia Igor Abrosimov. Together with the former FSB Colonel Mikhail Gorbatov, seconded to the presidential administration, Mr. Abrosimov tried to steal $900 million from co-owner of the Bank "Transport" Alexander Mazanova. The latter, learning that the Bank appearing in a criminal case, decided by the security officer and police to bribe the Ministry of internal Affairs in order to be left alone. Lawyer Valery Putin to soften the penalty sentenced Abrosimov failed.